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    The beautiful twin towers (875' and 765' with 1100 residential units between them) for 400 Lake Shore Drive North in Chicago has been approved. Courtesy of YIMBY Chicago:
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    Up to 9th floor. Looking east from intersection of Division St. and Overton St: Looking west from Carter's Vintage Guitars parking lot, 1/2 block north of Division St: Looking NE from intersection of Division St. and 10th Ave. South:
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    Someone who's not familiar with Nashville would probably look at this picture and think it's a neat juxtaposition of the old and the new, not realizing that the oldest building in this picture is Bridgestone Arena which opened in 1996. The beautiful and very classical Schermerhorn Symphony Center is only 14 years old.
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    Today 11:20 a.m. JW Marriott Hotel at Ally Charlotte Center
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    Not a picture showing “old and new”, just “new”
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    Glass install 95% complete. Looking west from intersection of Pine St. and 11th Ave. South: Looking north from Pine St., 1/2 block east of 12th Ave. South: Looking west from 11th Ave. South, 1/2 block north of Pine St: Looking SW from 11th Ave. South, 1/2 block north of Laurel St: Looking west from intersection of 10th Ave. South and Lea Ave:
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    Pretty sure Smeagol lived to be almost 600 years old - all you have to do is recover his precioussss. Who knows, if you live for six centuries, they might even break ground on a light rail line running past Auntie Yock's proposed Beaman Tower.
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    Talk about being really cranky.. Builds..itss..builds itss nowssess precious! Just go ahead and throw me into a volcano, I think I will be happier than living to 600.
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    Some clarity on the Beaman auto empire sale: The sale of his dealerships Hudson Automotive Group includes everything but the land (11 acres on Broadway, just west of I-65/40 inner belt, and 7 acres of 12th Ave. South at Hawkins, just south of I-65/40 inner belt). Beaman will retain the acreage for potential future sale or redevelopment. For the short-term he will lease the properties to Hudson for the car dealerships and auto shops. There is an additional 7.5 acres in East Nashville that are part of the set-up. David Hudson, CEO of Hudson Automotive, confirmed that they will ultimately relocate the dealership and associated auto shops to another location. In 2016, Beaman told the Business Journal that he thought his Broadway land was worth more than his dealership. "I've thought in years past that the value of the land just couldn't get any higher, and it just keeps going up. There have been some plateaus, sure, but I'm very confident," Beaman said then. "I'm not saying I'd take $15 million (an acre). … But I'd sure put a pencil to it." More behind the NBJ paywall here: https://www.bizjournals.com/nashville/news/2020/09/03/lee-beaman-automotive-hudson-automotive-broadway.html?iana=hpmvp_nsh_news_headline This map from the article gives an idea of the locations. The site at the upper left should actually include another substantial portion (about 1/3) of the block to the south of McGavock, and north of Demonbreun.
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    in the most populous county in NC today Wake . We need these 2 things in Charlotte. One a Wegmans like this the 2nd store in the county in Cary with with 3 more to go in Wake County alone and secondly one of these an urban Publix uptown like this one at Peace, 5 Wegmans in Wake County alone now 2 open and 1 for Chapel Hill and Durham. Publix in downtown is full sized store reminded me of the Cotswold location with parking below and of course apartments above. Separate garage levels for the apartment complex with separate entrance.
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    Honestly at this point, I don't care how controversial this is... Charlotte should really end single family zoning in this area. I mean no longer permitting the construction of a single family home on a single lot. It's just going to be a 600,000$+ house at this point. I've seen it too many times now, especially at corner lots. Smaller homes being scraped and what-ever replacing it. The first million dollar home listed in Belmont (Or about 980,000$) with a 5000$ mortgage. That's not the housing that Belmont needs. The good news at least is seeing some decent missing middle projects being proposed on Parkwood. It's urbanization and at least seems to be decent urbanization. The key is they are missing middle projects, like 20 units. So we don't have the honor then of hosting those 100+ unit TOD garbage apartment blocks. https://charlottenc.gov/planning/Rezoning/RezoningPetitions/2020Petitions/Documents/Revised_Site_Plans/2020_005_SitePlanRev_2020_07_27.pdf It's a good site plan... all the developer has to do is hash out a decent facade.
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    Couple of notes: Eastwood Village (corner of Greenwood and Chapel) had a shell building permit issued yesterday for the main and old sanctuary. The permit was valued at $1,000,000. Here are some images from the leasing brochure for the old laundry mat at 1202 Gallatin Avenue: https://www.canva.com/design/DAEDfRxWSJE/ZiHiwDHwGIVYob1Ib67Jcg/view?utm_content=DAEDfRxWSJE&utm_campaign=designshare&utm_medium=link&utm_source=sharebutton
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    I'm closing out to 'green' the following projects on the development map. These are done and leasing! - The Nest (Scott's Addition) https://www.nestscottsaddition.com/ - Jackson Place Ph1 (Jackson Ward) https://www.slnusbaum.com/apartment-communities/the-rosa-apartments https://www.vandevyverapts.com/ Edit: added links.
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    Nothing too much new to report from the meeting last night but it was great to here from the planning staff on the vision for this area. They really see this area as a pocket that needs to absorb growth that is coming to Richmond whether we are ready or not. A few takeaways - 1. As this are re-develops city will try to reconnect street grid esp. Marshall & Clay from Sauer Center to Carver District. (This would have to come with some sort of redevelopment of Lowes/Kroger.) They were successful in doing this at Sauer Center so not impossible. 2. Staff defended B-4 usage along Broad from onslaught of Fan NIMBYS and anti-growthers which gave the usual unfounded stew of historic nature/property values/off-scale etc. etc. There was very good argument from staff that discussed why we can't continue down the road of just going through SUP process every time somebody wants to build something big which is that deters developers and makes the city seem incompetent and devalues the zoning tool. Some very cool renderings of Lowe's parking lot potential under B4 which I see if I can find. 3. POD overlay will be implemented over this entire area so that for projects meeting a certain sqfootage or contain 3+ units from my understanding will be evaluated for certain urban principles tied to the Pulse plan. This is similar to what was done in Monroe Ward. 4. No update on the Opus project. As we know, plan was approved through SUP - developer has yet to apply for permits however.
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    16 acres along Leigh St. at Blvd are for sale including the MovieLand site. This entire site is zoned TOD-1 which means whatever gets built here would need to conform to good urban design. It looks like the offer could be for all 16 acres or just the vacant outer parcel of 5 something acres. Either way, these are some of the biggest parcels of land for sale in Scott's right now - hopefully we get someone in here provides a great mixed use development. I wouldn't mind seeing more row homes in this area, maybe on the parcel farthest from Blvd - and then, in the MovieLand parking lot, something more dense. https://www.cbredealflow.com/handler/modern.aspx?pv=tfXTxDllHNcjvXX6sxUAb-8-9EUVPrBO1JyD_C8XsqY#_top
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    Only half-way up, that's going to be a beast at that end of downtown. I like the curved corner wall a lot.
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    Starting to look like a real city!
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    Get it built. Next, electrify the corridor and we really have something!
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    The environmental impact study is complete for the dual track/pedestrian bridge crossing the Potomac. So far they continue to remain on track (pun intended) to eventually provide hourly service from Richmond to DC, but Covid-19 is presenting some funding challenges. https://richmond.com/news/state-and-regional/govt-and-politics/virginia-rail-deal-on-track-with-completion-of-environmental-planning-for-new-potomac-river-crossing/article_31b76d8f-9bb9-51e7-8c1b-c31efcde8d84.html
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    Cornerstone University's new "Jack and Mary De Witt Center for Science and Technology" was completed in 2019. I don't think finished photos were ever posted here, and the center recently won awards from the Masonry Institute of Michigan and AIA Michigan. The Architect was Progressive AE. There are some more photos at the Architect's website, as well as a Youtube video, here. I think it looks pretty sharp. Source: Progressive AE
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    I swear the light just turned green as I was taking this.
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    I believe the long term goal is to keep the movie theater (might switch hands as certain theaters go out of business), but develop the excess parking lot and land. Side note: the steel for the facade addition to the old hotel on Broad is now up. I wish we could find an updated rendering.
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    Right now it is just an abandoned pool supply building and a handful of single family homes abutting the last stop on the soon to be completed streetcar. What there is necessary to preserve for a "well-articulated, intricate urban fabric". I understand people want to preserve a number of single family homes, but at the corner of Central and Hawthorne at the last stop of the streetcar? That feels like a place where we should definitely be pushing to have some denser housing options. Townhomes on Sunnyside with apartments on Central feels like a much better use of the space.
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    I believe the change coming to Stonewall Street with the completion of the CC Expansion will have a significant impact on making the street brighter and more inviting.
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    Saint Thomas Midtown Critical Care expansion and Rehab Facility (both 4 stories) update: former structures fully cleared. Looking east from intersection of Patterson St. and 21st Ave. North: Looking south from intersection of Patterson St. and 21st Ave. North:
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    If Beaman wants to do something truly memorable and long-lasting for the city, a nice 75-story mixed-use tower on the property would go a long way.
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    This may be the most disappointing project I have ever seen in Hampton Roads.
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    Lots of tech news, it takes no holiday. 1. Big news for a company I have not heard of it and based in Ballantyne called Paymentus. Landing Walmart as one of your clients is a BIG deal. https://www.wraltechwire.com/2020/09/03/charlotte-firm-paymentus-lands-walmart-as-client-for-its-instant-payment-network/ https://www.paymentus.com/ their website 2. other news ThreatSwitch based uptown lands $1.7 M in funding. https://www.bizjournals.com/charlotte/inno/stories/fundings/2020/09/02/threatswitch-raises-a-new-equity-round.html 3. and more Charlotte based Carewell raises $5 M for their ecommerce platform https://www.bizjournals.com/charlotte/inno/stories/profiles/2020/09/02/carewell-raises-seed-round.html Charlotte Tech is Rising!
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    I kind of love that they went with turf for the roof. It always looks super vibrant, even in winter. I just wish it was a bit more open to the public, rooftop restaurant would've been sweet.
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    The magnetic strip on my antifa ID has stopped working on the lobby elevator so I have not been able to see my admin to ask about my Minneapolis travel reimbursement from May. I need a new travel approval too or else my soup is gonna go bad.
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    Since I'm a property owner in the district, I received a letter the other day from the attorneys for Highwoods indicating that they have purchased the property at 321/327 W. Hargett St. and 213 S. Harrington St., and intend to submit a rezoning request to the city to change from DX-12-SH to DX-40-CU for a potential mixed use development. This means that they are possibly interested in building something up to 40 stories on that site. I have not seen any further details on their plans, but will post any info that I receive. This is very good news, because Highwoods is a very credible developer and can deliver something substantial on that site. Let's keep our fingers crossed.
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    Agreed. I hate that people make things for PEOPLE about politics. There is no partisan divide on things that help all of us. I don't care if you're rich and never ride a SunRail train. The people that work for you do or the people that serve you at your restaurants do or the people in the shops you go to do or the people who work in the hospitals or doctor's offices you go to do.
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