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    I spoke to the construction guys putting the covering on the fence and was told this will be the staging area for the work on Asurion building.
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    That's fantastic! The framing, sunset, angle, everything!
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    "Cities in mirror are bigger than they appear"
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    Good News for International travelers arriving in CLT that have to go through the CBP facilities. City Council just approved a $1.1M contract with RS&H to program and scope the renovation of the CBP area at CLT. The plan is to completely demolish and reconstruct all interior areas of the CBP at CLT (ground floor of Concourse D) Sounds like as part of the redesign they will be adding 15,000 sq ft of space. This is just the initial design which usually takes 6 months. Later this year the full design contract will come before the City Council for approval. A fully redesigned and expanded CBP I would estimate could be operational by 2023. Referring to the Master Plan there will be an additional 12 Passport Kiosks and 16 more CBP Podiums. There will be 6 total bag claims. http://www.cltairport.com/AboutCLT/Documents/Development Master Plan/CLT ACEP 02232016 - FINAL.pdf
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    It will 420 feet tall since the base is really tall around the Carolina Theater. And since it is closer in this shot than the 5/3 Building behind it they look the same size.
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    @MACyr The Levine was a pleasant surprise. I didn't have any major expectations going in and I was blown away at the detail and history. I especially loved all the old photographs and maps of Piedmont cities. The article describes it pretty well and I highly recommend a visit.
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    Wow, this thing has really come along. Shot of the pyramid finishing up from today. #CharlotteRising
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    My relative who works at Duke is on the way out and is in full IDGAF mode. Apparently, plans for the 28 story parking deck were scrapped after I spilled the beans yesterday, so the design has been completed in an entirely different style,at great expense, at the last minute. Behold: Wi nøt trei a høliday in Sweden this yër?
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    DEVELOPMENT UPDATES: Freemason civic league meeting tonight w/special guests ...a councilwoman and a member of the city manager's office-- Gateway tower is a "go" with a big fish landed ...an out of town business as an anchor tenant. to be announced within 60 days, building has been tweaked and brought closer to the street. still 22 stories. MacArthur Center to be transformed completely within next 10 years ...massive changes and potentially disruptive changes totally redefining its purpose. remotely possible that it may be turned inside out, most likely to contain small service businesses, residential, office, hotel and experiential dining /retail… With potentially no anchors for retail. The Councilwoman said she is quite worried about the state of the mall. Of course they are also looking for someone to fill the Nordstrom space as it appears to be a foregone conclusion. The outlet mall performed very well during the holidays. Sales strong. IKEA on track to open on-time hiring now 340 positions. Unemployment in the city at 3.1% ...lowest since 2007. River Tower dealing with some final financing hurdles which should be overcome soon. They have met their sales goals, however. No new information on the casino wars or the African museum. Chrysler Hall renovations have been fully funded. Scope of design and execution strategy still under review and planning. They cannot rename the building, but they are considering selling the naming rights for the plaza and interior rooms. The glass light autograph hotel to open summer this year on Granby. Granby's Leaning tower to re-open in two months. The Main performing phenomenally well. It has set the bar for every other high rise & hotel development. City has already been fielding inquiries from outside of the area regarding the Norfolk Southern tower.
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    This building looks different from like every angle. Great in the pic above but weird af in this one below. It looks like part of the building is missing!! Someone said it but it’s all about the angles for LU. It will look great at night. On a side note, what is the concrete type material? How durable is it? Is there a big difference in durability versus granite? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    LOL. Charlotte mayor pro tem @JulieEiselt votes for e-scooter rules, immediately breaks them. And the person who caught/photographed/tweeted this photo (while driving?!) was Council Member Bokhari https://longleafpolitics.com/eiselt-scooter-photo/
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    and the marketing of the office space begins. https://www.foundrycommercial.com/properties/office/401-s-graham.stml
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    ^^^^oh well they would not be the first developer in town to announce a project and it never get completed. DeeDee Harris Wetland Park aka Quail Hollow Village Mr Levine and his garage and other projects like Canopy by Hilton or his Metropolitan mixed used hotel and apartment tower by trader joes Mr Ghazi the developers of 210 Trade condo tower and many others I have missed.
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    What do you mean? There's plenty of concrete on that land.
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    Welp. Things are moving along.
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    Am I missing anything?
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    Site is now being cleared. From the Tennessean... https://www.tennessean.com/story/money/2019/01/16/nashville-gulch-hotel-grundy-street-asurion-broadway/2593478002/ Workers have begun clearing a small, dilapidated property to make way for a 20-story hotel along a Gulch corridor undergoing a near-total makeover. The lot at 1101 Grundy Street is directly behind The Tennessean offices and across from a construction site where phone insurance company Asurion's new headquarters are being built on 11th Avenue North, just north of Broadway.
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    I know this doesn't quite answer your question, but I switched over to using the mobile website a while back. I found it to be more user friendly than tapatalk. (and one less app)
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    Interesting interview with Carolina Panthers owner David Tepper in Charlotte Business Journal, by Erik Spanberg, 01/15/2019. Discusses new indoor practice bubble, MLS expansion to Charlotte, upgrades at BOA stadium, such as, doubling the size of the Panthers cafeteria & improvements to weight room. City govt. appears to be poised to commit $100M+ to renovations. Link: https://www.bizjournals.com/charlotte/news/2019/01/15/carolina-panthers-owner-on-his-first-year-in-the.html

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