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    I like the free admission, and for more than just frugal reasons. I think a Tennessee State Museum, displaying the things that make this state great, needs to be open to all Tennesseans, no matter the income (or lack theroff). I wouldn’t be opposed to something like the MET, though. Like a “pay what you can if you can” deal.
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    All debris cleared for office tower site. Looking west from McGavock St., 1/2 block east of 13th Ave. South: Looking south from McGavock St., 1/2 block east of 13th Ave. South:
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    Moxy Hotel SoBro (5 & 6 stories, 161 rooms, 2 restaurant/bars) update. Looking SE from 3rd Ave. South, 1/2 block south of Broadway: Looking west from 2nd Ave. South, 1/2 block south of Broadway: Looking SW from 2nd Ave. South, 1/2 block south of Broadway:
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    Built in 1882 and added-onto in 1920, the double structure at 1314 Jo Johnston Ave. in the Marathon Village neighborhood is up for sale. It was refurbished several years ago. 2 stories and 3,520 sq. ft. More at Nashville Post here: https://www.nashvillepost.com/business/development/article/21019300/marathon-village-commercial-building-for-sale
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    Excellent visibility from I-195! This will be a fun project to watch rise. The Pulse has to have contributed to this in some way, meaning it’s gotta be somewhat successful in attracting new residents(major +). Hopefully, more development like this can replace the mass public housing complexes in union hill and Gilpin court.
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    The land on Broad Street in front of UMFS is going to be developed into mixed-use!
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    Im going to show up and ask as many people ad possible if they are KJ before being kicked out
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    It’s a bit of a shock. People just have no clue. I’ll be like “yeah, Charlotte! You know, the Hornets? The Panthers? Franklin Graham?!?” And they’ll be like “ohhh, I’ve always wanted to go to Charleston, it’s so pretty on the ocean”. what. The. Hell.
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    One Nashville Place (R2D2 Building) has sold for $140 million to Seattle heavyweight, Unico Properties. Very deep pockets (just last week they paid $359 million for an entire city block in downtown Seattle). This is their entry into the Nashville real estate market. Part of the deal includes the adjoining 650 unit garage, of which Unico may be interested in building a hotel or apartment complex on top of the 3 level garage. Hmmmmm. More behind the NBJ paywall here: https://www.bizjournals.com/nashville/news/2018/08/23/exclusive-seattle-buyer-strikes-deal-for-iconic.html Her is a view of the garage, which fronts 4th Ave. North:
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    It was your first test of the year. You didn't jump in the elevator shaft. You passed.
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    I didn’t know Joan Callamezzo worked for Channel 4? Or that Parks and Recreation was a documentary, not a sitcom.
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    A planner named Jeff Speck summarized it pretty well in a book called the Walkable City. He said that walkability requires four things: A reason to walk A safe walk A comfortable walk An interesting walk Front facing garages slightly F up most of those things. Safety, comfort and interest is reduced because the garages replace porch and window space in the house so their are few people looking out on the street (making it feel less safe) and fewer people to be seen (making it less interesting). The short distance between the garage and the street means that sidewalks are frequently blocked by cars moving and and out or temporarily parked across the pedestrian space (making the walk less safe). The doors themselves are really just blank walls, and their featurelessness (along the the driveway space) makes the walk less interesting to passerbys and discourages residents from using the front of their property (thus detaching residents from their community). These are admittedly small forces. However when entire streets are mostly just garages at street level (like Belton will become) then few residents or passerbys will choose to walk down the street, they will drive instead. By discouraging walking (and encouraging driving) on the street there will be less demand more walkable housing on adjacent streets and neighborhood businesses will have less reason to exist (walkers spend more locally) and will be unlikely to develop a a pedestrian orientation (e.g. they will build maximum rather than minimum parking which will further discourage walking). These are small and somewhat forgivable sins in sprawly areas in the burbs. But Belton street is in the Scaleybark station area, if we are not going to encourage walking here then where are we going to do it? We payed about $1.5 billion for our light rail system, why are we pissing its benefits away with thoughtless urban design?
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    Fair points, but IMHO it's a matter of making incremental progress back to a world that can be walked (while also of course allowing vehicles to serve their purpose). A streetscape filled with more driveway than pedestrian space is that much less likely to have a corner store built next door, or more density or varied uses of any kind pop up across the street. It's never just about the individual project, it's about how it affects all of the others. The goal we should all be getting back to is a world where people can operate within one square mile of their home at the age of 9 or 90 and walk to their needs safely (edit: i dont mean force everything to be this way, but to make the option actually EXIST as a viabLe option to families). That's the kind if thing that will help families live multigenerationally again, and allow options to exist for people at all different scales and living styles. Youre talking about Commie Utopia, but I see that as a universal imperative that will only add to the freedom of all people.
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    Oh you know how skyscraper porn works: it’s all about angles
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    Hey Everyone - So I hesitated to post this but it looks like it has been a year since this thread was last touched and maybe these kinds of things could use a reminder once a year. I'm not even sure how to say this but I will give it my best and hope that it is experienced as a positive and supportive gesture towards this forum and its users. I am sensing that as of late it is getting easier and easier to nit-pick at one another. Sometimes it's a simple jab that could be a misread joke, or an old "grudge" brought up from months past in unrelated threads. I truly believe that all of us care about and are excited by Grand Rapids and its surrounding communities - if we didn't we wouldn't be on here. I also believe we all are very, very, VERY (did I mention very?) passionate about the goings on around the metro. That said, I think that when we are intending to raise concerns/issues with a specific project/idea we are all guilty of also targeting one another rather than the issue/idea. I don't want to ramble too much so here is my point: Do I think we are a toxic forum of trolling, negative, and suffocating users? Not at all...maybe not even close...BUT...one of the risks of digital communication is that we don't have the benefit of reading one another's body language or pausing to clarify one another's intents throughout our dialog. While some of us know one another outside of here or of one another, many of us are complete strangers and that strips us all of a certain level of compassion and understanding for one another. So while I do not believe this forum has gotten out of control or unhealthy...when I see this constant bicker/poking that all seems really "harmless" at the surface, I'm aware that in this venue things can escalate/be misinterpreted/become toxic if we aren't more mindful of the reality of how we are communicating with one another. It's a lot easier for a culture to become toxic online than in person and so I am hopeful that we can all be mindful, myself included, when we post a response to another user and question how they might experience our words. So with that said...let's keep disagreeing and challenging our communities to do better. Let's express our own opinions and at the same time try to see why other people might not understand our perspective and why we might not understand theirs. This is truly and awesome community and I know that we all want this to be an engaging, vibrant, and sustainable community of development nerds for as long as this region continues to grow and rise; may it be forever and may we all continue to be a part of the conversation together.
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    From yesterday's Sky5. Really makes Nashville look like Gotham City (Batman Building helps).
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    They always had a donation box in the entry area of the previous location. I would expect that to be a continued practice. They are also selling commemorative pavers to be engraved (for a sizable contribution) and installed in the entry plaza area outside the new facility.
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    Well, lucky for us they don’t ever follow through on anything, so we can probably just throw that rendering on the trash heap.
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    Tennessee is ranked No. 4 in growth of number of women-owned firms since 2007 with a 68 percent increase. Nashville was ranked #11 city in country for new women-owned businesses during that span. More behind The Nashville Post paywall here: https://www.nashvillepost.com/business/odds-ends/article/21019365/of-note-24-august-2018
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    Shelby Park and the Shelby Bottoms acreage and greenway are such awesome assets for our city! Great escape from the city, and so close at hand.
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    So basically, in the past 8 years, we've "doubled" the look of the city, as far as skyscrapers. That's part of the reason that the 2011 vs 2018 photo that was shared on Facebook went viral. It's like a whole different city. And...think of what the inner-loop will be like once 5th + Broad, Nashville Yards & the Tennesseean site are completed...not to mention continued growth in the Gulch and SoBro. Top it off with Tony's "new tallest" and the 2021 vs 2011 photo will be insane.

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