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    my pro friend too these too of the Ally Bank Center and the JW Marriott.
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    my pro friend took these shots and they are great of the next great Charlotte highrise. #CharlotteRising that first one is 5 star shot! geocatchlight on the gram.
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    This is Charlotte's most iconic architecture:
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    Legion Brewing outpost is now dried-in and looking good enough to make me really want to drink a few pints here:
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    Signage on Music City Circle complete. Looking north from Music City Circle: Looking east from Music City Circle:
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    The Panorama Tower is really rising and going to be so tall compared to others in the area and I think it is on a hill too. https://businessnc.com/panorama-holdings-developing-14-story-mixed-use-building-in-ballantyne/ Ballantyne Rising!
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    found the rendering of the apartment tower and it does showing some stick built apartments wrapped around the deck. Miscellaneous Ballantyne photos from my walk in the "park". In the new post Covid 19 world and new Ballantyne Reimagined project this place is going to BOOM again. another rendering of the apartment tower and 11 story office building underway. Front side.
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    Trolley Barns Garage (5 stories) update: Equipment on site, asphalt of existing surface lot being ripped up. Looking east from Lea Ave., 1/4 block north of Hermitage Ave:
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    Pillars rising to start 6th floor. Looking NE from intersection of Division St. and 10th Ave. South: Looking NE from Division St., near intersection with Overton St:
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    This may be under our radar (or I may have missed it). Office building going up at Old Pineville and Griffith. Easily walkable to Tyvola station. I would be very pleased to see portions of station adjacent Old Pineville be transformed into boutique office, much like we are seeing on Brevard. We have been waiting a LONGGGGG time for this type of development down here.
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    Lots of new lighted ped crossings on South Blvd. First is at Macs/Southbound (which was open again), second photo is at the Soth end of Atherton. There was a third down around Tyvola (I think), and its possible I missed another. They are good additions, but only a minority of drivers understand how they work. They will only be helpful if drivers see them as traffic calming devices, the South blvd race track needs to go away. Bonus: The condos at Leather and Lace are a remarkable transformation (without much really changing).
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    Sorry wrong thread. Photo is in the Beacon LoSo thread
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    Ballantyne Corporate Office Park puts the park in office park. Decided to walk around there and there were plenty of other people doing the same and even saw someone spreading a picnic blanket near the Bull statues. Anyway the new 11 story office building is getting 2 shades of glass greenish and blue. The apartment tower is rising and there is some wood frame units around the garage evidently in the backside. Was not aware of that. KJ your Ballantyne park walker and walk by photographer even with my bad camera.
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    Anyone know what these circles and dots are on the Tryon and College St bridges over 277 are?
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    Would be a great looking development. Seems like a "dream" proposal instead of realistic...but hoping.
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    How do you not see it? It's right there...
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    Today this evening from Facebook BNA. Our new Concourse D is getting closer and closer to completion! What does the new gate seating look like? You might say it’s “under wraps” right now, but you’ll see it in mid-July. #BNAVision #BiggerBetterBNA #FlyNashville The view from Gate D1. Can’t wait to see Southwest Airlines there in less than a month! #BNAVision Gate D6 at BNA’s new Concourse D. Not too much longer until the first flights take off from Gates D1-D6... #BiggerBetterBNA
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    Only temporary for drive up COVID testing. Still longer term plans to redevelop it with the adjoining now vacant H&R Block.
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    Parking deck today. Some of the first floor concrete pillars for the tower site (I think) just north of the deck are in as well. The Beacon Morehead street project flew up, I think this will as well.
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    It was working and then all of these states reopened too early and didn't require masks. Don't roll your eyes...
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    Office Tower update: Glass install about 65% complete. Looking east from intersection of West End Ave. and 17th Ave: Looking SE from Hayes St., 1/2 block east of 16th Ave. North: Looking south from intersection of 17th Ave. North and Hayes St: Looking west from Broadway, 1/2 block east of 16th Ave: Looking west from George L. Davis Blvd. (13th Ave. North), 1/2 block north of Grundy St:
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    Crane starting to climb. Looking east from Broadway overpass of I-65/40 inner belt:
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    Yes. The first game I saw in the Pyramid was a Celtics 111 - 110 victory over the Grizz back in 2003. I grew up a Sixers fan despising both the Lakers and Celtics...meandered a bit to the Bulls in the 90s, but I found a true fandom for the Grizzlies. Same as well for the Titans...I dropped my nearly two decade love for the Eagles like hot garbage when the Oilers came...both were dreams come true (home state NFL and NBA franchises).
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    Alina (5 stories, 50 condos) update. Exterior complete. Looking south from between 8th Ave. South and 9th Ave. South, 1/4 block north of Olympic St: Looking NW from Olympic Ave., 1/4 block west of 8th Ave. South: Looking NE from Olympic Ave., 1/4 block east of 9th Ave. South:
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    Charlotte Ave. and 31st Ave North:
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    ^ IMO, Yes. At least regionally (which I would agree with for Jax as well). Nationally it may be more of a stretch, as to common non-skyscraper fans there are few they recognize outside of the twin towers, empire state, chrysler, Sears Tower, John Hancock, US Bank (LA), Transamerica's of the nation, Regionally for recognition I think of buildings such as Key Tower, AT&T, US Steel Tower, BOFA Corp etc... Although in reading your comment a second time, most of the examples provided are actually non-buildings at least in the traditional highrise sense (Golden Gate, Hollywood sign, Eiffel Tower (Tokyo tower, CN tower to add along those lines...),The Arch, Space needle). If the question in that regard were to be rephrased as "landmark" instead of building, I would agree that we do not have that signature recognized landmark that resonates "Charlotte".
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    Midtown Lake has the best nude beach in the upper Belk River Valley!
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    Who said scooters were dead? (Probably me)
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    SoTy -- this site is south of Tyvola even.
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    Supposedly there is a large financial company with a presence in this market already that needs or wants the bigger building. So the odds are good I would say but who knows.
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    From 16th Annual Demographia World Urban Areas (DWUA - pub. 06/25/2020) - Highlights re: Charlotte & Raleigh Charlotte's Built-up Urban Area Pop. Est.: 2,075,000 Global Rank: 252 out of 1,055 built-up world urban areas => 500,000 Pop. density: 1,458 per sq, mi.; 563 per sq. km. Pop. density Rank: 1,052 out of 1,055 built-up world urban areas => 500,000 Land Area Rank: 25th out of 1,055 built-up world urban areas => 500,000 Raleigh's Built-up Urban Area Pop. Est.: 1,493,000 Global Rank: 349 out of 1,055 built-up world urban areas => 500,000 Pop. density: 1,745 per sq. mi.; 674 per sq. km. Pop. density Rank: 1,046 out of 1,055 built-up world urban areas => 500,000 Land Area Rank: 57th out of 1,055 built-up world urban areas => 500,000 Note on methodology: "DWUA compares the 1,055 identified built-up world urban areas with 500,000 or greater population. DWUA uses base population figures, derived from official census and estimates data, to develop basic year population estimates within the confines of built-up urban areas. These figures are then adjusted to account for population change forecasts, principally from the United Nations or the various national statistics bureaus. ... The preferred source for built-up urban area population and land area is directly provided by national statistical authorities. However, few nations provide this information. The best alternative to official built-up urban area from national statistical authorities is now from small area population grids. A review of the available sources has found the Commission Global Human Settlement (GHS2015) 250 meter database to be appropriate for the purposes of Demographia World Urban Area pop. estimation. ... DWUA applies a generally consistent definition to built-up urban areas. Urban footprint data is reported without regard to political boundaries that are generally associated with metropolitan areas or sub-national jurisdictions. ... An urban area is best thought of as the “urban footprint” --- the lighted area (“city lights”) that can be observed from an airplane (or satellite) on a clear night." Please see the link below for further information regarding methodology as well as graphs. Link: http://demographia.com/db-worldua.pdf
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    Ludlow Row (3 stories, 10 units) update. Complete and open. Looking NE from Scovel St., 1/2 block east of 11th Ave. North:
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    It looks like I made a mistake. Yo Diaz! your post was the original with the rendering. Sorry about that. Still damn nice building. Can't wait for it to be in our skyline. The change is going to be so dramatic in the next few years.
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    Lincoln Property Co. has landed initial permits for Phase I of the massive mixed-use project they are doing with Ryman Hospitality at the NE corner of the Briley Parkway/McGavock Pike intersection. It will include 296 apartments. They also received at $39 million loan from Santander Bank for the construction. More behind the NBJ paywall here: https://www.bizjournals.com/nashville/news/2020/06/26/deal-dash-commercial-real-estate-development.html?iana=hpmvp_nsh_news_headline
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    We can’t conflate these two things. Although equally tragic, murder committed by an officer of the law sworn to serve and protect is more egregious. However, that does not mean that murder of innocent people by any perpetrator should be met with less than equal outrage. Systemic racism absolutely is a major problem and perpetuates much of this violence through suppression of opportunities for people of color (and other minorities - let’s not forget the LGBTQIA+ community, including those who also happen to have a darker skin tone or different hair texture), but it doesn’t absolve anyone of their personal responsibility to be a decent human being. No excuses. Politicizing our problems only makes them worse. We need to stop blaming each other and instead start learning from one another; come to the table for courageous conversations without fear of judgment or repercussions; recognize that, as imperfect humans, none of us are completely part of the problem nor totally part of the solution; and, most importantly, respectfully hold each other accountable for achieving the progress we all want and need to heal.
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    Another western NC town that is WAY outside of Asheville....recent video of the Town of Franklin
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    This pandemic reveals character.
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    Introducing the 'Outlier'.......This is a new project - it was introduced to City Council on Monday and will now go before the Planning Commission next week. It contains only 29 'units' but each unit contains 5-6 bedrooms in a sort of co-living setup in which the rooms are leased out individually but everyone in each unit shares a single kitchen I think. Interior detail aside, I think the massing for this building and its location along the Boulevard would be great. This is at 1101 North Arthur Ashe Blvd right beside Starucks Coffee.
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    MGM Hotel (21 stories, 315 rooms)/AEG Entertainment District (4000 seat theater, multi-screen cineplex, jazz club, dozens of restaurants/retail, massive underground garage) update: Core drilling in NE corner of lot where Church St. and 9th Ave. North intersect. Supposed to be another office tower on this portion eventually. Looking north from 9th Ave. North, 1/4 block south of Church St: Looking west from 9th Ave. North, 1/2 block north of Commerce St: Looking NW from 9th Ave. North, 1/2 block north of Commerce St:
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    Signage going up at Curb Victory Hall (5 stories, 40 units of housing for homeless veterans). Looking NE from 12th Ave. South, 1/4 block north of Edgehill Ave: Looking SW from 12th Ave. South, 1/2 block north of Edgehill Ave:
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