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    I actually think it’s a good thing. Having a ton of vacant existing space is NOT good and keeping the buildings full is what keeps new ones being built. It’s a win all around
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    Hi folks! Been a while since I’ve been able to post since I’ve started my new job. With that being said, my new job puts me at some of our favorite job sites each day...and I just happened to leave 5th and Broad. A little birdie may have just spilled the beans on the corner tenant, and if you guessed the fruit related company you’d be correct Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Here are some Nashville Yards shots, this whole thing is going to be huge and such a big change for this end of downtown. #4 is a big panorama. Got a little glamour shot with #5.
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    Keep your sign off of that tower. I don't want anything touching the top of Hearst.
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    Looking pretty. It's not gonna be lonely for long once all the Nashville Yards stuff gets finished.
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    Framing has officially commenced on the apartments!
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    Charlotte's long range transit plan from 1977 actually proposed transit to the airport and SouthPark, as well as what is basically BRT to UNCC and on the independence corridor. The plan to SouthPark had it running as an elevated track along Little Sugar Creek so as not to have to purchase too much land for ROW.
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    That's a fairly tricky question from the start. First of all, pre-consolidation Nashville was relatively tiny. Relatively meaning compared to a lot of other Southern cities at the time. People talk about small the city limits of present day Boston and San Francisco are (48 and 47 sq miles, respectively)...1950 Nashville covered just 22 square miles (smaller than present day La Vergne) and had a population of 174,307 (7,923 ppsm). To put that into context with our Southern peers: rank city,st......pop area density 22 Dallas city, TX.......... 434,462 112.0 3,879 26 Memphis city, TN......... 396,000 104.2 3,800 30 Louisville city, KY...... 369,129 39.9 9,251 33 Atlanta city, GA......... 331,314 36.9 8,979 34 Birmingham city, AL...... 326,037 65.3 4,993 38 Fort Worth city, TX...... 278,778 93.7 2,975 42 Miami city, FL........... 249,276 34.2 7,289 45 Oklahoma City city, OK... 243,504 50.8 4,793 48 Norfolk city, VA......... 213,513 28.2 7,571 49 Jacksonville city, FL.... 204,517 30.2 6,772 56 Nashville city, TN....... 174,307 22.0 7,923 70 Charlotte city, NC....... 134,042 30.0 4,468 73 Austin city, TX.......... 132,459 32.1 4,126 74 Chattanooga city, TN..... 131,041 28.0 4,680 It's really a fascinating list. You can see how cities changed over time. Check out this link. As we know, Nashville didn't vote to go Metro for another 13 years. And it's interesting what happened during those years.... The 1960 Census showed Nashville with a decrease in population of 3,433 (-2.0%) despite an increase in land area of 7 square miles (+32%). This is full-on white flight. The short version of the story is that Nashville had all of the city services, but had a crumbling tax base, and Davidson County had a burgeoning tax base, but not enough services. Metro was the solution, or compromise, depending on one's perspective. Back in that time, annexation laws were very different, and so a city could pretty much expand at will. Right before the vote to form a Metropolitan government passed, the city was annexing huge swaths of land, so technically speaking, "pre-consolidation Nashville" may have been 100 or so square miles. I can't find an exact number. But the white flight annexation started between the 1950s and 1960s in Nashville. Memphis took a big leap between the 1940s and 1950s. A lot of cities lost a lot of inner city population to white flight and urban renewal. A lot of Northeastern and Midwestern cities never recovered that population. A lot of Sunbelt cities simply annexed enough land (which was developed in a more suburban style) to cover the inner city losses, and then some. Cities like Nashville and Jacksonville became Metropolitan, and kind of did it all at once. Cities like Memphis kept doing it until they ran out of areas to annex. It's a similar result in the end -- masking urban population losses. Ok, so maybe that was a little tangent -- but I think it illustrates the picture, and might help explain what I have to say next -- that the "pre-consolidation" boundaries of Nashville are likely less populated than they were in the 1950s. And Memphis's boundaries likely tell the same story. So it's an apples to oranges comparison from the get-go, but I don't think comparing the historical boundaries of either city is going to produce the result anyone might think it will. If we're being technical, Nashville is 475 square miles -- Davidson County is 526. While we're on topic, this is from the Metro 2020 budget... Urban Services District (Nashville only) - 498,423 people, 197.8 sq mi (2,520 ppsm) General Services District (remainder of Nashville + satellite cities) - 194,164 people, 327.4 sq mi (593 ppsm)* *Hermitage, Bellevue, and parts of Southeast Nashville aren't included in the USD. You could probably include 600,000 in the USD and still maintain close to 2,300 ppsm.
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    I don't feel like we give Gateway enough love as a great urban experience. It does everything we ask for: street level businesses and activity, mixed use office and residential, walkable street grid, and great public spaces.
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    https://www.bizjournals.com/charlotte/news/2019/06/12/merged-bb-t-suntrust-bank-to-occupy-most-of-hearst.html well there you go. I guess not all predictions are always right, but this was the easiest "space now" move by Suntrust, and they get a turn key iconic tower. nice scoop by Ashley.
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    Looking NE from intersection of 8th Ave. South and Demonbreun:
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    ♫ America, (Bank of) America, God shed His grace on thee ♫
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    Look, obviously what you says goes, and I'm not trying to be argumentative here. I appreciate that you're busy and that being a moderator is not always an easy job. You're a freakin' amazing human being who is freakin' amazing at what you do, and I appreciate you for it immensely. People like you and Ron are the lifeblood of this place. However, what we're essentially talking about here is whether any and all discussion not directly related to a thread title should be banned -- BANNED -- in this place that I thought was about fostering community and fellowship and yes, friendly discussion, just because some people get annoyed at the extra two seconds it takes them to click on a thread. It seems to me though that the more rational solution to this is that if there is a conversation taking place that someone doesn't want to take part in then, instead of trying to shut that conversation down, that person simply continues to not take part in the conversation they were never a part of to begin with. I would understand the annoyance if there were a lengthy in depth discussion taking place about breaking news at the same time that some other people were goofing off, interrupting with talk of donuts and whatnot, but before the donut conversation there hadn't even been a single post in this thread for four whole days, and every post prior to that for about a month consisted mainly of just people making random guesses about a tenant. I understand that there has to be a line, but how is 'don't interrupt the silence' where the line is? It just makes no sense to me. I'm sure I'll come off as the bad guy here for even bringing this up, and that's fine, but part of what I love about this forum is not just the informational aspect but also the people here. And perhaps it's just my personality, but I love interacting with and joking with and conversing with and getting to know the people here, because that's what makes this place special... is this community full of interesting people like you. You may see it as "inane blather"... I see it as connecting with friends. If our discussions are going to be so tightly policed and restricted only to stone-faced analytical discussion, it kinda takes a lot of the joy out of it for me. If all I wanted was development news I could just read the Nashville Business Journal everyday, ya know? Anyway... that's my two cents. I'll shut up now... if this is the way it has to be then back to the crickets, I guess.
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    The skyline looked good last night from the top of Shelby.
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    Well if we can ever let go of the artificial separation we've created in our minds between Uptown and South End we would realize that we are developing a shopping district downtown.
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    Since Cousins was bidding the 7th/Tryon parcel, see this as potentially a catalyst for either a 2nd phase for BB&T there or US Bank anchoring that. I had hear USB was going to Tryon/7th buy that seemed to fall apart. Probably because they were waiting to see what happened at Hearst. Now that there is clarity, US Bank is going to need premium space, send likely need a new building. They will need more space than Ally is vacsting.
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    Having financial trouble? Just can't keep your money under control? Try Truist, the new once a day suppository and get back to loving life!
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    Exciting news for ongoing development in U city along the light rail. Developer to tear down some of the big box retail along the lake at JW Clay and replace with office, apartments, possible new library. Link to business journal article (paywalled)
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    Nothing at this point in time. Interesting that as I was standing on the Church Street viaduct yesterday and I could see at one vantage 18 or 19 tower cranes and that was not counting the one going up at the Embassy and the base at the Amazon tower. Going to be some serious construction over the next 18 to 24 months in this area.
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    About 6 years ago, there was a garage expansion at the City Center Tower. Had to dig in my archives to find these photos, but got a good closeup of this crane tower.
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    https://richmondbizsense.com/2019/06/12/eagle-eyes-monroe-ward-site-infill-development/ Nice infill project in Monroe Ward. One less surface parking lot!
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    Carvana is looking to build a large inspection and reconditioning center in Chesterfield off of Ruffin Mill/Woods Edge Rd. Would bring about 500 jobs to the area. https://www.richmond.com/business/local/online-auto-retailer-carvana-looking-to-build-large-inspection-and/article_a4f810b7-0e90-5837-a628-bb0bceb671c5.html
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    Not surprised, seems like BB&T is making the real estate calls. Least expensive option. Nice to have another 500k+ sqft tenant. It just further strengthens the market and will lead to a higher demand for space which will lead to more towers elsewhere (obviously no new tallests for a while).
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    Yep at this point I don't think Uptown will ever transform into a Shopping destination. Better to just embrace it for what it is, the Core Business District, and nightlife/entertainment after work. Nothing wrong with that really.
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    Monroe Ward looks like the next logical neighborhood to develop. Every neighborhood around it is developed or developing and you cannot beat its location. One could live in close proximity to restaurants and the office while minimizing car reliance. Frankly, I am amazed that Manchester took off before Monroe Ward, given the geography and the mental barrier of the river.
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    Sounds Retail building (2 stories, 60,000 sq. ft., concert club, bowling, restaurants, bars) update. Topped out on north end. Looking SW fro intersection of Jackson St. and 3rd Ave. North:
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    Amazon's Alexa was born in Charlotte! Big tech companies should not dismiss NC but need to invest here heavily. Siri is based in a data center in Catawba County but check this article out from the Triangle Business Journal (subscriber) ""A startup with bold ambitions, big backers and an Amazon (Nasdaq: AMZN) pedigree is looking for a “marquis” headquarters location in Raleigh as it doubles down on artificial intelligence.Igor Jablokov, CEO of Raleigh’s Pryon, doesn’t mince words about his bold vision for his new startup’s future. He sees a $1.7 trillion (“Yes, that’s trillion,” he reiterates) market for the company, which develops augmented intelligence for the enterprise. And he sees his 20-person firm (including half a dozen employees in Raleigh) as making a major dent with a technology “unlike anything that’s out there.” “We’ve done it before,” he says. And it’s that pedigree that drives much of the firm’s talking points as it looks for what Jablokov calls a "marquis" location in the Raleigh area. In 2011, Jablokov led a tiny startup called Yap in Charlotte, North Carolina, which sold a technology to Amazon – a piece of AI that would, eventually, be called Alexa. He calls it “proof” that small teams can do big things. “Most people don’t know the trivia that Alexa was born in North Carolina,” he says. “It’s a little bit mind-bending to them… they always expect it to be born in downtown Seattle, Silicon Valley… and there were so many anonymous people in Charlotte, North Carolina, working right outside of Panther’s Stadium working on a technology that nobody wanted… and then Amazon came and said, hey, what’s that?”"" Now, eight years later, his new company wants to do it again – and backers seem to be buying in. Pryon just disclosed a $20 million funder from big name investors, including AOL cofounder Steve Case’s initiative, Revolution’s Rise of the Rest Seed Fund. Breyer Capital, Greycroft, Digital Alpha Advisors, as well as existing backers such as Bootstrap Labs, Engage, Good Growth Capital and Two Sigma Ventures all participated in the funder, according to the company."" https://www.bizjournals.com/triangle/news/2019/06/11/ai-startup-with-amazon-pedigree-looks-for-marquis.html Not all innovation takes place on the west coast take note big tech companies! NC Tech Rising and big tech you need to be here in NC!
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    They have all the piles driven and are digging the basement floor. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    Barricades going up for demo of Tennessean building. Not sure how I’ll be walking to work now that the sidewalks will be closed on both side of 12th Ave between this and Endeavor across the street?? Side note: is there a separate thread to differentiate the Tennessean building site from the asurion headquarters?
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    https://www.bizjournals.com/charlotte/news/2019/06/12/merged-bb-t-suntrust-bank-to-occupy-most-of-hearst.html No SunTrust at Legacy Union, maybe that means that LU4 could be residential or hotel after all. That said. This means US Bank needs a new building, I had them pegged at occupying Hearst Backfill.
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    I know these are a lot of small projects, but I can’t remember a time with so much construction going on in the city. It’s practically everywhere!
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    Cladding nearly complete. Looking west from Peabody St., just east of intersection with 5th Ave. South: Looking SW from 5th Ave. South, 1/2 block south of KVB: Looking NE from intersection of 6th Ave. South and Peabody St:
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    Dinner meeting in Plaza Midwood and a short walkabout. 1. 2. 3. Snooze AM opening real soon 4. vacant triangular lot next to RR tracks and apartments someone could do something here maybe small apartment building with parking underneath or small office retail office bldg. 5. walk by the Thirsty Beaver you know I love the little building that could... 6,7. Missed opportunity for some ground floor retail this apartment complex has huge leasing lobby and some other space that could be retail. 8. new retail office bldg made to look old good job! 9. mural 10. the Beaver 11. vacant lot again 12. Midwood Smokehouse 13. boutique apartment building 14. bad Charlotte parking what the hell? 15 murals behind Midwood last photo side of apartments along Hawthorne.
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    Another view I hadn't seen with yellow color between floors and outside edges, was this image out there already?
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