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    I am genuinely curious about this apparent blasé attitude to the Latta Arcade, especially when it one of the few historic structure we haven't torn down. The Arcade is not at its best but it's not tear down worthy, and if it ever is I will actually lose patient with this city.
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    "Adjacent to Bank of America Stadium, this development will be the signature entrance to Center City Charlotte from I-277 and South End. It will change the skyline with two large office towers, an 800-room hotel, retail options and the 5th largest parking deck in the world." oh and drumroll please *AND THE AWARD FOR THE WEIRDEST INSTANCE OF GIVING YOURSELF A PAT ON THE BACK GOES TO.* drum roll.... Lincoln Harris, for bragging about having the 5th largest parking deck in the world. Something I don't even think I could prove right or wrong, because who even claims that, in a time where autocentricity is a negative aspect of charlotte development.
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    anyone remember when Charlotte got this stock ticker, and we thought we ARRIVED as a city. lol
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    I go out of town for 1 day and many are trying to tear down Latta Arcade! Are you freaking crazy? It is a wonderful little 1910s arcade that seems fully leased and offers lower rents for restaurants and retail than all the high rises around it. Leave this treasure of a building alone and believe me there would be a huge fight and I will personally lead it. Save the Arcade! Some of y'all must be working too hard take a break drive to the ocean like me relax have your Krispy Kreme doughnut and a coffee overlooking the ocean and forget your troubles and this terrible idea to wipe away one of uptown's last historical treasures.
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    I'm sure I'm in the minority, but I really think this building will look pretty sweet when it's lit up at night. Especially when surrounded by the new Ally tower and LU2. It will eventually blend in as Stonewall gets built out.
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    No, no, NOOOOO! Please, for the sake of history AND architectural beauty, put your paint cans away! A dear Australian friend of mine (may she rest her soul in peace) once asked me, "Why do Americans paint brick?" It was the most absurd idea to her and she couldn't comprehend it. Did this brick-painting idea in this country start with the White House? (We worked together in an office a block away from the White House so she was frequently confronted with that concept.) Brick is natural. It reflects the beautiful colors of the elements of the earth from which it is derived. And that old hotel is stunningly gorgeous to me. The worst travesty that I can imagine, other than tearing it down, would be to paint it. Come live in California for awhile, where you don't see much brick at all, and maybe your perspective will change. When I lived in the East I loved stucco. Now that I'm here, where almost everything is stucco, I fall in love with the brick buildings when I'm back East.
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    Story about UNC Charlotte growth and the max. enrollment would be 40,000 with the land it has. ""Both PORTAL and UNC Charlotte are on a roll, with enrollment at the university topping 29,700 during the fall semester, an all-time high for the school that was founded in 1949. That number makes it third among other University of North Carolina System institutions, behind UNC Chapel Hill and N.C. State. That’s getting close to the goal of 35,000 by 2025 set by Dubois. He now says the university may have to boost that goal. “We’re talking about it,” Dubois says. A study found the maximum number of students UNC Charlotte could handle is 40,000 with the amount of land it owns, Dubois says."" subscriber article https://www.bizjournals.com/charlotte/news/2019/02/11/photos-whats-driving-unc-charlottes-record-setting.html?ana=e_du_prem&s=article_du&ed=2019-02-11&u=oAaDx%2B74FoP4qOJ%2By4AU6dhJPpc&t=1549917642&j=86602611
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    Speaking of LU, their website has been updated with a cool video. Even shows LU2 and how the signage will look. http://www.legacyunioncharlotte.com/ Until now (picture above also illustrates this too), I did not realize there was a balcony on the top floor right below the BOA signage.
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    I watched it twice because I expected a video where they had something going on at the site, not ending with them driving up to the no trespassing sign outside of the site
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    Yes no paint and yes I am sure they will be new windows for a hotel. Please name another red brick building of any size in uptown Charlotte? None that is why despite it is not be spectacular it still needs to be saved. Red brick symbolizes NC and our red dirt.
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    Amazon is planning on hiring 1,000 people in Nashville by the end of 2019, and will temporarily set up shop at Sun Trust Plaza on Commerce & 5th Ave. North until their towers are built in Nashville Yards. More behind the NBJ paywall here: https://www.bizjournals.com/nashville/news/2019/02/08/amazon-negotiating-lease-for-downtown-office-space.html
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    Nice to see them establish the future phases, even if only a tiny bit.
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    Hawkers has soft opened. They said all food is 50% off for lunch today and all day tomorrow.
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    I don't think that the arcade is going anywhere. This site is more than big enough for two residential towers.
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    So you get a scooter form downtown to your house. Then have to park blocks away from you house because there is no "dock" near your house? Kinda defeats the ENITRE PURPOSE of them...
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    and yet we have a red brick empty building on N Tryon (Hall House) that some want painted over. I do like the design of this Lennar tower for it is different and has some jenga qualities to it.
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    FTR, I just want to make clear that I’m not blase about Latta arcade being removed. It definitely should not be removed. I can’t imagine a scenario in which it is removed unless it was an extraordinary situation.
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    I thought the pyramid would be additive. It is officially the worst part now
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    Noticed that too. However, I would think the desire would for any hotel here to be a convention hotel, meaning it would need to have at least 300 rooms. The city has long talked about needing a large convention hotel, and being adjacent to the arena would make perfect sense. It would also lend creedence to gman's 15 story rumor. Heck, Greensboro has a 30 story hotel with 1000 rooms adjacent to their arena. Only question would be, can we support that many more new rooms. I would think we couldn't right now with all the other new ones. But if so, at least maybe in a few more years, a 15-20 story hotel building on top of parking, a couple floors of condos, topped of with a scenic restaurant, could make for a new city tallest.
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    We are about 3,000 rooms short of where we should be downtown, from my research.
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    do you know who else remembers? Google.
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    the new parking garage at the airport is 7000 spaces for rental cards and just paid parking. It is by far the largest in the city and the state and the Carolinas.
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    Raleigh is a tricky apples-to-apples comparison because of city boundaries. Wake County vs Meck County would probably yield almost identical density. (...too lazy to do the math)
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    I'm surprised this didn't have a formal groundbreaking and began fairly quietly. I guess there are way too many projects to get the dignitaries together to break ground on all of them. For a project like this, a formal event should be held. It will transform this part of Downtown as well as the skyline and that is something worth celebrating.
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    I was chatting with @Jayvee about Suntrust, and I started looking into what hotels were right near their HQ building in Atlanta, and I was stunned to see that their three largest hotels are all in a row. two of these hotels were built when Atlanta had a smaller metropolitan area than Charlotte. This isn't even including Westin Peachtree, which has 1063 rooms. So between 4 hotels there are 5235 rooms, which rivals all of Uptown.
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    ^^^ I have always felt Raleigh was a lot more dense in population they have a lot of apartments and many more townhome projects than we have had. Cary being an expensive suburb continues that. Wilmington where I am today has a lot more patio homes and homes on small lots due to the lack of available non wetland land in the city.
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    The more I've been thinking about it, the more I think this is going to LU. There is more than enough land there to build out (assuming GS/LH banks the Duke bldg.) and it is in the Epicenter of where all the banks are moving (WF consolidating into DEC, BofA inv banking moving to LU, Regions, Ally, etc).
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    These would have more foot traffic. The bus stops are the unique shelters on Tryon inside Uptown, plus the shelter on Trade by the Omni.
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    Money talks but regulation is more important. They could try to get it changed. But I highly doubt it. Latta arcade is unique and a huge draw. They wont get rid of it anytime soon. There are still surface lots in uptown that would be a better option for development. Could it use a facelift? Yes. But I love it and would hate to see it go.
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    I like the pyramid open too. It would look awkward filled all the way to the top. It will look better lit up like that as well. A lot of pyramid tops are like that.
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    Estimated 2019 Pop. and Density of 10 Largest N.C. / S.C. Cities 1. Charlotte 889,019 429.34/sq. mile 1,121/sq.km 2. Raleigh 485,679 499.23/sq. mile 1,293/sq.km 3. Greensboro 292,265 338.99/sq. mile 878/sq.km 4. Durham 279,501 377.61/sq. mile 978/sq.km 5. Winston-Salem 247,222 277.99/sq. mile 720/sq.km 6. Fayetteville 208,254 210.04/sq. mile 544/sq.km 7. Cary 170,330 449.42/sq. mile 1,164/sq.km 8. Charleston 140,178 191.51/sq. mile 496/sq.km 9. Columbia 135,299 149.42/sq. mile 387/sq.km 10. Wilmington 123,432 448.65/sq. mile 1,162/sq.km Link: http://worldpopulationreview.com/us-cities/
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    Story about the new Novant buildings including the new 7 story one at Hawthorne and 4th. https://www.bizjournals.com/charlotte/news/2019/02/11/update-on-novant-healths-166m-medical-plaza-in.html?ana=e_ae_set1&s=article_du&ed=2019-02-11&u=oAaDx%2B74FoP4qOJ%2By4AU6dhJPpc&t=1549917470&j=86602611
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    I actually like it open, if it ends up being brighter up there.
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    Thats old news. I've pointed that out a bunch of times.
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    Drove by around 1:00 today. There were two trucks on the lot with several workers in safety vests.
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    I'd like to see a twin tower set-up with a common base like the Time Warner Center in NY.
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    New windows alone would make a world of difference for that building.
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    Really hope that isn't true. There are many excellent taquerias in S GR, but Taqueria San Jose is among the best.
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    I'm about to join him with the next few weeks' weather forecast. Steve Heacock will be great for this role. He's an avid kayaker in addition to being so well known in the community.
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    Ugh, Sheri Weiner introduced this ordinance this week that would end dockless scooters in Nashville. https://www.nashville.gov/Metro-Clerk/Legislative/Ordinances/Details/393b1fac-6b4f-4a8b-9914-5e9cb3192757/2015-2019/BL2019-1488.aspx
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    If Latta Arcade is removed it better be replaced with something exquisite. I can’t imagine what would be more exquisite than the historic Arcade though. That parking deck, otoh, needs be gone tomorrow.
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    They could cantilever over the arcade.
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    Not sure how this subject got into the photo of the day thread, but I'll play along. The building in question was originally the Mutual Savings & Loan Building, with Mutual occupying the ground floor. Later, the Charlotte Chamber of Commerce took the first floor. For many years earlier, the Charlotte City Club was on the 2nd and 3rd floors. Word was it was chosen as "neutral teritory," with many influential members being associated with the two big Charlotte banks of that time, NCNB and First Union. Fast-forward to the present. It's an obvious tear-down. Nobody's going to shell out 30 large for a building of that size in order to renovate it. I suspect they're thinking bigger, as in buying the Latta Arcade and Brevard Court, and tearing them down, too. This would be met with a great deal of caterwauling from the preservationists, but the Latta Arcade is in pretty rough shape, and is sitting on too valuable a site for such a small structure. They could win a lot of public relations points by then building a larger two- or three-story retail arcade running the length of the block from Tryon to Church, with an office tower on top of it, and two or three levels of underground parking below it. South Tryon is a coveted address. Make no small plans for this site.
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    Can't be torn down? I'm not buying it. It wouldn't be easy, but money talks (and I mean the certainty of exponentially greater property tax revenue for the city and county), and combined with the promise to incorporate some of the historical architectural materials into a new arcade, and they're on the way. Status as a historical landmark or whatever the proper designation is can cause delays and red tape, not to mention pearl-clutching from the Hysterical Society, but at the end of the day, it's private property.

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