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    I was just on my roof (36th floor of Avenue condos) and shot this pic of Skyhouse. Its similar to the webcam, but gives a slightly different perspective.
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    This morning the parking lot was chained off, and there was a large moving truck on site (presumably to load furniture and fixtures into). Looks like City Center Inn is officially closed, and be prepped for sale/demo.
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    Info on expanded hours and frequency improvement for the DT circulators http://www.nashvillemta.org/pdf/fn232.pdf
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    Warby Parker bringing 250 jobs to Nashville (area). I could see them going in the Gulch. http://www.bizjournals.com/nashville/blog/2014/09/trendy-eyewear-company-warby-parker-announces.html
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    If you watch a lot of football, you know the difference between 10-6 and 6-10 is a play or two a game. The Panthers maybe weren't as good as 12-4 last year. Luke non-interference against the Pats, giant downpour in Charlotte with high-flying Saints in town so Brees can't even hold the ball, amazing comeback against Miami. But yes, there's the other side too -- the Bills had no chance to drive the length of the field with a rookie QB and score a last-second touchdown to beat the Panthers -- but they did. Two years ago the Panthers were 7-9. How many times did they lead in the 4th quarter? Before last year, what was their record under Rivera in games decided by 7 or fewer points? This year? I hope everyone stays healthy. I hope the O-line gives the running backs some holes and gives Cam some time. I hope the defense disrupts opposing offenses and creates turnovers. I hope the kicking game is solid. I hope the Panthers have the ball bounce their way more often than not. I hope the Panthers finish games strong and smart. I think the schedule is brutal (but who knows). I hope for 10-6 or better and a playoff berth. I'm not predicting anything, other than I'm going to love it no matter what.
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    Map is available on the MTA website under Fall 2014 Service Changes. Basically the green route now turns north on 5th and goes up to Sulphur Dell and comes back down 5th, then heads west on Demonbreun.
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    Ok, so that makes a lot of sense...
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    I am definitely not a photographer. But there is a photo gallery in the Scene's coverage. That rather unfortunately focuses on bands and such (of course). But The Nations neighborhood associationdid take an existing vintage 1950s sign on 51s Ave N and had it repainted with their logo to say, The Nations, established 1913 or something like that. It's a pretty cool marker. I hope that sign stays!
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    Oh did not know that. Well this will be slowed by something MUCH MUCH worse than Reese lawsuits.....Daniel Levine
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    change of plans, I will be there this week. I'm skipping the UT game. BUT I wont stay too long since the game starts so early and I want to watch it.
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    A bit of a shameless plug here but one that I think most of you will enjoy. Myself and Bob Wadd recently interviewed John Stine, Director of Marketing and Sales at I-Drive 360 and Unicorp, on my hospitality podcast Orlando Tourism Report. We chatted mostly about I-Drive 360 and I-Shops. A few bits of info that I think you guys would find interesting from the interview- I-Drive 360 is looking at MagLev and I-Drive Trolley as options for convention goers. The Sand Lake Road/I-Drive 4-way pedestrian bridge is being held off until the plans to 6 lane SLR are set. (I suspect the new mega-McDonalds will be linked directly into the second floor) The Buffalo Wild Wings at I-Drive 360 will have a roof top deck area on the second floor (similar to Mango's across the street). Most of I-Drive 360 should be open by Christmas season with the attractions opening sometime in March or April (but in time for the end of the year school field trips). If the wheel is delayed the rest of the attractions may open ahead of it, though this wasn't the original plan. The fountain show will be 6-8mins long, running every half an hour or so mid-afternoon thru late evening. The wheel and the fountains are on two separate lighting systems but they are looking at ways to link them. Lots of holiday events are planned for the project, they're using the holiday stuff as a way to attract locals. Still no word on the hotel aspect of I-Drive 360 Expect a Walgreens gift shop in I-Drive 360 Here is the full interview with the Show Notes.
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    Well now, this is interesting. Looks like the city is seeking a professional firm to help design a plan for the LYNX Silver Line. Here's a giant PDF on what the city wants in the analysis plan: http://000417b6df56f4ae5bbf-f6bd2cfeac0f4625637eac684e9e6a05.r25.cf1.rackcdn.com/12/9af789c846311d7f465358392cc6d08f.pdf?id=255556 The study identifies US 74, Monroe Road, Central Ave, and the CSX railway as potential corridors that future mass transit can exist in.

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