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    Core drilling at site today.
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    The argument that HOT lanes will speed up 77 construction is arbitrary. The MPO only ever scored widening small pieces, resulting in a lower ranking. The NCDOT will end up contributing more on the Brookshire to Mooresville HOT lanes as their share than the cost of adding one lane each direction from Huntersville to Mooresville. The section between 85 and 485 never has congestion unless there is an incident, and this is before 485 has even opened. The congestion south of 85 on 77 is largely contributed to the obsolete 85 interchange, which will be unchanged for both 77 and 85 commuters outside the toll lanes only on 77. The biggest contributor to PM congestion on 77 North is the neckdown past 485, and this is before 485 even opens. The biggest contributor to AM congestion on 77 South is the merging of traffic from exits 25 and 23, and yet ramp metering will likely be restricted by Cintas, or NCDOT will owe damages. The most consistent congestion between Exits 23 and 25 will have no way to even move in or out of the new HOT lanes, and that includes CATS, which has a major park and ride at each exit.
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    Here's the 28-story, 400' Google tower: http://austintowers.net/news/ Next door to the Google tower is the 38-story, 424' Northshore apartment tower. The crane should have been jumped today, but I can't verify that yet. http://austintowers.net/news/
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    I think locating the convention center in the Gulch would've been a good idea, yes, but I can definitely see why they located it where they did. The problem with the "potential future rail line" is the potential part, as in, it's not set in stone. It could be 5, 10, 20 years after construction when the rail line becomes available (either when CSX opens up to the possibility of sharing the rails, or the federal government forces them to). Either way, I don't consider that a big selling point. However, being located adjacent to the arena IS a big selling point, since events can utilize both spaces, and guests can move from one to the other without having to move their vehicles, take a bus/shuttle, or take a very long walk. This is especially a good deal for attracting sports related events conventions (SEC Men's/Women's Basketball Tournament, NCAA Women's Final Four, NHL All-Star Game, all of which were announced after the construction of the MCC). I actually like the location of the MCC....I think the biggest failing (and this has definitely been pointed out before) is how dead the "backside" of the building is. There could easily be 20,000 sq ft of retail on that side. That's a big, wasted opportunity (well, I suppose they could renovate it at some point), especially considering that a lot of the south side of KVB looks like it will be seeing hotel development. Even if it was just the block between 5th and 6th (400 ft stretch), it would make a big difference. Instead, all it has to show for itself is 2 garage entrances and a Dunkin Donuts over a thousand foot stretch.
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    One of my fav projects. Can't wait to see this puppy rise!
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    Today, a nano-meet up and evolved at the Provence, Hillsboro Village. Thanks to Bob Phelps, and to visiting Nathan_in_DC for the session on general CBD and Midtown development. Another great face-matching opportunity. .-. / \ _____.....-----{sodEmoji.|}(o) {sodEmoji.|} _..--' _..--{sodEmoji.|} .'' .' o _..--'' {sodEmoji.|} {sodEmoji.|} {sodEmoji.|} / _/_..--'' {sodEmoji.|} {sodEmoji.|} {sodEmoji.|} ________/ / / {sodEmoji.|} {sodEmoji.|} {sodEmoji.|} {sodEmoji.|} _ ____\ / / {sodEmoji.|} {sodEmoji.|} {sodEmoji.|} _.-----._________{sodEmoji.|}{sodEmoji.|} {sodEmoji.|}{sodEmoji.|} \\ / {sodEmoji.|} {sodEmoji.|} {sodEmoji.|} {sodEmoji.|}================={sodEmoji.|}{sodEmoji.|}={sodEmoji.|}{sodEmoji.|}_____\\ {sodEmoji.|}__{sodEmoji.|}-' {sodEmoji.|} {sodEmoji.|}{sodEmoji.|}_{sodEmoji.|}{sodEmoji.|}_____// (o\ {sodEmoji.|} {sodEmoji.|}_________________{sodEmoji.|}_________/ {sodEmoji.|}-\{sodEmoji.|} '-------------._______.----' / '. .,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,., / \ ((O) o o o o ======= o o(O)) ._.' / '-.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,-' '.......' -==-
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    It's my understanding that there was space for retail but the MCC staff took it to serve as their offices instead. I also seem to recall that they tried to market it to potential tenants but there was limited interest at the time. That could clearly change in the future and motivate city to move the offices and allow the space to be turned over to retail.
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    This is likely accurate. Most of this developer's apartment projects get the "Modera" branding. From an urban standpoint, they do really solid projects and this rendering looks quite similar to their Midtown Atlanta proposal. Here is a couple of their projects in Atlanta (Modera Midtown, Modera Morningside).
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    Here's a new rendering of the 58-story Independent condo tower. The rendering of the tower isn't new, but the renderings of the buildings around it are updated. The previous rendering of the area was out of date. https://www.facebook.com/independentaustin/photos/a.1514914542122456.1073741828.1511718099108767/1594837300796846/?type=1&theater
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    I'm not disputing what you're saying, nor trying to argue the point, but looking at the renderings & knowing the entire stadium as shown only holds 19,000 people, it is hard for me to imagine they could fit another 8,500 just in the three available corners. But you may well be 100% correct. Can't wait to see the new design. I hope it's fairly close to the current one, as I've grown rather fond of it. Maybe it will end up looking more like this one... Wouldn't mind that at all.
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    I haven't been involved in the planning or design of any convention center, but I would speculate that owners would perceive extensive on-site retail as a net negative, for the following reasons: It creates too much of a "one-stop shop" for attendees. This is a good thing for functions integral to the event itself, such as lodging, banqueting, and performance areas. But for municipal centers, where the city itself is intended as a beneficiary to the generated traffic, you don't want people coming to a convention and never leaving the center except to fly home. Compare to smaller, resort-type centers (i.e., Opryland) which have restaurants, bars, and shops on-site. What happens at Opryland stays in Opryland, as it were. Semi-related to the above point, on-site retail makes distractions to the event itself too convenient. From the event organizer's perspective, retail in the same building is a competitor to the various functions one might have over the course of a convention. Attendees might skip a banquet to go eat in a restaurant downstairs, or hang out in a bar instead of going to the cocktail function in the ballroom. (The DD, like Starbucks or similar joints in other centers, are more of a pass-through. No one takes potential customers to lunch at the Dunk.) Of course they could go off-site to play hooky but having other attractions out of sight helps to keep people focused on the scheduled events. This is probably more MCC-specific than in other cities, with respect to location and layout, but I think there's an upper limit to the utility of mixed-use development. Putting in retail on KVB would mean reducing meeting room space, or parking area; not saying either of those are unilaterally more valuable than street activation, but I would suspect at some point someone looked at the future MCC property, a finite space with street frontage opposite it on all four sides (as opposed to waterfront, or a freeway, as at some other centers) and said, "You know, I think there's plenty of opportunities for someone else to handle the other stuff. Let's take care of holding conventions." Obviously there's a tragedy of the commons aspect in there, but I'm fine with some buildings avoiding mission creep and focusing on their intended function. I think once SoBro gets built out, or even just the projects currently on the slate, there won't be a shortage of people on KVB. In terms of pedestrian breathing room in the CBD, it's a destination in its own right. Again, I haven't gotten the chance to be involved in a convention center project, so I'm only speculating, but I can see how that kind of decision gets made.
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    this is directly by the river. im actually ok with this one, in fact if it loses a couple floors in final design id be ok. im more a fan of a stair step effect at this location.
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    I am withholding judgement until I see it in completed form.
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    And there will be a mutant animal sanctuary in the middle of town called Lake Palmer. It will be full of flesh eating fish, basketball sized spiders and razor toothed birds.
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    Build tons of freeways within the city that carve it up and make it "easier to travel around":
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    The courthouse will be constructed, but when it is built, sad squaty Hampton Inn design completely unaltered from the initial proposal, Nashville will look like this... ...and when that day comes, cyborg Jim Cooper, who will be at the beginning of his 324th consecutive term in office, will give a speech in front of the 1,000 foot tall Italian marble statue of Karl Dean (watch for the announcement on this one soon guys), and speak proudly of his momentous feat to all the martians and ewoks and robots and highly evolved opossums that populate the city.
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    Oh, I think we all remember when there were no restaurants or bars on that strip and it was just souvineer shops. There will be something on the strip, but it may not be the ones that are there now. Everything changes, and we just get use to the changes as they happen. It will probably be as good if not better than it is now.
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    Charlotte Agenda has the scoop on QCBC. Looks like it's gonna be pretty sweet http://www.charlotteagenda.com/4755/inside-scoop-on-queen-city-beer-chili/
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    INSANE!! COMPLETE polar OPPOSITE from the years of drought in that area!! Saw on National news the Bastrop Lake Dam fails SE of the Austin area? Lake Travis went up a lot.... but still well below normal.... & now Houston is a big MESS!
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    The weather has been pretty awful here for the past couple of weeks, so construction photo updates have been harder to find. But here are some recent photos. This is the Eastside Village project going up east of I-35 opposite Downtown. This is a mixed use (residential, office) project: YES Y.J.S.C. is OPEN! by Don Mason, on Flickr Here are some renderings: Both renderings can be found at BuildingATX: http://buildingatx.com/2015/04/crane-watch-eastside-village/ The 5th & Colorado office tower: Construction on 5th by Dave Floyd, on Flickr Photo by corvairkeith: http://forum.skyscraperpage.com/showpost.php?p=7038082&postcount=4263 Here's the historic Scholz's Beer Garden with the medical center going up behind it: Scholz' Garten by Chris McConnell, on Flickr Here's the U.T Dell Medical Center from the opposite side: Dell Medical Center Construction by KUT Austin - 90.5 FM, on Flickr Here are the cranes as seen from the top of a nearby parking garage: Dell Medical Center Construction by KUT Austin - 90.5 FM, on Flickr
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    The links below are for Austin Business Journal and Austin American-Statesman articles on Austin's latest unemployment rate. The takeaway from the articles is that Austin is close to having a labor shortage as the unemployment rate dropped to 3% in April which is the lowest number since the peak of the Dot Com era in January 2001. It's amazing that the unemployment rate continues to go lower considering thousands of newcomers continue to arrive every month. In April alone another 9,500 jobs were created in the Austin area. There were 1,200 in the Tech sector, 1,100 in construction and 3,400 in hospitality. Tourism is booming, and the hospitality numbers will continue to increase as construction wraps up on several major hotels that will be hiring soon. Even the largest local private employer - Dell - announced they were hiring 200 people last week. Dell hasn't been a source of local job creation in quite awhile. ABJ: http://www.bizjournals.com/austin/news/2015/05/22/tech-hiring-pushes-austin-jobless-rate-to-lowest.html Statesman: http://www.statesman.com/news/business/austin-unemployment-rate-hits-lowest-point-since-j/nmMKF/
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    you really meant vouchers for cat food right?
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    In the famous words of Ronald Reagan " Tear down those poles Mr. Levine!!!"
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    Wow- Goodwill, Mattress stores. Seems like they are squandering an opportunity at building upscale retail in this area. Joe

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