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    TITAN UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    The weather actually cleared up for a little bit last night! Definitely ready for some sunny days though.
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    I went out for the first time in ages last night, there was a party at The End with some deejays I wanted to catch. I let the promoter use one of my mixers, so I dropped by a little early during load in to drop the thing off. It's been a while since I'd been in The End with the lights on and I remembered how much absolutely adore that space. This is one of the bits of Nashville that need to be protected at all costs, imo. The place is punk AF and I have way too many good memories there - rest in peace to the former sound engineer (and bag man) Brad Baker. We used to do a party there years ago, Strictly Social, a drum n bass monthly and we had a great run. Most of our parties were at The End.
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    South End skyline and it will be getting taller even more so. yesterday. Not risen up much yet in this photo the 23 story Lowes tech tower crane spotted. and more may be in the works high rises that is.
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    Here are some excerpted exterior shots I cropped from the pdf. Sent from my GM1915 using Tapatalk
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    Yeah. I’ve been obsessed with these traffic cams since you first linked them. Whoever was on the stick today, had some great closeups too. here’s some others I’ve grabbed over past few days ....
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    That first pic almost doesn't even look like Charlotte. Seeing only a small section of the skyline in one shot makes the city feel even bigger. Link
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    widening and addition of express lanes along I-485 south is moving fast. Photos today from I-485 between Matthews and Ballantyne.
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    a couple of us should go in and ask for a tour of the apartments then say the landscaping is off and does not look well kept and then mention we are heading over the Catalyst or Element or Museum Tower. I bet we would see some changes.
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    It was built with the assumption something would be built next to it. If the only place you can see it is a parking lot, bring on its blocking. As soon as we remove all or most surface lots, we will finally start to see some serious verticality and removal of old parking decks.
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    New tower's 17th floor nearing completion. Carmichael Tower 3 now has about 50% scraped away. Stone trim work on spires of NW corner turret continues. Looking west from 24th Ave. South, 1/2 block south of West End Ave: Looking SW from intersection of West End Ave. and 24th Ave: Looking south from West End Ave., 1/2 block west of 24th Ave: Looking SW from West End Ave., 1/2 block west of 24th Ave: Looking SE from intersection of West End Ave. and 25th Ave: Looking north along 24th Ave. South, 1/2 block south of West End Ave: Looking east from 14th floor of 2525 West End Ave:
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    Not speculating as the gravity of uptown Charlotte has shifted south so has the office developers. I think the project should be announced soon as the rumblings are increasing the real estate market from what I hear.
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    Moody’s says the city of Charlotte is fiscally well prepared for recession . https://www.routefifty.com/finance/2019/12/big-cities-prepared-recession/162134/ damn Democrats....
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    Dear Greystar. as the owner of the Ascent a beautiful apartment tower in uptown Charlotte (which has really grown on me) I know you can make this minor improvement. Please get some plants that can grow in your planters and I know if this building was in your hometown of Charleston you would not allow these dead weeds or plants to remain. You are the largest owner and manager of apartments in these great United States and I know you can do better on this your premier property in the Charlotte market. You spent a considerable amount of money on this 33 story tower so I know you have it to do some minor landscaping upgrades. Concerned Charlottean, KJ photos from today. Remember your rendering with lush (live) vines cascading down and hiding the garage levels I do.
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    Would be nice if they served the breakfast burritos past 10:30
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    this is coming together nicely. I could hardly tell where the new building ended and old building started. Today.
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    Couple more from Bearden Park when the sun was out today. and photos of the ONLY building in town with a crown on top.
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    Does Spectrum's project on Mint & Carson count as announced, since I wrote a one paragraph blurb about it once in Charlotte Magazine? I know of at least 3, maybe 4 more high rises in South End that haven't formally been announced yet. This doesn't include Vantage's tower, or anything at District Dilworth.
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    Might have a chance of surpassing Lowes, but we will see.
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    Seems odd to cover the guitars mural with a printed banner. Rather insulting to the mural’s artist.
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    Cab on top of tower. Looking east along Division St., at intersection with Overton St: Looking north from Division St., 1/2 block east of Overton St: Looking east from Division St., 1/2 block east of Overton St:
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    For twenty years the Diamond was owned and run by identical twins Ralph and Robert James. Yes, another twin restaurant. One in the front and one in the kitchen, usually. The Diamond had all booth tables with a few spinning stools at the counter. The booths had simple tables with a single leg at the middle of the table at the server side. I was in the restaurant two times where someone kicked the single leg and it collapsed the table and sent all the meals and dishes to the floor in a clatter in the smallish business. http://diamondcharlotte.com/history
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    I asked a one sentence question in February of last year. In June Dandy Chiggens downvoted it.
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    Sevier State Building remodel update. Removal of scaffolding almost complete. Looking NE from Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd (Charlotte Ave.) and 6th Ave. North:
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    Charlotte's identity is "new south". Charlotte has some good older neighborhoods, but if more history is what you're looking for, we aren't too far from Winston, Asheville, Wilmington, Charleston, Savannah, etc. People need to quit picking Charlotte apart in that regard. We are in the south. There is old history everywhere.
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    Not sure why the 2nd building over at AvidXchange is not underway yet but will contact an exec I know there. And those Cadence apartments are growing on me.
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    In clouds and in sun they are pouring floors today. As I said before we dont just talk about new towers we just build them. SouthendRising. so much construction in these photos with the Hawk in the background.
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    ^ ^ ^ Thanks for unearthing these, downtownresident. For those who don't have time to dig through them all, I have done screen shots of the more important images:
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    IT is getting used quite a bit now. Today. Mi casa su casa. The MOST anticipated high rise in 2020 and no one can tell me for sure the actual height and number of floors I have heard from 39-41 to 632 to 661 feet tall.
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    Found this on the Nashville.gov website: https://www.nashville.gov/Government/ePav-Viewer.aspx?name=6a130a98-4605-45ed-9bf2-bef52dd6b333_CA-Permits-20171101_12621235_1.pdf There are some renderings of the street level design in the first one. https://www.nashville.gov/Government/ePav-Viewer.aspx?name=6a130a98-4605-45ed-9bf2-bef52dd6b333_CA-Permits-20171101_12621235_3.pdf The above has some detail diagrams of the building 542'-8" is the planned height of the building. https://www.nashville.gov/Government/ePav-Viewer.aspx?name=6a130a98-4605-45ed-9bf2-bef52dd6b333_CA-Permits-20171101_12621235_2.pdf This one has some renderings of the amenity spaces/roof top park.
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    @DJIII and I got notified about this 3930 Gallatin Avenue - 4-stories, urban development. Building against the street and parking in rear (finally!!!). No count on units yet. The parcels are still owned by the eastminister church, so they may be waiting on variances prior to finalizing the purchase Here is a description from a resident who attended a meeting and posted to the East Nashville Urban Design Facebook page.... They plan to build an office condominium where professionals (lawyers, architects, etc.) will buy office space. No retail is planned. They want a "legacy design with brick type exterior" and there will be 4th floor communal space for residents. It will be run by a condo board. They are going to the Board of Zoning Appeals on January 16 to request two variances. The current MULA zoning allows a four story building with the 4th floor setback. (like Riverside Village). They want a height variance for the fourth floor setback. They also want a decrease in the required parking from 94 to 72 spaces. The only ingress/egress from the building will be on Sunnymeade because Public Works doesn't want any driveways on Gallatin. The developer (Nathan Weinberg) and the architects (Smith Gee Studio) are Inglewood/East Nashville residents. They will build a wider sidewalk with a green strip in the front with a setback for future transit development. The building will be flush with the street with parking in the rear. There will be a green barrier in the rear between the parking and the next house. Site Plan: Concept imagery: Elevation views: Snapshot from Google Maps:

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