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    That's not a real list. Here's a real list (so far) Go on a Charlotte Brewery crawl Set up a dinner party where the sole conversation is "Uptown or Downtown" Walk up to people and buzzzzzzz in their ear for the return of the hornets Stand with a white cardboard in the middle of First Ward to lament the long absence of promised development Go to Gay Pride and have a talk with the protesters about the merit of eating shellfish Call out "Reese" whenever Jerry the Jester makes an appearance! Petition City Council to make University City Partners be forced to change their name to University Suburban Partners Celebrate the Meck Dec! Plan your Completion of the 485 party now Walk through Uptown and ask people where you can get a snickers bar after 5 p.m. Correct people on how to pronounce "Myers" Park Repost Kevin Siers toons regularly Ask repeatedly when is the theme resturant rage going to end Always have change for the bands/musicians that play Tryon Street Start saying South End was so last year Walk, jog, or bike from CPCC to Park Road Shopping Center via greenway Watch Meck County Commish meetings on TV with a drinking game: 1 shot for every incendiary statement by either Vilma Leake or Bill James Drive the 277 over and over until you complete the full version of Hey Jude Stand at the corner of Queens and Queens and ask people for directions to Kings Go to the Farmers Market and ask loudly if there is an ATM around there Haggle at the NASCAR HoF for a decent admission price Go to Uptown Cabaret and ask for the Mayor's special
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    A self-permit was pulled yesterday for renovation to 311 Jefferson St, the Geist Blacksmith Shop. I'm glad to see some work starting to save as much of that historic site as possible. I'm really looking forward to seeing what goes in there.
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    Stayed at the Hutton Hotel last night (nice place). Had a decent view up West End this morning. Just thought I would share.
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    Well, after paying the 30 million dollar debt on Palmer Plaza, he has 20 million to do something. That may be enough for the west end water park. Maybe Dolly can be his equity partner for that.
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    Progress on the Spring Hill Suites and Residence Inn on West End
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    They need to start the marketing of the condos now, in order to get both out of the ground at the same time as the article states. At this point they just have a contract to buy and the sale has not gone through. William and I were talking yesterday about the Baptist site and we feel that it may have been a blessing another owner will have a shot at the property. Not to be harsh to Tony, he has a whole lot on his plate and would have been difficult to start. With all of that being said, there could be a lot of construction at this location next year, with Turnberry, the Baptist location and Westin. It will be very exciting to see how this plays out.
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    Charlotte is beautiful, and some of their skyscrapers are masterpieces. I can easily understand why people flock to live there. I'm very envious of their LRT in particular! As for me personally, however, I'll take Nashville's grittier, more interesting streetscapes, it's more numerous and established urban neighborhoods, it's more storied history, and more renown and eclectic dining/nightlife/arts/music scene all day, every day. I don't know about you, but I can only stare at a building for so long before I need something else to do.
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    One of my buddies friends from Charlotte came to visit and commented that Nashville wasn't as big as he thought. I then explained to him that our skyline is definitely not as impressive vertically as Charlotte, but the feeling down on the street is definitely more electric, especially at night. While having a large skyline is awesome (and I'd still love to have one), it really isn't the pulse of how a city is doing.
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    The Local Taco needs to get permission from someone to put more food on their tacos, not overcharge for margaritas, and give out chips and salsa with all orders.
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    Ha. Potted plants? Check! Water fountain? Check! Hopefully they can work something out renovate the spaces, both Lonnie's & The Fiddle & Steel could use it (I'm not sure about The Brass Stables), and keep the business. I may have to go down there this weekend and take it in while I still can!
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    #45 makes me cringe . No one in the 21st century should be celebrating Overstreet Mall's existence.
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    Put me in the camp of someone who loves the L&C. I think it's one of the best buildings in the city. I remember as a child seeing the letters change color in inclimate weather. I always thought that was so cool. The way it addresses the corner at the street level is truly fantastic. Something that no other building in Nashville has yet to top.
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    ^They will hire FIVE... yes, FIVE people. #Breaking #Overwhelmed
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    ^It should probably up shortly (the times of each performer) but Leanne will likely not be till Sat evening. Here's current roster: http://charlottepride.org/entertainment/ On a related matter - I hope everyone has seen that the Levine Museum of the New South is having an exhibity (Grand Opening tonight) called ““LGBTQ Perspectives on Equality". It will include a history timeline of CLT LGBT events and as far as I know is the first major exhibit of LGBT Life in the Carolinas!
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    Was reading a couple of the posts on the Charlotte forum page commenting on 505 CST and was surprised that many people still have a small town mentality view of Nashville just because we don't have any 750ft+ towers. One comment was that they could not see this building being built in Nashville, maybe ATL or Austin. Definitely, nothing like 505CST has been built like that in Nashville, but we are due for a large tower, whether residential or office. Another was Tong G proposes lots of projects, but never gets any of them built. (Lets see - Viridian, Cumberland Tower, Encore, Dallas on Elliston, State St Apartments, Bennie Dillion conversion all are complete. Sheet Music, 505CST (Signature), Play Hotel proposed. Sobro - financed and breaking ground any day now. I will take 7 out of 10 projects any day. We may not be Atlanta, or Austin, or Miami, but we have decent skyline for a city of our size, plus our city is becoming very dense in the core with the numerous mid-rise buildings being built (from CBD out to 440). Plus with the addition of SOBRO, Eaking Tower, Gulch Crossings, these towers will have an impact on our skyline. Not to mention the Westin and Turnberry projects I think compared to some of our peer cities we are doing very well for ourselves. I hope Tony G proves the naysayers wrong. Sorry for the rant, I just love my city! One of My favorite views of Downtown..
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    What else would they look like? The rapid has been favoring higher frequency rather than higher capacity to meet demand. Seems like the best way to go for me. I don't think we'd see articulated buses until we're filling buses on a 7 minute frequency. I'd rather 7 minute frequencies with normal buses than 30 minute frequencies with articulated.
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    Work is about to begin it's seems on Eakin's tower http://m.bizjournals.com/nashville/blog/real-estate/2014/07/with-more-tenants-near-construction-starting-on.html
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    Couldn't agree more. The most interesting cities usually seem to have higher levels of architectural diversity as well. Give me a cityscape like Nashville's over one with nothing but shiny glass boxes any day of the week. I understand if L&C doesn't hit all the notes for someone from a design standpoint, but that doesn't mean you can't also appreciate and respect it's architectural significance. Obviously the concept of beauty is subjective, and that extends to all forms of art as well. But how one could go so far as to say that L&C is 'a turd that should be demolished' though just dumbfounds me.
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    The Mint continues to rise. We're not talking Skyhouse rates, but this thing should pickup fast soon! http://youtu.be/Y-F20aeyBmU
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    OMG!!!! Driving into work just a few minutes ago, I saw surveyors on the SoBro site this morning.
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    Great comment TH. I agree. I have thought about leaving Nashville a dozen times over the past 30 years. I was ready to tell my wife when I was still in the hotel business, we could move to Atlanta any day she wanted. I could have worked at numerous hotels. We always end up staying. I don't think I could have ever had what I now have in any other city. I have never been able to make any money for some reason. I have always been a blue collar guy, and Nashville has always been affordable, and once a year I can go to another city either in the US or abroad to get a sense of how the rest of the world lives. I feel fortunate that Nashville never really stopped progressing. We always seem to have a building going up, and we are always getting press somewhere. I was in the Buffalo airport on my way back from Toronto a few years ago. We were sitting in the hotel bar before our flight and a couple of locals were making fun of Nashville when the sports news came on. They kept referring to the Titans as the Nashville Beavers. I guess they never got over the Music City Miracle. In any case, Buffalo was still a rusty toilet at that time and I kept saying to myself "I wonder if these guys realize what kind of S***hole they live in! I don't want to leave Nashville anymore since the arts scene has really exploded. We have a lot going for us. A tall skyscraper would only be icing on the cake as it were.
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    Reliable & functional mass-transit and better walkability are on my wish-list... Not far above, but definitely higher on the list than taller buildings. I'll take all three if they can figure it out before I give up on this city & move elsewhere.
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    It's just sad at this point....
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    I guess this is more of a local perception than a nationwide perception but whatever. Can't say I agree with everything on this list (Price's @ number 2? Really? I don't get that hype at all), but it is a nice little fluff piece http://www.charlottemagazine.com/Charlotte-Magazine/August-2014/50-Things-Every-Charlottean-Should-Do/
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    Tony has done quite a few projects: The Cumberland 23 stories The Viridian 31 stories The Encore 20 stories The Sobro just getting underway 33 stories The Belle Meade Harris Teeter and Residential/Office Project Park 25 8 stories The Dallas at Elliston 6 stories 22nd and State just underway The Bennie Dillion Rehabilitation Tony has done or been part of quite a few projects since 1998. That is quite a portfolio. While Charlotte does have some amazing towers, I cannot state enough that Nashville is not a skyscraper city and never will be. We are now known for music, art, craft beer, cuisine, film, healthcare companies, insurance, banking, printing (although a dying industry), education, professional sports, and many other things that don't require skyscrapers. Tourists don't come here for the ATT Tower, they come for everything else. In the grand scheme of things, the only people that really care about skyscrapers, are nerds like us! I want to visit Charlotte at some point. Urbanity, thanks for your comment. Queen City folks are always welcome!
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    I saw that too. Glad to see this property getting a rehab. I am curious as to what will be going in though. The permit did not say what the usage was for.
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    I am hoping that if any of the projects get significantly delayed or canceled, it will be the Portman Tower. Based on the renderings, it has all the architectural appeal of a refrigerator. (Actually I secretly hope the Portman Tower is canceled and the 40 story One Charlotte Tower is revived in some form)
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    http://hamptonroads.com/2014/07/norfolk-rezones-northampton-blvd-land-brewery I do believe we scooped this story a couple of weeks ago. Just saying...
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    Cool Springs Galleria was built in 1991. So in reality, it's taken Cool Springs less than 25 years to get where it is today. Also, on that note...speaking of large swaths of land...this is 32 acres? The area inside the mall loop at Cool Springs Galleria is about 72 acres. Maryland Farms (including roadways) is in the ballpark of 500 acres. Cool Springs as a whole is measured in square miles, not acres.
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    I'm trying to figure out how the garage will work if it's built before the tower, Normally the residential portion and garage are built together
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    It won't be long before convoys of trucks carrying mattresses start arriving onsite.
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    I'd go with the 505. Although I'm not averse to the 1,000+ ft. Sig going on the Hotel Tulane site.
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    I think it's gorgeous, especially from the street level, it addresses its sloped street frontage very gracefully and it pulls your gaze up, if you stand at the corner across from it you can literally see the people walking along look up as it comes into view. I just don't get this attitude that everything should look new. We're a city, not a suburban office park. And when it comes to materials like stone, until they acquire a bit of a patina they don't look that great. This fake stone crap you see on houses nowadays is tacky as hell IMO. I predict in 20 years it will be severely out of style and lowering the value of those houses. But then maybe 20 years is too old for a house anyway, tear 'em down and build new ones.
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    I wouldn't put this on the same scale as Metro Center or Cool Springs as those were many thousands of acres of undeveloped land while this is a few square blocks and the plan calls for a handful of buildings. I think we could see this fully built out within a decade if the economy continues to grow. Look at how quickly the Gulch took shape, it's been just about a decade since the infrastructure improvements were made and then what, 2006 when Icon and Terrazzo began? I know you're getting old (happy birthday, BTW), but I definitely think you could see this completed while you're still young enough to enjoy it.
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    NOOOO! I loved that place, it always seemed to be busy, the owners we're really awesome. Dang that really sucks
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    I think we should hold our meetings on the 60th floor when finished!
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    That's tragic...I loved that place when I lived in Tryon House. Along with Green's, it was one of the last relics of low-price no-frills quick (non-chain) food left Uptown. The owners are such awesome people.
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    I think the Big XII is a better goal for ECU. ACC won't ever happen unless that whole conference just falls apart. Plenty of NC schools in there already. Big XII may eventually look to add 2 more schools so they can have a championship game and my bet is that they'd add schools close to WVU since they're sort of out on an island. If that happens, I think that Cincinnati and Memphis are the two most likely, but ECU could certainly be in the conversation. Just depends on whether they'd rather have a big time basketball program (Memphis) or a big time football program (ECU). I think I've read that WVU was a big proponent of ECU in the Big East several years ago, so they may be an ally for ECU again in the future. I agree with you that the AAC isn't a force in football, but it is a damn fine basketball conference. UCONN, Temple, Memphis, and Cincinnati make up a great core for basketball. They have solid second tier programs like UCF, Houston, and Tulsa as well. Bottom is weak, but what conference doesn't have anchors?
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    Its refreshing to see a group, Be Fair BR, rally support for a cause the majority of the city supports. It will be interesting to see what cause they promote next, is this a reincarnation of the now defunct organization "Progress Is?" The ordinance is needed to protect individuals from demeaning statements such as, "...since indulging in sexual desires is now portrayed to be a vital necessity..."
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    That photo does not in the very least remind me of Printer's Alley. That is way, way better than Printer's Alley. And again, we can't actually see the buildings in the photo, just the storefronts and signs. If one of the buildings were renovated, and then the same or a new tenant moved into the existing (renovated) storefront, would you notice the difference? That's why I will repeat that the restoration of the buildings on 4th Ave N that back up to Printer's Alley may cause a temporary disruption on Printer's Alley during construction, but there is nothing at all to say that the other buisinesses won't remain open, or that the rear lobby of the hotels couldn't potentially also offer live music or entertainment offerings and keep the "vibe" of Printer's Alley. On the other hand, the continued deferred maintenance on those buildings could ultimately lead to their demolition and replacement by a bland, boxy hotel (Hyatt Place, anyone?) that would absolutely alter the "vibe" of Printer's Alley. It seems to me that renovation of the existing historic buildings for a boutique hotel versus continuance of Printer's Alley as an entertainment district is a false choice.
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    I think the above ground garage is kind of a bummer, but it's pretty much par for the course on many developments here and elsewhere around the nation. Otherwise, I think this tower, if executed well, will be only the third residential tower of any real distinction, as far as design and materials, built since the mid-2000s urban real estate boom (alongside Adelicia and Terrazo, IMO). It's nice that the balconies are integrated into the form of the building, not hanging off and protruding from the facade. And it's totally not a box! Which should be huge for a lot of you (Except for the garage which is such a box). I hope it stays apartments. But then again, at this price range, it probably doesn't really matter if it's apartments or condos. Congrats to Tony Giarratana for sticking with it and getting another major project underway. If it were to stay apartments and lease at a high rate--which I think it will--this could definitely spur a boom in apartment construction within the inner loop. Hopefully, they won't all be high rises and for high rollers. There are tons of empty and underutilized lots, and there is room for different heights and scales and hopefully price ranges, too.
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    The road crew just recently put a nice fresh coat of smooth-icity down on College from Fulton to Cherry. As I walked a dog along there this morning, I noticed the crew punching holes in the surface again! I thought all the sewer work had been completed already, or they wouldn't have put the refinishing down. Can anyone enlighten? In other news: it's great to be back on Urban Planet! I had forgotten my password for the longest time; then I forgot the name of this forum. I needed Veloise to jog my mind. (Thanks, V!)
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    The Colorado tower: http://forum.skyscraperpage.com/showpost.php?p=6653536&postcount=377 The JW Marriott and The Colorado: http://forum.skyscraperpage.com/showpost.php?p=6653536&postcount=377
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    It's a best of SSP much of the time.
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    I'm going to go ahead and say it. I think Lloyds is a MIA troll from airliners.net.