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    The existing intersection is a cluster foulup. It requires the driver to look over his/her right shoulder to make a left turn off of north 21st into a heavily traveled road (Broadway/Division) which is a difficult and dangerous maneuver to pull off. It is dangerous for pedestrians also. The proposed layout is a tremendous improvement for traffic and pedestrians, except for the northbound right turn, I would put that under signal control also. And roundabouts, while increasing intersection safety for vehicles (eliminates right-angle crashes), they are a big step backwards for pedestrian safety, which should be the primary concern here. Pedestrians are especially at risk at night where the crossings are not directly in the area of the intersection and people cannot be seen well.
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    I hope they don't "fix" that intersection too much. I may be in the minority but I want this area to feel congested. I'm talking about Division from the naked people down to the Y intersection with Broadway, and the blocks around. Not only one of the few areas in town that is starting to have a genuine urban "enclosed street" feel, but this is the kind of area where cars need to slow down, there are a million pedestrians, sometimes impaired by adult beverages, and more pedestrians on the way soon, it's not a place to look at the streets in terms of "how many cars can we rush thru here?" Cities should be a mix of open spaces and dense, enclosed ones, and we are definitely lacking in the latter (except for a few blocks around Church & Union).
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    ^That photo does remind me how much the old train shed is missing from the skyline. Too bad they couldn't reconstruct it.
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    I think I found a clue! I wonder who Cummins Station is?
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    A long time vacant restaurant in Fayetteville looks like it has new life (besides Halloween Express)... I noticed a sold sign on the building as well as new temporary signage. The signs said San Miguel Mexican restaurant and bar I think as I was driving by at the time. Certainly some good news for the old Kirby's and Shorty Small's restaurant. For those of you newer residents the building is on the access road (Frontage) just east of College. Also just north of Panera Bread.
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    I'd like to see a roundabout there. It's a funky intersection and there would be room for it.
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    Still gotta believe that Dean and the Amp backers would not have met with nearly as much opposition if they had proposed a BRT loop around downtown, as I've described in previous posts. As far as valid arguments go (when you just look on points without speculative benefits) the people who oppose reducing lanes along West End have the upper hand (in my humble opinion). Everyone knows that West End is the most important East-West artery in town, and it picks up short and long commuter traffic. The presumed impact would (consequently) affect an enormous amount of people who wouldn't even consider using it. Plus, when trying to build a market for mass transit in a city like Nashville, I can't help but think a loop is a better "first step" that is convenient to more people who are ready to use it, as opposed to a point-to-point such as that proposed from Lower Broadway to St. Thomas West. Obviously, I am no expert in this subject, but I have tried to look at this proposal multiple different ways. I keep coming back to that loop. Then a whole system can be built upon it.
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    And yet another article and photo set today in MLive. I don't know about anyone else, but I've seen enough urban renewal pictures to last a lifetime.
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    If Columbus and Charlotte continue to add the same amount of people each year, then we should overtake them around 2018. Making us the 15th largest city. Of course a lot can change over time. Columbus (12,450/year) 2013: 822,553 2014: 835,003 2015: 847,453 2016: 859,903 2017: 872,353 2018: 884,803 2019: 897,253 2020: 909,703 Charlotte (18,420/year) 2013: 792,862 2014: 811,282 2015: 829,702 2016: 848,122 2017: 866,542 2018: 884,962 2019: 903,382 2020: 921,802 ---- 2025: 1,013,902. Just for craps and giggles I did the cities just above Columbus as well. Based on continued numerical change we will overtake each city in rankings in the year that I have bolded. We should be ranked 12th by the time the 2020 Census comes out. Crazy! San Francisco (10,022/year) 2013: 837,442 2014: 847,464 2015: 857,486 2016: 877,530 2017: 887,552 2018: 897,574 2019: 907,596 2020: 917,618 Jacksonville (5,975/year) 2013: 842,583 2014: 848,558 2015: 854,533 2016: 860,508 2017: 866,483 2018: 872,458 2019: 878,433 2020: 884,408 Indianapolis (8,550/year) 2013: 843,393 2014: 851,943 2015: 860,493 2016: 869,043 2017: 877,593 2018: 886,143 2019: 894,693 2020: 903,243 Source: http://factfinder2.census.gov/faces/tableservices/jsf/pages/productview.xhtml?src=bkmk
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    I know this is old - I'm new the forums so I'm coming in a bit late. I took this outside Fourth Ward Park on April 2nd. http://instagram.com/p/mTFafEBBIo/ Then, I took this one from my seat at Fahrenheit tonight. http://instagram.com/p/oR4owMhBCI/
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    Here's the timeline from the proposal.
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    It will get used A LOT!!! Even on days when there aren't any concerts, all that grass and open space will bring people out to play. It reminds me of Coolidge Park here in Chatty. I do agree that there should be lots of trees. Good trees... no flowering pears!

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