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    ^Maybe this will motivate them to build high-rise, so they can get their own thread.
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    Metro Planning staff are undertaking a study of the Music Row area as part of the soft moratorium that was imposed earlier this year on zoning changes. I hope that they are also considering multi-modal transit. Right now there are now bus routes that run down Demonbreun or the northern half of Music Row. The southern half of Music Row has infrequent service from the #2 and #25. This is likely a corridor that can support a new line, maybe even an extension of the Music City Circuit to include a Midtown/Music Row route. This proposed project will be a massive development and will be home to 3000-4000 residents, employees and hotel guests every day once it is fully built out. That is in addition to Element, 1515 Demonbreun, the Virgin Hotel, Crescent, Rhythm, Cadence, Forestar, the new SESAC HQ building, Lennar's M Residences, Artisan on 18th, and Skyhouse which are all within 3 blocks of this planned development. Even without the Elmington Capital project that is an incredible change in density for one small neighborhood in a very short period of time. There has to be an investment into transit infrastructure for this to be sustainable.
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    Ok folks, time to pat myself on the back. Just sold a lot on Arthur Ave that I purchased 18 months ago for 50,000 for 175,000.
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    8 stories? Seriously? That should be laughed out of the building. I agree there needs to be an outbidder ASAP.
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    Aspen Dental is taking Hooters. They'll tear the building down. The density isn't on the east side of town, no daytime pop to support a full service chain restaurant.
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    I hope they get outbid. "Up to 8 stories with 400 apartment units" sounds like another bland massive superblock.
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    I made a little mini-study of land use. I see Plaza Midwood as having potential (again and again), but I think it has alot of work ahead of itself. Land use shows alot of space is taken up by grass lots, surface parking, and some greenspace. In the center of the study area in Plaza Midwood is that single street of those closely placed shops where you can find Nova's bakery. I find it a bit simular to Savannah, but that's it. I doesn't even cover a whole city block. Not that Plaza Midwood should copy Savannah, but it needs more infill and a-lot less emphasis in parking. It's honesty the obsession over parking capacity that I think will ultimately hurt the community. A 1:1 ratio of parking per unit is especially threatening. If a developer wants to build a 4-5 story apartment with those requirements, I certainly would oppose it. Also, remember that virtually all parking decks turn very ugly and kill streetlife.
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    They at least should have augmented rather than reroute Nº2, from the Muses Roundabout via Division up and down Music Row, to its current route via 12th and Edgehill, thereby literally cutting Music Row service distance in half, back around 2010/2011 or so. Again it was former MTA leadership (of at least 2 names unmentioned), along with a mayoral nod, who gave the spin rationale to reroute that bus to offset a food desert syndrome along the 12th Ave corridor, by providing that district a direct path to Green Hills. That's always been hogwash (B-$), since riders living in the 12th Ave district rarely if ever actually use Nº 2 except to pass between downtown and Edgehill. Instead, riders often have discovered that they boarded the Nº2 mistakenly believing that it would take them along entire 12th Ave, and usually will de-board and waste their fare. 12th Ave dwellers usually travel to the Melrose Kroger or to the Wal-mart on Powell, and almost never go to Green Hills for that purpose. The MTA Nº17, recently rerouted from Demonbreun to run along 11th Ave throughout the length of the gulch, as well as along it's original primary path of 12th Ave. So., always has been far more frequent and operational during evening hours, than Nº2, which should have never been messed with to start. Nº17 alone well serves the 12th Ave district, IMO. Since the start of modern times, the Nº2 has been the ba$tard stepchild of the entire southern hemisphere of the MTA coverage, for many years being combined with Nº7 Hillsboro in the early evening hours, and for a few years now, it no longer has been running on weekends, a decision which has totally severed a direct connection between downtown and Belmont and greater Music Row, except where Nº25 crosses Music Row at Edgehill. In my dreams, they should return streetcars to Belmont and Music Row. Again, yet another snow job. -==-
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    It was reported at some point that the retail space at the roundabout in Element was being set-up for a restaurant, but I don't remember seeing anything yet about who/what it will be. There's only one other relatively small retail space planned for that building, and there is no retail in the other new apt. building next door, so there's not going to be that much extra activation on that side of Demonbreun. There will, however, be additional entertainment/retail options in both the Virgin and Crescent down the street that will help foot traffic in the area, too.
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    I would hope they would keep the on-street parking to provide a buffer to encourage foot traffic. There are far too many places in this city where pedestrians are expected to walk inches away from moving vehicles. I want narrow, easy to cross streets, and if traffic is a problem, build transit. You can't create a walkable city by encouraging people to drive around in cars.
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    Millennials? Really? What is the difference between this and any other sub-division with a singular entrance/exit to a collector street? Never mind that it is parked behind the blank rear end of a Meijer, and couldn't be more pedestrian unfriendly if you built it on 28th and the Beltline. I thought people in that demographic avoided this stuff like the plague? I'm older and even I think this is the most depressingly isolated and boring place to ever want to live.
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    I double dog dare you to post this on the PM facebook page.
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    From the Arts and Science Council: Hunt’s sculpture, tentatively titled “Memory Place,” will be made of welded stainless steel, and is intended to create a sculptured collage containing references to Romare Bearden’s artistic practice, traditions and inspirations. Within the referential frame of Bearden’s life, the sculpture conjures up the Eiffel Tower, county churches, and roots in land and water associations. “Together I hope the material of the sculpture, its craftsmanship, its associative possibilities and its lively presence make my homage to Romare Bearden a diversion of both substance and delight to visitors to Romare Bearden Park,” Hunt said.
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    Three international retial giants that come to mind are Zara, H&M, and IKEA. Apparently, New Orleans now has 2 H&Ms and Shreveport and Jackson each have one, maybe one will be added during the mall store refresh. IKEA doesn't seem to have any stores in "medium" cities but I guess when looked at as NO-BR we'd make the cut.
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    You know, we talk a lot in this city about how we don't want to repeat the mistakes of Atlanta. Having our very own Perimeter City would be horrible. Too much density in places that aren't designed to handle the traffic is the main recipe for disastrous suburbia. Ballantyne is bad enough, and we're basically getting the same thing at Providence/485 with the two - soon to be three - very large retail/office developments going in there. Prosperity Village is probably our best chance to do something different that Atlanta.
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    For some reason I can't get Mlive's photo slideshows to go all the way through. It goes about 6 images, then there's an ad, and the arrows to continue on are gone. Anyone else get this? The construction around the complex is insane. However, you can get to their new parking lot off of Goodrich by the new BBQ place, BTW. I also have to backtrack on my earlier statements. They're definitely keeping the silos on the NE corner of the building and have added more.
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    I use postimage.com and just copy their "direct link" into the image dialog titanhog points to above. Easier in my opinion because I don't care about retaining the links and maintaining a membership of any sort.
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    That's the oldest trick in the book. When your rates go up, you threaten to leave for another company and the representative usually makes an exception to keep you there by adding a free month or reducing the price. Be careful with the direct deposit payment system via mobile devices. Always check your bank statement. They claimed that I never paid even though I signed up for the program. They tried to add late charges but told them I had recorded the conversation and got names of the representatives I talked to in the past, and they magically changed their minds.
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    The mysterious "Project UNO" has been revealed. It's Barcelona-based Ficosa which is building a new, state-of-the-art, 270,000 square foot facility in Cookeville to replace its Crossville plant. The Tennessean is reporting that the 500 Crossville jobs will move to Cookeville, and 400 additional jobs will be created as other jobs are brought to this new plant from China and Mexico. Ficosa produces mirror assemblies for Nissan, Ford, Volkswagen, Fiat Chrysler, General Motors and other auto manufacturers. http://www.tennessean.com/story/money/cars/2015/05/26/ficosa-build-new-plant-cookeville/27988879/
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    The Event Rentals building is going up even faster than I expected. In less than 10 days, they got the whole frame up and started cladding. The building is quite large. I have to admit, the aluminum siding looks...not great. Luckily the front section will be brick. I'm sure that part will take longer. I don't really care about this building that much; just that its completion sets the stage for the start of hotel construction.
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    Actually the township is to the East as well. KISD, Meijer, Celebration Village and Knapp's Crossing were one of the few successful annexations that the city of GR did. http://www.maptechnica.com/us-city-boundary-map/city/Grand%20Rapids/state/MI/cityid/2634000
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    "These are people who like to mountain bike and kayak and not necessarily take care of the lawn," he [the developer] said. "It's near Meijer Gardens, it's near the IMAX and just north of employment in the East Beltline Corridor." Any time I've visited FMG, the subject demographic has not been prevalent. Oh, and they're going to end up getting an easement from the ISD or the store for a secondary egress.
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    How do you post pics I live in the ICON I have a lot of pics of the hotel's progress Bird eye view
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    Have there been many big splash announcements that have fizzled lately? The only one I can think of is WES. The majority of projects that have been announced have come to fruition. I think a grocery announcement is imminent somewhere in the core. Last week it broke that the Colonial Bakery developers were unable to land a grocer because they are looking downtown and in Midtown. That bodes well for a grocer in this project, north gulch, Aertson, or all three. There may not have been many fully fizzled and hollow announcements, but I agree that with such a magnitude of the proposal, historically there have been many delays of groundbreaking or commenced steady progress, at least a few of which have been protracted indefinitely or significantly reduce in scale. Whether or not such a large proposal begins to be undertaken and comes to fruition, it can be rather difficult to avoid some major change of plans during a seven-to-ten year lapse. My hopes wouldn't be totally dashed in doubt for such a huge development, but I think it's always safer to watch for the intermediate signs of earnest, before we get our optimism too high too fast. -==-
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    Have there been many big splash announcements that have fizzled lately? The only one I can think of is WES. The majority of projects that have been announced have come to fruition. I think a grocery announcement is imminent somewhere in the core. Last week it broke that the Colonial Bakery developers were unable to land a grocer because they are looking downtown and in Midtown. That bodes well for a grocer in this project, north gulch, Aertson, or all three.
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    Along thaT vein, the population trends show that Fayetteville is still growing and shouldn't continue to be shunned as it has been recently in most retail and full serve restaurant cases. I've maintained that Mission and Crossover is prime for a BWW/Applebee's type place. Still shocked there's no Cheddar's I would love some of the Pappas chains from Texas up here.
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    Small but interesting regional HQ moving to town: http://www.bizjournals.com/charlotte/blog/real_estate/2015/05/rail-company-opening-charlotte-office-moving.html?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=twitter Vossloh, maker of railroad hardware of various types is coming to the Westside. They cite the airport and flights to Germany in their decision. Now if we could just get Siemans to open their east coast rail car manufacturing here......
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    From the New York Times. Essentially the article examines how Harris Rosen's program in Tangelo Park changed the neighborhood through direct financial investment. Rosen funnelled money towards education, funding free daycares, and providing scholarships for graduating seniors attending state schools. His legacy changed Tangelo Park and will now be tested in Parramore. http://www.nytimes.com/2015/05/26/us/tangelo-park-orlando-florida.html?smid=fb-nytimes&smtyp=cur&bicmp=AD&bicmlukp=WT.mc_id&bicmst=1409232722000&bicmet=1419773522000
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    The North Carolina Department of Transportation is conducting a survey to find out what North Carolina residents think about various services provided by NCDOT. North Carolina residents can take the survey here: http://go.ncsu.edu/ncdotsurvey Results from this survey will be used to identify ways we can make North Carolina transportation safer, more efficient, and customer focused.
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    The North Carolina Department of Transportation is conducting a survey to find out what North Carolina residents think about various services provided by NCDOT. North Carolina residents can take the survey here: http://go.ncsu.edu/ncdotsurvey Results from this survey will be used to identify ways we can make North Carolina transportation safer, more efficient, and customer focused.
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    I'll admit, it's a bit of a stretch based on nothing more than a few pieces of circumstantial evidence; however I do not see it as being out of the realm of possibilities. For starters, the NC Senate has been adamant against extending the fuel sales tax cap. The NC House passed a bill that extends it and Gov. McCrory supports the extension, but Senate leaders such as Bob Rucho and Harry Brown have come out against extending it. On the other side, American has labeled the fuel tax cap their top legislative priority, and their local lobbyists have made overtures suggesting that CLT stands to lose if the fuel tax cap is not extend or if the fuel tax is not repealed. Bob Rucho and company have repeatedly stated they are skeptical as seen in the following article: http://wfae.org/post/charlotte-business-leaders-urge-tax-exemption-airline-fuel Just a week after the above article was written, WFAE ran another story which had the following paragraph: "And with that merger, American may look to scale back its operations in the state. That’s something lawmakers are watching says Rucho. 'Is American Airlines reducing either flights or seats? Are they moving out of North Carolina training facilities? You know these were all part of North Carolina under US Air.'" http://wfae.org/post/record-profits-american-airlines-they-seek-nc-tax-cap-extension Given that the airline can not appreciably reduce flying at any of its hubs until the three year agreement with the DOJ expires, I wonder if this purported closing of a training facility is the warning shot aimed at getting lawmakers attention ahead of the expiration of the DOJ agreement. In other words, I wonder if American executives are hinting at more substantial changes in the future that will have a more direct correlation to the fuel sales tax (i.e. reduced number of flights) if the cap is not extend or the tax repealed outright. Once again, just venturing a hypothesis.
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    Here's a drone flyover photo from today of the Seaholm and Green Water sites. This area wasn't bothered much by flooding, and I was able to make it into work today with no problems. This view is going to look awesome once all of the towers that haven't yet broken ground get built. https://www.facebook.com/JTpics/photos/ms.c.eJw9zNsNADEIA8GOTrwMcf~_NnQQJnyNrzUKVhVikI~;mx7WyXrKku5nkdMdb19FijmIfnGjrWdfcWzzK7PaN96jn7H~;4DaB0kKA~-~-.bps.a.975772372463572.1073741864.261709413869875/975772402463569/?type=1&theater
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    ^ and add in the economic uncertanty introduced by the teapublicans. If you were a CEO of a business that needed skilled labor (or had employees who might have an interest in getting their kids educated) would you locate in North Carolina now? Lower corporate tax rates might be 'nice' in theory, but they are meaningless if you can't access the factors of production (land, labor, capital and entrepreneurial skill) necessary for your business to be successful. See Kansas or Mississippi for reference points.
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    I do wish our airport had terrazzo. Although I think BNA is great and I realize carpet is more comfortable under foot, I love me some durable surfaces - especially in something like an airport.
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    got a kick out of reading these old posts... crazy how activity on here just completely disappeared after the 2008 collapse... Residential Projects Under Construction: LIV Parkside Venue at the Ballpark Iron City Lofts 20 Midtown (Phases 1 and 2) Thomas Jefferson Tower Pizitz Building Highland Ave Tower (???) Residential Projects Planned: Powell School The Metropolitan Clairmont Ave. project University Flats (Phase 2) Cain Furniture Building Brown-Marx (???)
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    It's on the Falls Park Dr side of the Innovate building.
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    Cool Springs Galleria expansion - H&M opening May 27
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    We absolutly love U-verse. Price is very competitive when with complete packages and we have 7 tv's.
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    Actually all the way into Salemtown (and down to Lafayette)
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    YES! I will get to watch these baby rise from my office in the AT&T building.
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    You dare to question the huge NASCAR crowds coming from Europe to the hall of fame?!?
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    Progress on the Imperial Building
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    85 has much more legitimate interstate and intercity traffic volume. 77 congestion is more illegitimate commuters from suburban bedroom communities into the city. This is not what interstate infrastructure was intended for and is a very poor use of resources and a very bad way to design cities. To break the bad habit of commuting in a single occupancy vehicle 30-40 miles to a workplace instead of behaving like normal urban citizens and living and contributing to the community in which you work, they must have innovative designs to help keep the infrastructure flowing. Interstates that are stop and go carry significantly less traffic. If you want a freeway to flow smoothly and get to your destination on time, but it is filled with high vehicle miles traveled, single-occupancy vehicle commuters, then you need HOV and HOT lanes to allow buses, carpoolers, and people willing to pay indulgences for their sins to flow and get out of the general purpose lanes. I roll my eyes at every person crying for free lanes on 77. Chances are high that your behavior in life is part of the problem and you are wasting very very expensive infrastructure. And just because 85 also has this bad behavior means they should be adding HOT/HOV lanes to that road and not that 77 should be all general purpose lanes requiring no change in bad commuting habits. If I had my way, they would be HOS lanes (High Occupancy or Spanking) where these selfish brats must get out and pay with a spanking for wasting everyone's time and money.
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    I hate to report it, but Jerry Reese filed his threatened third lawsuit yesterday and asked for a temporary restraining order preventing any further work to be performed. The only good news was that today, the judge denied the restraining order.

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