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    Now that I've hidden a bunch of crap, can we please get back to being on-topic? For those that have no idea what this thread is about, it is entitled "The Good News Report." I would have thought that the subject of this thread would have been obvious to everyone, but apparently I have been mistaken. My five year old that just started kindergarten knows better than to take things this far and so off-topic. Clean up or get out.
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    Thanks From Charlotte Business Journal The streetcar has been a boon for businesses on Elizabeth Avenue. “For the retailers, it’s been tremendous. They’re actually getting business from downtown to Elizabeth Avenue — people getting on the streetcar and riding down, having lunch, then going back. They get a lot of evening folks who will come have drinks or dinner, then head downtown on the streetcar.” http://www.bizjournals.com/charlotte/news/2016/08/19/adding-up-impact-of-cats-gold-line.html?ana=e_ph_prem&u=wliErbChCYS6n81xplCL1O%2ByqpF&t=1471654791&j=75487402
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    Today at the roundabout with storm clouds in the background.
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    I don't have a problem with a tower on north broadway, this is well away from any of the historic brick tenement style buildings of lower broad. The more I look at it though, the more I hate the low, looming roof over the front plaza area. It is so obviously tacked on, it destroys one of the most striking spaces downtown, and that same boxy floor extends through the building to the back, mostly blocking our view of the boldly curving primary mass and hiding it behind several subordinate masses that do not complement the primary mass. It turns the building's overall shape into a confused mess. The aesthetics are terrible. They should nix the front part of the boxy new floor, leaving the plaza as it is, and the back should be redesigned to complement the shape of the building. They've also somehow misplaced the conical extension on the rear at 5th that gives it kind of a Milenium Falcon shape, they should bring that back. And I don't want to hear any whining about how it would cost more to build curvy shapes. It costs our city's cultural heritage to thoughtlessly destroy architectural gems, even modern ones. The two west (6th Ave) corners are fine and the ground floor at the Demonbreun side is fine, both are big improvements at the street level. That boxy middle layer is an atrocity.
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    ^ and not increasing density for fear of congestion only begets sprawl.
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    ^Scared motorists will drive more cautiously.
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    To me, this marks the death of "the old Nashville". Damn shame. http://www.nashvillescene.com/news/article/20830901/melrose-billiards-to-close-at-the-end-of-september
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    Yes... I've seen those Wendy's around Chattanooga. Of course, the photos by Markhollin immediately reminded me of a Frisch's. Even the logos are strikingly similar... and the shade of red.
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    But they give you the illusion of there being retail! I mean, why build a real deal urban building when you can build a pretend one?
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    Actually, one tower would be at 5th & Commerce, and the other,(relying on memory) will be set off Broadway somewhat, and closer to the Masonic lodge.
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    I could be wrong about them being directly on Broad, but the 5th and Broad I think will be 2 towers on Broad also.
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    Please join me in boycotting the rest of Austin Ray's businesses; ML Rose, Sutler, and whatever garbage they turn Melrose into. In one of the articles I read he was quoted saying "we want to keep the same vibe but do some updating". Those are code words for making it non smoking and charging more for the beer and food.
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    Hey folks, i had lunch with Mark last week and we discussed some mini meets for some of you that are interested and for those that can't make the regular meets, like Chris Holman. You all are welcome to try and set these up anytime and do not need permission from us to do it. If you want to do a lunch meet or a pub crawl, or a specific neighborhood, just get together and get ur done. just coordinate on here and see who can come.
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    I was looking at that building a while ago and thought the same as you. Great older building with a huge potential. There are buildings all over the place like this North of downtown Pittsburgh that have been repurposed.
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    A structure with some neat possibilities for restaurant/retail is the block-long former warehouse at 603 Third Avenue North/601 Second Avenue North. It stretches that entire block, facing Jo Johnston Blvd. on the south, and the CSX tracks on the north (where there used to be loading/unloading). Built in 1926 when this neighborhood was the burgeoning stockyard district, it originally housed a packing plant and later some food processing. The western end is currently home to A-Around the Clock Bail Bonds, and as far as I can tell, the rest sits dormant. With all of the development booming around this locale (Town Place Suites Hotel, The Charlesville apartments, Water Tower Condos, Stockyard Apartments, Provident Germantown Apts, Sounds Apartments, First Tennessee Ballpark, and the new Criminal Justice Center all within 2 blocks), this would seem prime for repurposing in the next two years. Additionally, the nearly two full blocks just to the south and west are just parking lots at this time, and have great potential. One drawback is organizing the eleven different owners of the various parcels that make up those blocks to either sell or work together towards redevelopment. Looking NE along Jo Johnston Ave. from intersection with Third Ave. North: Looking west along Jo Johnston Ave. from intersection with Second Ave. North: Looking at screen shot from Smeagolsfree's Nashville Development Map. The elongated structure in the center--just south of the RR tracks--is the subject of this post. You can see the blocks just the the west and south have tremendous potential as well, most likely for mixed use. I predict that pretty much every empty lot in that area will be something vastly different within the next 5-10 years.
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    Continental Condo Tower at NE corner of West End Ave. and I-440, is getting a facelift---first since it was built in 1962:
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    Good gravy! Can we lay down the pitchforks and torches? Full disclosure: I am an HPC Commissioner (even we enjoy online forums from time to time). I'm not going to comment on pending applications, of course, though I will remind everyone that the last meeting was an Advisory Discussion, at the request of the applicant. Meaning, they were requesting feedback. There was no vote, no binding decision, nothing was approved or denied. Also consider that a 45 minute conversation is probably far more complex and interesting than a couple 10-second news clips. A large project takes a lot of time to fully develop. A well-financed, well-thought out project with an earnest desire to succeed usually does. Have some patience and a little grace. On that note, why would any conversation here benefit from clenched fists and spitting words? By all means debate projects, Commission decisions and preservation theory, but leave the character assassinations and assumptions of Commissioner motivations out of it. MJLO, you really topped it off with a sprinkle of misogyny. That is shameful. This forum can do better.
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    Sorry for such a late reply everyone. I was in Seattle and Vancover on the 13th-17th without my laptop. We thankfully did not get any water, however our next door neighbors did. We are on McCrory 1 Rd in Prairieville and close enough to Bayou Manchac apparently. It's truly a blessing that we stayed dry and got to come back from MSY at 11pm with a place to stay. I've been busy today and yesterday, as well as tomorrow helping out as many people as I can. If anyone here needs an extra set of hands, feel free to ask me. Good luck everyone and stay safe. #LouisianaStrong
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    I think the City would be better served building out the waterfront park than addressing Finlay right now. That would be more of an attraction and would unite the Columbia side river, which I think is more valuable. I think that's more likely to push development as well. The problem with Finlay, I guess more than anything, is that it is not terribly convenient to many people because there is relatively little downtown population and this being a southern city people aren't likely to drive in to a place where you might see homeless.
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    They are beginning to put window frames on. They are gonna start walling her up.
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    Looks like its going to be a very dark blue....
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    Oooooooh, I am for real. . . Wait a minute. Wrong decade.
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    I hope the condo's are in the building towards the back of the rendering that is obviously over stick built height. The rest looks like the same old stick built junk (my prejudice perhaps). Still, a vast improvement over what is there and concessions must be made to make apartments affordable.
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    The technical way to view this is that what "exists" is a historic district. By analogy, you aren't preserving trees, you are preserving the entire forest. If the forest is a pine forest, you don't want to plant a bunch of oak trees in a clearing. A vacant lot is basically a clearing. Since HPC has to protect the forest, they do have to review what is built, and it cannot be anything. You risk ruining the forest. The standard is that new buildings must be reviewed for compatibility with the architectural character of the entire district to prevent that. If you don't want to do that, the simplest way around this is to build elsewhere. While this site is on the edge of a historic district, it will be so large that it will be visible from the entire district. That makes the constraints on them quite significant. It seems screwy because Hinman could build across the street and be fine. But when lines are drawn, odd things like that occur. By constantly asking for feedback, I think Hinman really wants to understand what the rules are, and will probably be happy to build something that meets them.
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    I think the main thing here is the lack of tax dollars the city has. USC has got to start paying taxes, it's the only way the city can provide adequate services.
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    Wilson was originally supposed to be the West Beltline. 3 Mile would have been the North Beltline, and 28th St was the original South Beltline (which is how the Beltline Bar got its name).
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    This is getting a bit on the nasty side.
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    I feel it's what is on the INSIDE that gets the kids excited. Take, for example, these Museums of Science and Industry from other cities that are in older classical or "dated" designs, and yet they are quite popular. Chicago's Museum of Science and Industry: Two of the Smithsonian Museums on Washington DC's Mall: The Center of Science and Industry in Columbus, OH. The front was the former Central High School, and then they added the modern addition onto the back later (second shot).
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    Based on some aerial renderings, it appears they're redoing a chunk of park next to Carolina Cobra to incorporate the new area. It's a totally underutilized area right now, so should be really nice improvement to give the park a little more depth.
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    Speaking of those duplexes, it's quite possible one might be opening up soon. Maybe you should look into it. That way, even though you couldn't swing getting into one of the Brownstones, you could at least be close enough to look out your window and dream of what might have been. If only.....
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    Looking south at North Capitol area from above Jefferson Street. Within the next year there is a very good chance that ground will be broken on all of these projects within the foreground of this view: - Sounds Apts. (2 buildings, 6 stories, 400 units) - Stockyard Apts. (2 buildings, 6 & 7 stories, at least 310 units, plus restored former Stockyard Restaurant bldg.) - Provident Germantown (6 stories, 300+ units) - Water Tower Condos (7 stories, 24 units) - The Charlesville (3 stories, 12 units) - Town Place Suites Hotel (4-5 stories? 156 rooms) - New Criminal Justice Center (8-10 stories?) - A little further down the road, the new Tennessee State Library and Archives. Pretty amazing transformation from just a few years ago of primarily parking lots, empty parcels, and a few scattered 1-story warehouses. And I believe we will eventually see action on the lots between 1st and 2nd Avenues between Jo Johnson and Stockyard Blvd. (middle far left of shot), as well as the lot just to the east of the ballpark between 2nd and 3rd Avenues soon (lower left of frame).
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    At least it has ground floor retail, unlike the apartment buildings next to the sounds stadium... Wow metro should have made ground floor retail a requirement.
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    So... "The Ebola virus. That's gotta suck, huh?"
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    It's fine to have your feelings and be in your bubble, but there's no need to be disingenuous or act like there aren't other viewpoints. 1) The highway is 2 blocks away, past an entire park. Lots of people find that to be a big selling point because they want to live somewhere with easy access in and out. 2) The duplexes aren't great, but from your rooftop you're going to see the lake behind them, not to mention that they are ripe for redevelopment which will increase value. 3) Many people would find the dog park across the street a MAJOR plus if they have a dog. Ask people that live in Solaire how annoying it is to take their dog out. 4) The projects are 7 blocks east, with 2 lakes, a state road, and an expressway exit between them. That's the same as saying you shouldn't buy in Lake Eola Heights because Parramore is nearby.
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    Funny! I knew my opinion wouldn't be popular with some but I didn't think anyone would really care what I thought. In order: 1. I'm generally against objectifying women. Also, victims of sex trafficking are frequently recruited to work in strip clubs. I think sitting in a dark room with a bunch of horny men ogling naked women is about as bad a time as I can imagine. I suspect strip clubs increase crime and depress property values also. Finally, I have a daughter. 2. This question is silly. The type of building and the time of day are irrelevant. 3. I don't live next door (it's obvious I live in Weddington). 4. I am neither a later day saint nor a latter day saint. I don't identify with any denomination and this is not an issue of faith.
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    Hamilton Springs developer donates land for a park next to the new Music City Star passenger station in Lebanon. Nice designs: http://www.nashvillepost.com/business/development/article/20831171/hamilton-springs-developer-donates-land
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    Update on Dream Hotel groundbreaking and design from today's Nashville Post: Nashville-based 4PANT LLC has released an updated image for its Dream Nashville hotel and announced a ceremonial groundbreaking, slated for Tuesday, Aug. 23, at 11 a.m. Designed by ESa (Earl Swensson Architects) with Meyer Davis handling interiors, the 169-room boutique hotel development is expected to open in mid-2018 and offer dining and nightlife venues accessed from both Printer’s Alley and Fourth Avenue North.4PANT is led by Royal Investments and City Development, in partnership with Dream Hotel Group.
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    As I recall, Sean mentioned that there were some challenges with having too many floors or additional weight above that existing parking garage area, which has several layers of load-in and team parking beneath ground level.
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    man, i'd love to be able to go into the observation deck just once in my lifetime
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    It drives me absolutely crazy to hear that one of the reasons that some are hesitant to support One Touch is because it might decrease work for AT&Ts unions. I am perfectly fine with unions and support much of what they stand for. However, when we are harming the entire city because it might decrease the work for a certain group of people, then we have messed up our priorities. It seems to me that a reasonable alternative/compromise would be for NES to require that these other companies move their lines in an expedited fashion. If Comcast doesn't want Google moving their lives, then let Comcast move them within one month of the request being made. If they aren't moved by that time then Google can move them at will. I have fiber now through AT&T, and it is far superior to what Comcast offers. Consistent speeds, low latency, and affordable prices. Google can expand that service to more people and the city needs to do everything it can to get that service rolled out.
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    I was thinking a Comfort Inn / Hustler Hollywood combo hotel might go over well.
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    Warner Bros. Records' former home eligible for listing in the National Register of Historic Places http://www.tennessean.com/story/money/real-estate/2016/08/16/hold-placed-demolition-music-row-area-building/88839328/ STORY HIGHLIGHTS At one point, condos were planned for the property at 1815 Division St. The hold allows time to discuss alternatives and to document the Midtown area property. Three years ago, real estate investor Salah Ayesh paid $2.6 million for the 0.68-acre property. In addition to housing music company offices, the location once housed a Florence Crittenton Home for Unwed Mothers.
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    The Masonic Grand Lodge at the corner of Broadway and 7th Avenue North sits quietly in its monolithic splendor, with most people in Nashville never paying it much heed, let alone stepping inside its hallowed halls. It was built in 1925 in a Classical Revivalist style, with Asmus and Clark as the architects. Due to the secretive nature of the local Masons, the structure is generally off-limits to the general public. It's primary core is the fantastic U-shaped theater that seats in the neighborhood of 1,600 people. I was able to get a tour about 17 years ago, and can attest to the splendor of the hall. In many other markets, Masonic Temples have been opened for use of public performances of everything from live theater to dog shows to rock shows. Not sure why the group here is so closed-off, but it has hardly every been utilized for anything other than a couple of Masons meetings each year over the past 9+ decades. Perhaps someday they will want to share their gem with a public that would be VERY appreciative. I can think of countless ways it could be utilized as another jewel in our crown of great performance halls in the downtown area. Here is an article from about 4 years ago in The Scene about the building's background: http://www.nashvillescene.com/news/pith-in-the-wind/article/13042481/people-pass-nashvilles-downtown-masonic-lodge-every-day-without-knowing-the-surprises-inside
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    I really like what we have so far. The cladding honestly looks better than it looked in the rendering in my opinion, which rarely ever happens.
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    The map is complete, but I know it's still missing some things. Please let me know what is missing and i will add it. https://www.google.com/maps/d/viewer?mid=1SpdBJbOyGo7eBvkDbFq4WenLXbg

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