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    Having that gaudy cross off the skyline is fine with me.
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    He said Demo. I tried to probe to see if he meant remodel but he was certain. The existing LifeWay employees will relocate to another part of the property while their new building is being built. I gave him every opportunity to say 'maybe' or qualify the schedule with 'if they find financing' but he would have none of it. He said the LA developers have deep pockets and that they are planing on bringing 50% cash equity (over 200 million) to the table. He said that LifeWay would be paying for their new HQ without any debt financing. He said the developers were very excited about the rail connectivity.... a great way to bring customers and recruit residents and businesses to their new development. To clarify... this is from a long-time LifeWay Executive whom I have known for several years. The information he relayed to me is 100% as he understands the situation... he is not big enough to be signing the deal paperwork but he has lunch with those guys daily.
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    The LifeWay executive considered it a 'done deal'. The demo of the Lifeway Tower should start before the end of summer. Big plans for office space, condos, retail, entertainment (movie theater) and the likelihood that they will reactivate the rail line next to their property to transport people throughout South/Middle/north Gulch areas... evidently the line is no longer used for freight.
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    A trick for parking. Park around the corner from the BBQ place. There is on street parking with no meters there and only a five minute walk, Max!
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    nashville_bound, my sympathy is out to you at this time, since I picked up on what the smeags said. I know what thought everyone probably suddenly has become preoccupied with, and I only could hope I'm wrong, but I'm afraid I'm not. I might have to eat my words on that "sacrificial lamb on the altar", so to speak. So therefore, like, what else is new... -==-
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    A few observations from a 7pm bike ride on the rail trail: 1) The CMPD has begun patrolling in a Polaris 4-wheeler. It is neither quiet nor narrow. Seems like overkill, what is the problem with the regular bike cops? 2) I saw my first fence jumpers going from Spectrum to Publix (about 200 ft past the police patrol) 3) I pulled the quote below (from this thread) to remind us how long ago 2009 was.
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    William filled me in when you called him Todd. I trust your information is strong and hope there will be some major news on this soon. So many areas of town are being transformed. It just looks as if we are going to have a lot of medium sized buildings before we get any tall boys. I am fine with that, although I wish we would get at least one or two new tallest. Tony's 505 will help as it will loom large on the hill. BTW, Todd, so sorry to hear about your loss. Look forward to seeing you at a meet soon.
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    This shot will be even more amazing in about 2 years!
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    The Cigar Factory in Charleston is slated to open this summer. I looked at the video on Youtube, and the structure is not dissimilar from the vastness of the Palmetto Compress Warehouse. We'll have to keep an eye on it as a potential model for the retail aspect of its redevelopment.
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    It's in Davidson County. There are obviously already poor people, drug dealers, homeless, hookers, pimps, and liberals hanging out there.
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    Lol I like how stats based that post was, but it reads like an advertisement!
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    Southwest Airlines has designated Nashville a focus city and currently controls roughly 54% of the passenger market at BNA. Southwest has the map well covered with nonstop flights to almost all key cities across the U.S. They compete with the legacy carriers on many key routes and also move a large number of passengers though connections at BNA as a result of having so many flights. Southwest flies only Boeing 737 aircraft which is major advantage over the small regional jets used by many of the other airlines. American Airlines has now merged with USAirways and offers slightly more flights at BNA than Delta Air Lines. Both carriers offer good connections to international destinations via their respective hub cities. The weakest legacy carrier at BNA continues to be United Airlines, which recently announced plans to add larger mainline aircraft on some routes. The recent addition of a year-round nonstop flight on Southwest Airlines to Oakland is very welcome news and fills an important need for nonstop service to the San Francisco Bay Area. Hopefully United will add a nonstop to SFO to connect to its Asia-Pacific flights. Alaska Airlines will soon begin year-round nonstop flights to Seattle, competing against Southwest's seasonal nonstops to Seattle which have operated about 5 months per year for many years.
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    Sounds like a lot of nooks and crannies where poor people could hide!
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    I thought I would post the latest development updates: -The Hotel on W. Main is a go and final designs should be available soon. -Event rentals building is well underway. -Renato's plans to open a steak house in the former sandwich factory space. -The old Abby's will not be a steak house because of above, but a Soby's type establishment. with apartments on the back with shops below on Wall St. This is pending the sale. -The old Art building on Wall St. will become a candy store with apartments above. This also is a pending sale. -Royce Camp's new building on W. Main is waiting on the City to work out the parking. -Andrew Babb's new building on Kennedy is moving forward. -Hub City market/café is moving forward. -The empty lot on E Main on the old Mall section may be a mini golf (putt putt)soon. -Main St. improvements -Magnolia St. improvements Any others?
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    Ely tweeted similar last week --- here is the base of the tower crane, waiting to be put in place. At least that's what I figure it is.
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    New Lebonheur Office tower and garage
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    There should be more than 400 high schoolers in this town across all the disciplines for DPHS to continue to be a magnet. The new high school idea seems more like "Fame", no sports, and a small community of arts only students. Totally different from DPHS who also has a large general population.
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    I imagine DPHS would change the focus of their magnet program to another subject. Obviously they wouldn't need two & with a world class PAC centrally located in downtown, why keep it at a HS campus in the SW part of town?
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    Wawa is THE place to get coffee.
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    I went to the one at Colonial & Woodbury (Near UCF) this weekend and didn't notice a service decline at all. I'm torn. I'm no WaWa devotee, but I like the stores and find myself using them when I'm near one. I also like that RaceTrac seems to build their big, new stores right next to them. I like good, strong competition and these two love to duke it out while I just reap the benefits.
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    I don't understand how the Round Building fiasco is not a bigger story in our local media. From what I can tell, an experienced company had the best bid, then the city completely changed the scope and gave it to a much less experienced company, who subsequently went over the timeline and budget and finally walked away. The city has had a huge eyesore in front of it's half billion dollar jewel for months, and the background of how this company got the job at all seems incredibly fishy...with all of the "silly" investigative journalism in our region ("see how ridges on your starbucks cup lid are costing you PENNIES more!!!") How come no one has really found out why they changed the scope and pushed the contract to this clearly overmatched company?
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    You were hating on hipsters way before it was cool to hate on hipsters.
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    Great to have Brazillian building in downtown...which mean they will buy up the condos here...and build nice buildings like Miami

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