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    People could care less if we were building an elevated road for more cars. It would cost nearly a billion dollars. People need to realize, as Will mentions above, the difference between an investment and infrastructure. The Amp, to me, is both. Return on Investment can be looked at in two ways: 1. You spend $174 MM on The Amp- if The Amp does not make money every year from ridership to cover the cost of building it, it is a failure. IMO this is a terrible argument, and those that think like this never look at the costs of building roads, which never return money. The counterargument? Roads enable people to connect to businesses and lead to future development.... which leads me to the second way to look at "the return on investment" with The Amp 2. You spend $174 MM on The Amp - there are dedicated lanes where developers know exactly where people will be using it, and developers buy up sites to develop around the dedicated lanes, which leads to property tax revenue for the city. Attitudes towards cars are changing, as younger generations don't want to spend all the money on cars, gas, car insurance, parking, sit in traffic (why would they not?), and employers know this. Employers know what cities invest in mass transit, and which do not. While mass transit certainly is not the sole reason that employers choose where to operate, it is a reason. When areas get way to congested like west end already is, people will avoid it, like they are doing now with west end and hillsboro road. When people avoid areas all together, it will hurt those businesses. I do not think The Amp will drastically improve the traffic for cars- I think traffic is going to suck for cars regardless, and even more so if we do NOT implement The Amp. As I said earlier, generations are changing, more people are starting to give up their cars, and definitely more people will do so 10 years from now. I am hoping that the $174 MM number goes down with the design changes. If you can remember, the MCC's cost was actually LOWER than initial estimates, due to design changes in the roof. I hope people can understand that generations are changing, and the The Amp is the most cost-effective, and effective, way to get people around Nashville and for Nashville to get its "return on investment".
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    If Columbus and Charlotte continue to add the same amount of people each year, then we should overtake them around 2018. Making us the 15th largest city. Of course a lot can change over time. Columbus (12,450/year) 2013: 822,553 2014: 835,003 2015: 847,453 2016: 859,903 2017: 872,353 2018: 884,803 2019: 897,253 2020: 909,703 Charlotte (18,420/year) 2013: 792,862 2014: 811,282 2015: 829,702 2016: 848,122 2017: 866,542 2018: 884,962 2019: 903,382 2020: 921,802 ---- 2025: 1,013,902. Just for craps and giggles I did the cities just above Columbus as well. Based on continued numerical change we will overtake each city in rankings in the year that I have bolded. We should be ranked 12th by the time the 2020 Census comes out. Crazy! San Francisco (10,022/year) 2013: 837,442 2014: 847,464 2015: 857,486 2016: 877,530 2017: 887,552 2018: 897,574 2019: 907,596 2020: 917,618 Jacksonville (5,975/year) 2013: 842,583 2014: 848,558 2015: 854,533 2016: 860,508 2017: 866,483 2018: 872,458 2019: 878,433 2020: 884,408 Indianapolis (8,550/year) 2013: 843,393 2014: 851,943 2015: 860,493 2016: 869,043 2017: 877,593 2018: 886,143 2019: 894,693 2020: 903,243 Source: http://factfinder2.census.gov/faces/tableservices/jsf/pages/productview.xhtml?src=bkmk
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    August 2nd is just around the corner, you can see Liverpool play AC Milan in BOA!
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    Amen... Any plans for a Fendi or Versace in the retail components of any of these new developments?
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    They were doing a utility survey at Tony's Marriott location again today. They said it was because of future construction.
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    ^ I just fear having a supporters section full of cow-bells.
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    ^FYI: Rostock, the largest city in modern day Mecklenburg-Vorpommern state, was once a part of the Hanseatic League. Their soccer team is Hansa Rostock, paying tribute to the great league's history. Hansa Charlotte would be cooler than any SC or FC title IMHO... I do like the cow logo!
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    I think there is a lack of clarity in the Amp debate concerning whether or not it is an investment. To speak broadly, there's investment and there's infrastructure. The Amp, like a bridge, new road or utilities project, is fundamentally infrastructure. The lines of these two categories can be rhetorically blurred, of course, for instance when pro-Amp people talk about the development the project could catalyze along West End, but it's important to understand the difference and conduct a civil debate accordingly. Nashvillewill brings up a good point about the cost. We can be certain that it will rise, just like all government spending projects throughout time immemorial. The thing that bothers me isn't necessarily the price tag (though it is very high) as the lack of a dedicated local/regional revenue source for mass transit. Addiction to big dollops of federal/state money is not sustainable. In a way the current Amp funding model is sort of like hoping to win the lottery instead of working for a living. We need a revenue source that will consistently fund these projects so that we're able to build as we can afford, as opposed to coming up with big plans that require massive cash windfalls from an outside source, with strings attached.
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    Now Jim, we've patiently waited for this for a long damn time now, and you've been soft about getting this done, and let other cities leapfrog us. For our wait, we demand a full redesign, twice as tall. And let's do this one in full gothic revival. Because we need more of that.
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    I'll be more excited for this to happen than for any high rise downtown could ever have. Give me more and better public transportation any day! Especially monorail/light rail. But monorails are just so cool and futuristic, and they stay out of the way of both pedestrian and vehicle traffic. I think as long as there is a monorail that goes directly from OIA to WDW, Disney should be on board. Even though it's the third phase, once it's complete, they'll be able to possibly reduce the amount they spend on their Magical Express fleet. Plus, I'm curious if Disney could find a way to build a monorail TTC-like building at the Disney Springs property. Imagine all the foot traffic they'll have - without a bunch of cars filling up the parking lots/garage. And if they could then use that to build a monorail system from Disney Springs to the existing TTC, I think that would benefit them as well. I think it could be a real win-win. I love pipe dreams.
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    I kooooow!.. can't wait for the buzz/excitement in the QC on match day.. So many matches this summer! Going to USMNT v Nigeria in FL in 2 weeks.. July there's this match in RVA, and the day after catching Man Utd vs. Inter Milan... Then back down here for Liverpool v AC Milan 3 days later!!! Plus World Cup in between !!! Summer of Soccer 2014!!
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    Just related to USLPRO Soccer in General as an example of what could spawn from a strong USLPRO team support in Uptown. So my hometown USLPRO 'Richmond Kickers' are hosting a match again EPL 'Crystal Palace FC' on July 28th. You can get access to a pre-sale of those tickets IF you pre-purchase tickets online to their match against Charlotte Eagles this Saturday HERE That said, hopefully in another 2 years it will be the QCFC hosting an EPL team at American Legion. Although... I really hope BOA Stadium lands several Copa America Centenario Cup matches in 2016. Imagine seeing talent from such countries as Brazil and Argentina face of in BOA Stadium..
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    Our growth certainly appears encouraging from an urban standpoint. The Triangle is just so disjointed; it offers similar ammenities of Metrolina, they are just broken up among 3 mid-major cities (maybe 4 even). Charlotte just has the advantage if being the big fish in a small pond. But seeing 18,000 people move into the city with only minor bumps in our suburban communities certainly seems to correlate to smart growth. It could be that Raleigh is doing the same, it is just on a smaller scale due to competition with Durham, Cary and Chapel Hill.
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    Williamson Co. based Turtle Anarchy Brewing Co. is adding a brewing facility in the Nations: http://nashvillepost.com/news/2014/5/22/real_estate_notes_turtle_anarchy_inks_in_the_nations
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    Which makes me wonder why I hear people saying that one day Raleigh will surpass Charlotte in population.
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    If you really want to be put on the map you need to bribe the cartographers.
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    I know this is old - I'm new the forums so I'm coming in a bit late. I took this outside Fourth Ward Park on April 2nd. http://instagram.com/p/mTFafEBBIo/ Then, I took this one from my seat at Fahrenheit tonight. http://instagram.com/p/oR4owMhBCI/
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    Charlotte's population count is at 792,862. We are now the 16th largest city in America, surpassing Fort Worth. More info at the link: http://www.charlotteobserver.com/2014/05/22/4924592/census-numbers-show-charlotte.html#.U317Pyi4Olc
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    So now there's a problem with being picky and complaining about everything. 80%+ people that post on here complain and is picky about something. Let's see: Amphitheater: design is blah, too modern, looks like it is from the sixties, not enough trees, too small seating area, should be 10k plus, don't need an Amphitheater Sounds stadium: dont like it, looks like a bus station, stadium arrangement is wrong, wrong location, shouldn't be named first TN park... On and on Convention center redevelopment: too tall for Broadway, ugly design, too futuristic, doesn't address the street, retail not needed, Inside looks like a mall... On and on. And these comments were made in the beginning design phases and first renderings. I make one statement about a bland square box, and the pitchforks come out. My opinion is just that... My opinion. If you don't like it no need to be nasty and use bad language. Agree to disagree.
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    The kind of people that are moving into the County/City are more pro mass transit than the old guard over in Green Hills/Belle Meade. Our team is growing, theirs is not. Remember where we were when Dean was elected vs where we are now.
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    We ARE getting a Goo Goo Store! South Beach, eat your heart out!!!
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    This is definitely great news. I wonder which hotel brand?
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    People should be fired over this. There really isn't any excuse. This could have been easily foreseen.
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    To be fair, Mumbai is a pretty important city on a global scale. I don't think it's an insult to be linked with them.
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    UrbanPlanet Nashville isn't exclusive enough?
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    Bayern is just German for Bavaria. So I think we would be okay. Though that doesn't make much sense from a geographical standpoint, as Mecklenburg is up in the NE portion of modern Germany on the Baltic! and Bavaria is the southern portion of Germany bordering the Alps. That said, I guess it doesn't matter since 90% of the general public probably couldn't find Germany on a map...{shudders at thought}. Another cool thing to incorporate in the logo though, would be the crest of German Mecklenburg. It's pretty comical.
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    The good news is, Orlando has always been the "little engine that could" when it comes to arts and the community. The ambitions of the community have far exceeded the infrastructure in place to host and promote the many great local acts / events. The use the analogy, I do not think Orlando will be filling a state-of-the art museum with a tepid collection.
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    I agree that the elavation non-detailed rendering leaves much to imagine...but let's see ATL is proposing an Omni to their convention center for $207-245 mil. 800 room (doesnt say how tall) Definitely taller and nice than ours (in my opinion), and for $320mil we get a concrete box Downtown Louisville 600 room Omni,400 apartments, high-end grocery store, parking development $261mil Still a box, but more bang for the buck Spec building in Arlington County - 20 stories and 410,000 square feet Cost 110mil 10 story spec $75mil - Tempe, AZ
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    Shutting the gas lines down at the site today and made the people working on the Diner mover the fencing off the SoBro site. Looks as if we are about there.
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    Re-read my post. I said "counterparts", no? All the cities I've mentioned and so many others significantly invest in streetscape design and beautification. Your statistics only prove the point I'm making -- why is Orlando / Orange Cnty not doing more to invest in it's streetscape design and beautification? City streets are as important as everything else when it comes to creating space and brand identity (think Paris, London, NY -- surely you gain a mental image of these cities without having to run a Google search).

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