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    The plan from 1977 was to run rail elevated along Little Sugar Creeek then joining Fairview to SouthPark. Which actually would have picked up the Montford Park office Area. Would never happen now, but would be a different Charlotte if it had.
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    Today this evening from Facebook BNA. Remember the cranes we showed you last week? And remember the distinctive roof canopy you’ve seen in #BNAVision renderings the last couple of years? Well, canopy construction gets underway in October. HENSEL PHELPS shows how it will get built. From renderings to reality! Corgan Inc. Fentress Architects
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    This project x100 please. Also, office portion of the project is listed for sale, with pricing expected at $575/sf
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    Today 12:30 p.m. J.W. Marriott Hotel at Ally Charlotte Center
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    The reason 900 Church is listed as UC is that they have pulled a 3 million dollar foundation permit.
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    Up to 5th floor of residential tower, 3rd level of hotel. Looking NE from intersection of 19th Ave. South and Broadway: Looking NW from Broadway, 1/2 block east of 19th Ave. South: Looking west from Broadway, 1/2 block east of 19th Ave. South: Looking NE from 19th Ave. South, 1/4 block north of Broadway: Looking SE from 19th Ave. South, 1/4 block north of Broadway: Looking SE from 19th Ave. South, 1/2 block south of West End Ave:
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    Looking west from Nashville Subaru lot: Looking NW from Division St. overpass of I-65/40 inner belt: Looking SW from Charlotte Ave., 1/2 block west of 11th Ave. North:
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    Embassy Suites up to 18th floor. 1 Hotel up to 9th floor. Glass and ornamental trim continues around pedestals of both. Looking SE from 8th Ave. South, 1/2 block north of Demonbreun: Looking NE from Demonbreun, 1/4 block west of 8th Ave. South: Looking NE from Demonbreun, 1/4 block east of 8th Ave. South: Looking NW from Demonbreun, 1/4 block east of 7th Ave. South:
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    ^I'd much rather have this type of housing added than a couple of mini-mansions. We do not have enough missing middle housing like this, but Parkwood between Plaza and N Davidson is going to have a good amount built. This is a good thing! In other news, snapped a pick of the 25th St bridge:
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    A photo collection behind the NBJ paywall today on The Place at 5th & Broadway. Have selected some that we have not covered so far. https://www.bizjournals.com/nashville/news/2020/09/22/fifth-broadway-the-place-apartment-tower-photos.html?iana=hpmvp_nsh_news_headline
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    Who would vote for four more years of 2020?
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    Brooklyn Bowl (bowling alley, concert hall, bar) in the Sounds Retail Building still hasn't opened due to the pandemic...but this is a cool virtual tour to show off its elements: https://www.selfwalk.com/brooklyn-bowl-nashville
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    Up to 11th floor. Looking NE from intersection of Division St. and Overton St: Looking west from Carter Vintage Guitars: Looking NW from intersection of Division St. and 10th Ave. South:
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    Today this evening. All tower cranes gone.
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    If Gaston County is any indicator - a TON of people. That is what has me extremely worried. My sincere hope is that sane, rational thinking people are truly the silent majority and see the urgent need to remove this individual from office. I don't want to appear as an alarmist, but we as a country, a culture and and ethic have everything at stake.
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    They could always place a big spy glass up on top of the building and point the sunlight down to the pool.
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    Today this morning from Facebook BNA. The south expansion of BNA’s Baggage Claim is open as of this morning! It features two new baggage carousels, the Southwest and American Air baggage service offices, restrooms, a water bottle filling station, water fountains and a new vestibule for easy access to curbside pick-up. #BiggerBetterBNA #BNAVision
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    This is pretty interesting. A really good idea - and the riverfront location is perfect for this given that it is south facing and gets unobstructed sun year-round. Harkens back historically to the old VEPCO hydro-electric plant on the canal when it functioned decades ago. https://richmond.com/business/largest-solar-array-project-in-downtown-richmond-planned-for-the-top-of-a-dominion-energy/article_a8932939-9c39-5cdc-863f-01b730fa1619.html#utm_source=richmond.com&utm_campaign=%2Fnewsletter-templates%2Flocal%2Fdaily-business&utm_medium=PostUp&utm_content=0ec7e032dd1e4ec101109fd5c9cd7c5c0a175c41
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    ^^I'm assuming this is just a test-run for the soon-to-be flatiron building they're gonna build at the West End / Broadway split...right? Just reduce that angle and add 40 floors....
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    Well I can say I only truly "enjoy" the area when I get there at 8am at gate opening and head directly up to Ridgeline trail toward Kings Mountain SP. Otherwise it is too damn crowded. Mass crowds have ruined Crowders and I have written it off for anything other than trail running or maybe a dead of winter cold hike. I personally don't believe anything can hurt Crowders as much as the many Charlotte Agenda articles promoting it over the years. Thank God they don't promote ASCG.
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    2952 Sidco Dr. covers 11,110 sq. ft. over its single floor and was built in 1958. It is currently home to The Black Abbey Brewery.
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    “Welcome to Charlotte! My name is Larry Sprinkle and I will be your tour guide. We begin from my secret lair on top of the Jumbotron at Bank of America Stadium.” ”Next we will visit the bubble, officially known as the Atrium Health Dome. Before it’s construction the Carolina Panthers had to practice at the Charlotte Convention Center on days with inclement weather.” **Not actual Larry Sprinkle quotes**
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    down in the ATL within eyesight of Ponce City Market at my "office" and talked to a girl from Davidson and she said she went to USC in Columbia then went to Boston and wanted to return south and came to Atlanta. However all of her age 20 something friends went to Charlotte including her sister to Southend and NoDa and said Charlotte has the "cool factor" now. She asked some of them to move to Atlanta and Beltline area and they said like Charlotte better. She even knew about Camp Northend and Optimist Hall. Charlotte > Atlanta. At the site of the former Murder Kroger in midtown since rebuilt and if you don't believe me about it google Murder Kroger.
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    Hey @KJHburg it looks like something very similar to what you hoped for is starting this thursday! They are doing movies outdoors for the next couple weeks. Two different movies at 7 and then 9! At 400 Camp Rd which I believe is the old Ford Building or what they call Raceway?
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    Amazon Tower One as seen today from Seventh and Church, looking west. When Tony gets through that view will change a lot. This view, also looking west shows Tower One with its West End neighbors. This, too, will be altered dramatically by 801 and 900 Church Street.

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