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    Looking SE from above Capitol View (courtesy of Aerial Innovations):
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    That goes along with what I have heard and it has been confirmed now, several times. A facility like that is a waste of real estate in the core. I am with I think everyone on the board that the older building needs to stay. That would be absolutely criminal to bring it down and if sold, that could be part of the sales agreement, to keep the building.
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    The stanchions for the crown appear to be about 16-18 feet in height. Looking north from the 26th floor of The Westin Hotel: Looking NE from intersection of Clark Place and 9th Ave. South: Looking south from parking lot at NW corner of 8th Ave. South and Demonbruen: Looking SW from intersection of 8th Ave. South and Demonbreun: Looking SE from intersection of 14th Ave. North and Broadway: Looking SE from Broadway Viaduct in front of Union Station Hotel:
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    We all thought you were completely anti-tree and nature.
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    They picked the right tree because Drake Elms max out about 70-80ft and a relatively equal canopy spread and they have very little to no root puncture habits, the tendency for roots to uplift and crack asphalt or concrete. I'm not kidding when I tell you these are one of the top performing urban landscape trees, and they're readily available and affordable.
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    This is all marketing on their part. They will probably have a special like buy admission to two and get the third free, to drive even more traffic to them. Each one of the people have a strong following. I am surprised they didn't do a Hank Williams Museum. Who knows that may be in the works at some point. Nashville is probably the only city that multiple museums of this type would work. Las Vegas could probably do something like that, but not too many other cities. Nashville has a unique branding when it comes to projects like this.
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    This video captures a pretty good angle of a motorist’s perspective of developments on the southern swing of 277.
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    Quick little timelapse I set up yesterday, hopefully it plays fine. IMG_0680.MOV
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    From Charlotte, between 7th and 6th avenues.
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    The Mazda dealership building coming down in earnest now... Looking west from 12th Ave. South 1/2 block north of Broadway: Looking east from 14th Ave. North and Broadway:
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    Crane up. Looking SE from corner of Peabody and 5th Ave. South: Looking NE from 5th Ave. South, about 1/2 block south of Peabody:
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    Up to the 13th floor now. Just one more to go. Looking SW from intersection of 8th Ave. South and Division: Looking SE from intersection of 9th Ave. South and Division: Looking south from 27th floor of The Westin Hotel:
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    Snapped hastily going south on 8th earlier. I drove past this a couple of hours ago and it’s absolutely looms over you when you’re going into south loop on 65 North, especially at night. It’s imposing for only being like 14 stories.
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    I went to the Johnny Cash museum last year and it was PACKED. I guess with a small floor space, good revenue from the door and good advertising they’d make some dough. Being in the middle of a heavily tourist pedestrian district full of country music fans doesn’t hurt either . The museum was really cool, I recommend it if you’re a Cash fan.
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    From the Hume Fogg parking lot at 7th and Commerce.
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    The owner of Two Ten Jack in East Nashville will open a restaurant spanning about 5,000 sq. ft. in mid-2018 in the recently completed 222 tower in SoBro. No name or concept has been announced yet. It will be located at the NW corner of the intersection of Demonbreun and Molloy St. Non-office space remaining available at 222 include a 14,000-square-foot three-story restaurant space at the southeast corner of the T-intersection of First and Demonbreun Street, as well as a 1,650-square-foot café space fronting Second Avenue South and adjacent to the building’s lobby. https://www.bizjournals.com/nashville/news/2017/10/30/two-ten-jack-owner-cooking-up-sobro-restaurant.html
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    BREAKING Gymboree (apparently not a gym for toddlers) will sell block models of Legacy Union
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    2nd avenue is one of the most pleasant and interesting streets downtown. Trees are good! Let's have more! Could the city require builders to plant the types of trees with more survival potential?

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