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    Cityscapes on this crisp Fall day.
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    Wouldn't the middle of an active runway be a dangerous place for a tower?
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    Can’t wait for Ally to impact this angle. This afternoon:
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    Great shots of one of the prettiest streets in America. If only it had a lick of shopping Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    First post. I have followed this thread I have stumbled upon awhile ago while searching for something First Ward related. I live on E. 8th St between McDowell and N. Alexander. I didn't even register for an account until today because I have never have anything to offer and you guys are great. I heard some information last night and came here to see if you guys had any additional info as you guys/gals seem to be rather plugged in. I was told by a neighbor who has some contacts in the developer world. He said the parking garage can't get an engineer to sign off on the garage to open. Allegedly, the building was not built correctly and there isn't the proper supports on the structure. That is why its still a construction site wasteland and they have no idea how to remedy the situation. Anybody heard anything like this? If this is true it would be safe to say First Ward is in fact cursed.
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    Found on Reddit. “Crowds witness the ceremonial last running of streetcars in Charlotte. March 15, 1938”
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    ^^^ Hello @smitalb can something like that happen? absolutely! for there has to be some reason this garage has not opened. Even Mr Levine would want to make some money off offering monthly parking and there is the state contract to provide parking for UNCC uptown that surely by now he is in violation of. I would say your neighbor is on to something and perhaps someone on this board who works with or closely with the city can confirm. A hotel under construction at Harris Blvd and Old Statesville was torn down before completion due to construction defects and contractor dispute. A new hotel rose from its ashes. An engineering problem at a Crescent student community by UNCC had to be closed for months and tenants moved out due to an engineering problem. The best thing Levine can do at this point and sell as much of his property as possible and use the money in a 1031 tax free exchange to buy existing commercial property. We could have accommodated the whole HQ2 not the split version the whole thing on his land holdings.
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    I'm visiting Charlotte for a few days in January. Can't wait to see this in person.
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    Airport pickup today and I meet and greet in the daily garage to avoid the traffic. Not much progress since Friday LOL but better weather for the photos.
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    Thats not counting the like 600 that were added in Ashland City that week too. The barge company added 300 and a boat manufacturing company announced it was opening a plant with almost that many jobs across the highway. These are blue collar jobs, not the white collar high end jobs, but just as important. Put this in perspective that this is only a mile outside of Metro Davidson line
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    Yes these photos look like mine from Friday but was out at the airport again so what else can I do while I wait? Today in the sunshine uptown from CLT.
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    Based on what @smitalb said, I interpreted the problem as being a construction issue. An "engineer sign-off" sounds like signing off on special inspections. Structural materials, like steel and concrete, are subject to special inspections by a third party that's not affiliated with the design team, construction team, or owners. Basically it's an unbiased inspector that focuses on things like correct concrete mix. If the design engineer is not satisfied with the results of the special inspection testing, they would not sign off on the SI report, thus making the professional declaration that the deck was built per their requirements. I'm drawing a hell of a lot of conclusion from scant information, but it would explain a lot.
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    This thing is gonna be huge. I know some wanted a tower here, but honestly I don't think any of us can fathom just how large and imposing these buildings will loom.
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    If it's not related to the Gulch, please take your idiotic debate elsewhere. We've seen this play out 5,000 times on this forum. You get to a certain point and no one backs down from their positions and it devolves into snide and inflammatory comments and a big ole left vs. right circle jerk of likes and thanks. I'm sure most of you have seen Bill Murray's Groundhog Day. I feel like we keep reliving the same nonsense from the same posters. Back to the Gulch...now that there is more activity along the Division St portion, are there or should there be plans to enhance the streetscape from the new bridge to 12th? Maybe even on to the roundabout?
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    1 Music Circle South (5 stories, 120,000 sq. ft. office space) update. Looking south from Music Circle East, 1/2 block south of Music Circle North:
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    Sure. Then there is the fact that "climate change" is only seen as a "political" topic to those who subscribe to the politicians who are bought and sold by the fossil fuel industry and the narratives they financially benefit from putting out into the ether. Other folks, such as myself, simply trust scientists who have trained in the topic at hand when they agree on scientific matters. In other words, if you don't trust your heart surgeon to perform heart surgery then fine. But just because I prefer to defer to professionals in their given field instead doesn't mean the disagreement is "political" in nature. It just means that some people trust professionals and other people don't, for no particular reason. I would ask Dale, are those who believe in the Theory of Relativity nothing more than a "cult" as well?
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    I'll get this out of the way first, I'm new! Yay! Now down to business, that hotel's exterior looks nice but the rooms look cheesy. I know they are going for a tropical vibe but still. Hopefully the actual rooms will turn out to be better looking than what the renderings show. Either way, great to see this rising. Has it made an impact yet (sorry I don't this answer, I'm from STL. Just checking in)?
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    ^^ Would be nice if it had a webcam. I have looked the internet over and can't find one. I figured a high profile project like this would have a webcam.
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    While this isn't the most thrilling or exciting design for a hotel in Nashville, I can tell you that in St. Louis, we would be gushing over this for a while and be happy that a developer is actually building something new in our general Downtown area. I think this looks "ok" but this should've been taller and could've lost some of that cheap panel cladding. In my opinion, some more brick would've done the trick but that's my two-sense. I'm sure it will do great once it opens.
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    Louise Ave. , near Elliston Place:
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    There is work going on actually, demo to the existing buildings on the East parcels. The old Law firm building has been boarded up and the garage behind it, and they are demoing the interiors and filling the roll-off on site with the debris and emptying it periodically. I think the main delay is getting permission to close the street.
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    New renderings https://www.ihg.com/holidayinn/hotels/us/en/nashville/bnash/hoteldetail Website
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    I took this 3 or 4 days ago and forgot about it. As you can see, there is work going on around the base of the pyramid. This will make that step a lot less prominent and make the pyramid proportions less awkward.
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    Everyone on that corridor saw dollar signs and the land prices went out of reach and a lot of that land is still for sale like The Bros Restaurant building. You also have two clueless council people that fight pretty much anything proposed on the stretch of road past 440, so thats what we get.
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    This thread is meant to breathe some life into the St. Louis Forum on Urban Planet. Future posts by me here will be construction photos and other updates. For a full project list, please visit https://www.buildingstlnews.com/stl-projects.html Here are the largest and most transformational projects announced in 2018 in St. Louis (which includes a sliver of the county). JANUARY Solire: Delmar and Euclid (Proposed but Stalled) FEBRUARY AC Hotel in Clayton (Proposed with a Spring 2019 Start) Rainer One Apartments on Pershing in the CWE (Proposed and Approved) City Hospital Final Buildings (Under Construction) MARCH Arbor on Arco in the Grove (Proposed) Lafayette Square Infill Development by HOK (Proposed and 90% Approved) APRIL: No Large Projects MAY Cortex K by Koman (Proposed and Potentially Stalled) West Pine Townhomes (Artizan Residences - CWE) - Proposed JUNE: No Large Projects JULY SLU ISE Building (Under Construction) 3201 Morgan Ford (Proposed) AUGUST: No Large Projects SEPTEMBER: No Large Projects OCTOBER Elevate Coworking at Delmar and Euclid (Proposed) Crestwood City Center (Proposed) America's Center Expansion (Proposed) Carr Square Mixed Use (Conceptual/Under Development) Columbia Oil Building (Proposed) $20 Million Airport Terminal 2 Expansion (Planned) NOVEMBER Post Holdings Office Building - Brentwood (Proposed) Collaboration District Center and Park - Downtown West (Proposed) The Link in Loop (Proposed) Forest Park-Debaliviere TOD (Proposed)
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    I think that would be Tryon and Tryon because I think the Central Hotel was where the Omni and Bank of America Plaza is today. http://digitalcollections.uncc.edu/cdm/ref/collection/p15483coll1/id/816 and no I did not stay at the Central Hotel or have a drink at their bar LOL
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    https://tandur.com restaurant will be apart of the hotel & also9 Time share condos with balconies
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    There’s a whole lot to unpack here, lol.
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    More cladding complete, brickwork nearly finished. Windows being placed. Looking SE from intersection of 5th Ave. South and Peabody St: Looking north along 5th AVe. South, 1/2 block south of Peabody St: Looking north along 5th Ave. South, 1/2 block north of Lea Ave: Looking NW from alley between 4th AVe. South and 5th Ave. South, 1/2 block south of Peabody St: Looking west from intersection of 4th Ave. South and Peabody St:
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    I-440 is under construction, Nashville’s greatest need, to talk to some. Also, I believe that 30 or so buses are being added and routes being streamlined. So, things are getting cranked up. And this is to say nothing about the impetus Amazon may provide.
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    Asurion HQ update: As noted earlier, the fencing is up. Looking SE from 11th Ave. North, immediately under the Church Street Viaduct: Looking SW from Gulch Greenway, immediately under the Church Street Viaduct: Looking south from Church Street Viaduct, just to the east of where it crosses over 11th AVe. North: Looking east from Church Street Viaduct, just to the east of where it crosses over 11th AVe. North:
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    Ummmm....I thought this thread was talking about construction projects in The Gulch? C'mon, folks: back on topic, please.
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    Politicians could have handled it better. People like Al Gore did a huge disservice by using overhyped scare tactics. And...the "climate change money grab" by alternative energy companies, politicians, governments, etc can easily be seen through. "Give us your money and we'll cure climate change" is not the answer. Thing is...it doesn't matter what people believe as long as there are people out there like Al Gore who come across as distrustful, greedy loons.
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    In the spirit of rail travel and the holiday weekend, I often have to drive to Little Rock and back (such as tomorrow) to see in laws. It’s 5.5 hours. Air travel doesn’t make sense as it’s not direct and the trip takes as long or longer than driving. But it’s frustrating enough that I would pay a premium (especially now with a kid) to be able to sit at a table, on a train and have a cold beverage while still being able to carry a decent amount of luggage. Obviously, if I were traveling to the west coast, or New England, air travel would be far superior. But shouldn’t our rail travel goals be these “short distance” routes. Not just our nearby neighbors like Memphis, Chattanooga, and even Atlanta. But even the “within range” cities like Little Rock, Louisville, Charlotte, Cincinnati, St. Louis, Mobile. But, it seems with designing a rail route, it’s always the same problem. The same reason California is having trouble implementing its long-approved high speed rail. The say “we are building L.A. to S.F. in only 2 hours”. Then every Tom, Dick and Harry podunk town along the route says “stop in my town, or you can’t pass through”. Lawsuits follow. The answer should be an emphatic “NO”. We may build a whistle-stop in Clarksville, but sorry Ashland City, you’re out of the loop.
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    This is a nice Holiday Inn! Hopefully whoever runs the one on 10th x Broadway will get the hint to sell... but probably not.
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    Agreed. The tri-brand look on every sign is overly cluttered. It would make more sense if each was its own sign and had its own dedicated space on the facade. Ideally, each with its own dedicated entrance to minimize confusion amongst the clientele.
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    Well...that person's not the first (on either side) to start a political post. Just look at who started this one a little further back.
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    Your welcome, although it is a lot of work I added for myself I do enjoy doing it. There are a lot of missing parts needed.
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    Well for me the signage for this project pretty much suck. The colors are bland. Im sorry black and dark blue. Yuk.
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    I don't like driving in the city...but I love driving long distance. I've actually driven out west (all the way the San Fran) more than once and love seeing the country that way.
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    had to go out to CLT on business. Question what is the new building being built on Harlee Ave across from the Business Valet. Is that an AA training building or something else? Loved seeing the Piedmont jet today for Piedmont is the reason we are a hub today. Piedmont then US Air then American Airlines. You can see the old terminal A gates under renovation too. The Panera, Starbucks, Jamba Juice and NoDa Brewing all opened but not the Smashburger in Terminal A. The 11th yes 11th Starbucks is under construction at the corner of the new A gates and old A gates. Plus I found this neat model of the future airport. KJ's rare photo tour of CLT. That electronic wall art is mesmerizing in new terminal.
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    From the CLT airport deck today our ever growing skyline.
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    Here’s the Plan for Central Park, if you weren’t able to see renderings on growthspotter. http://www.cityoforlando.net/economic/wp-content/uploads/sites/25/2018/11/MPL2018-10069_ARB2018-10032-Central-Park-MPL_final.pdf
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    So cool. Not a single one of these buildings pictured existed 12 years ago
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    The architectural highlight of my quick week in Miami-seeing this masterpiece under construction. Look up the PBS program on the design and construction of this tower. She’s going to be a beauty! https://1000museum.com/
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    This might be a dumb question, but why aren't things like that caught during the permitting process? How much of the technical design is considered beyond meeting zoning and ordinance requirements? Or would something like this more likely be a failure during the construction process where the design wasn't followed properly?

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