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    I will honestly never understand this fetish with razing/boulevardizing Brookshire or John Belk. The benefits from doing so would be marginal at best, and the costs associated would be so high, that the return on investment, in every sense, would almost certainly be negative. People often cite the choking effect (i.e. the freeway chokes off the neighborhoods around uptown). In the case of John Belk, if you look at Midtown, Southend, and Elizabeth, none seem to be short on investment and development. That begs the question, has the choking effect of John Belk really been such a problem that it should be addressed with the outlay of potentially hundreds of millions of dollars of public money to raze/boulevardize it-money that could be used to benefit areas with real needs? The answer of course is no. As for Brookshire, the argument that it has somehow disconnected Northend from the uptown boom, and the suggestion that Northend would be much more successful without it are both questionable at best. For starters, Brookshire is a considerable distance from the core of the uptown building boom. In between the freeway and the core of uptown is a lot of underutilized dead space including the Levine wasteland. Destroying Brookshire and boulevardizing it would do nothing to change the fact that there is still a virtual dead zone north of seventh street. If there were 40-story towers on one side of Brookshire and pure blight on the other, perhaps you could make the argument that Brookshire had a negative effect, but as it stands right now, to the one side of Brookshire there is a sea of surface parking on one side, and a considerable amount of light industrial dead space on the other. That's hardly enough evidence to draw any definitive conclusion as to whether or not Brookshire has, because of dis-connectivity, had a negative effect on land usage outside the freeway vis-a-vis inside the freeway. And Brookshire isn't the only barrier to connectivity here. A block north of Brookshire is the CSX line, along with the Tryon Yard and Interchange tracks, and just three blocks North of that is the NS Charlotte yard. The preponderance of railroad infrastructure and activity in this area is a much bigger barrier between uptown and the Northend neighborhoods than Brookshire is. Additionally, I did some calculations on the amount of land area that could be recovered by razing Brookshire, and best case scenario, the city would be able to recover about ten acres of land, given all the other barriers such as the railroads. Furthermore, considering that neither freeway is at grade, razing/boulevardizing would be prohibitively expensive because each roadbed would need to be brought to grade before the boulevard could even be constructed. My extremely rough guess is that $5-$10 would be spent for every $1 revenue through the sale of recovered land. Finally, on a more philosophical note, how in God's name would we have the standing to continue to beg and plead for transportation dollars, if we are using money we already have to destroy infrastructure we already have? Resources are scarce, and to use the resources we do have to chase after some marginally better version of center city Charlotte when we have so many other pressing needs is foolhardy at best and a criminal use of taxpayer money at worst.
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    I thought it was a cool idea until I found out it was just basically telephone poles and that the artist didn't even do the painting on the poles. There's something about it that makes me feel like the art commission got scammed by some kid on a computer in Russia.
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    We ready!!!! Keep pounding!!!
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    Well we could always host the 2016 Lumberjack World Championship. Kill two birds with one stone in that we will have lots of tourist come in, and we will get to destroy this "art"
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    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk I'm a fan Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Panthers avert titanic collapse. Odell Beckham, Jr. a POS.
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    What is and isn't art is highly subjective. What I call paint splashed on a canvas, others call art. That being said, I don't like Stix at all, I think it's dumb, but I don't really have the right to say "take it down" or anything like that. I do like the other roundabout statue though, it's very beautiful; but there's probably people who think it's inappropriate due to the nudity, and they can go fly a kite.
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    Unlike some, I actually like the concept. I just think the execution is flawed.
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    It's the mooooost wonderful time...of the year! (When people chime in on how their predictions turned out for this year and look ahead to 2016. It's one of the traditions on here that got me started lurking in urban planet, and I hope it continues this year! Im always so appreciative of everyone's insight, creativity, and imagination!
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    I guess they are saying 90 minutes because of the stops the train will make in between Baton Rouge and New Orleans. Some Countries in Europe use light rail to connect cities, but I'm hoping for a high speed train.
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    The fact that they keep saying light-rail scares me. I don't think it should take 90 mins to get between downtown Baton Rouge and New Orleans.
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    Man, everyone's a critic, eh? I like stix. Think it's turning out great so far. We'll see what it looks like at night/when it's actually completed, but I'm encouraged so far.
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    It's art though In all seriousness, I personally cannot stand this thing. The theory of art in this location is nice...I don't consider this art though. I don't personally find anything overly appeasing to this. Of all of the history that Middle Tennessee boasts, surely there wasn't some existing piece that could have used a new home. Metro could have forced some developers to bury power lines, done some recycling AND installed art. That would be three birds with one stone.
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    The taxpayers of Metro should be supremely pissed about Stix, for any number of reasons, ranging from aesthetics to long term maintenance requirements brought by an exposed wooden structure. I mean, a few squeaky gears got so much attention on the AMP, but there is resounding silence on this. Maybe I'm a conspiracy theorist, but I still am convinced that the "artist" put the Native American spin on it to deflect criticism.
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    It is sad indeed to see UCity decline. The fix to the low-rent apartment problem is simple. Gradually increase rates to push out low-income and offer student/faculty discounts for rent down close to current rates. Subsidizing rent for students is not illegal and would prevent the issues that are overwhelming complexes surrounding the campus. There are tons of schools in the south with student-only housing that isn't technically "student only," they just use discounts as a work-around. I was always confused why complexes in Charlotte don't use them. Is there some type of local law that prevents this practice? Equal housing doesn't disqualify special discounts. Otherwise Section-8 housing wouldn't exist.
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    Literally everything about it is disappointing. I know I'm a broken record, but even with the additional sticks it looks like a jumbled mess of large chop sticks.
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    Continued razing of United Methodist Publishing site to prep for JW Marriott. That long shadow coming from the right is the 2/3 completed height of the Westin. The "backside" of the Westin Hotel looking southeastward from Clark St. near Ninth Avenue South:
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    I was at the Federal Bar Association annual meeting for the WDNC chapter earlier this month. Chief Judge Whitney delivered the state of the district address which included an explanation of the courthouse plan. The Jonas building lobby areas will be restored to their original condition. Nine layers of paint have already been scraped from some of the lobby ceiling areas. The annex will then be built once funding is appropriated (we are third in line to receive funding). The annex will be at least nine stories and will occupy the entire parking lot space behind the courthouse.
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    Hi all, been lurking for some time now, figured I'd finally get an account. Took these pictures about three weeks ago (assuming they've attached properly), enjoy.
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    And they were all at Cool Springs last night...
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