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    topping the hill on I-77 south at Westinghouse I knew I was home. The handle of the DEC, the crown of BofA Corp. Center and yes the pyramid of the new BOAT.....back home.
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    LU2 is an architecturally pleasing little tower.
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    Office Tower update. I believe she's topped out at 25 floors. Looking SW from intersection of 5th Ave. North and Commerce St: More panels coming down on facade for garage along Commerce St: Looking east from intersection of Commerce St. and 6th Ave. North: Looking north from 5th Ave. North, 1/2 block north of Broadway: Looking NE from intersection of 7th Ave. South and Demonbreun: Looking west from intersection of 1st Ave. and Broadway:
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    Taylor had alerted me to this and we have tried to reach out to Buckingham but they have not responded. The massing looks to be the same as the old one, but they will have to go in front of Planning to get the height variance to build the height they need. We at least have the number of units now and we did not have that until now. This is actually one of the mystery towers I have been referring to for a while now and it may be back on track and I have heard a little taller, maybe 500'. Dont know anything concrete yet. I hope the architect is still SOM.
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    Lots of blue. LU 3 should add some diversity.
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    From this morning, all pictures from the Pedestrian Bridge:
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    Office Tower now up to 11th floor. Glass starting to be placed. Hotel/Condo Tower now at 2nd level the length of 17th Ave. North. Looking SE from intersection of Hayes St. and 17th Ave. North: Looking south from intersection of Hayes St. and 16th Ave. North: Looking SW from intersection of Hayes St. and 16th Ave. North: Looking west from 1/4 block east of Broadway and 16th Ave: Looking north from Broadway, 1/2 block west of 16th Ave. South: Looking NW from intersection of Broadway and 16th Ave: Looking north from intersection of West End Ave. and 17th Ave: Looking east from intersection of West End Ave. and 17th Ave:
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    First time at devils logic. Great spot
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    They're starting the 19th floor. From Demonbreun and 12th: From Demonbreun and 14th: From the Broadway overpass:
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    Some pictures from today. First, from 11th Ave: From the Church Street Viaduct. So close to street-level: Looking back toward Midtown:
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    This one photo shows more downtown office space construction than Jacksonville, Orlando, Tampa, St Pete Florida put together! (and that is just with Ally and Legacy 2) from the OxBlue cam this morning
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    It looks like this one is still alive. Buckingham recently applied for Water/Sewer capacity studies. Here’s the PDF: https://epermits.nashville.gov/download.aspx?id=292640 Total of 231 One bedroom units, 114 Two bedroom units, and a 4,900 square foot restaurant. There was a drawing of the ground floor and massing diagram included: Of note, it looks as though they are planning to split the building between apartments and condos.
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    Stonewall Station. We’ve gone vertical on the rail trail bridge.
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    I took a couple shots of the development while on my walk this morning. Looking down 6th toward Commerce: Looking down Commerce toward 5th. No more ugly panels! Looking down the interior of the pedestrian street, first from 5th, second shot from Broadway: Looking from the corner of 5th and Broadway: From the Pedestrian Bridge:
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    Serious question about crown, are the vertical bars behind the screening structural support for screening, or is that part of lighting scheme? This whole time I thought they were putting up strips of screening. I didn’t realize there are bars behind the screening, so now I am confused what the bars are for.
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    Up in Davidson briefly last weekend:
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    Why rapid transit to BNA? Because you have a plane to catch!! If you are downtown (local or tourist), would you want to chance your luck on downtown traffic and I-40? I have nearly missed 2 flights from Nashville; both due to a wreck on the road When I visit other cities, I always take the train/etc. I'm pretty sure most people will do the same here. Reliable rapid transit would be less than $5 vs Uber/taxi $15 minimum. Do you enjoy getting into cars with strangers? Also, imagine how nice it would be driving on I-40 without taxis backing up traffic by driving 52 mph - in the left lane!
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    TPAC and the Polk Building as they look today.
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    Courtesy of REI Concrete’s Facebook page: The North tower is almost at street level with Church street.
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    From the opposite side of Dx, convention center. Cranes don’t look too high, however, that hole is very deep. Also, I spy 5 cranes.
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    I refuse to call this Ally top a crown there is but one crown in this town and it resides at 100 N Tryon. Call it a topper, a wind screen, a top hat, a sweat band but please don't call it a crown.
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    http://landmarkscommission.org/2016/12/12/latta-arcade/ Cotton graders used natural light on second floor to determine quality of product. Product samples were brought from what is now the 3d street light rail station which was a dock for cotton in the harvest season, and other products year long. Cotton factors and brokers worked in the building at that station location and graders in Latta Arcade. The remnant rails of multiple lines are still in the parking area east of the station. A pair can be seen in the asphalt on weekends whenever the daily parkers are elsewhere. Recall that 4th street crossed the rail line on grade and was lowered in the 20th century to accommodate motor traffic.
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    Got some pictures of Nashville Yards this morning as well. First, a shot of the entire site: Next, the Grand Hyatt: With bonus Asurion: Looking down Upper 10th from the Church Street Viaduct: Excavation continues at the MGM/AEG Site: Finally, Amazon Tower One: Crane is being jumped up today. Close up of the curtain wall and cladding. This is going to be a handsome tower.
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    Starting to look like 1980s Atlanta.
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    Not the best framing, but a nice shot anyway. (mine) The old and the new.
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    New tower still on 17th floor. Carmichael 3 is 95% demolished/mostly rubble. 8 story tower at SE corner of West End Ave. and 25th Ave. South is now fully adorned in brick/stonework. Looking SW from intersection of West End Ave. and 24th Ave: Looking west from 24th AVe. South, 1/2 block south of West End Ave: What is left of Carmichael 3. Looking east along West End Ave., 1/2 block west of 24th Ave: Looking south from West End Ave, 1/2 block west of 24th Ave: Looking SW from West End Ave, 1/2 block west of 24th Ave: Looking SE from intersection of West End Ave. and 25th Ave: Looking NE from 25th Ave. South, 1/2 block south of West End Ave: Looking east from 14th floor of 2525 West End Ave:
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    Sorry, but that is not true. The Mayor had authorization from the City Council to move forward with the demolition and construction of the new building as well as incentive financing. The historic board lost the ability to provide input on the existing building due to it being deemed unsafe by city engineers- which is exactly what the city code calls for. Because the property is in the historic district the historic board had purview over the design of the new building, which they provided. The democracy worked exactly how it is supposed to. Our elected officials took the input of their constituents and then voted in the way they saw fit. It turned out to be 5-1 in favor with the only nay being Sheehan- who up until the day before had been a yay. After that vote, the builder had a valid permit (had it for several days, but was held up for the vote) and he began the demo as everyone in the room knew would happen. Remember, the 2 previous administrations were also on board with demo of this property, going back to when Jaymont bought it in '89. At that time, the property owner and his family who had owned property in Orlando since the 1800's said the building had no historic value and building new there would create better economic opportunity for the area. This demo and rebuild was a long time coming and was favored by an overwhelming majority. On this subject of saving the facades and building around them- yes, it has been done successfully in some situations and it was all the rage in the 80s and 90s, but it is now seriously frowned upon by preservationist and designers.
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    From Instagram - cltdevelopment Crane City.
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    There is some site work happening at the Outpost site at 4th and Chestnut. Been since summer that I’ve seen any equipment out there. Maybe we are gonna get some movement on this.
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    From the west, the “crown” is almost complete. Still not sure how the final design was approved with that box on top being taller than the actual crown. The box is highly visible coming into uptown. It’s almost like Crescent said “it’s alright, from down below you won’t be able to see it”. Not a good look for that company.
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    Belmont University South Garage/Tennis Facility (3 stories above grade, 830 spaces) update. 2nd level below grade complete. Looking south from Compton Ave., 1/2 block east of Belmont Blvd: Looking west from Compton Ave., 1/2 block east of Belmont Blvd:
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    Yes, several businesses on upper level.
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    Steven Tanger Center for the Performing Arts in Greensboro.
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    Regardless of what people think about the crown, that’s one fine facade.
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    We hate this place too. It looks like a clown school, and it fronts I-35 so it's in a highly visible location. Fortunately another proposed hotel will butt up against the beige wall and cover up that side. But there are still three other sides that we can't hide.
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    Not much but I had the drone out today and just grabbed a picture

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