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    looking down from 26floor Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    the new "center" of uptown Charlotte corner of Stonewall and Tryon drive by today.
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    Misc uptown projects like Miniwarehouse tower on 7th and 277 and looking down Tryon at the cranes. Bearden Park grass is coming back. Duke Energy Center always is a good shot.
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    3 dump trucks lined up to remove more soil today
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    Second crane base spotted on 8th st side Steel cage under first crane already Lost of pile driving at 9th and college intersection Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    How about they name it after a Charlotte institution and call it Bojangles Bank? "BoBank" has a nice sound.
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    From above and afar but steel rising at Jonas Fed Courthouse.
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    Dole Foods formally signs lease for space for execs at 200 South Tryon. Wonder if they will quietly start calling this the HQ as they have sold their Westlake Village CA building another stealth relocation LOL https://www.bizjournals.com/charlotte/news/2019/04/15/dole-signs-lease-for-executive-office-in-uptown.html
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    The old Allstate office building reborn as Proximity Park after a renovation. Ample free parking AND walking distance to LYNX. (Allstate moved over to Innovation Park the reborn IBM campus)
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    from my own photo above it appears as if the crane from Ally Tryon Place is trying to remove the pyramid atop the Legacy.
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    The Better Parts of the Best Country Regional Bank. BPBCRB for short, of course. You heard it here first! /s
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    From the Orlando Business Journal about a 2nd tower here and sounds like they have a great deal of interest. ""Dallas-based Lincoln Property Co. — the developer of the rising SunTrust Plaza at Church Street Station — expects to break ground by the end of this year or January 2020 for its adjacent mixed-use project, called "T2 at Church St Station," Austin Stahley, Lincoln Property's Florida region director, told Orlando Business Journal. The tower is expected to be a similar size to its 28-story, $133 million sister at the northwest corner of Garland Avenue and South Street. The general contractor is Dallas-based Austin Commercial, and the architect is Orlando-based Baker Barrios Architects. Renderings weren't immediately available. Leasing also is progressing for the project, Stahley said. "We’re in discussions with several companies, but very far along with three tenants that would put the second tower at approximately 50% pre-leased."" "https://www.bizjournals.com/orlando/news/2019/04/12/construction-to-start-soon-on-next-downtown-office.html?ana=e_du_prem&s=article_du&ed=2019-04-15&u=oAaDx%2B74FoP4qOJ%2By4AU6dhJPpc&t=1555356587&j=87829681
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    I noticed from Flightradar24. 2 Alaska Airlines from Seattle arrivals at BNA start tomorrow.
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    I spoke with a city fire fighter and they have been told to prepare for a substantially higher number than 200k for event.
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    Only 2,000? I would have guessed it was closer to 200,000.
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    According to The Buffalo News, “Mecklenburg County in North Carolina (Charlotte’s home county) is the No.1 choice for Erie County residents moving out of state…with more than 2,000 people relocating there (between 2004 and 2010).” And I'm sure there have been even more since 2010.
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    I covered CMA/Fan Fest for the Tennesseean a couple of times about 10 years ago, and I met a good many Germans and French folks on the streets. There are significant (though small, compared to the US) country music fanbases in both of those countries, as well as Australia.
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    I disagree. Domestically Nashville is extremely popular, in the UK it is beginning to be popular, everywhere else I have been... not so much. Thats not to say it won’t get popular or known in the future internationally. But right now Nashville really is only known about in English speaking countries, and that statement is a generous one lmao. Sometimes I feel like Nashvillians think of their city too highly, me included at times.
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    It is a tragic loss for the world. Hopefully they can restore as much as possible but who knows how much art has been lost inside the building that will never be replaced. I am not a real lover of art but I know treasures when I see them and I really hate it for France.
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    The footage I'm seeing is making me cry. Plus...there are priceless works of art inside of the cathedral. I hope they can at least save enough of the structure to renovate...but it's not looking good.
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    It is going to be awesome from what I've heard
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    LUBT at Legacy Union now announces its 70 story 999 foot tall all glass spiral tower.
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    Heads up! Temp. changes coming to 408/South St exits on I-4 Eastbound. https://i4ultimate.com/exit82/
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    Trains are already full/standing room only for many commute legs. Can’t wait to see groceries join the party. I don’t believe anyone is going to do their Publix run before they get on the train except for one-offs like needing milk or bread but if there’s a Trader Joe’s I think you’ll see it a lot. If there’s anything that gives suburbanites more anxiety than navigating commuter rail, it’s parking at Trader Joe’s.
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    New designs released for pie-in-the-sky Vertical Medical City, according to Bungalower: https://bungalower.com/2019/04/15/new-designs-released-for-lofty-vertical-medical-city/
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    Toronto, already jammed with towers is only building more. In this video, released just last week, the guy filming counted over 45 cranes in the downtown core, in addition to the 31 buildings of over 600 ft. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ovaiZejy_pI&t=
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    Nashville may be known by many in non-English-speaking countries such as Germany, France, Japan, etc. But I'm not so sure that is the point. The question is simple: Is Nashville"understood and desired as a destination city" by the average citizen of the world? The answer as I see it is a resounding "no." That's not a dig on our city. It is what it is. Las Vegas is understood and a lure for world travelers. New Orleans is, too. Nashville … not as much so. Ron, John, Bob and I all agree on this. Binbin98 does too. Some of you, in contrast, do not agree with us and that's fine. I try simply to look at this objectively. No doubt, however, our "reputation from the world community" is improving. The TV show helped. The convention center helps. The NMAAM will help. The airport will help. It's getting better but there is work to be done. We will get there. This city is charging forward.
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    When I studied in Germany three summers ago, every single German I spoke to had at least heard of Nashville, and many recognized it as a symbol of the Country Western genre. Again, this can't be said for the whole of the international community, but Nashville's reputation and good press can extend beyond the Anglosphere! Granted, I was very surprised that so many Germans knew about my humble hometown. (It could be the popularity of Jack Daniel's. Seriously.) A side note from a Gen Z'er to a fellow Gen Z'er: Can you cull the usage of "lol" and "lmao" when they aren't necessary? I'm not trying to call you out or act like I'm a well-read critic, but it waters down your argument a bit. My writing is no golden rule (I'm an engineering major), but the lol/lmao/haha stuff drives me up the wall sometimes, especially when I see people my age using them in an otherwise serious context.
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    Quote from Binbin 98 said: I disagree. Domestically Nashville is extremely popular, in the UK it is beginning to be popular, everywhere else I have been... not so much. Thats not to say it won’t get popular or known in the future internationally. But right now Nashville really is only known about in English speaking countries, and that statement is a generous one lmao. Sometimes I feel like Nashvillians think of their city too highly, me included at times. Sorry, Binbin98 but your comment is not an accurate observation. To state that Nashville is only known about in English speaking countries is simply laughable. I have lived in the U.K., France, Germany and Japan and for more than 30 years I traveled to countless other places. Nashville is known in each of those countries and popular awareness of the city has been strong for decades. Awareness of the city grew even more in the past 10 years with the tv series “Nashville”. Country music and its personalities have been popular in countries all over the world and English remains very much the universal language.
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    More preparations for the NFL Draft as downtown gets ready. https://www.tennessean.com/story/sports/nfl/draft2019/2019/04/12/nashville-restaurants-bars-brace-crowds-2019-nfl-draft/3403326002/
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    https://i4ultimate.com/project-info/ That junction, I4 and FL 408*, is Central Florida’s busiest interchange.. * The Spessard L. Holland East-West Expressway for those keeping score at home.
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    One of the most iconic structures in the world. A really tragic day.
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    I don't thing we are overrating ourselves at all. I get out and Uber sometimes literally to just see and talk with people coming in to town. It's nothing to do 5 or 6 rides in row without getting anyone from Tennessee much less Nashville.
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    Plans for The Kirby (5 stories, 104 units, ground floor retail)at 1234/1236 Martin St. in WeHo are being altered to now fit in with future phases of The Finery (to the west across martin St.). It appears the new design will be similar in size, but will have a different usage than primarily residential. Hines Development out of Houston will be taking a more prominent role alongside Core Development. More details to be released soon. This segment of a rendering was released without much explanation. More info behind the Nashville Post paywall here: https://www.nashvillepost.com/business/development/article/21064394/developer-alters-wedgewoodhouston-project This screen shot from Smeagolsfree's excellent development map shows the site (1236 Martin Core Project) highlighted in teal at the center of the frame:
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    from the Triangle Biz Journal today subscriber story ""A fast-growing drone technology company has tapped downtown Raleigh for its new headquarters – a move that means more jobs on the Glenwood South section of downtown Raleigh. PrecisionHawk, currently operating from administrative offices on Six Forks Road, has tapped the space above Raleigh’s Milk Bar for its new operation, confirms CEO Michael Chasen. At the new location, the company, which has hired 100 people in the first quarter alone, will grow its headcount to “north of 350” by the end of the year, taking advantage of the fast-moving drone industry that, thanks to new FAA permissions. Right now, PrecisonHawk's global population is about 250, and Chasen estimates PrecisionHawk being at 300 “in the next two months.”"" https://www.bizjournals.com/triangle/news/2019/04/15/downtown-raleigh-gets-new-hq-jobs-from-drone-tech.html
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    I used to work in Weddington and to drive through those new neighborhoods was a rare sight of NC license plates
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    I see several each morning on my commute from plaza to Lancaster. Ohio as well. I grew up south of Buffalo and invaded Jan 2011
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    I'd still like to see another mid-market hotel (with convention space) downtown. Something in the neighborhood of 215 rooms and 12 floors with a river view. Double Tree, Sheraton, Marriott, Embassy Suites, or Aloft would be my preferred flags.
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    This is one I did not know where to put it but I think as lover of architecture we have to mourn the loss of Notre Dame in Paris today as fire as pretty much destroyed the structure. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/world/fire-devastates-notre-dame-cathedral-in-paris/ar-BBVXK4e?ocid=spartanntp
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    I think the capital area may actually get a new bridge eventually - 10-15 years from now.
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    And without constant Tweeting to tell us just how wonderful it is - who knew!?!
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    another leaning tower in USA this time in NYC so now we can say we have them from coast to coast from San Fran to NY https://www.bisnow.com/new-york/news/construction-development/fortis-fidi-condo-building-is-leaning-contractor-claims-98352
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    I'm glad people are trying to take charge in their community instead of just not caring. I support St. George. What is already a part of another city is off limits, but what is unincorporated should be left up to the people who live there to decide. Baton Rouge elected not to annex that area as it developed decades ago. If they can get a good school district up and running, maybe it will help improve the Parish's fortunes and help the Capital area attract and retain better employers and professionals. That is the rising tide that will lift all ships, including Baton Rouge's skiff in the long term. Anyone opting to buy a home or move to the Baton Rouge area should have a broad range of options within the boundaries of East Baton Rouge parish. You shouldn't have to move to Ascension or Livingston to get good schools. And your offspring shouldn't have to move to Houston or Atlanta to get good jobs.
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    Yeah, downtown College Park is quaint and all, but kinda concrete and barren looking. Don't see why they don't replace those palms with Drake elms like the ones they replaced the old palm trees with on Orange Ave in DTO. Maybe they feel the sidewalks are too narrow. Otoh, looking on GSV, I see there are already some small oak type trees interspersed with the old palms, so maybe those will eventually grow into shade providers. Or maybe they'll widen the sidewalks someday and plant new trees. Arbor Man is getting a headache.
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    Hopefully it won't take as long as it did to build Carroll at Bellemeade. But my guess is that we'd have to wait 6 months to a year before the county vacates the building before it is torn down for Carroll's development. Completion date depends on when he starts construction. But expect it to take at least 2 years considering the size and scope of his project particularly if he decides to build a convention center on site. If Carroll gets the ball rolling soon, I'd say 2021 or 2022 when its complete. But this is speculation at this point. With Carroll's development, we'll see at least two new highrises downtown. The other being the Westin hotel.
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    Whole Foods and Fresh Market, the two most expensive grocery stores around. I enjoy Fresh Market, to an extent, but it's also psycho-level expensive. I'm not even referring to fresh things or store-specific things. Name brand items. You can buy the same bottle of juice for half the price at Publix. I'd imagine Target or Walmart would be even less. I went in there one day and started to pick up a bag of chips, but saw they were over $7. Really?

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