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    You start small. Once we've gone underground I expect more will eventually follow, but that first step is a doozy, as far as getting people to go along. And it's hardly needless, there's no room for a train on most of those streets DT, and this will greatly reduce the number of cars and pedestrians hit by trains, and allow the trains to travel at a fairly high speed instead of creeping along in traffic.
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    Nashville just hasn't done a good job of maintaining the civil war sites. There's a monument over on Granny White just south of 12 South that has missing letters, overgrown trees, kind of hidden gravel parking area. Franklin was even worse until recently. They had a Pizza Hut sitting where the major part of the battle took place, and the city had to purchase the Country Club of Franklin (one of the only reasonably priced country clubs in the region at the time) to provide any sort of extensive battlefield park, and I don't even think the battle took place there. I think in the past there wasn't stomach for commemorating Confederate losses because it probably pained a lot of people in the area to think about losing that war. Now I think a lot of cities are squeamish about commemorating Civil War sites in fear of being seen as commemorating the Confederacy. The history of the Cloud Hill and Fort Negly site would make it perfect for a Civil War museum and interactive park, considering it's a Union fort that is significant because of the fact that it was built by impressed blacks. It excites me to think of the possibilities.
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    I have to eat some crow. I had wrongly assumed that the opposition to this Cloud Hill development was more or less opposed to any development in general there and wanted the Greer Stadium site to stand empty and unused out of fear that a development would take away from the fort. But if their desire is to have the entire area, including the Greer site, turned into a high quality Civil War historic park, then I'm absolutely all for that, as I have long wondered why there wasn't really anything of note devoted to that pivotal time in Nashville's history. We might even get the city to move all of those overlooked, out of the way monuments to the park as well!
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    Amazing how you are able to read Lee Beaman's mind! I'm not wild about those car lots in that location, but it's his property and his decision-whatever his motivation.
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    Maybe they could bury some utilities while they're digging!
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    This is the Charlotte Federal courthouse in the setting it will be with the existing courthouse in the front. It is a classical design and that is fine with me as we have very little architecture in this style in Charlotte. The design was debated some love it some dont. However I think it is appropriate for a government building as most of our buildings are so tall you won't be able to see it anyway. Supposedly it will start within a year. The other two buildings are our newest office towers new Ally Bank Center 26 stories 378 ft and Bank of America Tower at Legacy Union 33 stories 632 feet tall. So our new Jonas Federal Courthouse addition will be quite different but that is fine.
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    I hope this happens. If we're able to go underground...and we find that it's not as cost-prohibitive as once thought because of new technology...maybe it will lead to a subway system in the future, which, to me would be REAL mass transit.
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    Exactly. This is a "one-of-a-kind" site in the world...so why not fix it up for generations to come? The "Cloud Hill" development the city is proposing could go anywhere, like you mentioned. A Civil War exhibit and park is something that fits here...and really not many other places. And...with that fort being one of a kind, it deserves this.
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    I think this is a far better location for TopGolf than their original plan for the Charter development at I-85/Mallard Creek Church Rd. That place never seemed appropriate to me for such a facility.
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    Bainbridge starting to top out. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    And that is why I will never purchase a vehicle from any Beaman dealership. They are the single biggest block to re-urbanization in Nashville and exist there for no other reason than to give the city one big middle finger. He's sitting on a gold mine that would pay for a similar sized super car lot outside of the CBD a dozen times over, but refuses out of spite, greed, short sightedness, or a combination thereof.
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    I'm not sure NoVa will be it. Unless they want to have a campus out past Tyson's Corner, I'm not sure where they'd fit one in near Metro without a ton of demolition or reuse. Maybe between Potomac Yards and Crystal City? Either way, cost of property and housing is way above what you'd find in DFW, ATL, Austin, or Nashville, or even Philadelphia.
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    It’s interesting that buildings do not get built without funding.
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    Austin and Nashville are twin cities separated at birth. Nashville has replaced Portland among the big three "it" cities which IMO are now Seattle, Austin and Nashville. I don't think we have any Portland posters on UP to dispute that.
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    Austin's traffic sucks and is always getting worse, and there is not much hope for any viable mass transit in the near future. Home prices are rapidly increasing and have been the most expensive in Texas for a while. But the population boom is unrelenting because people and companies keep moving here. The traffic nightmare pisses me off every day on my commute to downtown, and the fact that I have to live closer to the San Antonio Metro than Downtown Austin to have have a decent sized home that doesn't suck all my income away pisses me off as well. But neither of those problems seem to be even close to being bad enough to stop the population from increasing by about 1.1K people per week, every week, since the 2010 census. Austin has a better chance than most cities for HQ2, but I don't think Austin will be selected. The best places for a corporate campus of this magnitude IMO are Atlanta, NoVa and DFW.
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    Right now, you have made two strange post. Not sure who you are, but already treading in dangerous territory.
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    Looks like the 'underground' portion of the transit plan will go north-south with a station under the Music City Central transit hub and another 'near Lafayette Street south of downtown' according to the Tennessean.
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    Totally agree. Richmond also needs to do more to bring more high-tech, more higher paying jobs to the area. Data centers can do that, but since they don't hire THAT many people per center, there has to be other ways to attract these sort of jobs...unless there is an explosion of data centers that go up in Richmond (with the low tax rate, I can envision quite an influx). Facebook just might be leading the way to do just that. I hope Richmond is also able to land more corporate headquarters. High paying jobs follow HQs and others service-related businesses to support them (IT services are one of those type services that pays a high wage). I can tell you that up here in NoVa there are tons of service-related businesses that are paying high wages, particularly IT support, to the many HQs up here. I think Facebook coming is a huge step in the right direction. I'm not suggesting that Richmond "NoVa-ize" itself, but in a way, I am. If Richmond can be smart about it's growth, it can avoid the pitfalls that plague NoVa...traffic being one of them.
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    Hmmm, now does that brand slot between the Grand and the flagship Regency?
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    Seeing how many lobbyists they have on the payroll makes me realize our "government" isn't the only one running the country.
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    Pretty sure Little Richard had a place in the "Riot Hyatt" on Sunset in LA. Both times I stayed there, I ran into him in the lobby.
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    I was originally quite fond of this idea, but the more I consider it the more I'm against it. Two reasons: 1) I want this development to still happen, just somewhere more integrated with the developing urban fabric of the city. As is, it's almost totally isolated from the grid and would be just as suited for a place like Cool Springs. 2) Nashville could use another large park near downtown. And this has the added benefit of becoming a visitor draw itself if the fort is properly restored and renovated with quality interpretive materials. Additionally, it's an ideal location for a branch of the state military museum dedicated to the Civil War and its aftermath. (Although I still want a bigger military museum on the Bicentennial Mall;we are the Volunteer State after all...)
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    Fort Monroe? Are you freaking serious? The fact that Norfolk did not submit a proposal should end Alexander's reign as mayor. SPQ and Town Center are the only place that should have been submitted from Hampton Roads and everybody in the region should have backed it. Amazon was never going to pick this region but the fact that Norfolk didn't even try is devastating for businesses looking to move to this region. Other businesses are monitoring the proposals sent to Amazon. Amazons "search" is basically a free market survey of every viable city to possible relocate their HQ or to expand into a new area with a new hub. When is the next Election to get Alexander out of office?
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    The fact the mayor was even considering whether it was worth it or not is a joke. Potentially 50 billion in the regions growth, and all the projects that would result after this. Norfolk needs to have a bid no matter how good the incentives they chose to give are.
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    Article is the WSJ from 2 days ago said CEO of AllianceBernstein told staff they are considering moving a lot of jobs from NYC to either Charlotte or San Antonio. This would likely be several hundred financial services/asset management jobs that pay probably $250k on average.
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    I'm starting to think that east-west routes need to be prioritized by state/federal sources in the area between Hammond and Baton Rouge while Livingston taxpayers should prioritize improving north/south routes. It is inevitable that the area will grow faster closer to I-12, but there are not enough alternative routes to I-12 to support the traffic that exists today, much less 20 years from now. There will be more developments like Juban Crossing in the future, and hopefully a new airport somewhere between Walker and Satsuma I was thinking that a 4 lane extension of Buddy Ellis eastward to Highway 42 would help bring some more operational redundancy to the road network along with the new bridge over the Amite at Harrell's Ferry and a narrower 2 lane connection to 42 a couple of miles south of that between Colyell and southern Denham Springs/northern Port Vincent. Those combined with the continued widening of I-12 to 6 lanes between Hammond and Baton Rouge along with the eventual widening of Florida Blvd/US 190 would help split the traffic between the two metros on 3 viable routes (wider 190, wider I-12, new southern connection) instead of just 1 congested route (I-12). There is a huge lack of roadways between these two areas south of I-12 - particularly between the Satsuma and Walker exits. All of the traffic in that area will flow to I-12 to move east or west as the region grows unless there is an alternative east-west route. A similar vulnerability exists north of I-12, but not as extreme. The existing routes that should be improved (widened) are in red. The new routes are in yellow.
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    Per Sichko's twitter page Division Street connector to open Monday at 1000am.
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    It was never proposed to have the station moved in phase one. That was marketing hype by the developer to sell people on the project. The actual plans from the beginning have always shown that the station would have to wait until they had more room to work with. Note the same developer called it "Grand Central Station" like, lol. Sure, a covered platform with a ground floor lobby, coffee shop, and some crappers is exactly like "Grand Central Station." Dude has a strong hype game, I will give him that. . . and he knows how to get our idiotic press to buy it without doing any research.
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    Hammer Mill (6 and 7 stories, 256 units, 4,000 sq. ft. of retail) update. The old mill building being revamped for restaurant space. Looking south along Adams Street just south of intersection with Van Buren: Looking east from Centurion Stone site towards the river: Looking south from Centurion Stone:
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    Vanderbilt Divinity School addition update. Looking west from 21st Ave. South near intersection with Scarritt Place:
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    ^^^ Here is the article referenced above. I would take several of these every year over an Amazon and they are easier to win. I would think this would come to Charlotte with our financial hub with TIAA, Dimensional Funds etc not to mention Barings, Bof A, Wells, US Bank etc. http://www.foxbusiness.com/features/2017/10/12/alliancebernstein-plans-to-shift-new-york-staff-wsj.html While SA TX is somewhat of a financial hub it is no where near as diversified or as large as Charlotte. Mainly back office jobs for larger banks and of course HQ for USAA
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    Very simple in my opinion, looking at what they intend SPQ, it didn't fit what Amazon was bringing. This doesn't surprise me one bit as SPQ was never build as a way to extend DT Business district. The fort Monore offering was a joke if you look at what Amazon was requiring, lol. It is a little shocking if the mayor was really waiting on numbers as they use consultants for EVERYTHING it seems. Seems suspect to why they just didn't pay a consultant to offer up the numbers which leads me back to my second sentence.
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    If you read the Richmond Time's article it says that their region is working to share the profits if amazon chooses on of their sites. So why can't Hampton Roads do the same? If Amazon were to choose anywhere in our region it would most likely be based on incentives so why can't the whole region help put in for it and the whole region share what's gained from it? And I agree Norfolk should have put a site in as well.
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    The steel framework of the office building is out of the ground. Probably what you saw.
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    Did you read the article? “It’s an opportunity for small cities to promote themselves—they can laud their advanced degree programs, transit-oriented developments...to the economic development market in a high-profile way.” "It’s that kind of personal connection with the company that could lead to other backchannel deals, says Boyd. “Amazon could put a fulfillment or a back-office facility [in a small city], or they could encourage their mid-size vendors to move there,” he says. Amazon is in communication with most of the major manufacturers in the United States, many of whom might build headquarters of their own—putting your city on the map could mean a spot on the short list, says Boyd." "Crafting the proposals gives cities a chance to reflect, to identify economic strengths and weaknesses, and to develop a strategy to win the next one even if they end up losing the biggest one." The irony in your comment is that this whole conversation would be moot if Jeff Bezos had listened to that kind of advice early on. LOL indeed.
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    Where's your bid Kenny? You mean to tell me Norfolk couldn't find ANYWHERE? What about that empty St. Paul's lot that is literally on the light rail line? Or the massive amount of land in St. Paul's quadrant? I want Fraim back.
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    Say what you will about SouthEnd. Plaza and NoDa, in my opinion, will not catch up in a long time to the scale of SouthEnd. SouthEnd, Midtown, Morehead and uptown are nearly contiguous at this point. SouthEnd is impressive. It's not longer just a few bland apartments lining South Blvd. It's actually very lively along the rail trail and in general a nice place. I'm surprised it's all coming together
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    I completely agree. My least favorite crown is the Bank of America Tower in Atlanta. No matter how I see it, even at night, with it's copper glow, it still makes me think the building is incomplete. Also, the Great American Tower at Queen City Square in Cinicnatti looks absolutely ridiculous. Crowns with usable floor space are relics of older styles of architecture. Unless it's a spire or simple mechanical screen, modern glass skyscrapers with crowns just look outdated. That's one reason I love 505.
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    Part of me honestly believes that there may be reservation from architects about overtaking the AT&T Building. I mean, it's not the most gorgeous skyscraper in the world and it has a terrible street activation, but when you see that building, anywhere, you immediately can recognize it. That is what you call iconic, and it's because I know folks all over the world that know Nashville for the music scene and that very skyscraper.
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    Worthless without pics.
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    From the article: But Edwards vetoed the project from the state’s construction budget, which had allocated $10 million for construction on the clinic, because the state didn’t have enough money to pay for it. OLOL had planned to match the allocation with $6 million of its own money. They gave almost $30 million to build a Children's Museum in New Orleans. Baton Rouge and Lafayette had to fund their own Children's Museum.
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    Cool looking building, and it will be very visible. The article points out that the office building and lofts are separate buildings. The city/parish needs to invest heavily in that neighborhood as well as the corridor along Terrace to I-10 from the Water Campus. Those buildings would be fantastic for signature tenants for regional companies. Their brands on those buildings would essentially be a giant billboard similar to Louis-Dreyfus on the west side. We won't get Amazon, but that Water Campus is an ideal place for a mid sized corporate office or regional branch office. Hopefully they are not marketing that space to only engineering and research firms. I'm honestly trying to advocate for Baton Rouge at my company. We are thinking about a branch office on the gulf coast. It's going to be Houston though. Were you referring to Water Street or Brickyard Street? I think Water Street requires the destruction of a warehouse along Nicholson. I believe that the building under construction is building 6A (which is in the renderings on the article). Building 8A will start immediately after, and it includes lofts. You can see the rendering on their website. It's a smallish 4 story building that almost looks like a boutique hotel. wouldn't be upset if Riverside Towing burned down in a mysterious blaze (obviously not wanting anyone to get hurt) . It's the place of pure evil and it is on what will become prime real estate.
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    Coaltrane's Char Grill (old John's Country Kitchen spot) is progressing. Rooftop deck is up and Painting is done on the side. Windows have gone in on Central but I couldn't get a picture in traffic.
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    This is the beast of a federal courthouse that landed in San Francisco. It hurts my eyes!

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