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    Hayes Street Office/Retail Building (4 stories, 125,000 sq. ft.) update: Cladding nearly complete on west, north, and east sides; glass about 75? complete on south (plaza) side. Looking SW from Hayes St., 1/4 block east of 17th Ave. North: Looking SE from Hayes St., 1/4 block east of 17th Ave. North: Looking SW from intersection of Hayes St. and 16th Ave. North: Looking NW from Nashville Subaru: Looking north. from West EndAve., 1/2 block east of 17th Ave:
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    Here is the nearly topped out 805 Lea tower as seen from the intersection of Eighth Avenue South and Edgehill/Chestnut Streets. Decided not to crop Mark Spain out of the picture but was not paid for leaving it in.
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    Element Hotel (6 stories, 169 rooms) update: Cladding nearly complete. Looking SE from intersection of City Ave.. and City Blvd: Looking SE from City Blvd., 1/2 block east of City Ave: Looking SW from intersection of City Blvd. and 28th Ave. Connector: Looking SW from 28th AVe. Connector, 1/4 block south of City Blvd: Looking north from 28th Ave. Connector just north of CSX tracks:
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    Staying open now after community support.
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    Here is a rendering of a project on Felicia St. Called The Rudy at City Heights that is Under construction and nearing completion. Another E3 project. This is what happens when I spend a lot of time updating the map.
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    walk bys today and I wish LMC Lennar quick lease up success. I think the retail will come much later until this building reaches certain occupancy and more office workers return. Looks great only wish they would have done a rooftop pool like the 40 story Market Square tower in downtown Houston. (last photo) still like my alma mater's uptown building and wish there was another building to join it.
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    Yes not all history was wiped away from uptown. Here are a few gems and by the way we need to keep the Barringer Hotel aka Hall House, site of the first very gay bar in Charlotte according to post on Charlotte in the Past facebook group. Did not know that and she described the hotel as one of the finest anywhere at the time and this was back in the 60s/70s. Even a President stayed there Richard Milhouse Nixon. 1. Iveys 1920s 2. Johnston Bldg from the 1920s 3. Latta Arcade 1914
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    Spectrum hit a home run in design with this project. photos from yesterday. Balconies and fresh air are going to be must haves in future office buildings. Plus this is really where Southend meets up Uptown.
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    I walked by here as well and was somewhat surprised to see framing taking place.
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    I can't see past that awful white and baby blue building.
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    walk by photos here and there were workers present (in fact I look through one of those peep holes and was face to face almost with a worker LOL)
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    talked to guy with Babson Cook here who alerted me to the crane being raised today. Several photos of that. He also said it would be 50 stories but not sure that is correct and I don't argue with strangers *which is a good idea for cyber sites like UP too) anyway back and front and all walk bys today. I count 6 floors behind the curtains!
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    Photos of only Ally Center and the JW Marriott hotel today. and walk bys to boot! Notice the ornamental grass atop the jewel box site the ice cream store. Interesting not sure what I think of that might have preferred small trees in huge pots.
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    2nd Ave. North, north of Commerce St:
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    Yea, the husk of the epicenter is remarkably well-located for the post-virus era. If the free-market can't work its magic here, then I may be driven to socialism....
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    walk bys today. and I from the get go and to this very minute I like the design of the BOAT at Legacy. The lighted pyramid is better than a bed sheet curtain wall atop a flat roof. Legacy 2 looks great. We might have to look at the grassy corner of Stonewall and Tryon for some time unless the office market picks up. and yes I like the lawn in front of the 2 towers. This should be ringed with benches and enhanced wifi and call it the outdoor post pandemic work area.
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    walk bys today and according to DPR guys I talked to this is the last floor of the parking levels so now the floors will be taller 15 or so feet as opposed to 10 feet. This is popping up quick. Plus some crane action.
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    OK, my new pet project for a Biden-era TIGER / BUILD grant is the Seversville Streetcar. Its 1.6 miles from Gateway station (from Graham) down to State Street (Blue Blaze). Other than street running on Graham for 3 blocks, nearly all of the ROW is available, owned by the city and I suspect very little utility relocation is necessary. You might be able to share Silver Line ROW instead of street running on Graham. This is about a half mile longer than Gold Line Phase 1. The route is short enough that you could single track much of the route if costs needed to be trimmed (create a passing track at a station around Walnut st). A connection to the Gold Line Trade street would allow these vehicles to share the existing service yard. Based on GL Phase 1, you might be able to build this whole thing for $30 million-ish (plus 2 new vehicles). All easily within the range of a TIGER / BUILD grant and the local contribution might be as cheap as ROW and some neighborhood infrastructure stuff. It would provide a potential path for an extension to Thomasboro / Hoskins if a couple of industrial users decide to leave Lakewood and possibly the Music Factory and Greenville at the other end (but this would require an expensive overpass). This would also help densify some corners of uptown in need of it (parking lots at Cedar Yards) and reduce the barrier of the NS tracks. This rail stub would really improve livability in this corner of town and trigger a ton of RE development.
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    I have to say that I really like this update. It doesn't change the building during the daytime when you can actually see the architecture (forthcoming Truist signage notwithstanding), but at night this building didn't have a worthy lighting scheme at all. This should have been a prominent piece of the nighttime skyline and it just never was. They never uplit the corner flares, which would have been first on my list, the old crown lighting was installed slightly asymmetrically since day one, and the only wall wash lighting was on the lowest parking deck levels. It's almost as if BofA intentionally dumbed down the lighting scheme so this building didn't steal too much attention from the Corporate Center. At least the new outlined lighting scheme capitalizes on the building's unique proportions so they can be appreciated both day and night. I'll reserve final judgement till they stop the testing and settle on a (probably) more subtle and subdued nightly lighting scheme, but I think this is a sorely needed upgrade for this building. My two pennies.
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    Apparently Kuyper/Wheeler Development Group is looking to rezone the Kuyper College campus and several other parcels to "RPUD." Anyone know the plans? Also I hear that MVP on Crahen may be seeing the wrecking ball. I hear several large residential developers are looking at it for redevelopment (I assume for some kind of townhouses or high density development). I have to imagine they're dying on the vine through this pandemic, except for the pool which was busy this summer.
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    This! This tragic situation from Covid will finally give the Epi owners an easy opportunity to shift away from service/entertainment. No excuse not to other than corporate bureaucracy failing at their jobs. The entire city/metro dislikes Epi; the public narrative is that it's too far gone and cannot be changed or saved, when just a shift in retailers/use is all it needs.
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    Because they are paying for the on campus housing and it is extraordinarily expensive. This is a partnership with a developer/land lease and the numbers don’t make sense for ultra high end construction. Correct - no parking is included for residents (there may be some spots for the retail).
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    We know exactly what it'll be, all construction plans are publicly submitted and can be found on the pages of this thread.
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    here is the sign for the latest Amazon warehouse off Sam Wilson near 485 and 85 interchange. It says CLT9 which is interesting as I only count 7 Amazon facilities in the area 3 in Cabarrus and 4 in Mecklenburg unless there are 2 more I don't know about. They usually name their centers like this as they have multiple locations in one metro. I know they have an office in the Railyard but don't think they name their offices that way. photo from yesterday.
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    Buchanan & 11th. (3 stories, 2 units) update: Topped out, brickwork underway. Looking NW from intersection of Buchanan St. and 11th Ave. North:
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    Absolutely. As an LA native, I’m biased. But the high end architecture of LA and California has a sleek look and welcoming vibe. So it’s always welcome to see in this city we’ve come to love. The new coffee shop across from OConnors, Coalescence, has that vibe as well.
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    I used to be bummed out about Truist moving into the Hearst Tower not building a new Tower but what they have done with the Lighting Upgrades are fantastic. I’m hoping in the next year or two once they occupy a new tower as part of the North Tryon Redevelopment that its within the 300’ to 400’ range in height.
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    I hope you are right but people with ear buds everywhere and walking and talking on their phones. Some unfortunately will find out the wrong way. It will be a learning curve for those in this city especially with vehicles and trains as it was in Houston.
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    completed tracks near the Square where the trains run by the sidewalk. I hope there is plans to limit where people can cross with barriers of some sort or pedestrian accidents will happen by distracted walkers. These trains will not stop on the dime. Houston has that where the tracks are right at the sidewalk. No jaywalking maybe with chained off areas with pedestrians crossing on the street corners.
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    Renters can have a say in what goes on in their neighborhoods, even when they are renting from MDHA. I agree that more density is needed along the pikes, but developments like this won’t help make that case or convince other neighborhoods to embrace it. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Starting 34th floor of Conrad Hilton Hotel/Condos.Looking NW from 16th Ave. South, 1/4 block south of Broadway: Looking NE from West End Ave., 1/4 block west of 17th Ave: Looking SE from Hayes St., 1/4 block west of 17th Ave. North: Looking SW from Hayes St., 1/4 block east of 17th Ave. North: Looking west from Hayes St., 1/2 block east of 16th Ave. North:
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    Details from the elevations on the plans set....there are 34 floors of living space and 2 levels of mechanical. The height is 418' (as measured from main entrance). The base elevations Roof elevations
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    Yea but downtown will catch up to where it is one day!
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    I think it has something to do with the retirement center. I saw a permit of some sort but it was a tree removal permit. I can go back and look. Tree removal permits do not have much information if any in them.
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    It was pushed back to next weekend due to an issue with the helicopter. I always pictured the signage looking like the attached photo (can’t remember who made it – my bad). I figured Truist would do this right. But after driving past the letters the other day, it seems they have gone the cheap route and attached the letters to light brown boards to match the concrete. I am so disappointed Truist doesn’t see the architectural value of their new HQ. Covering up those architectural accents at the top is a huge mistake that cheapens the aesthetic of this beautiful tower. I’m bracing for the worst because that’s where I see this signage headed... Love the new lighting, but Truist is making a giant, cheap-looking mistake with their signage.
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    Highlights of the Future of Manchester panel published by RBizSense: https://richmondbizsense.com/2020/11/13/highlights-from-the-future-of-manchester/ I'm planning to check out the entire discussion, available here: https://richmondbizsense.com/events/the-future-of-video-archive/ Some selected great quotes from the RBizSense story: "It’s a big mix with a little bit of a nebulous boundary of where it starts and stops, but it wants to grow. Just by the numbers, over 50 percent of the land is undeveloped." - Burt Pinnock, principal and chairman of Baskervill "Manchester in the Richmond 300 plan is grouped in with downtown. It is the Brooklyn to Manhattan kind of relationship." - Burt Pinnock, principal and chairman of Baskervill "There are easily between a 1,000 and 2,000 (apartment) units right now that are under construction and in planning." - Bernard Harkless, principal at Manchester-based Lynx Ventures "We see a lot of potential for more services, more offices and very dense mixed use on Hull Street." - Bernard Harkless, principal at Manchester-based Lynx Ventures "There is a lot of interest in Manchester and it’s no longer just the local developers. We’re on the map now." - Robin Miller, principal of Miller & Associates "I’d love for the next BRT line to come north south through Manchester and really make us a connected multi modal neighborhood." - David Bass, founder and president of the Manchester Alliance
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    I've looked all over for cameras on that side of town...and I haven't found a good one yet. I did discover that Nest cam on top of Skyhouse, which would be perfect to watch construction at the Beaman or Reid properties...but haven't found a good one west of there. Pretty sure there's a cam for Broadwest, but it's private.
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    that section is basically topped out, you will see just the tip.
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