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    I've received that very compliment many, many times.
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    Add in Pokémon World Championship at the Music City Center, not sure of attendance, but it’s bringing quite a few people in.
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    It's not called Music City USA for nothin'.... Saturday night's line-up: Taylor Swift at Nissan Stadium, 55,000 attendance (sold out) Journey/Def Leppard at Bridgestone Arena, 14,000 attendance (sold out) Need to Breath at Ascend Amphitheater, 6,500 attendance (sold out) Garth Brooks at Grand Ol' Opry, Opry House, (2 shows), 8,800 attendance (sold out) Whitey Morgan at Ryman Aud., 2,200 attendance (sold out) That's 86,500 music tickets sold for one night. Oh, and a Nashville SC game at First Tennessee Park, 10,000 attendance (sold out). And, for good measure, throw in another 25,000 in general tourist activity downtown on a summer Saturday night...makes for quite the evening in our toddlin' town.
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    Yes, it's a text book "I am going to slap you in the face, but kiss you after" troll post. "I am going to state my opinion as fact, call people snowflakes but distract you all with supportive arguments to your snowflake agenda" Meh, I am not impressed. Don't need his support or his opinion.
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    An update on the construction of thr PATS and facilities building. Its looking nice
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    AKA "Daniel avoids downtown" weekend.
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    Heh, she responded to a critical tweet by calling me out for allowing autocorrect to change Amons to Amos, instead of discussing content.
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    Shake Shack to replace Pikes at the Design Center? This article in the Business Journal indicates something is afoot yet no one can confirm it. From the subscriber article ""Rumors continue to swirl that Shake Shack is headed to South End. The catch? Its projected landing spot would displace long-time staple Pike’s Old Fashioned Soda Shop. Pike’s owner Randy Chitwood says he’s heard those rumors himself — though he doesn’t know if they are true. “They’ve not alluded to bringing something else in — they haven’t told me they want me to stay either,” Chitwood told the Charlotte Business Journal this week. Pike’s lease is set to expire next summer, but he has an option to extend through 2024. Chitwood expects lease talks to begin later this fall."" https://www.bizjournals.com/charlotte/news/2018/08/24/photosshake-shack-to-replace-long-time-south-end.html My thoughts? SS can find a space elsewhere.
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    Just finished watching a segment on WFTV Eye-missed-it News with new UCF Prez Whittaker. He said 7,500 to 8,000. By this time next year, too.
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    Out for a run today and I came over the Woodland St. bridge and stopped in my tracks at the sight of 20+ identical semi trucks filling the north parking lot at Nissan. What could that be? When I got closer, I saw that every truck was wrapped with "Taylor Swift Reputation Stadium Tour". That's one hell of a production! And yes, downtown, Lower Broad, the MCC seemed to be choked with more tourists than usual (some dressed as Pokemons).
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    Wow! I wonder how well it will work having two outdoor concert venues on the river. I would think the people at Ascend would hear the noise/screams from the Taylor Swift concert.
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    Some of the posts on this forum are a complete waste of my time. I come here to read the news about soccer, not to sift through various rants about "snooty snowflake leftists" and "suburbanite leeches." I expect civility and not childish namecalling. This is a forum of educated adults and is like a bastion of sanity on the internet to me. Every other website is full of irrational hatred in the comments. We don't need that here. Ingram, I fully agree with the rest of your post and respect your opinion. But please leave the first part out next time.
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    Did you read the rest of his post? He SUPPORTS the stadium and soccer despite his personal lack of interest in the sport!
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    Can this weather please stay? Check out the traffic(I’m assuming amplified by the Panther’s game.
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    I saw a couple of those trucks parked between the MCC and the CMHoF earlier this week, and I thought “wow swift must have a big concert if she needs 2 big rigs full of equipment for a concert.” Then I drove past that lot by Nissan this morning. She’s got to be stopped. I think Keith Urban plays Bridgestone tonight and Beyoncé and jay z played at Vandy yesterday. Big music weekend.
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    And that is just the beginning. Will be more over the years as they build it out, and not just students. CV is supposed to be more "young professionals," tech, and design-oriented actual businesses and workers there in the long run.
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    Tampa Bay Rays game tonight! Nashville Sounds pulls in a better crowed during the week than this place.
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    Logo installed this week on new Frost Tower in downtown SA https://www.ksat.com/news/logo-installed-on-new-frost-tower
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    temporary seats going up for the first two games of the season.
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    yeah, that sounds about right. it will be substantial.
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    So, no different from every show of theirs?
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    Not me I am usually on the other corner though that pose would be something I would do. I don't stand on that corner as the walk crossing signals are all blocked and I am law abider LOL
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    That's basically what I opined on Nextdoor. Crepe myrtles that never grow higher than eight feet. Even if they replant oaks, it will take decades. Someone on Nd said Boston Market cut theirs down because they didn't like acorns in their parking lot. I find that hard to believe. I doubt Boston Market even owns the property. At any rate, this is just depressing.
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    Have you read or listened to articles and podcasts from Strong Towns? I think there you will find a marriage and compromise to what you are claiming to promote and oppose. There is obviously a problem with how our society has been built that goes against literally thousands of years of human wisdom when it comes to human habitat. We also obviously have to work with the systems we have. There is a lot of common ground to be had.
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    JRS, help me out here. I seem to recall Buddy mentioning 8000 students at State of the City. Not sure about staff/admin.
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    omg, is that KJ! @KJHburg you better show up to the damn UP meetup
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    I don't necessarily think they shouldn't be allowed to build these. I just think they shouldn't build them. I assume they will build them if they can sell them. Opposing the design isn't a political position (in any way, in my opinion). That's why many of us support new design standards (regardless of politics). The hope is that we will get better designs for both the occupants and the people who move around the city every day. I think these are pretty awful looking, particularly at that price point and in that location. I'm surprised people want them. I also wonder why people would pay that premium to be near light rail and then want two car garages...what's the point?
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    I don't understand why Ingram isn't on all of the talk shows setting things straight and letting sports fans know what's going on.
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    It never ceases to amaze me how much professional sports teams underperform attendance-wise in Florida. You’d think it would be such a great market but it seems that teams are just perpetually coming there and staying due to perceived potential. But they’ll keep a team with 8,000 attendance in Tampa because it’s a bigger media market, rather than put the team in Nashville where the minor league team already averages around 10,000 attendance.
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    You’d think the city would send some basic correct information about the MLS stadium proposal to these radio shows that reach millions of people in the region. Isn’t this just something that a simple “basic facts” email couldn’t solve? Or have they sent stuff like that and the radio shows are just ignoring it?
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    I absolutely love this! I remember the days when we'd have to go to Atlanta for a lot of these types of concerts, and NO ONE ventured to downtown Nashville beyond the convention center and government buildings. I am beyond caring if Nashville gets a supertall skyscraper, as I'd much rather have a lively downtown than a tall one.
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    Love this idea. I just stopped by the Winter Park Library to early vote and ended up buying three old photograph books about Orlando. I'm sure I'll end up posting some of the pics on here. There are a couple of very active and insightful Orlando history groups on Facebook. Historic Orlando III is the best one I'm in. Someone on there posted old photos, including an inside one, from the old round building from the days before the extra floors were added.
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    Outer ring city news but in our TV market downtown Morganton getting its first new hotel well in years and years. https://www.morganton.com/news/groundbreaking-for-downtown-hotel-set-for-monday/article_b8550412-a718-11e8-90f6-d73df0c42a6e.html They have a nice downtown, breweries and check out Judge's BBQ outside of downtown down by the river.
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    I walked over but couldn’t quite tell what they were doing. Looks like maybe blue tape and they are re-caulking seals or something like that? I thought at first it was an “aesthetic upgrade” but now I’m not so sure.
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    More smaller cruise ships coming to Wilimington and given our population of NC I think big cruise ships should be considered at the NC Ports facility as they are successful in Charleston yet the locals hate them there. https://portcitydaily.com/local-news/2018/08/24/more-small-to-medium-cruise-ships-coming-to-downtown-wilmington/
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    good question... at the rate they're popping up in the area, I wouldn't put it past him.
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    Gators and 'Noles sure need something to keep 'em busy 'cuz the best team now are our National Champions, the Knights! *teehee*
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    Ay oh whey oh, ay oh whey oh....
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    Well, judging from the backlash to the stadium plans you do in fact need the support of people like Ingram. If you have the position that “we don’t need the support of people who don’t like liberals and leftists” you’re not going to get anything done in Tennessee. A bastion of sanity it may be, but it’s still part of the internet
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    A skyscraper for Baldwin Park (well, 7 stories, but relatively speaking)! http://bungalower.com/2018/08/23/mixed-use-development-coming-to-last-vacant-downtown-baldwin-park-lot/ From Bungalower
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    I think you should probably stop feeling like a troglodyte and start feeling like a giant among men. They sound like idiots to me.
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    Well you need something. Because you keep hyperventalating about the deal not going through.
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    This is a very poor attempt, but wouldn't Dominion Tower look cool with a crown/pyramid? Photo taken from Emporis. Poor drawing by me.
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    Anyone know what is going on with the in progress 7 Eleven at crescent station? I have seen no discernible progress in like a month . Also, Philly Connection is closed permanently :-(

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