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    They could only find 3 people willing to complain about it in the comments section.
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    I'm all for making sure public investments are efficient and achieving a public good, but I get a bit annoyed with the continued attempts to veil opposition as a reasoning exercise that uses very little reason. A long list of qualifiers and slanted language (e.g. "pillaging") immediately turns off anyone that one is trying to convince, and really just comes off as a shallow attempt to gloat of one's intelligence. A well rounded argument would take into account the MPG calculations as was done, but also include the other stated goals of the project: land use, economic development, parking demand reduction, efficiency of the route (keep in mind that the Silver Lines "pillaging" of other routes also indicates that those riders made rational decisions that said service is a more effective route than the previous one), accessibility improvements for low-income and disabled citizens, and recognition that investments are not about immediate return on investment. I don't expect to double my money in the first week of any investment that I make. Picking and choosing a narrow set of data to demonstrate the apparent failure of an investment really does nothing for me. If someone told me that my mutual fund selection sucks because the fee is higher than the industry average, then they clearly failed the test of accounting for the fact that my rate of return is dramatically higher than the industry average, even when accounting for the higher fee. The same reasoning applies in this case.
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    Who had September 18, 2014 in the "Groundbreaking Pool"?
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    LOL the only part of any of the project that broke ground is the stakes for the sign.
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    Nope, you are not the only one. That kind of stuff annoys the crap out of me and just makes me wonder about how legit it is. I'm sure it's legit, but their web designers probably just need an education. And I, for one, always use the Oxford Comma, no matter what Vampire Weekend has to say about it.
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    Here's the 1st Ward Park and Roadway Infrastructure Improvements sign on the corner of 8th an Brevard.
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    Agree the second story terrace has great potential, but the roof deck possibilities excite me even more (see http://www.thompsonhotels.com/hotels/thompson-toronto/eat-and-drink/rooftop-lounge). The Thompson Toronto actually shares several characteristics of the proposed Gulch Thompson, especially the location in a formerly industrial neighborhood that's equal parts residential, retail, and F&B, yet outside the main core of the downtown CBD. The Toronto hotel has a roof with killer views, a pool, terraces for suites, and a nightclub. It also has a basement nightclub leased to a third party operator. It will be interesting to see if a similar feature is included here. Toronto's Thompson also has a late night dining option that's very popular with the post-club crowd (also leased to a third party operator IIRC). With all the recent controversy around the SoBro diner project, that may get less play in Nashville, though I believe more late night dining options that don't require a drive through are sorely needed. Regardless, it's an excellent brand addition to the Gulch, giving the neighborhood more cachet than it has ever had. The fact that some heavy hitters like AJ (strong players in luxury hospitality private equity) and Berger (well-known for their numerous hotel projects in New Orleans, both new construction and office conversion) are involved makes me that much more excited.
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    Groundbreaking is scheduled for 2 PM today. Construction trailers and bulldozers are on site. http://www.bizjournals.com/charlotte/blog/real_estate/2014/09/levine-properties-and-mecklenburg-county-to-break.html?page=2
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    Fountains Uptown from this past weekend:
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    From any measure there isn't a glut at all right now and the population growth in the city itself is accelerating. I work with investors that own rental properties close to downtown on a daily basis and demand is still very high. I lived in Pine Street Flats where they had zero trouble leasing the whole building even after two floods and going up $100 per month on rent. I scratch my head sometimes and wonder where in the hell all these people are coming from because they are definitely coming.
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    I'm going to try to steer the new Charlotte USLPro team conversation back to this thread and leave the Memorial Stadium thread for reno talks. http://charlotteindependence.com/ This is the website. I implore all of us to visit and at least vote on the logos. They have a bunch and, frankly I really like some of them. I'm not going to say someone from their department reads the UP, but it appears they certainly did their due diligence in creating a logo that heavily incorporates Charlotte history and specifically Captain Jack. Jack and 1775 are in every crest design, and quite a few also incorporate our crown. Apparently they will be set up on the 4th floor of the Epicenter today (presumably to capture the Alive after 5 crowd?) where they will be selling $50/seat season ticket deposits for 2015. I'm not a fan of the current logo winning, simply because the colors are a carbon copy of Colorado's in the MLS (of who we will be a farm team, so there is some logic behind that) but we would likely need to change if we ever get there. Go Jacks. Go Horsemen.
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    Explain the logic here? I can't get the rent I expected, so instead of accepting a lower rent for a few years while the market recovers, I'm going to dump the units on the condo market at a discounted rate and lose my equity forever? I've heard of the opposite (in Miami, for example), due to oversupply they can't sell condos for the price they want so instead they rent them as apartments for a few years, until the market recovers. I don't see why that would work the other way around although I'm receptive to hearing the reasoning. Personally I'm not buying that there is a glut of apartments, rents are outrageous and they are being set by people who are presumably not stupid and are getting real world feedback from the market every day.
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    The Governor and Secretary of Transportation traveled across the state today to outline their 25 year infrastructure plan. I won't belabor all the specifics, but one of the major tenants of the plan is upgrading US-74 to interstate standards from Asheville to Charlotte to Wilmington. Also, the plan suggested expanding light rail options in metro areas when warranted, and expanding the state's intercity rail network. http://www.newsobserver.com/2014/09/17/4158354/mccrory-sketches-nc-transportation.html http://www.ncdot.gov/ncvision25/
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    To hell with city pride when it comes to sports, as UTgrad09 put it so beautifully.....beat Vandy.
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    Stop it. Stop it now. You know daggum well that not nothin' is happening with Gateway Station and 1st Ward Park in the same week.
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    Wife and I rode from downtown to Lake Fayetteville. They were graveling some of the trail on Powell north of 412 to prep it for pavement. The bike route on Powell south of there was pretty nice. I hope they will add signage to warn drivers making left turns to look out for trail users like they did on the bike route north of Lake Springdale. The intersection with the Lake Fayetteville trail was nicely done. This made for a much nicer ride than our usual route down Turner St. They are pouring pavement on the creek side section south of Emma Ave this week. It's weird to see sections they've been working on for months still covered in gravel while sections they just dug up already have pavement down. Glad you guys are getting up here to explore some. I'll try to keep you up to date with what I see.
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    hah. when i moved from huntsville, al to nashville, the stars were the aa affiliate for oakland. STOP FOLLOWING ME, CREEPY OAKLAND.
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    I have a feeling Clarksville's is skewed because of the influx of soldiers and airmen in Fort Campbell, which is of course in their MSA.
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    Just a question. Where are all these supposed traffic tie ups at? I live very near Wealthy and Division and drive that route everyday at prime traffic time (7-8am and 5-5:45pm) I never ever have any more problems than I did six months ago, or a year ago. Matter of fact, honestly with the extra turn lane on North bound Division traffic has been BETTER. Also just my two cents but when has any project ever been judged about its long term benefits in the span of thirty days?
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    Looks like UNCC and the center city building really lucked out. You know, eventually.
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    This project is literally 50x the size of any hospitality project D.F. Chase has completed. They've never built a high-rise of any type. And now they're going to be building two simultaneously!? The project management requirements are different, the logistics are completely different, and the subcontractors will be (and should be) completely different. So far as I can tell, D.F. Chase has never actually built a hotel, just some basic additions to existing hotels and some room renovation projects. The only reason I can fathom that they won this project is that their bid number came in substantially lower than anyone else--which is typical of a small contractor bidding a large project well outside their wheelhouse. I think that reasoning is backed up by the surprisingly cheap project cost ($116 million) quoted in the article. I realize everybody has to start somewhere before they go bigger, but to go instantly from building airplane hangers, rural hospitals, and school buildings to two large urban hotel towers is quite the jump, no?
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    I hope it doesn't become like the Embassy Suites in uptown, where groundbreaking was months ago and nothing has happened.
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    Looking at that picture, there is so much potential... But all it talks about in the article are 2 parking decks & a surface lot... Maybe more details at the 2pm ceremony?
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    I love the buffer. It's not just an extra painted line on the side of the street (like Broad Street)...
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    Awesome! Any information on when they plan to start construction?
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    That's great for the Triangle, but what a bummer for Raleigh. Cary is my worst nightmare come true. It's a super Ballantyne!
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    Some awesome pics of Downtown Chatt!!! https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/5512712366/in/photostream/
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    The first building Settlement at Willow Grove Village Center under construction Perkins Rowe in the far background
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    I was part of the chorus saying the Panthers wouldn't do well. Glad to see that so far I've been wrong. I still refuse to forgive the Panthers for releasing Steve Smith. P.S. I also said earlier in the season my beloved Baltimore Orioles wouldn't do well, but I have been happily proven wrong.
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    If I have to cheer for Vandy to have city pride, then I will never have city pride. If only UT was in Nashville instead of Knoxville...
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    Since my last post, it looks like the former Funtasia exterior got a new coat of paint.
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    Levine be all like "I built a tent... see?! Told ya I'd break ground."
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    I unfortunately have to agree. The MSA has had some crazy population growth in the last 10 years, but it's not all apartment dwellers downtown. And rents seem like they're extremely inflated considering the median incomes right now. Hopefully this glut will serve to drive some prices down a bit.
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    At Hooligans, $50 season ticket deposit and $30 supporter membership fee for those still on their way. Giving out a scarf for signing up though!
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    With Mama B's and the Tattoo shop not being part of the developments on their respective corners, we could end up with something big spanning Orange Avenue. Just saying.
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    They have on numerous occasions and passed, though it is to me the best spot for it and natural extension of the U of A to get presence on the highway.
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    Very happy to see this site utilized and nice to see it go to a forward looking industry. I swear on clear days from the top of the hill you can just see the edges of Uptown. Always thought it was really neat composition, the large PM plant, NASCAR, and the city in the distance. (Did Bruton really want a Monorail out to the track?! Let's doooooo it!)
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    Peterson out indefinately! I believe the issue is deeper than just Peterson, Rice, Hardy. Football players are bred to be today's gladiators, intimidation is their trademark. Couple that with millions of dollars and teams willing to coverup stuff to allow them to produce profits for the team and that makes for a mess. My memory might be a bit hazy, but it seems to me that 50 years ago it was the movement of the ball that was key, not how hard you hit someone. Sad state of affairs indeed.
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    Fully agreed on these points. Crowder was a consistent advocate for good design and I recall always thinking "Hey, this guy knows his stuff" whenever I watched recorded council meetings. He also made it a point to be very engaged with his constituents. While I lived in his district, I actually met with him face-to-face on one occasion to talk about transit, and he went out of his way to do so. I am also quite saddened to hear of his illness.
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    I don't know how this works normally for student housing, but it seems like the average downtown rent (at least for single occupancy) would be above what I would consider affordable for a college student. I would expect the school would need to provide a large amount of beds, or be mostly a commuter school. Any thoughts on that? Maybe other private developers would move in to fill that void? Although 55 West has pretty much been a frat house for all 5 years I've lived in it.
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    Partners for Active Living recently posted a map and some renderings that show what the Rail Trail extension into downtown will look like. This is going to be awesome! I can't wait!
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    Looks like the Observer continues to wage its war on the streetcar http://www.charlotteobserver.com/2014/09/14/5170841/despite-claims-streetcar-projected.html#.VBX-C_ldUmN http://www.charlotteobserver.com/2014/09/10/5166197/siers-cartoon-charlotte-streetcar.html#.VBX-IvldUmM http://www.charlotteobserver.com/2014/09/14/5170811/council-spends-like-its-1999.html#.VBX-MfldUmN Don't read the comments, it'll make your head explode.
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    At Home actually is Garden Ridge. More of a large Kirkland's than a hobby store.
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    To be honest, I'm not too concerned about these types of buildings becoming architectural gems. Don't get me wrong, they need to look good, but they don't each have to stand out above the crowd. The more important attributes of this building (as well as 1515 Demonbreun, Skyhouse, Buckingham) is that it gets people living in the core and it improves the walkability because of ground level retail. I think Nashville has progressed to the point that our architectural gems are going to be 30+ floors. I have much higher hopes for Sobro, 505CST, and Sheet Music because each of those are going to push the envelope for Nashville. That's not the role of M Residence or most of the others recently announced.
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    Was that pic from the 80's of the lit up Capitol for Christmas(with window lights in shape cross?)...or was that year round? They did a good job renovating the Kress Building...along with new Hampton Inn...makes for a nice block on Main Street btwn Third St. & Lafayette St....sorry if did not get the Little Village sign...wrong angle

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