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    Well, it's a sensitive subject...
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    With the dark glass they are planning. I think it'll have great contrast with the mid and light grey. New rendering alert!
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    I am largely with you. My support for these and similar renovation project is because (1) the numbers do not yet work to demolish these buildings and put up three-story buildings (there are buildings going on vacant lots, but remediation and demolition costs are higher than most people imagine) or else people would be doing that, and so finding a way to clean them up in the meantime rather than putting lots of materials in landfills is better for the neighborhood and the environment and (2) the overhead power lines on this portion of the north side of Woodland Street appear to preclude building buildings up to that height up to the street anyway, as evidenced by the 901 Woodland building. Even the version of this site plan that Planning recommended had parking in front but parallel to Woodland. So if you have two options -- one being to keep drab buildings drab and the other being to recruit and cheerlead reinvestment in them, make the property owner replace the existing crumbling sidewalk at no cost to Metro, require the property owner to create parking at the rear of these structures along the alley to clean up the alley and meet the rest of the parking requirement -- then I know what the easy choice is. Doing renovations of these buildings also tends to help keep or attract local, smaller businesses than the chains or larger ventures that tend to be able to afford the rents in the ground-floor retail spaces in many multi-story buildings. There are exceptions. But restaurants, coffee shops, local small retail and office tends to need lower rents than what complete new construction can support. I am particularly interested in attracting the retail (nonfood) sector to this portion of Woodland Street to make it somewhat of a shopping destination. And if a shared parking plan allows a visitor to park at one spot and walk to the others, then I encourage that as well. But we need the retail to attract the shoppers first and East Nashville retail has never been able to depend for survival solely on the spending from East Nashville residents who can walk to the corner store. If you or someone you know wants to purchase these lots or others and build a three-story building, please do. And let me know how I can help. But in the world that I live in, I need to make appropriate decisions when working with Metro Departments and property owners to encourage gradual investment to keep raising the overall commercial temperature along Main and Woodland to get us to the point at which the larger buildings that the design guidelines envision are an economic possibility. We have come a long way quite quickly but we are not quite there yet in terms of replacing existing structures with new ones. And the new ones will be less easy to finance if there is disinvestment or vacancy in surrounding existing buildings. And these renovations do not preclude that demolition and replacement happening in the future, but it simply may not take place until the next cycle.
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    If there is one thing I’m certain of, it’s that David Furman will deliver the best project that the 10Tryon site can produce, working with the obvious limitations of what the N Tryon corridor is. We have so many great projects going on right now, but this one will be one of the most impactful... I’m really looking forward to it getting off the ground.
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    New Lights are finally up!
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    Southwest is going to increase capacity through BNA by about 30%. Will go from, currently, 101 daily flights to 133 by June. Official announcement, routes, etc will be revealed at a later date
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    All my friends are in low places. Like internet message boards.
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    I remember how much you guys love white brick on old structures! Formerly Phat Burrito. Currently Flowerchild
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    Per https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_tallest_buildings_in_Nashville:
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    Not @Rockatansky obviously but the general problem is the mismatch of the area to the expected availability of employment. Lots of digital ink gets spilled on this forum about TDOT and their four-lane divided highways to nowhere. The vast majority of these have economic development in their purpose and need statements. While I don't mind them (mostly because I get paid to plan and design them) many question their ROI. But the more nuanced question is whether encouraging small factories, distribution centers, etc. spread out across the state is a healthy growth model. Is it prudent to set up a system where geographically-isolated communities rely on one employer for their livelihood? What happens when these businesses close or relocate, as they frequently do? Can workers whose skills revolve around manufacturing, etc. pivot to the jobs remaining in a rural area after the one factory packs up and leaves town? The state of many small towns in Tennessee (and in particular coal country) suggests otherwise. The hard truth is that many of the jobs being promoted by these efforts are better suited for more urban areas. For any community you need a critical mass of both employees and employers where one is not put out if there is a shortage of the other. This critical mass is smaller for many small-town businesses (restaurants, banks, etc.) that only employ a handful of people, but it's larger for industrial businesses that often have hundreds of workers. The critical mass isn't necessarily Nashville-sized but it's not, say, Linden-sized either. I hate to see people forced to leave their homes but it's a reality of the industrial and post-industrial world. Of course the other side of this is that rural residents still play a vital role in the state's economy. Agriculture accounts for ~15% of Tennessee's GDP (which is about the same as Nashville's contribution as a whole). People on here and elsewhere like to turn up their noses at the serfs out in the hinterlands but these are the people who are growing your food, mining the materials you need to build cities, etc. They're citizens of the state just as much as any urbanite and they're suffering too: low economic mobility, opioid epidemics, etc. Again, look at coal country. The state can't ignore them just because there's a bunch of sexy towers going up in the capital.
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    glad to see she's putting up a fight. This building is a bomb shelter of a structure.
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    From my vantage point on the 24th floor of the Westin.
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    Here are some notes from the AA/CLT Aviation Department's Town Hall meeting yesterday (copy and paste from a post on facebook). The plans for the airport remodeling are quite extensive, with most completion dates being 2023-2024 (4-5 years away). Here we go: B-Con: hope to have completed by Thanksgiving. The total completion of B&C, by the RNC. Expanding charging capabilities throughout the terminals. E-Con Phase II: The update to include 3 elevators, and the addition of more escalators, totaling 2 up, and 2 down. Upper level (8 lane roadway): 3 lanes for commercial vehicles, 5 for private. Hopes to transfer traffic to the “new” road within 4-6 weeks, and to have to whole project done by October. 90 ft. Terminal lobby expansion: scheduled completion, 2024. It will be done in phases, as they still have to be able to check people in and utilize that area. A-Con Phase II: 10 gate expansion, estimated completion, 2023. Parking lots 1 &4 to be used as employee parking. All other lots will be used for overflow parking. (I know. We’re already cramped as is). This will be done within the next 4-6 weeks. New de-icing pad: 2023-2024 They will have to start on some runway and taxiway rehabs. The one that will take place almost immediately is RWY 18L/36R. They will start milling out some of the asphalt and replacing it each night, as they will still have to continue to use this runway. Dec said they will start now through Thanksgiving, and come back in March, and finish late spring of 2020.
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    Pyramid perportions are goofy. #nowayaroundit
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    These are some of the ideas generated from the first meeting at Greater Mt Zion Baptist Church on West Boulevard the
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    Nope, still look like two short buildings that should be one tall building. And there it is! Thanks nashmoney for putting me over the top and to Bna and everyone who made this possible! I’m especially proud that this happened on a post where I’m ridiculing short buildings.
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    The streetcar also fights crime!
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    MGM partners with AEG for hotel at The Yards. https://www.bizjournals.com/nashville/news/2019/03/07/mgm-joins-name-brand-roster-at-downtown.html AEG, which owns and operates a range of music venues and sports teams around the world, is aiming to begin construction in the third quarter, spokesman Michael Roth told the Nashville Business Journal. As plans stand today, Roth said AEG and MGM expect to build the following: A music venue with capacity for 4,000 people A smaller venue “entertainment club” A nine screen movie theater 90,000 square feet of office space A 315 hotel with 25,000 square feet of meeting space. Notably the hotel has 30 percent more rooms than first announced. A range of food and beverage options, and other entertainment options as well
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    If the tower crane is installed within the building structure, it is usually if not always the bottom portion of the elevator shaft. The crane rises throughout the shaft. After the crane goes way, the elevators are installed in the shaft.
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    Up to 8th floor. Looking NW from intersection of West End Ave. and 20th Ave: Looking NE from West End Ave., 1/2 block west of 20th Ave: Looking south along 20th Ave. North, 1/2 block north of West End Ave:
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    Mr_Bond is now our official welcome wagon. Thanks for always giving the quick welcome to the new folks. Welcome @Andy20!
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    ‘hardwood-inspired flooring’ hahaha got to love marketing people.
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    KJ is in touch even in Houston this important info from the Lennar Ellis Business Journal article about 10 Tryon! ""David Furman of Centro Cityworks, who has been planning a mixed-use project that includes boutique office space and a grocery store in front of SkyHouse Uptown, underlined the importance of having a project like The Ellis in proximity to his land, on North Tryon between Ninth and 10th streets. Furman has owned that property for years, having acquired it after seeing Tryon Street take off across a long period of growth. Bank of America and its predecessors acquired and developed much of the real estate on Tryon Street, including north of the Square, so it felt like a good bet that North Tryon would continue its trajectory. But then, coming out of the last recession, center city real estate activity instead concentrated along the Stonewall corridor, South Tryon and South End. “The momentum pulling that way just sucked so hard on this end of town,” Furman said. The continued hope is the tide is starting to turn. Furman noted the LMC site is about equidistant to Trade and Tryon streets as Legacy Union, where multiple towers are quickly rising at Stonewall and Tryon streets with anchors like Bank of America and Deloitte. His own North Tryon project, 10Tryon, remains alive. “We’ve got a big story to tell, but I need one more little thing to fall into place,” he said. emphasis mine subscriber article https://www.bizjournals.com/charlotte/news/2019/03/06/how-lmc-project-marks-a-big-step-forward-for.html?ana=e_du_prem&s=article_du&ed=2019-03-06&u=oAaDx%2B74FoP4qOJ%2By4AU6dhJPpc&t=1551908001&j=87076621
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    Have you guys checked Charlotte’s crime statistics for the other 51 weekends of the year when the tournament is not in Town???? I get it, having 100,000 to 150,000 “urban” people uptown for the CIAA tournament can be difficult for some people to adjust to. Three to four days out of the year appears to be too big of an inconvenience for many people, economic benefits be damned. This passive racism has got to stop. Please consider all of the facts first before posting. These comments are hurtful not only to me but to many other members of Urban Planet who are a part of the very same demographic. Some your fellow posters are quiet when these comments are made for various reasons including but not limited to the desire for acceptance, or just simply being numb to racist comments. I am guilty of this as well. There are ways to be address specific issues in a non offensive manner (see @CLT2014 ‘s comment above). Everyone on UP should be afforded the same respect. Many of the NBA All Star parties referenced in an earlier post attracted the very same demographic of people at even higher numbers! No one complained because of the prestige that comes with hosting an All Star Game. I’ll end with this, please consider the very reason why HBCU’s exist in the first place. The CIAA is more than a basketball tournament, it’s a homecoming for most. North Carolina has more HBCUs than most states. North Carolinians in the HBCU community are proud of this fact. The people attending these events have stronger connections to Charlotte and North Carolina in general than many of transplants that currently live in Charlotte. I am more than happy to engage in dialogue via DM or phone for those who wish to understand my position in greater detail.
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    Hooking up a DEC2 construction cam?
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    OK Guys, This was sort of the original intent of the Bits and Pieces Thread. It was sort of to cover areas of town and ad hoc news that there may not be a tread for somewhere. This could be bad news such as job layoffs or simply a business expansion but it was NOT intended for a GENERAL DISCUSSION THREAD. That is what the Coffee House is for. I try really hard to have a steady as you go style and no to ban or warn individuals on the board because frankly I like all of you. Sometimes we get a dingdong from another city come in and stir the pot and we just try to make them go away, but I always love to have participation from other boards too. Serious participation and being able to show our City off. If things get a little weird or out of hand I just simply close a thread for a bit and let everyone breath. Again the typed word such as this is just about the worst way in the world to communicate because most of us are not professional writers and do not now how to write with enough emotion to really get our point across without upsetting the balance of power and starting WWIII. Just saying this to let you know where I am at and Lord know I am not perfect either.
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    We get two construction cameras for this project. Bonus shots of 1200 Broadway and Grand Hyatt / Nashville Yards. https://app.oxblue.com/open/brasfieldgorrie/asurioncampus
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    There's a joke in there, you just have to find it..
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    Famed urbanist Jerry Seinfeld can explain it to you.... (If you dont want to watch the full 5 minutes her name was Doloris)
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    Accent Cumberland (two 4 story buildings, 282 apartments) has started on 7.9 acres at 541 Great Circle Rd. in MetroCenter. Westplan Investors Group is the developer and Poole & Poole is the archistecture firm. No renderings yet. More behind the Nashville Post paywall here: https://www.nashvillepost.com/business/development/article/21049886/metrocenter-apartment-project-start-looms Looking SW from Great Circle Drive, 1/2 block SW of Mainstream Drive: Looking NW from Great Circle Drive, 1/2 block north of Rosa L. Parks Blvd: This screen shot from Smeagolsfree's excellent development map shows the site highlighted in red at the center of the frame:
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    Agreed... kinda gives it a 'revamped industrial warehouse' kinda feel!
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    Sanger Heart and Vascular Institute went vertical.
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    From same article. Someone from the City/UNCC hold this dbags feet to the fire. Daniel Levine, whose family owns several blocks in First Ward, said a project like The Ellis helps “set the tone” for the rest of First Ward insofar as density and mixture of uses. Levine is partnering with Raleigh-based Concord Hospitality on a hotel at Eighth and College, adjacent to LMC’s project on the same block. Levine declined to comment on other upcoming projects in the vicinity or whether his firm would sell land for others to develop, as it did with Lennar. Levine Properties has been under construction on a massive parking deck at 10th and Brevard streets for almost four years, a project that still remains unfinished — it’s “mostly complete” but has some finishing specifications due, Levine said. Wood-framed apartments by Levine Properties were originally planned to wrap that deck but Levine has since developed a new plan for the multifamily phase: a 12-story, concrete-frame building with more than 400 units. That project is through design development and is currently being priced with a general contractor, Levine said, though it’s not clear when those units might begin construction or deliver.
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    The Three Sister's Market, Charlotte's first food co-op looks to be already in the design phase and looking to Open in 2020. They had a site plan for the location at the Corner of Clanton Road and West Boulevard that included a teaching farm, outdoor market, and grocery store building. Will be interesting to see this gain some momentum, I'll see if I can track down some renderings.
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    I saw a small sketch on some photos of the public meeting documents regarding the layout of the additional mixed use buildings when Planning was asking for input and was intrigued. It seemed to hint at an architectural style that I think would be awesome for a soccer town adjacent to the stadium. This is looking from the west on Wedgewood. The Skyline structure is interesting in that it seems to support some sort of rooftop eatery. But the early 20th century building style is an awesome touch. I hope it turns out like this. Eagerly awaiting final renderings.
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    To be fair, this area is long past that concern. There are thousands of homes on all sides of it. My real comment is that area has two major concerns: it is right next to the landfill and the existing residents were up in arms about the smell (NEWSFLASH! You bought a home by the dump!) and the fact that this neighborhood is fully in the rocket zone potentially having unexploded ordinance in the ground. Not everyone is Spence and knows the history of Orange County, but I know I lived out there when they found the bombs at Odyssey Middle and closely watched the reports to see if my home was in the zone. Thankfully, it wasn't. This neighborhood is.
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    Unfortunately I don't have an answer to your question, but I would like to welcome you to the forum!
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    7 Eleven managed to find its way into Celebration - new location on Celebration Blvd near the I-4 exit. Well, at least it looks good!
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