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    Happy Fourth ofJuly to all fellow U.P. Nashvillites! : )
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    Did a high speed test of my new camera drive by photos with new camera from I-277 of uptown. Sun angle was better on the north side of uptown. Happy Independence Day!
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    Office Tower update. Glass installation about 65% complete. Looking west from Broadway, 1/2 block east of 16th Ave: Looking NW from intersection of Broadway and 16th Ave: Looking east from intersection of West End Ave. and 17th Ave: Looking SE from Hayes St., 1/2 block east of 17th Ave. North: Looking south from intersection of Hayes St. and 16th Ave. North: Looking west from intersection of 12th Ave. and Broadway: Looking west from George L. Davis Blvd (13th Ave. North), 1/2 block north of Grundy St:
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    Easy 277 shot. LU3 and it’s making a girthy presence.
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    Friday July 3, 2020 - 12:20 p.m. - grading underway on Spectrum Cos. and FCA Partners 303 unit, 8 story multifamily project in the Gold District Spectrum Cos. Rendering from Charlotte Business Journal story 01/24/2020 - see link below. Link: https://www.bizjournals.com/charlotte/news/2020/01/24/charlotte-developer-plans-apartment-project-in.html * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * Fri. 12:24 p.m. - Altura SouthEnd Townhomes - S. Mint St. btw. W. Carson & W. Palmer St. - 31 townhomes, 4 bldgs., concrete foundations being laid Rendering of Altura SouthEnd townhomes - see link to Charlotte Business Journal story below Link to Charlotte Business Journal story 06/25/2020: https://www.bizjournals.com/charlotte/news/2020/06/25/townhouses-coming-to-burgeoning-south-end-area.html
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    Happy Independence Day a couple from North Carolina. 1. Blue Ridge Parkway 2. Charlotte Motor Speedway 3. Lake Norman 4. Spruce Pine NC
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    Vines installed on NW corner column. Looking SE from intersection of Elm St. and 3rd Ave. South:
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    Plaza Park update. Looking north from Broadway Viaduct, just east of CSX tracks: Looking NE from Broadway Viaduct, where it crosses over CSX tracks: Looking south from Church Street Viaduct, where it crosses over CSX tracks: Looking west from intersection of 10th Ave. North and Commerce St: Rendering of park plaza:
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    Tillery is prettier...
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    Welcome to the Hornet's Nest
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    I was worried they had VE’d the sloped roof, thank goodness they haven’t. That said, it doesn’t look as dramatic an angle but still looks good! Shame about the height though. They also appear to have got rid of that weird textured box thing facing Tryon. And, from this Brit living here in Charlotte, Happy Traitors’ Day!
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    Shelby Bottoms is good, mostly flat. For more variety of terrain, Stones River Greenway is a better option.
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    Drive by of the Square. I hope this leases well and I think it will for smaller tenants only needing a floor or two. Garage side but this will be wrapped by apartments of course.
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    Miscellaneous mid rises in Southend. Today.
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    was in the area for a quick Tex Mex meal and got these of the Lowes tower. Part of the garage is the snap together kind but not the parking levels under the tower portion. Also a weird sample of what it will look like material wise. Look for the brick column. and guess what I got this afternoon my brand new camera from Teds Camera up there in Brooklyn-land in New Yawk City! New photos coming after July 4 .
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    had to meet somewhere near the airport and did a quick drive by first time in the CLT area since late Feb. Like the new crown and the CLT sign. Drive bys. What is the steel frame building going up near the old control tower behind the daily /hourly deck? 3rd to last photo.
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    Happy 4th! A couple updates to the development map I'll add in today: 1. 629 E. Main St. (former DEQ building) - This was supposed to be a dual branded Hyatt Place/Hyatt House hotel concept but it is now slated for almost 200 apartments which is awesome and is being completed by the same folks doing the Stumpf Hotel down the street. This renovation looks like it has begun as fencing is up and workers are on site so I will move this into the 'orange'. An article about switching gears from the hotel concepts to the residential came out last week: https://richmondbizsense.com/2020/06/22/douglas-development-scraps-hotel-plans-for-former-deq-building-now-opting-for-apartments/ 2. I noticed a bunch of new building permits issued out this week for Creek Summit Circle which is the Creek's Edge at Stony Point development just west of Stony point mall. It looks like they are working to finish up the northern part of this development which lingered for a few years for some reason. There was never an entry on the map for this - I know it is more suburban in nature and a little out of town but it is technically the city and we had an entry for the similar 'James River at Stony Point' complex.
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    OFF Topic slightly: I stayed in Utrecht when visiting The Netherlands after flying to Frankfurt and driving to NL. I visited Amsterdam but knew I could not park a car at least cheaply there so I stayed in Utrecht and rode the train into the city. When getting petrol at the local Shell I turned the wrong way going out and starting driving down the a wide Bike path. I was surrounded by bikes realized my mistake then threw the car in reverse and backed up to the gas station and turned around. But I was no ugly American as my rental car had German license plates so they were probably yelling at "That German" The Netherlands is the only place I have seen with a multilevel parking deck for bikes! No one or no bike was hurt in this international incident.
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    Since I could not find Cars of Waxhaw thread I thought I would put this Lambo here seen coming out of Lawson neighborhood in Waxhaw. @nicholas can tell you the make and model I am sure. Liked the color but doesn't seem to have a turn signal when he turned left into the Harris Teeter at Cureton LOL.
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    1030 16th Ave. South (Panattoni, 6 stories, 130,000 sq. ft. office space) update. Small office building at NE corner of 16th Ave. South and Tremont Ave. is now razed. Structures just to the north are now completely gone.
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    Lake Norman is really gorgeous.
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    The downtown Tacos El Rancho is now open after being closed for well over a year due to a kitchen fire. Happened to stumble in on Thursday and the staff said it was their first day back. Of course, I’ll wait for @spenser1058 to share a Scott Joseph’s report to make it official!
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    Hats off to The KJ - @KJHburg - your drive by photos are stunning and a great pleasure to look at! to The KJ
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    Drive by and walk bys on this hot late afternoon. love the dueling cranes. SouthendRising a part of CharlotteRising. This is going to huge right up to the Rail Trail.
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    My drive by photos not as good as the walk by photos above. But here there are. That hotel when built is going to tower over this whole project. I might have to check in to take photos only.
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    @kermit we flattened the curve! You just need to turn the chart sideways!
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    Palmer and Mint, post demo. Going a little deeper than I would have guessed (behind screen due to slope of site).
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    I really hope LU4 follows suit of what Ally tower has accomplished...minimal lobby and lots of retail. So far the LU1 and LU2 have minimal retail and lots of lobby lol. The Tryon/Stonewall plot has a great opportunity to engage the street-level on multiple sides.
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    For the love of God, please don't ruin this building with signage.
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    That's what the previous info was on the tower. More floors but the same height. Hopefully the decrease doesn't stick.
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