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    ^Hey, looks like a nice place to go panning for gold.
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    Someone mentioned traveling down 3rd street using Google Maps in another thread (a while back).
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    Thought I would share this picture I took today from the park that shows both projects under construction.
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    I prefer "The Yard" to "Ivanhoe Place".
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    I would've been more snarky. "You need a time machine. Set it to 1965 and direct your feet to Church Street."
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    Blasting continues at 5th/Church. This hole is getting seriously deep. With all the rain, we have our own little Lake Palmer starting downtown.
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    Nicholson streetcar project to get federal assistance via new pilot program The federal government will soon be helping city-parish officials bring together Baton Rouge residents, real estate developers, philanthropic foundations and land-use experts to identify ways to bring an idea for a streetcar line along Nicholson Drive to fruition. The U.S. Department of Transportation announced today that Baton Rouge is among seven U.S. cities that will receive technical assistance via the department’s new LadderSTEP pilot program. The assistance does not come with any funding. The six other cities to receive assistance through the pilot program are Atlanta, Baltimore, Charlotte, Indianapolis, Phoenix and Richmond, Virginia. “The Nicholson Drive corridor is poised to be completely transformed by the transportation and development projects we have in the works, and this technical assistance means the U.S. Department of Transportation recognizes its potential,” says Mayor Kip Holden in a prepared statement. “As we develop the new streetcar line on Nicholson and implement our Complete Streets standards, their assistance will not only provide valuable support but is critical to its success.” The idea for a streetcar between the LSU campus and downtown Baton Rouge is part of the FuturEBR master plan, and it was initially announced in early 2014. Since then, city-parish officials have been working to identify possible funding sources. https://www.businessreport.com/article/nicholson-streetcar-project-get-federal-assistance-via-new-pilot-program
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    Smashing pumpkins yes. Marilyn Manson no
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    Im not a urban planner but it seems plausible to me that increased density will eventually yield to taller buildings. If, for no other reeason, you have fewer desired addresses to build in. So, you build up.
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    I tried that but for some reason they stopped me. I decided flying our drone from Romare Bearden park would work a little better.
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    Very excited for WSP, they haven't played outside in Nashville since 5/2013 at Woods Amphitheater at Fontanel
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    Wow no that is definitely updated. I don't think it's taller though, just the angles. Here are the new pics. The site is fully operational now. Floor plans and everything.
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    There is actually a history of rail(yard) in Ivanhoe. This is why I prefer the reference here. Place = anywhere.
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    What about something as grand as this? I know, too many platforms for charlotte, but this is in Berlin. It has a metro area roughly 2.5 times the size of ours, but ours is twice as dense. Charlotte, while it may not be the largest city in the Southeast, could become an important hub for intercity rail, as is Berlin. The station itself has two levels of platforms, one above ground, and one below. Charlotte could have 3, one below ground for access to NS mainline (would require tons of money), one at ground level for LYNX services and CATS buses, and one above ground for trains to wilmington and Monroe. I personally believe it is one of the nicest looking stations in the world. Now, if all the plans go through, we could have rail service from Charlotte along 5 routes. Charlotte --> Raleigh (and North East) Charlotte --> Atlanta (and Midwest) Charlotte --> Asheville (via Salisbury) Charlotte --> Columbia (And FL) Charlotte --> Wilmington And some potential Commuter lines: Charlotte --> Lake Norman/Morresville (If upgraded enough, Asheville bound trains could run on this line) Charlotte --> Salisbury (NCRR) Charlotte --> Gastonia Charlotte --> Monroe Charlotte --> Rock hill (stretching it?) My point is, we need something that won't look like a shed, and maybe something a little bit more than a bridge.
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    See, look at those tile floors! http://www.rapidgrowthmedia.com/devnews/042315InterphaseBlue35.aspx
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    Hardee's thinking about moving their HQ here. http://www.tennessean.com/story/money/2015/04/22/hardees-scouts-nashville-headquarters/26219127/
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    Metro Capital Project- Davidson Street Multi-Use Path http://www.nashville.gov/Public-Works/Capital-Projects/Davidson-Street-Multi-Use-Path.aspx http://www.nashville.gov/Portals/0/SiteContent/pw/docs/projects/DavidsonStreet/ConceptualPlan.pdf
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    Throw back Thursday to the original Novare Plan
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    here is a picture I found on flickr, it is taken from the manchester bridge
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    Historic Nashville is reporting that the old dilapidated firehall in front of the Gallatin Rd Walmart neighborhood market has been sold to an unnamed coffee shop. That's good news if this structure will remain. https://www.facebook.com/historicnashvilleinc/posts/10153244308268288:0
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    It was actually James Smithson, a British scientist that requested it and Andrew Jackson who brought the request to Congress. I believe President Polk really got the ball rolling. I drive up to the Smithsonian every year. I love it up there and I'm glad Tennessee's new State Musuem will be near the Bicentennial Mall. Seems like an appropriate location.
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    Because unlike an opposition to mass transit, there are no individual financial gains in the form of campaign donations to be made by opposing the construction of a museum. Anyway, I too am glad that the museum was finally approved. It'll really set that area off nicely. The mall area is perfect for a museum campus. As a quick aside, I did find this quote from Lt. Governor Ramsey a little bit chuckle worthy: "Thank goodness our founding fathers in Washington, D.C., saw fit to do the Smithsonian. I think that's important." I agree with him that it's important to showcase our collective history, but the founding fathers aren't responsible for the Smithsonian.
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    I will say Walmart has building new stores down to a science and get them up very quickly. So I'm not sure someone else would be able to come in afterwards. But I'm not here to bash Walmart either. I wouldn't describe them as the evil empire. But in certain instances they can be pretty ruthless though.
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    Agreed completely...I don't always agree with WM on where they build but I also really enjoy living in the part of the Arkansas that is basically financially backed by them so I am not one to complain.

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