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    Took some screenshots from this video of Charlotte in 1969 and found their locations from Google Maps. It's always fascinating to see how different these locations look today than they did back in the late 60s. Wish I could time travel. The first location is Smith Jr. High School on Tyvola. Second is Tryon St. heading into Uptown. Those buildings in the foreground are where I-277 is today. The third is Freedom Dr. approaching I-85. That stretch was all wooded back then. Lastly, I-85 heading toward the airport before the Mulberry Rd. exit at the top of the hill. This was years before Billy Graham Pkwy would be a thing.
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    from end of rail trail yesterday Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Nashville The World knows about this City Now! . This Growth is only the Beginning
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    Y'all need to head east over the mountains to Carowinds in Charlotte. They have over a dozen roller coasters, water park etc. and kids love it! Cedar Fair owns it and has really expanded its rides and offerings in the last few years. https://www.carowinds.com/ Nashville it seems is a more adult playground with Broadway and the live music venues etc. with your rolling bars on wheels tractors, pedals, etc. Don't get me wrong I enjoy visiting Nashville but it is a different type of tourist attraction. Charlotte has some of that but nothing on the scale you have there. We do have an amazing collection of breweries concentrated north and south of uptown. Plus let me know you are coming and I will give a FREE uptown Charlotte tour (rides on the LYNX sold separately) Reservations a must!
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    If anyone had doubts as to the massive scale and scope of this upcoming NFL Draft, these photos from Fox 17 webcams should remove those doubts! This is HUGE for Music City and should lead to more of a similar scale.
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    Interesting article from American Banker on the difficulty of finding a good name. The guy that said that Ally Bank was a home run (the choice of name, not necessarily the bank itself) is right. It'll be difficult for BB&T/SunTrust to do as well. Let's see... the new name can't be either BB&T or SunTrust; it probably can't have a geographical reference like Southeastern Bank, because I'm sure they have national, if not international asperations; it needs to be easy to spell, easy to pronounce, and probably be three syllables or less; and it needs to provide at least a clue what the nature of the business is, so with "Bank" or "Trust" in the name. How about this: there's a small bank which operates in rural southern Illinois and Arizona (an odd combination) under the name of TrustBank. BB&T/SunTrust should buy them, and take their name. "Trust" is good; both banks have it in their name. Neither BB&T nor SunTrust currently have branches in either Illinois or Arizona. Instant footprint expansion. I shall await my 7-figure consulting fee for this idea.
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    If some crazy looking old guy starts loading in animals 2x2 on to that thing, we’ll know we’re in trouble.
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    Starting 8th level (first above the parking garage). Looking SW from intersection of KVB and 4th Ave. South: Looking east along KVB, 1/2 block east of 5th Ave. South: Looking west from 11th floor of Hilton Garden Inn Suites:
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    The 15th annual edition of Demographia World Urban Areas: 2019 has just been released. The DWUA-2019 claims that there are 1,072 "built-up urban areas" or "urban agglomerations" in the world with a population of 500,000+. 74 of the built-up urban areas or urban agglomerations are in the USA. DWUA-2019 defines a built-up urban area or urban agglomeration as follows: "An urban area (built-up urban area, urbanized area or urban agglomeration) is a continuously built-up land mass of urban development that is within a labor market (metropolitan area or metropolitan region)." ... "An urban area is best thought of as the 'urban footprint' - the lighted area ('city lights') that can be observed from an airplane (or satellite) on a clear night." According to DWUA-2019, Charlotte's built-up urban area has an est. pop. of 2,440,000. Charlotte ranks as the 211th most populous urban area in the world out of the 1,072 urban areas with pops. of 500,000+. For comparison, Atlanta's built-up urban area has an est. pop. of 5,580,000. Atlanta ranks as the 79th most populous urban area in the world out of the 1,072 urban areas with pops. of 500,000+. Raleigh's built-up urban area has an est. pop. of 1,720,000. Raleigh ranks as the 313th most populous urban area in the world out of the 1,072 urban areas with pops. of 500,000+. Virginia Beach-Norfolk's built-up urban area has an est. pop. of 1,475,000. VB-N ranks as the 362nd most populous urban area in the world out of the 1,072 urban areas with pops. of 500,000+. Nashville's built-up urban area has an est. pop. of 1,155,000. Nashville ranks as the 458th most populous urban area in the world out of the 1,072 urban areas with pops. of 500,000+. Charleston, SC's built-up urban area has an est. pop. of 655,000. Charleston ranks as the 827th most populous urban area in the world out of the 1,072 urban areas with pops. of 500,000+. Link: http://demographia.com/db-worldua.pdf (See Table 5)
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    He's about 1 more post away from owing me a good neck massage.
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    Lodging numbers for NFL Draft...and we're still a few weeks away: AirBnB says reservations for more than 21,000 guests have been registered in residences totaling $5 million in sales for April 25-27 in Nashville area. Most hotels downtown are already sold out, some rooms going as high as $800 per night. It is expected that the 100,000 or so fans coming for the vent will create $125 million in overall spending during those 3 days. Tourism demand will be intensified by the simultaneous St. Jude Rock'n'Roll Marathon. More at The Tennessean here: https://www.tennessean.com/story/sports/nfl/draft2019/2019/04/15/nfl-draft-nashville-airbnb-hotel-bookings-all-time-highs/3399771002/ And NBJ here: https://www.bizjournals.com/nashville/news/2019/04/15/nfl-draft-will-be-a-record-windfall-for-airbnb.html?iana=hpmvp_nsh_news_headline
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    More shots of crane coming down. Looking SW from Division St., just east of intersection with 17th Ave. South: Looking NE from alley between 18th Ave. South and Music Square West (17th AVe. South), 1/2 block south of Division St: Looking west from intersection of 13th Ave. South and Demonbruen:
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    it was cheaper for my mom to buy me a season pass to Opryland during the summer than to put me in some form of a care center, from 11 to 15/16 Opryland was literally my summer care. She would drop me off every day I would just have the time of my life with my friends. I'll never forgive them for tearing it down.
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    Some photos from Primrose Hill in London today, the real crane city haha.
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    I took this photo trying to capture the effects Ally is having on the skyline- completely didn’t notice the logo on Legacy 1. I like it like that.
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    2nd crane fully complete and operational. Looking SE from intersection of 12th Ave. South and Laurel St: Looking north from intersection of 12th Ave. South and Division St:
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    Nashville looks like a big-time pro sports town with Nissan sponsoring both teams and now Amazon sponsoring the Predators.
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    446 Humphreys (3 stories, 4 condos) update. Complete and open. Looking north from Humphreys St., 1/4 block west of Brown St: Looking east from intersection of Humphreys St. and Martin St: Looking SW from Brown St., 1/2 block north of Humphreys St:
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    I got it Lighthouse Bank shining your way to your financial future. (and yes I am aware of Brighthouse Financial already based here in Charlotte) With offices from PA to Texas their footprint is pretty big. I am going to Atlanta GA soon I will snoop around LOL. In terms of housing, I would put up our housing options in the $1-$3M range with anything in Atlanta. Yes Buckhead the residential part is beautiful but the cut through traffic is great. Within 25 miles of Trade and Tryon you could live on a large lake (Wylie, Mt Island, or Norman south side) stately neighborhoods like Eastover and Myers Park, country club communities in various directions. Charlotte's size is an advantage and there are not lake communities easily commutable from downtown Atlanta like we have here or estates with acreage. the ATL sprawls out 40 miles to the NW N and NE so I would say you could have many more lifestyle choices here in Charlotte than in a metro area of twice the size of Charlotte. With our size you could live in the country with horses and still commute easier to Uptown in 30 minutes or so and that is not really possible in the same range from downtown Atlanta.

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