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    And after we build that one, we can build another one.....these seem a little more probable than some others.
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    My latest mashup of rising and excavation phase buildings over 10 stories...I went ahead and added the Embassy Suites/Curio. We're building an impressive city....in addition to the one we already have.
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    I think 505 CTS is a handsome Tower for Nashville it Blends in with the sky as well as the city . IM looking forward Tony's 65 Tower to complement the rest of the development around it
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    According to data provided by travel-booking website Priceline, Nashville has the country's largest year-over-year increase in hotel bookings through the site for the upcoming holiday. Music City's 50 percent climb was enough to top not only D.C., which finished second, but also San Diego, New Orleans and San Francisco, which round out the Top 5. To be sure, many factors could explain Nashville's dramatic uptick in hotel bookings, including the city's growing supply of hotel room inventory. And the data is fairly limited — Priceline did not disclose the total number of rooms booked. https://www.bizjournals.com/nashville/news/2018/06/26/nashville-surges-as-a-july-4-destination.html
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    1500 jobs coming with Amazon in its new 2.5 million sq ft warehouse multistory heard as high as 90 feet $200 investment on airport owned vacant land at I-85/485 and Wilkinson One of only 6 of these new warehouse types and one is going in Atlanta not sure where the others are at. https://www.bizjournals.com/charlotte/news/2018/06/25/amazon-to-hire-for-1-500-jobs-in-upcoming-200m.html?ana=TWT_staffES another story from the Observer http://www.charlotteobserver.com/news/politics-government/article213819209.html#emlnl=Breaking_Newsletter
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    Archimedes says measure the length of the shadow at solar noon.
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    Climax Saloon and Hotel (and brothel), 1900. Front facade being restored as part of the Dream Hotel complex. Looking east across 4th Ave. North, 1/2 block north of Church St:
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    another great small town downtown in North Carolina: Hendersonville just hours west of Charlotte. Curving main street with diagonal parking, some parallel, artwork (bears) painted signs on buildings. Real gem go see it for yourself. Things the QC can learn make the smaller business districts in town like South End, Plaza Midwood, 5 Points Biddleville, NoDa etc. Photos from today. Come see downtown Hendo soon. and yes it was quite busy today at lunch.
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    I don’t think that people litter at greater rates in Richmond. The city just doesn’t pick up the trash. From my perspective there aren't nearly enough trash cans either. The bus stops usually have a single trash can overflowing with cups placed around the perimeter. The city doesn’t empty them regularly and won’t add a second (or third). A few weeks ago I picked up trash on the flood wall and couldn’t find a place to throw it out until i crossed back over the river and found one on the Canal Walk. That can was overflowing. Business and property owners should be fined for not keeping their sidewalks clean too. Subway needs to pick up Subway wrappers in front of their business, regardless of how they end up there. Dollar Tree should clean their parking lot every morning. This is the expectation in most cities.
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    My crude massing diagram of what a 20 story might look like at the West End with I-440 location.... I don't think it would be quite as intrusive as at first it would seem, but I think residents of Love Circle Hill might have some reason to be concerned. It would sure stretch the skyline into a nearly 40 block-long skyline.
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    Glad to see Charlotte getting this next-gen warehouse development from Amazon. Warehouses may not be as sexy as office towers but it’s great to know we are a leading market for their massive distribution footprint. Once again our Airport provides a pivotal role. Woo!
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    Though it's not as spectacular as it is on a ship at sea, if you go out to the more rural areas of the Cumberland Plateau it is pretty amazing on a moonless night.
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    Perhaps you’ve never seen the Milky Way with your own eyes. I would suggest getting about a 1000 miles from nowhere to see it. It’s spectacular.
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    Presentation about Gateway Station was made to the City Council tonight. They are moving forward with plans to buy the Meck Co land adjacent to BBT Ballpark and use that land for the CATS operations. Also, it stated that in Phase 1 construction begins in July and will only include the foundations for the canopy. If all goes well we will have the station operating at Gateway by 2022. The actual canopy that has been depicted in renderings will come in Phase 2
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    The first revision I would make is shortening the height of those buildings in the background. They look taller than 13 stories.
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    I see there is another city council vote coming up to try and kill the fairgrounds deal by stripping the 10acres that were added in to the deal. I’m getting emails from the same people behind notax4tracks. I emailed council members and told them that I was against the bill. I was told from one of them that they need more emails against the bill as they are getting extensive pro emails. You can write an email arguing against this bill to [email protected]
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    You wanna talk about crucial infa, the Airport is the critical piece. Without it, Charlotte is nowhere.
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    I got an electric cargo bike a year and a half ago and it's been amazing. Most of them are like 4 grand but I bought a radwagon from radpower bikes for $1,600 and it's been great. They're super versatile, and my kids (4 & 5) love it. I've gotten all over town on the thing; it's so much more fun when you can twist the throttle whenever you want. Now we just need more bike lanes! Picture from the internet (that is not me): From what I understand, when the new regulations for dockless providers are finalized in a few weeks we're going to have several new participants, both scooters and e-bikes. It's pretty exciting, and I hope we can start upping our game in terms of the street network.
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    That is where the Franklin Synergy Bank is. I'm pretty sure the location they are exploring is across the street down Murphy Rd. past the gas station.
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    Took it from Willow Lawn to Government Center this morning. It’s a 10 minute walk from my house to the station. The ride itself was about 30 minutes. From what I’ve heard, the signal priority system depends on a robust sample size because it’s in large part predictive. So we’re not there yet. The driver was ultra cautious - pulled up to the stations slowly, drove slowly, tended to anticipate the ‘yellow light’ (triangle shape) and slow down prematurely. It is a bit frustrating when we get a red light 20 yards ahead of a station stop. Oh well. Working out the kinks. I was one of only about four on at WL. It got much fuller around SA.
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    It's the poster child for terrible up-front construction with shoddy materials. They've already had one fairly significant "refresh" and it still looks run-down, despite being only ten years old.
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    Looking south along 8th Ave. South, just south of Broadway: All glass work seems complete on “The Lips.” Looking south along 8th Ave. South:
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    From OBJ Creative Village: A12,000-square-foot contract brewing facility dubbed “Brew Theory” will be located in the new Creative Village area in downtown Orlando at 400 Pittman St. Brew Theory will house a large brewing facility for a variety of breweries, a full-service lab, home brew shop and a taproom with a podcast room, office spaces and a sandwich shop. While Brew Theory’s main focus will be to brew for other breweries, Orange County Brewers will serve a few of its own in-house brands. The grand opening is slated for September.
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    The Gulch, corner of Mansion and Gleaves St.
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    New Bern(Bonn) is quite the gem. I visited there a few years ago and was surprised. Very Historical and they managed to save a lot of 18th century homes, cemetaries from some of the first settlers of the state and of course Tryon Palace which is a replica of the original. If it werent for some unfortunate events and infighting amongst the politicians New Bern may have grown larger. Take a virtual tour on google earth and see the fantastic historic residential areas.
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    I’ve pulled some weeds but it feels weird and I could probably get arrested for it (on camera it probably looks like vandalism). I don’t trust the cops to know the difference either. I do pick up trash along Broad Street..
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    Thanks, when we have our full line up completed, I will upload some renderings. In the mean time, here is a preview.
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    Being the father of a 3 year old, I've realized that Nashville needs more kid friendly attractions. While Grassmere and Cumberland Science Museum (I'm not saying the new names because they don't represent my childhood) are good places, there just needs to be more options for families. We typically have to go to places like Chattanooga or Atlanta for kid friendly attractions. I think Nashville can handle another children's museum. I'd love to see an aquarium here, but it wouldn't make too much sense with Gatlinburg, Chattanooga, Atlanta and soon to be Memphis being within a 4 hour drive. Of course I'd LOVE to see an amusement park *cough*teardownthatdamnmall*cough*. Maybe build something like the Fernbank Museum in Atlanta. They could build it close to or in Percy Warner Park. I think Nashville is really underutilized when it comes to families. For a city this size, it feels like the focus is on partying, which is great and brings in the money. But eventually, all those people that moved here to be in the "It City" will start to have kids.
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    I am studying some documents now but I do think it is height of 632 feet but they are saying somewhat taller that does not seem to jive with the plans approved. Maybe once it is topped off we will all know LOL
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    But wait, no mention of a gondola?
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    I don't think California's system will be comparable to the true maglev bullet trains either like Japan has. I'm not even sure it will hit the 220 mph number you keep mentioning, there is plenty of talk to give up on that, and just go for the legally required 200 mph in accordance with their proposition to further cut costs, and we know at least half of it will be the same speed as we got. With half of it being the same speed, and then all the deceleration to the lower speed, stops for stations, and the time it takes to accelerate, we're just looking at very little time at or above 200mph regardless of the original intentions. California's "High Speed Rail" is already earning a nickname as "the slowest High Speed Rail in the world" in many regards. We just aren't designing any of them the same way as Japan, so yes, you're right Brightline is more Acela.... but realistically, so is the California one. We have a bit of a problem on these rail systems where everyone wants a stop on it to overcome the NIMBYs and to sell it to the local populations... but that slows down the train a lot. Thats why Brightline was so insistent on refusing to give Cocoa/Martin County a stop, even if they agreed to drop their lawsuits in exchange for a stop. They don't have the ridership numbers to warrant a station, and it would slow down the train too much to give it to them, which is part of why these systems fail in the USA, it needs to be useful, every stop needs a ton of riders. There's no doubt 200 mph is much more impressive then our 125 mph system, but is it $95 BILLION more impressive? I think there is much better ways to spend that much money that to improve our rail system by 75mph, before we even know how many people use it. As we find out how many people use it, and Brightline sees if and how profitable it is, I've heard they already have a list of improvements they can make to improve more of the line to 125mph if it makes economic sense too. If trains are filling up, it absolutely will make sense to increase the speed so they can run extra trains. Its important to remember part of the reason the people here have not really demanded super high speed rail in the American air travel system is generally MUCH better then what you find in areas with good HSR, and planes travel faster then HSR, ya know, they're usually 500+ mph and can take a more direct path. Obviously we all know the cons of the air travel system as well, but HSR needs to compete with it, it has to make sense. Japan's got all of 2 airports in the top 50 in the world, and MCO has more traffic then one of those 2, which is not even a top 10 airport in America. And this is literally what happened with the FL system. FL voters approved in 2000, then they saw the price tag, found out how much taxes would have to go up, and balked at the price of it, and voters, after seeing the price tag, voted against it in 2004. The price of our 168 mph train was unreasonable, and too prone to cost overruns. I don't know if the Californians would even still vote for this system if they knew that its current projections is that it will be TRIPLE what they were promised, and that it would launch likely a DECADE after it was supposed to. I think the reason this keeps happening is you get attached to minute details to scream somebody else is wrong. As a real simple example, when I said the Orlando to Miami route is within a mile or so of the first phase of the California HSR, and you replied that the first phase is the entire route, not just the part that supposed to open in 2029, I mean, come on... At the rate Brightline is moving compared to the California HSR, Florida will likely have the Tampa phase built AND THE JACKSONVILLE PHASE before they finish "phase 1" to LA. Here's a little table to hopefully explain the difference between the Obama California HSR programs and the private Brightline HSR program: Florida Brightline California HSR Year HSR originally conceived 1999 1996 Year project announced "as happening" 2012 2010 Year of groundbreaking 2014 2015 First year of operation 2018 Not Yet Year anticipated for 240 miles of service operation 2021 2029 Number of miles expected to be operational in 2029 (Tampa extension) ~324* 240 Number of miles expected to be operational in 2034 (Jacksonville extension) ~465* (LA extension) 520 Speed limits along route (best guess/project required speeds) 90-125mph 90-200mph Tax dollars anticipated (plus interest) $0 $10,000,000,000.00 Private enterprise stepped in as promised by governor of each state to control costs/operate system Yes No *Brightline has not announced dates for these extensions yet, but the estimated time of construction was previously estimated at 3 years. My estimate would allow an additional seven years for Brightline to get ready for construction for the Tampa route, and 12 years for the Jacksonville route. Dates also assume no further delays for California routes. Its just difficult to for me (and apparently jrs2) to imagine anyone picking the California project over the Florida one given all of these facts. Florida is literally the example project of what states here in the USA want for rail, and California's preoject is literally the example nightmare project of why trains are scary and don't make any sense. I'm sure if California's leaders had the opportunity to have the project replaced with something like Brightline, they'd all be on board in a second at this point, and if this information was presented to their voters, they would as well. Last point: I think we all wish that downtown would be connected to it, but the simple fact is Orlando's airport is unique in that pretty much all the major attractions offer direct bus service from there, an abnormally large amount of hotels do as well, and much of it is completely free, whereas if the station was located downtown, the areas most people visiting Orlando want to visit would be extremely hard to access: they'd need a complicated route, or a taxi/uber, or to rent a car. This is literally the reason why most people feel that rail systems aren't useful: a lack of connections, and Orlando's airport does great with that as its our entry point for millions of tourists. It definitely would be awesome if a moderator could move this chatter to the Brightline topic, obviously a much better fit.
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    Cargo shorts? I'm sorry, but you need to leave. The city, that is.
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    Maybe the interior portions of the former Hickory Hollow Mall could be expanded and reimagined as an amusement park type of attraction. Link attached for Galaxyland at West Edmonton Mall (largest mall in North America, I believe) http://www.wem.ca/play/attractions/galaxyland/
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    How did I get reported and what for????????????????????????????????????? I need like 1 million more question marks.
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    Sale of Old Towne Petersburg apartment rehab nets $21M A pretty big price tag for Petersburg!
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    Every time I go to NYC and see all the stand alone department stores still standing, it irks me even more to see how Nashville let downtown shopping slip away. Of course so did so many other cities even those much larger than Nashville. But, it's really nice to be in cities like NYC, Philadelphia, Chicago and Boston and see free standing department stores still in existence. DC still has a few as well. I go to NYC every year to see 5th Ave during the Christmas Holiday shopping season. There's nothing like it anywhere else in the US that I can think of. I would love to see Nashville do an animated light show on one of the buildings in downtown as a tourist attraction during the holidays. Of course it would be nice if there was also shopping to go along with it. If you've never been to Rockefeller Center during the Christmas Holiday, you really should go at least once and then walk along 5th Ave and other streets in NYC too see the various window dressings and other decorations. If you have kids or if you're a kid at heart go to Santaland in the Macy's at Herald Square to take a picture with Santa Clause and checkout there windows as well, which usually includes Peanut Characters. Just a warning if you chose to do so, do an online reservation for Santaland (starting in November) or you just might find yourself standing in a long line that meanders through the back hallways of Macy's for a couple of hours or more with kids galore.
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    There are four brownstones proposed along the north side of Mariposa. I wish they had done the same for the 420 project.
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    One woman is leading Amazon's search for a new headquarters — and her past may reveal important clues about where it will be. Found an article from the Business Insider which gives an interesting take on another Nashville connection in the HQ2 selection. The article is about Holly Sears Sullivan, the head of World wide Economic Development for Amazon and is leading the scouting for the proposed location of a second headquarters for Amazon. She is a native Nashvillian with a degree from the University of Tennessee and headed up economic development in Rutherford and Wilson Counties for 13 years. .....from April 3, 2018... I know it's still a longshot, but so was Major League Soccer and Alliance Bernstein.
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    any word on when they will actually let people use the greenway?
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    Took the kids to get ice cream at Charm School and now having a beer in Scott’s Addition. Buses were packed, but good experience overall.

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