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    Construction seems to be moving along nicely.
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    In the FY16-17 Capital Improvement Budget Metro has designated SoBro as an area that needs more open spaces and public parks, and is dedicating resources to study the issue. With all the development coming, it's probably wise to make this a priority, before we become only a concrete jungle. We want development AND nature. It gives off a much more dynamic and healthy feel. Looking at an aerial on Google maps, there is a TON of space around the Howard Office Building. Lots of big parking lots. It makes sense to me to create a public-private partnership here. Have a developer build a huge parking garage for all of Metro's and the future growth of this area's needs, with towers on top, while still having plenty of land to convert current parking lots to beautiful public parks as well.
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    The CATS June quarterly report to the FTA has been released. It doesn’t contain anything earthshaking, although the Gold Line Phase 2 Small Starts Grant Agreement was finally signed in mid May. In addition, Gold Line ridership continues to both grow and exceed expectations: http://charmeck.org/city/charlotte/cats/Documents/FTA%20Quarterly/FTA%20Quarterly%20Meeting%20160601.pdf BLE: The Revenue Service Date slipped from July 1, 2017 to July 21, 2017 this month. (page 24) – This is 20 days earlier than the publicly announced date Vehicle delivery will be complete in August (but they had to up their security budget since the planned storage facility is not complete) Project is still under budget although available contingency funds took a significant hit last quarter. [there are 87 pages of details on the BLE, I only skimmed them] Blue Line Capacity Enhancement Project (TIGER): 70% complete based on budget expenditures (page 89) Project completion date has been moved from 7/31/16 to 9/30/16 (p97). Construction should finish in June, testing and certification activities will occur within 90 days. Gold Line: Average weekday ridership is reported as 1,773 (p7) [this is up from 1,500 riders last summer] The SSGA for Phase 2 was officially awarded on May 16th! (p111) Council should act on Vehicle selection on 7/25/16 Construction contracts should be awarded in August Revenue service date: December 2019 (although the SSGA specifies an August 2020 RSD) (p119) Blue Line Capacity Expansion Core Capacity Project (BLCE2 – this is the three vehicle platform extension at the other Blue Line stations): CATS received permission to begin project development last may. Preliminary design is wrapping up now. Other Corridors: Silver Line: Public feedback on route options was summarized, Option A (along side of Independence) was the overwhelming preference (p142) Project team will begin to eliminate options and will present their findings at the June MTC meeting. In late summer (July/August) MTC final recommendation will include: (p143) · The chosen LRT alignment · A bus operating strategy for US-74 which will include new park and ride facilities · Alignment-specific preservation strategies which are intended to facilitate land use planning Red Line: “with no clear path to implement commuter rail service in this corridor, CATS needs to develop short and medium-term bus service operational strategies that will improve travel time, expand economic opportunity, create pathways to jobs, and build community partnerships.” (p144) “CATS now has the unique opportunity to expand mobility options to the I-77 North Corridor.” [toll road, blah blah blah] A presentation on I-77 Bus project is attached to the report. Express busses are planned to run as soon as the express lanes are open in 2018. Funding for the project may be sought from NCDOT and the FTA. The project is intended to “set the stage for future commuter rail service by: encouraging transit ridership in the corridor and building parking facilities in town centers that will also serve as commuter rail parking” (p147) “LYNX Red Line Commuter Rail will continue to be the long range rail vision for the North Corridor” (p147) Gateway Station: NCDOT is currently evaluating the CGS project for funding (p149) Design for the TIGER VII portions of the CGS project will begin in July (p149) Sales Tax Revenues: As of May sales tax revenue reached 105.5% of target revenues for the FY (e.g. all of the sales tax revenues from June will be in excess of current budget amounts) (p153)
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    Progress as of Thursday 5/26
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    All, Due to limiting bandwidth, I'm stepping further back from my role as moderator here. I'm not going to stop coming to meetings, I'm not going to (yet) stop re-arranging threads, but the overall management is going to be handed over to, who we all think is the most apt candidate, @markhollin That's right, the Warden of the Cellblock, the loudest section of any arena in the NHL, has agreed to step in and take over. We're excited to have him step up, and look forward to his contributions both here and from his ever-full notebook at the monthly meets. Of course, Kevin and Ron will continue on, well, that is when Kevin isn't working and Ron isn't off on some grand tour of America. Thanks for being a mostly-self-moderating board, it was a pleasure, but change is good. I never intended to even stay on this long because I feel like the voices of power should change as frequently as Nashville does... -Daniel
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    What happened to the plan to build a pedestrian bridge to link the Gulch and SoBro areas? I thought it had been approved and funded but have seen no news about it in some time.
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    As always a big thanks go out to Daniel for the great job he has done. Kevin and Mark will be invaluable as moderators. Mark was the logical choice with as much as he contributes to the board and his enthusiasm. I will say this board self moderates for the most part, so thanks to all of you for that. Looking forward to the meet next Saturday as always. Remember that everyone is invited and that means all the folks that read and have not signed up for membership .
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    Gold Line average weekday ridership compiled from CATS quarterly FTA reports: April 2016: 1,773 January 2016: 1,707 October 2015: 1,709 August 2015: 1,682 July 2015: 1,507 (from Observer http://www.charlotteobserver.com/news/local/article32342751.html ) Projected ridership: 1,100 (also from Observer article above) Projected ridership (initial FTA grant application): 900 (from Observer article)
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    I think Nashvillians need to stop freaking out about traffic so much. Many, many cities far larger and far denser than Nashville is or will ever be have successfully leaped over that hurdle, and so will Nashville. The answer for combating traffic congestion is not to turn away development, but to encourage it. Density coupled with walkability helps reduce traffic congestion by encouraging pedestrian activity. There is a reason the sprawliest, least dense cities in this country generally have the most traffic issues.
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    As of September 2015 the city was still acquiring the necessary parcels, but yes, as far as I know, it is still on the table and a priority of Mayor Barry.
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    Which office tower lost its tenant? The only building under construction with a tenant that I'm aware of is 300 South Tryon. Babson is both financing and anchoring it, so that would be odd. At any rate, I don't think Charlotte's loss will necessarily be Columbia's gain. Companies looking to relocate to Charlotte also consider cities in the same class: Atlanta, Nashville, and maybe Raleigh. Columbia is not in that equation, so the best South Carolina can hope for is probably a manufacturing facility that otherwise would have located in Charlotte metro. I would argue that Rock Hill/Fort Mill are much better positioned to gain business because companies can locate in Charlotte metro without facing the bad press associated with North Carolina. HB2 aside, Charlotte is an attractive city in which to locate due to the existing businesses, work force, cost of living, and location. The big key for riverfront development will be the extension of Williams Street. The whole plot of land between Gervais and Blossom is effectively inaccessible at this point. The road is part of the Richland County Penny Tax program, but with the Department of Revenue investigation that has frozen state distributions, it is unclear whether the plans will be scrapped or delayed. As you mentioned, there is also the SCANA tar removal just south of the Gervais Street Bridge. This is scheduled to take a few years I believe and the timeline may be extended due to the floods. At this point, there is not a compelling reason to extend Williams since there is still plenty of developable land on Huger. Once that starts to become scarce, that land will become much more attactive.
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    Somebody on SkyscraperCity (user credit dbcook256) posted this photo of that 8-story apartment building under construction in Shockoe Bottom (Canal Lofts Phase V I think??) Very nice. http://www.skyscrapercity.com/showthread.php?t=879768&page=15
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    UPNoDa: Any airport has a limited amount of curb frontage length. This length in feet could be used to serve the maximum number of clients with buses efficiently or it could rather inefficiently be "Clogged up" with sedans carrying one or two people. Buses often carry people on wheelchairs and better meet ADA regulations. It makes more sense that these should be a little closer to the terminal curb. So, in these new designs the 3 closest lanes are for commercial and special use. The outside 5 lanes are for general use. Buses can be city transit, but most often they are airport buses carrying passengers to and from the parking decks and lots. They might also be vans and buses shuttling folks to area hotels. Taxis, limos and other commercial vehicles need lanes for needs ranging from routine UPS and Fedex deliveries to emergency response vehicles requiring Direct curbside access CLTs having built a CONRAC (Consolidated Rental Car Facility) within the bottom levels of the new hourly parking deck was very smart in that it freed up ramp space for A-North Concourse, provided new revenue opportunities, and freed up space in the lower level baggage claim area once used by rental car counters. It also provided this rental car service just steps away from the terminal and took the need for all these rental car shuttle bus fleets off the airport roadways thereby improving air quality. The new design will provide both underground tunnels and flyover walkways above the traffic lanes between the hourly deck and the terminal. The overhead walkways will connect with a second floor mezzanine level of the expanded terminal lobby area. Providing the tunnels and walkways will allow pickups and drop offs in the hourly deck without pedestrians ever needing to cross traffic. Despite air traffic growth - with these new designs their should be much fewer pedestrians walking across traffic like their now is. http://www.ls3p.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/10/CDIA.pdf
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    Thanks for the kind words, Daniel. Will continue looking forward to learning from you here on the board, at meetings, etc. Smeagolsfree and UTGrad09 will also be great teachers, and I will defer always to their wisdom and experience.
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    I love the NoDa Company Store. Brilliant use of a tricky lot. One of the best patio spaces I've seen. I just wish they sold coffee too. I know Smelly Cat is right there, but they both feel like the same patio space anyway. Also... EVERYTHING'S COMING UP MILL HOUSE!
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    Here are two prime two corners that need some key development. 1) NE corner of Third Avenue North and Church, and--right across the street-- 2) SE corner of Third Avenue North and Church. Both lots are nearly identical in square footage and shape. Currently they are vastly under-utilized as surface lots in an area of town that is heavily trafficked by foot and vehicle. UTGrad09 (Kevin) and I agree that some sort of twin buildings on each side of Church would be really cool, especially if they were bricked. His thought would be to connect it below-grade with a massive underground parking garage. While I like that, I also think it would be boffo to have a couple of 10-15 story buildings (if codes would allow) that would have a connecting arch/bridge between featuring a restaurant and/or kiosks hanging about 3 stories over the street. It would echo the Printer's Alley Arch just half a block to the east, and would serve as an entrance-way either down to the 2nd Avenue District if heading along Church from the east, or a way of entering the Banker's District/Printer's Alley area if heading west on Church away from the river. Visually, it could become another landmark for the CBD and really help encourage the pedestrian flow between those two neighborhoods, as well as covering those atrocious blank walls of the surrounding structures. Of course, there would need to be retail and eateries on the sidewalk level in both structures as well. The tenants of each building could either be hotel, condos/apartments, or offices--all three are in equally high demand in that area. Thoughts? Here are the two lots as captured in Smeagolsfree's excellent Development Map. I estimate the southern lot is about 20 feet longer than the northern lot.
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    I looked into this Bingham Cup thing a little bit more, and it turns out, it's a much bigger deal than I had realized. I mean, I guess if they're changing the lighting schemes on city landmarks it's gotta be more than a casual scrum in the park, but still, while not exactly The Olympics, there are teams here representing not only the major cities of the US and Canada, but also from the UK, Ireland, Sweden, New Zealand, Australia, The Netherlands, Germany, and Portugal. Pretty cool!
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    Piedmont 767: It's 436 pages - but you should find that it answers all your questions covering CLT planning between 2013-2033 What you have is a crop of the future airport layout plan Some clarifications on what you typed: Runway 1-19 is shown as 12,000' X 150' on the ALP As a cost- saving measure, runway 1-19 may be built a little shorter. A Displaced threshold may be used to provide 11,700' for takeoffs in ether direction on runway 1-19 rather than the full 12,000 linear feet the parallel, linear concourse to the south is going to be for American Eagle regional jets and commuter aircraft (currently using E) International will be from concourses C, D, and possibly a re-configured E after the demolishing of the current structure post- 2025 A 5th parallel runway east of the current airfield close to Billy Graham parkway is also planned All non-AA carriers will operate out of A-North concourse that will provide its own separate self-contained entrance road spur, curbside, terminal, ticketing and baggage claim with elevated walkway connection to the daily parking deck American will also get some gates on the current A concourse and A-North the addition of end-around taxiways and additional parallel taxi lanes on the ramp will reduce delays and drastically improve capacity these taxi lanes will come at a cost - some gates at the easternmost ends of concourses E and D and the western end of A will be lost and replaced elsewhere Basically CLT is expected to be twice as busy and twice as large a terminal complex (in square feet) as it is now. These changes are all within the 2013-2033 timeframe Surely these are exciting times for CLT! http://charmeck.org/city/charlotte/Airport/AboutCLT/Documents/Development%20Master%20Plan/CLT%20ACEP%2002232016%20-%20FINAL.pdf
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    here ya go Paul, from 1992 sobro 1992 by willfry, on Flickr
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    Speaking of Metro Parks, here's a fun video showcasing Nashville's 80 miles of greenways. Not only does it offer great shots of downtown Nashville, it also features Mayor Barry walking a wallaby.
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    I can't explain how excited I am for this to get going! Any ideas for when ground breaking occurs?
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    I'm not sure how accurate and old this is, but this is/was the Master Plan for the Airport. It looks accurate and up-to-date but I'll try to find out if this is the actual Master Plan for CLT. The main features of the plan (as shown by the letters) are: A) Taxiway around 36C/18C to the new runway B) The new 12,500ft runway, tentatively called 1R/19L C) The new control tower D) New terminal, supposedly international (!!!!) E) Concourse B & C expansion F) New Concourse A Annex This plan makes my mouth drool, the prospect of an international terminal (which would be built around 2030) is so exciting!
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    They tend to change it fairly often for events and almost any holiday...green for St. Patricks', red on Valentines, blue/gold for the Predators. Nice touch in my opinion.
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    The East Bank area is a natural progression for downtown development. The area between the river and I-24 is part of the Downtown Community Plan. Whereas the downtown, Midtown and Sobro areas feature narrow streets that are increasingly clogged, with few easy solutions even from a biking or transit standpoint, again owing mostly to how narrow the streets are to begin with, the East Bank has pretty unparalleled existing and potential accessibility through several modes of transportation. Woodland Street is identified as a countywide priority for bike infrastructure, with a particular emphasis on improving the area crossing the I-24 ramps. Having said all of that, this particular block happens to be one of the few developable blocks in the East Bank Central subdistrict of the Downtown Community Plan. It has mixed use zoning already in place and an underlying T6 Downtown Neighborhood land use policy, which supports high density residential and mixed use development. The blocks to the south and to the west between this one and the river have a Civic land use policy and with the exception of the Juvenile Justice Center are owned/managed by the Metro Sports Authority. While the Civic land use policy and public-sector ownership mean that there will likely not be development on those blocks any time soon, these surrounding parcels will continue to provide much-needed parking for office users and a rapidly expanding list of special events downtown, and will also continue to generate parking revenue for Metro. That condition of being surrounded by a Civic policy area could also be a boon for development on this particular block by providing some assurances of unobstructed views. Other areas on the East Bank have lots of long-term development potential but also varying degrees of accessibility constraints, infrastructure needs, and in some cases flood plain and other environmental considerations. I look forward to seeing what is ultimately proposed for this block. I have an alley abandonment ordinance for this block that is set to pass third reading at the June 7th Metro Council meeting http://www.nashville.gov/mc/ordinances/term_2015_2019/bl2016_227.htm.
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    I looked at this yesterday: http://parkscore.tpl.org/city.php?city=Charlotte It immediately jumped out at me that they have Charlotte Population at 999,426, and land area 332,295 acres. So they're really talking about Mecklenburg County, right? But if you look at their little map, they are generally not counting parks outside Charlotte. Just Mecklenburg County parks? Did they not know that the other municipalities own their own parks? When you look at the page for Raleigh, you'll see that they do not count Wake County outside of Raleigh.
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    I would like to respond to this "good news"and I do plan to address politics as I really can't imagine how you could discuss this without being political. First things first...I am a NC teacher right now; today. Not eight or nine years ago and in another state. I'm just completing my twentieth year, so I've been through several governors and general assemblies while teaching. I am also a registered Republican, who votes for the most qualified candidate running. Period. I hated the education cuts made in 2008. I kept my job, but I knew those who didn't. I personally thought education should have been spared, but the recession was bad and I could live with the idea that we all had to deal with the realities. By 2009, the recession was over by definition. I wanted the step increase I should have gotten with another year's experience, but it was clear it wasn't going to happen. Salaries were frozen. That wouldn't have been a raise by the way, simply an increase for me because I had another year's experience. The same thing happened in 2010. No increase in step, certainly no raise. By this point I was getting frustrated with Purdue and the general assembly. They are not blameless, but considering the financial situation they were dealing with it's not completely out of the question how things were done. At this point let me remind you that during the 2010 election the Republicans took over in the general assembly. My memory doesn't allow for me to say what changes came each year since then but I can give you an aggregate. Since 2011 the general assembly has given me two small raises. They each were between 1 and 2% but closer to 1%(or about $60/) . At this same time they tried to change pay so that it was not based on experience but on effectiveness. I know that to most people effectiveness sounds like a reasonable measure. They like to say things like "in the business world my raises are absolutely based on my performance". The biggest problem with that analogy is that teachers can't observe an inferior product and cast it aside only allowing the best products to reach the store. We have to educate every child and we have to meet them where they are when they come to us. I won't to go down this rabbit hole, but it's important to remember that what works in the business world does not work in public education. Now, other teachers did get bigger raises at least one of the times I received a small raise. They intentionally targeted beginning teachers and raised their salaries. This did little to nothing for anyone teaching more than 5 years. I work with a man who makes less after 8 years then some teachers do after 3 years. That is ridiculous. This same general assembly also tried to remove career status from teachers. This is what some like to call tenure, but it is not tenure by its standard definition. When a public school teacher has tenure it simply means there has to be a reason for them to be fired. Effectiveness, and the ability to do a good job, are certainly reasons. Our general assembly did their best to make the public believe that was not true. I promise you that during any year I've taught if I did anything that waranted me being fired, it could have, and I assume would have, happened. I have worked with people who have been fired. Last year's raises were a slap in the face to veteran teachers. The general assembly simply realized they had created such a hostile environment for teachers that they were looking at a shortfall of catastrophic proportions. Hence the big bump in starting salaries. To be fair both the governor and the house have proposed pay raises for this coming year that target teachers with more than 5 years experience. That is definitely a step in the right direction. However, I can't help but feel it is election year politics. I will happily take any raise they give me but it is too little too late. As for the Senate plan, they have not released details of the plan to my knowledge (which begs the question of where all the numbers are coming from in the above post). I will tell you that reading between the lines I already see some red flags. For one thing, anytime they talk about an average % pay raise it absolutely means some will receive more than the average and some less. Teachers lower on the pay scale will receive the higher percentage raise while teachers at the upper end will receive the lower percentage raise. For example teachers with more than 30 years experience received a .3% increase last year even though the NCGA touted an "average" 5% raise. At .3% I would rather make the grand gesture of throwing it on the floor of the legislature then to accept that insult in my paycheck. The Senate has said they want teachers to reach the maximum on the pay scale at 15 years instead of 25. What I believe that means is that no one will receive a raise after 15 years of teaching. Can anyone, Republican or Democrat, look me in the eye and tell me they think that it is fair for my last raise that I receive in my career will be this year even though I plan to teach for another decade? From inside a public school it feels like the general assembly has declared war on education. They also are including local supplements in their math. Why should what my county pays from local taxes be counted in any percentage raise numbers the state says they will give? Of course the answer is by including local supplements, which they have nothing to do with, it inflates their numbers and provides talking points for the pro Republican voter base. It also supplies people ignorant on the matter ammunition to use against any argument that teachers don't receive enough money. The deception is revolting. And please don't tell me this doesn't belong here. I'm responding to someone else's post which was put HERE. Any moderator feel free to move the entire conversation to the appropriate place. But I can't respond in some other place when the comment I'm responding to is here. I've proof read this thing as best I can. Forgive any mistakes I missed. Crazy-eyed rant now over.
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    The design goals of the Grand River plan (GRForward) are to do away with much of the flood walls in the downtown area, by offering gradual access to the river so that you can in fact interact with the river, much like in Chicago. This would still maintain the flood protection, but offer the access. A good example of this is the Lyon Square design. I wonder, will the platforms depicted at river level be removable, or do they have a way to keep them in place with minimal damage from changes in river height and ice flow?
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    Walked that section last Summer, very cool. Kayakers were pulling right up to the steps and getting off (their kayaks)
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    Man, we need a direct LAX or SFO flight.
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    Good Point. I just remembered Tryon Place changed to a greener glass. I had a lot of fun with 300 South Tryon and Hotel Piedmont.
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