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    Yes. Starting on page 14, the utilities will be buried with duct banks under 8th and under Brevard per the Dry Utilities Plan. The plans show the manholes and routes for the duct banks. It was fairly obvious that they would, but it is nice to see the actual plans to confirm it. It is such an eyesore now. So I'm glad it is happening.
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    I'd say smeagolsfree, Urban Architecture, or East Side Urbanite, likely could tell you. They were among the foremost mentions during the agenda. (Westin - 01-Dec-14 ??) -==-
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    ...would've been and instant sign-on in Simon Pegg's Shawn of the Dead parody. You'd have fit right in, if you'd've dragged-ass to the meeting, but then if it were me (I), you'd've been up 'til 4am (at least) -==-
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    Sorry I couldn't make it. Halloween is the 2nd most eventful holiday for me, and I would have turned up looking like a zombie... literally.
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    Ryanair could launch flights to the US, and call Charlotte: -Washington South -Orlando North -Atlanta East
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    You have one. That is what Allegiant is, and just like Ryan Air, it is at an inconvenient airport, not the main one.
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    Agreed. I'm hoping they want in with the bare minimum to see how much pushback they'd get. I don't like the quote about "getting in, getting out". I think this could be a very walkable development. At least from store to store, or restaurant to shopping. I hope the city sticks to their guns and makes them improve upon what they have. But I don't know if I agree that it has to be 100% lifestyle center. I've seen a few on the east side of the state that are pretty empty (after opening with a lot of tenants). I actually wish CWD were involved in this. I like what they are doing at the old MAC site and lormax statements make me think they are milking A 'good piece of dirt' more than a good development. Joe
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    Actually, here we go: https://connect.ncdot.gov/letting/Design%20Build%20Program/I-77%20High%20Occupancy%20Toll%20Lanes/Presentation%20on%20Public-Private%20Partnership%20to%20Lake%20Norman%20Transportation%20Summit.pdf So NCDOT is not even prohibited from expanding free lanes on 77 itself but as part of the contract would compensate Cintra if it decides to do so. However, that compensation is just for limited access freeway lanes that are unplanned at the point of the contract. It isn't disallowed, but makes it an obligation of NCDOT to refrain from doing that without paying for the damage to the toll lane operator. But non-freeway improvements, rail improvements, surface street improvements, especially those already in the plans, are excluded from what Cintra can be compensated for. That means yes we are still allowed to build the Red Line, and we are still allowed to expand and improve US21 and 115. We will still own the land, we will even own the road at a big discount if Cintra bails. The market will set the toll rates, because Cintra's best interest will be to maximize the number of cars using the lane up to the point where it has a green level of service. That will ensure that the tolls are as low as possible , and benefit as many travelers as possible while actually giving them a solution to congestion. North Meck residents who hate this plan have no idea how good this will be for them. They get the high way expansion quickly, and get lanes that are guaranteed to be without congestion, they can use them for free if they have 2 passengers, their express buses will now have BRT-like reliability, and the existing lanes will have that many fewer people on them.
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    doesnt matter, none of us can afford to shop in them
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    work in progress eventually I will render each building like this.
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    And grab Palmer by the collar, dangle him over the west end summit site and violently scream "WHERE IS SHE!?!?".

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