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    I managed to make it out and get some shots before the sun went down! The lighting was constantly shifting with passing overcast so it was a little difficult to get good pictures. I walked about 3 miles around downtown and I took pictures of the following: DPAC The ill-fated round building City Hall foyer pavement/plaza work The soon to be improved BB&T office tower. Crescent central station Orange County Courthouse Residence Inn @ Orange & 50 SteelHouse, now completed The full set is here, 48 pics: https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/sets/72157647965223289/ Some highlights: The Round Building of Round Circleness BB&T Crescent Central Station DPAC from Southwest DPAC Over Magnolia Ave from South DPAC from Northwest DPAC from the South SteelHouse @ Orange & Colonial Orange County Courthouse Residence Inn @ Orange & Colonial There's another 35-40 here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/sets/72157647965223289/ Enjoy!
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    A few quick drive-up pics from my drive to the meet this morning... Rolling Mill Hill Hilton Garden Inn Riverfront Park - Stage Gulch Crossings 1515 & 1505 State & Louise rebuild 22nd & State
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    The new Prudential commercial showcasing a little of Charlotte!
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    I'm glad that the city is looking into ways to improve Lake Eola Park and re-purpose the amphitheater, but....to do so at the expense of the lake itself? Just can't get behind that. Sunshine mentioned crating a new park in Parramore. I'd also recommend improving/expanding Festival Park to make it more inviting for hosting events.
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    I was looking at that today myself. I know there was talk of a "boardwalk" section of the trail. We rode from downtown south down Park and Powell this morning. A lot more work has been done in filling in the driveways that were interrupting the trail. The trail after crossing Robinson has had no changes, but was enjoyable as we made our way down to the lake and did a loop around. After we returned home, I jumped in the car to see what was happening north of us. It looked like the trail is complete from Hunt park to the other side of I-49. Beyond that, maybe 70% is completed to Rogers. I also had to run into Fayetteville today and saw where they had widened the bridge sections on Mud creek. That improvement was long overdue and I was glad to see it.
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    5/3 Bank seems to be doing well. They deserve a 400' AA office tower on an empty lot downtown, don't you think? Then raze their current home and make that whole corner part of the park. Southwest corner.... You're next!
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    If the photo below seriously looks like a "hollowed out" city with "decaying tourist spots" to you then I'm forced to assume you only appreciate sterile and brand new urban built environments. You also did Nashville like a clueless tourist if the only music you were able to find is the country in The District. Nashville's storied musical legacy affords it a great and well-rounded music scene. I don't like country music either, but I easily do 3-4 awesome shows a month here and that's not even counting the great free events like Live on the Green or Musician's Corner. And if you cannot picture Nashville as "trendy," then why does it have a prime-time network sitcom and get lauded in magazine after magazine on a daily basis? Charlotte is certainly ahead of Nashville in terms of newer urban development with its impressive growth the last few decades, but Nashville is hardly a slouch in that department and is working with better bones. In terms of "New South" cities, Nashville is a better balance of old and new than Charlotte. What it lacks in tall, new office and residential towers, it makes up for it with numerous energetic nodes throughout its urban core extending well outside of downtown...and we're starting to get the new towers to add to this now too.
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    Was up checking out the Razorback Greenway in Springdale again. There's a small sliver of land between Johnson Ave and E Huntsville Ave. Just across a creek and east of the Shiloh Museum. I suppose maybe the museum owns the land. But I figured the trail would simply go in that sliver of 'park' land. But I noticed they're putting steel pylons near the creek. So I guess at least part of the trail might be suspended above the actual creek. Maybe a bit like the way the trail comes of the side of the cliff near the big bridge over Clear Creek. Thought it seemed rather interesting. I guess they didn't want the trail taking up almost all of that sliver of land on the east side of the creek.
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    What is "mansplaining" and who are you referring to in a passive aggressive/third person manner?
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    I see that stage every day on my way home from work... I guess it's my fault for not paying close enough attention to the renderings, but it is being built much larger than I expected--not that I'm complaining!
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    Or, you know ... Side note: am I the only one who always thinks Winnie Palmer looks like it has a bunch of windows boarded up? Odd design.
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    I strongly disagree with filling in Lake Eola - it's small enough as it is. We're talking about the encroachment of a downtown icon for the sake of an average of 5 concerts a month? Seriously, how often is the St Augustine amphitheater used a month? Or Cranes Roost amphitheater? Let's not forget how large amphitheaters look & feel when they aren't in use. I'm also not a fan of installing "permanent vendor facilities and structures" in the park either. I'm all for expanding the park and I could get behind spencer's idea, but the current plans are a huge blunder. The fact this is even up for discussion should raise a few red flags; Lake Eola isn't protected. Who are these people on the committee? They want to pave paradise to put up a parking lot. Shameful.
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    They could have easily re-modeled the RB's exterior & made to fit in to the DPAC design, while also keeping the Brise Soleil. They even could have added more floors to it. I think it's a shame to waste a perfectly good structure. Plus, I like round/cylindrical buildings & that was Orlando's only one. I think it would have looked great standing there at about 12 - 15 stories with a new exterior. Oh well.
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    It was mentioned by ATLRVR, but at that time it was a 6500 sq foot project, now it's 13k sq feet. Worth the update :-)
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    I do not object to filling in part of the lake. I would rather see them expand the footage of the park. Buy that entire block next to Eola Drive where Panera sit and expand it. The law firm is trying to sell the land anyway. And if thats not possible, create a new park at Paramorre.
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    Several thoughts on Lake Eola: (1) Only our current administration could tout a bug as a feature. The evisceration of Parks & Recreation during the Great Recession which resulted in the destruction of flower beds the city has been known for over the course of a century is a travesty. Also, the horrible, cheap turf masquerading as grass in the "Eola Five" section dies every time there's an event like MoviEola where it gets any use. The signature park for the city deserves better. (2) As Boomer points out so well, the amphitheatre isn't designed for professionals. I think that idea got legs when Orlando Shakes was using it for performances, an idea which even they abandoned. What is ridiculous is that the city doesn't program basic community events on a regular basis. There ought to be events several times a week, even if it's only amateur and high school or college groups. It need not cost a lot of money other than a city staffer to line up folks. As to the weather and the sun problem, this is Florida. Most of the year, you can program things after the sun goes down. (3) Filling in the lake is absurd. If you want to expand Eola, go ahead and make Washington St. an actual part of the park and close Eola Drive between Washington and Robinson (all of the properties along Eola Drive have rear access). Buy the two empty lots on either side of Lowndes, Drosdick. Narrow Robinson St. and Rosalind to 2 lanes (yes, those are state roads and we'll need Tallahassee approval, but that's why we have a legislative delegation, which, btw, is about to include major leadership positions in the next couple of years.) Also purchase the historic house along Central and the non-descript building housing downtown's 277th 7-Eleven. If the city can't afford it thanks to Buddy's venue spending spree, make use of a conservancy to get it done.
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    Great news about Sheet Music; however, are there any conversations going on about improving the infrastructure? I work downtown in the AT&T tower and live in Green Hills and It is literally taking me over an hour to get to my office in the mornings and an hour or more to get home. I don't see any efforts to improve the traffic flows into and out of downtown. It's terrible and getting worse. My quality of life has diminished considerably since I moved my office downtown and once my lease is up, I will more than likely move it outside the Central Business district. Given the current state of the infrastructure, I don’t recommend companies moving downtown until the city is better equipped to handle the growth. The quality of life for your associates will be diminished.
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    Not all "short walks" are created equal - which is why pedestrian friendly street design is so important. Walking from 55West to thornton park for dinner/drinks seems totally reasonable as you stroll through lively(ish) streets and around a park. Walking from SODO a half mile in any direction seems terrible because Orange Ave essentially screems "don't walk here" (fast traffic, small sidewalks, no shade, few buildings fronting the road, etc)

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