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    Same view two years apart.
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    Master Plan has been submitted for a mixed-use development comprised of ground floor commercial, 40 multi-family units and 256 hotel rooms at 319 N. Magnolia just south of Skyhouse. Stay tuned.
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    I used to think of Nashville's peers being Birmingham, Louisville, Memphis, Jax and Raleigh. Now, it's more like Charlotte, Indianapolis, Sacramento, San Antonio, Cincinnati, & Pittsburgh. As far as tourism, I think Nashville even exceeds those cities. To be sure, it's in a unique niche shared by only a few midsize metros.
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    Well, I just checked in with that relative who works at DUK. Per them, the bad news is that the 28 story garage is still a go. But, the good news is DUK is gonna buy Southwire, so they've got an architectural design all ready to go already. Win win -ll around: that's a big fat /s, SEC
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    Could have put this in "Economic Expansions and Relocations", but I will put this here: Duke bid to buy Santee Cooper out of South Carolina. Through direct and indirect customers, it would apparently triple their customer base in South Carolina. https://www.bizjournals.com/charlotte/news/2019/01/17/duke-energy-makes-offer-to-purchase-troubled-south.html?iana=hpmvp_clt_news_headline I say go big or go home with this new tower! 45 stories, please!
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    was a hint, not an honest to god suggestion
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    This is kind of what I am getting at in my previous posts. If everything is downtown it creates synergy effect of going to downtown for multiple potential attractions, not going to different places and then taking a train to another place, and then getting on a bus or getting an Uber to another place. . . I think we can have a reasonable debate about the merits of both DT and LHP, even if we disagree. I don't mind it just being a good add on at LHP, but I think DT would be much better. I think we all can agree that putting it in Lake Nona would be awful.
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    Spoke with someone today who told me that those parking in the Duke lot will lose their spots at the end of February
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    Any transit plan will have to include extensive public engagement about what kind of transit options are desired and where, then the preliminary engineering has to be done, then an accounting firm has to verify that the proposed dedicated revenue stream will fund the proposed engineering and right-of-way acquisition to build the system and then to operate it. Then that accounting firm's report is reviewed by the State. All of that will take several years to meet the State requirements in the IMPROVE Act before a ballot referendum can be sent to the Davidson County voters. That process may likely take longer than the four years of the next term that will end in August of 2023. That is Mayor Briley's point: can all of the above be completed before August 2023? Perhaps. Would it be likely to receive voter approval if Metro also has to raise the property tax rate during that period in order to fund the government's and MNPS's operating budgets? That's a much higher hurdle. It's not that transit discussions and planning are going to be placed on hold for four years. But having a plan in place to send to voters for approval in a referendum vote before August 2023 may be possible but with limited prospects for success. Whatever plan gets sent to voters the next time really needs to be able to pass. Rushing it but having it fail would cast a deep shadow over future regional transit planning prospects.
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    We've had some big projects with a lot of infill...but we're now in the middle of some really huge projects (and more to come, hopefully)...that feels like it's taking us to another level. When you start having projects that include more than one structure being constructed at a time (5 + B, Nashville Yards, Broadwest, Eakin - Trolley Barns area, Deja Vu site, Tennessean site, etc...then add the possibility of 2nd Ave Partners 40 story building, Paramount, KVB circle project(s)...not to mentions others that will probably announce soon...it just feels like we may shoot right through any slowdown. (fingers crossed)
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    The Duke office space at Optimist Hall appears to be (kinda) occupied. It has furniture, lights are on and there was a 4 person meeting happening just now in a conference room. Looking through the windows from the train suggests the building is otherwise unoccupied so far.
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    Update: The dual brands will be Hilton Garden Inn and Home2Home Suites. 8-story; 224 rooms
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    I'm aware. My wife's ex b/f is the founder. I'm reminded of that tidbit every so often.
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    No, I messed that up. I was thinking of the office project that is ongoing adjacent to the Hensler condo project. I switched that to Peabody Plaza in my list now. I also failed to mention the Federal Courthouse beginning to rise and added it in.
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    Caption: Downtown (Insert name of small declining Rust Belt city under 50k population here).
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    https://richmondbizsense.com/2019/01/16/farrell-pitches-coliseum-plan-brokers-group-ccv/ Good article about Tom Ferrell's pitch regarding the Navy Hill redevelopment.
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    This renovation looks nice at the "General Assembly" on N Tryon in the old city north business center. Subscriber article ""General Assembly will consist of 125,000 square feet of adaptive-reuse space at 1801 N. Tryon St. in Charlotte's North End. Austin, Texas-based Artesia Real Estate purchased the building, which totals nearly 200,000 square feet, for $8.8 million in November. The 1930s-era building has been the longtime home of the City North Business Center, a coalition of hundreds of small office, warehouse and retail tenants."" https://www.bizjournals.com/charlotte/news/2019/01/17/renderings-dramatic-transformation-in-store-for.html?ana=e_du_prem&s=article_du&ed=2019-01-17&u=oAaDx%2B74FoP4qOJ%2By4AU6dhJPpc&t=1547756804&j=86121561
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    It screams for a bit of articulation, and maybe a step in to break up what has become a clunky mass of hotel. The lack of substantial crown made it just that much more clunky. Its not the worst, but its not good either.
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    I'm shocked they aren't tearing down that clunky parking ramp and building a more efficient and taller one. Maybe that's Phase II?
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    "Mr. Phelps, your mission, should you choose to accept it..." My last name really is Phelps But, yeah, you nailed it. I have been kicked out 3x and yelled at 1x. And I have never fell off nor dropped my phone, etc
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    Wow, what a sad front door on Wendy's. It's otherwise not a bad building at all.
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    Speaking of which, I added the roof element. /For great justice
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    I do NOT want to see a population boom in NC's mountains. Let people visit there but not keep building houses and condos all over the place. The reason people go there is to enjoy the natural scenery. If it's overbuilt the very reason it's so special will be forever destroyed. The last time I was at Grandfather Mountain and went out on that swinging bridge, I had a perfect view of CONDOS! That was not the view I had there as a kid. There needs to be a moratorium on building in some of these areas.
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    Quit hating on the table now, it was made hastily.
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    You’re right about that but since I worked in that building when it was George Stuart, I’ll be sad.
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    I think they post some tongue-in-cheek things sometimes, but I don't think that it's fair to act like they're the only one who ever does anything like that. For the record, I don't think that @Mr_Bond was meaning to incite an argument at all. Still, his initial post was exemplary of a pattern that I see a lot around here, which is loading posts with connotative language and buzzwords that heavily implies invitation to political arguments. Again, I don't know if it's always the poster's intentions for their thoughts to be read this way, but I know that there have been a couple of times where I had to try and stop myself from responding and advancing a discussion that wasn't really appropriate for this forum. In keeping this on topic for transportation, I would caution against the free market necessarily being the ultimate solution to our transportation problems. In reality, the only private solutions that I have seen is ride-sharing (Uber, Lyft) and alternative forms (Bird and Lime). While these are nice contributions in their own right, they don't necessarily solve the problem of volume or accessibility in relation to congestion. Amtrak and Greyhound are private transportation systems that aren't exactly innovative or even well-run in a lot of cases. I also don't know if I feel completely comfortable with profitability being the chief-motivator behind a city's transportation system, but if there are better examples I'd be willing to check them out.
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    #1 - Never said they were. But most people who spend a small fortune to come down here to watch a football game aren't thinking about looking at paintings. Sorry, but that's just the way it is. Certainly a small percentage will be looking to do something along those lines, but in terms of total numbers, it wouldn't be typical or enough to make a big difference in attendance. As for DPAC attendees, I'm sure the percentage would be higher amongst them than the Camping World football fan crowd, but I doubt we get a huge number of out of state visitors traveling here to see things at our PAC they can see at PAC's in their own home cities and states. In short, I just don't think that in terms of sheer numbers, those two attractions would generate a large number of art museum visitors. Some, yes. But a lot, I don't think so. That's why DTO needs to become an attraction unto itself. One in which people decide to visit our art museum as just one of many local cultural amenities they'd visit and as part of exploring the city center in terms of sightseeing. #2 - If it were planned for OMA there would be no discussion, but apparently it isn't. And apparently OMA isn't interested in it either, so there must be some issue with it that makes it unacceptable. I would think the congestion, noise and ever growing crime rate might be factors. #3 & #4 - Makes perfect sense. There is a large, unused grass field directly to the south of and adjacent to the existing building. Given that they already have a decent amount of good, usable space in the existing building, they wouldn't have to build as big as they'd need to if they started over from the ground up. Factor in the cost of not having to move and transport all of their art pieces and other equipment to a new building and set everything up and it's even more economical.
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    It is. First store opened in Orlando in 2009 and now has hundreds of stores nationwide. I think their corporate office is in the Suntrust Center
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    7 months later and this thing hasn’t gone vertical yet - BUT they have leased a suite. Looks like U Break I Fix will be moving from their nook in SoDo Plaza to the corner of Orange & Michigan.
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    Well I did say "by and large", meaning most but not all. There are always exceptions to everything. But seriously, most hard core sports fans who drive down here from other states with their team's flags attached to their RV's are not here to look at paintings after the game. They're gonna hit the downtown bars and restaurants, then the theme parks if anything, then go home.
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    My last trip for a sporting event I visited 4 museums. Must not be the typical fan lol
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    I'll take whatever we can get. I'm tired of this area being behind all the others, and it looks like Norfolk is finally trying to put an end to that.
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    Having been to the NMAAHC in Washington, D.C., that was an amazing experience. The museum on Hampton's campus is another great one, so if this can be anywhere close to those two museums, Norfolk has a winner on its hands. This sounds very promising, esp. with the UN and National Endowment for the Arts behind it.
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    To circle back on this...this building was 11,860 sq ft. Orlando Health just applied for a permit to build a new imaging center across the street in an empty lot they own. 6700 sq ft. No movement on the building that was sold yet.
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    I made this very point a couple weeks ago in another thread (a NoDa thread, I think) that Southend should be "downtown" because, in my mind, you can't have an uptown if you don't have a downtown. Charlotte is the only city I know of where that is the case and it seems rather pretentious to me, which is why I don't like calling the center city "uptown." But that said, I like the name "Southend."
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    I looked up “bleak” in the dictionary and it had this photo.
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    I saw an interesting tidbit in this article about a law firm leasing space at Riverfront Plaza. The third quarter report from Thalhimer looks pretty good too.
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    Well said! Well, I work with people who are constantly calling the Novel properties, the employees always say "Naw-Vul" like the book/adjective, but these co-workers still say "No-vawl" etc. I still don't get that That seems arbitrary but I'll just lol
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    Sooo... it seems that people have very mixed opinions of Legacy Onion Just thought I'd share.
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    Mass transit will have moved on to "smart train" technology by the time they decide to expand. No tracks will be needed with this type of light rail.
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    In English proper nouns do not follow the pattern of common nouns. Row-anne county NC, for example rather than row-un. Novel Stonewall is a proper noun and can be pronounced in whatever way the creator of the project wishes.
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    You will get a colonial brick building and you’ll like it too!
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    THIEF! Boo this man! Rabble, rabble, rabble...

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