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    Dusk from a busy Romare Bearden Park.
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    The permit for the Apple Store was pulled Friday, so we shoul start seeing work on the corner soon.
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    This photo is a few weeks old but it shows how cool this building looks from the Roundabout.
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    At this point I am not sure. I think they are very high on Nashville from what I have heard and I think it will all come down to what incentives the State will offer and what location is available. I do believe the old say that money talks and BS walks in in play here, but as we have seen in the past, our incentive packages are not always the best but we still end up landing the prize because of the cost of doing business here and the fact the Tennessee is a very business friendly state especially when it comes to taxes. In summery I think we have a very good shot and the Governors trip may be to ink the deal. With the total elimination of the Hall tax by 2022 and the fact that there is no state income tax or State property tax, this will help to lure other people and business to the state. I am amazed at the amount of business that continues to go to Texas as they have the 2nd highest property tax in the Nation. http://www.tax-rates.org/taxtables/property-tax-by-state
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    SoBro cluster looking NW from intersection of Hermitage Ave. and Peabody. Hard to believe that none of this existed 10 years ago.
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    A rendering vs reality picture. Lifted from Fifth + Broadway's twitter account. It looks like they decided to add balconies and wrap them around the building(retail portion) but pretty close to the rendering.
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    There are a couple of new housing developments in Cookeville that I really like. Both are supposed to be like "new urbanism" neighborhoods, (throwback to "traditional" neighborhoods) designed to encourage residents to know their neighbors: front porches, back porches, sidewalks, parking in the streets and on parking pads (no garages), etc. This first one is being built just a few hundred feet from the courthouse and overlooks the 1930's-era Belle Acres Golf Course which means residents can walk to downtown, to downtown parks, and of course to the adjacent golf course. This next one is being built where an old trailer park used to be. I think when it's all said and done there will be 52 houses where there used to be 28 run-down mobile homes on 11 acres. The homes are designed by Nashville-based Lynn Taylor of Taylor Made Designs.
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    From Friday. Notice the cladding on the mega parking garage and with Honeywell tower blocking the view of the exposed side this garage is pretty well wrapped in cladding. Legacy 2 on the 5th floor now.
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    From Thursday and this building really turned out nice.
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    Let's roll. Click on each pic for HD 4K quality.
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    Blue construction fencing with Caldwell’s (general contractor) name all over it now up around site.
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    CNN story featuring the Concord store: Krispy Kreme is remodeling its stores and revamping its menu
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    Fencing up for Madison Street Flats, Phase II. Looking NE from intersection of Madison St. and 7th Ave. North:
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    More pillars and rebar for foundation under the Embassy Suites garage portion on east side. Depth approaching 30 feet at west side for 1 Hotel underground garage. Looking north from intersection of Demonbruen and 7th Ave. South: Looking west from intersection of Demonbruen and 7th Ave. South:
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    IMO Charlotte is a very attractive market for MLB in terms of both population and total dollars in the market. But having said that, baseball is much more dependent on history than other major league sports (as mentioned in the posts above). The majority of MLB fans I have spoken with love baseball because their moms or dads did (sometimes it was grandparents too). The American version of the movie Fever Pitch does a pretty good job of illustrating this. This history is really what keeps people coming to games regularly, even in August when the playoffs are out of reach. When MLB towns don't have this you see shockingly bad attendance in years where the team is playing badly (see Miami for the most vivid example) Charlotte is a city of transplants, a bad team on the field will lead to will lead to some embarrassing attendance numbers after the novelty of MLB is gone. Despite those embarrassing nights there is plenty of corporate money here paying for suites and unused tickets so the team will still make money despite the lack of butts in seats. On the plus side for non-owners in bad years secondary-market tickets would be even cheaper than they are for Knights games and an in town ballpark would be the best possible thing for our urban development. As an aside, I have been to two MLB and ten minor league games this season (about half in Charlotte). All season I have had the feeling that baseball is struggling to attract young fans (meaning under 30) even more than most sports. There are fans in seats (for 5 innings), but very few give a crap about what is happening on the field. TLDR: Lets get MLB (but I wouldn't want to be the owner)
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    Vanderbilt Carmichael tower implosion this morning from WSMV. https://www.wsmv.com/news/vanderbilt-s-carmichael-tower-successfully-imploded-saturday/article_849759be-aee1-11e9-950b-5f768805796e.html From WTVF
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    550 Stonewall had been doing over 30 new leases per month, and be the tower isn't open yet, so that's pretty strong. Not sure on Novel, but guessing it's close to full.
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    Drive bys both sides of Ally Center at Tryon Place. This afternoon.
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    Also, interestingly, it is one of the only parts of Overstreet that actually has activity on the weekend
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    Heading down the Monroe Tollway to Indian Trail wow how it makes it so easy. I just can't get used to those exit names as for my Indian Trail property I exited off for Lake Park which is in that area too but so is Indian Trail. I wish they would add the road names too as that is Unionville Indian Trail Road. Anyway I noticed a lot more trucks on the tollway today.
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    Drive by today the current 4th tallest building in the Carolinas.
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    The old version of Tryon Place for Duke needs to go in the Unbuilt Charlotte thread for safe keeping and quick reference. I doubt that exact design will be built anywhere in Charlotte. Here is what we are "stuck" with and I like this building and the hotel (just not the garage) Drive by today. Bonus shot of 615 Regions building.
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    I drove down that stretch of Morehead yesterday for the first time in months and I swear all of the brick buildings on the street make that 1/8th mile stretch SUPER COOL
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    Remodeling of exterior of Morningside Belmont Retirement Home. Looking NW from parking lot north of intersection at 17th Ave. South and Acklen Ave:
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    I really like the balcony addition. Those balconies are going to make this feel even more lively and human-scaled as experienced from the pedestrian street/plaza. It should extend the “feel” of Broadway into this area.
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    Love this photo of the skyline. I’d post it here, but I can’t do that where I am: link: https://i.redd.it/vzsrpp5dauc31.jpg
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    The photo is very nice, but the story is really great news.
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    More pictures of the glazing going in. Lots of framing already in place to along the west facade. Also photos of the amazon tower progress. Gonna be interesting how the entry works from church street (if at all)
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    Progress has really slowed down on the south side with blasting being halted and chisels being used. Lots of progress on garage though. Ramp to bottom level taking shape.
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    Various shots of the skyline from various vantage points today. Last photo from the parking lot of the Noble Smoke.
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