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    You nailed it -- at least drop it 40' so it's aligned with the horizontial elements of the building. Problem is -- it will intefer with the view of the executive on the top floors. The whole thing needs to be abandoned. Imagine someone putting a sign on the Empire State or Chrysler Building. Imagining Georgians ruining the rest of the world
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    Embassy Suites up to 24th floor. Window treatments starting install on east and south sides. Looking SE from intersection of McGavock St. and 7th Ave. South: Looking NE from Demonbreun, 1/2 block east of 8th Ave. South: Looking NW from Demonbreun, 1/2 block east of 7th Ave. South:
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    Hello Southend from uptown, meet your new rival.
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    Office Tower glass all seems to be finalized. Looking west from Broadway, 1/2 block east of 16th Ave: Looking west from intersection of Rosa L. Parks Blvd. and Commerce St:
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    Theo Epstein to Nashville would be huge. With Epstein's reputation and respect throughout major league baseball, I'm not sure how Nashville would not get a team. From 'SB Nation'." The TENNESSEE LOOKOUT also reports on the Epstein rumor, but contributes another rumor about Bill Haslam joining the Nashville Stars group... If these two rumors come to fruition, I think the effort to attract an expansion team could get real serious.
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    Found this on “Charlotte through the Years”. It’s amazing how much focus has been put on Charlotte’s central urban core in the past 25 years. This skyline went from a Slightly Larger Greensboro type skyline to a major city skyline in that short of a time period.
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    I sure hope meetings, conventions and trade shows come back as our convention center will be great after this work is complete. Really great facility.
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    ^^Yes...if we keep pulling in big name guys like this, you'd think they're only coming on board because something seems imminent. I can't imagine Epstein getting involved unless we're actually getting a team. Will be interesting to watch and see if he jumps on board.
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    Looking good with the BIG Ally sign on the curtain wall. Today.
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    If this isn’t the original design for the roof, then I’m not sure what is going on here. It’s definetely not the newest flat roofed rendering. It’s not a v either, from several angles it almost looks rounded downward towards the center. If that’s the case, the building will turn out better than both renderings in my opinion.
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    I can see that truist sign from here
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    few more on my way out I can see myself hanging out above Stonewall Street.
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    Rooftop mechanical room fully formed. Glass up to 17th floor. Looking NW from intersection of 19th Ave. South and Broadway: Looking west from intersection of West End Ave. and 19th Ave: Looking NW from West End Ave., 1/4 block west of 20th Ave: Looking SW from 20th Ave. North, 1/2 block north of West End Ave: Looking SW from Hayes St., 1/4 block west of 20th Ave. North: Looking east from 21st Ave. North, 1/2 block north of West End Ave: Looking NE from West End Ave., 1/2 block east of 21st Ave:
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    Rendering of the 1114 Hull project. Very much in the same ballpark design-wise as their project at 13th & Hull.
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    Wow, so this was the one I thought was the 1975 but this was proposed in 04'. You would not happen to have a rendering of this tower would you??? I forgot to check Emporis and I may have a few more renderings of some projects after looking at this list. Thanks for the reminder. Thanks for your help! I will add along with the below rendering PhofKS just sent. He said he had posted these before but I must have missed. It is important that we preserve this kind of history before the people that remember it are gone.
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    Not a bad looking building. I would like something super modern for the next projects at LU.
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    BUILDINGS THAT NEVER WERE. This took me about a half a day to come up with but this is a list of buildings never built. The bottom group was from a list that John Mathieson posted some time ago. Have fun with this and now you can build your own Nashville SimCity with these. One note the 750' Nashville Tower was very futuristic resembling the Jetsons tower and I think I saw it one time. If anyone has the rendering please post it. NAME HEIGHT FLOORS IMAGE SIGNATURE TOWER 1 sketch 700' 55 https://i.imgur.com/X8rV33N.jpg PARAMOUNT SITE SIGNATURE TOWER 1 RENDERING https://i.imgur.com/G7mvIDO.jpg PARAMOUNT SITE SIGNATURE TOWER 2 750' 55 https://i.imgur.com/5WnwC1A.jpg PARAMOUNT SITE https://i.imgur.com/FSTHdiH.jpg courtesy Tony Giarratana SIGNATURE TOWER 3 1047' 65 https://i.imgur.com/szo5DD2.jpg PARAMOUNT SITE https://i.imgur.com/s7lZoNE.jpg courtesy Tony Giarratana https://i.imgur.com/XtxGkWK.jpg courtesy Tony Giarratana https://i.imgur.com/3q66DAm.jpg courtesy Tony Giarratana CUMBERLAND OFFICE TOWER https://i.imgur.com/5LlXIYu.jpg PARAMOUNT SITE WES 1 https://i.imgur.com/K2spwdU.jpg WES 2 https://i.imgur.com/CJIdyb4.jpg WES 3 https://i.imgur.com/uorDysV.jpg WES 4 https://i.imgur.com/qnSLfnB.jpg WES 5 https://i.imgur.com/2KVXnLT.jpg 505 CHURCH https://i.imgur.com/UuJ1ZYA.jpg PARAMOUNT SITE 505 CHURCH https://i.imgur.com/ri6nyni.jpg PARAMOUNT SITE 505 CST 750' 60 https://i.imgur.com/qt1gDNf.jpg PARAMOUNT SITE SHEET MUSIC 1 https://i.imgur.com/3B0Q5q4.jpg SHEET MUSIC 2 https://i.imgur.com/3GOLlTh.png SMITHFIELD PROJECT https://i.imgur.com/kRveRp8.jpg FOUR SEASONS FIRST ITERATION https://i.imgur.com/pL8Mz9B.jpg CRESCENT DEMONBREUN https://i.imgur.com/UNohZ3P.png RUTLEDGE HILL PROPOSALS listed in no particular order Mathews Company RMH https://i.imgur.com/JyMLo1V.png Platinum Companies RMH https://i.imgur.com/GcYoniU.png Corner Partnership RMH https://i.imgur.com/0gaV4Wg.png Platinum Companies & Humphreys Partners RMH https://i.imgur.com/Xd1JAlh.png Spectrum Emory McMillan RMH https://i.imgur.com/HgOhovR.png Giarratana RMH https://i.imgur.com/z6KjjXw.png Giarratana RMH https://i.imgur.com/90B0X3b.png Flattery Collins RMH https://i.imgur.com/W6MVIl0.png Flattery Collins RMH https://i.imgur.com/YaXfhV7.png Crescent RMH https://i.imgur.com/7NgFLuv.png Cambridge Holdings RMH https://i.imgur.com/RAavXJr.png Unknown Proposals RMH https://i.imgur.com/fFASQzl.jpg MEDICAL MART https://i.imgur.com/TsKw2Lw.jpg HYATT 3RD & BROADWAY https://i.imgur.com/yHO3irq.jpg STRINGS https://i.imgur.com/45Gd9Ek.jpg CRESCENDO https://i.imgur.com/rChk450.jpg MAINLAND TOWER https://i.imgur.com/MpxjIIj.jpg EAKIN TOWER WEST END https://i.imgur.com/n05u8lR.png DISNEY WORLD ONE HOTEL TOWER https://i.imgur.com/sGevDOt.jpg 1ST & KVB HARD ROCK HOTEL https://i.imgur.com/9IoUXW2.jpg MAY TOWN CENTER https://i.imgur.com/BID4qp9.jpg KVB & 6TH (NEVER RELEASED ) https://i.imgur.com/DzCgA9O.jpg JW MARRIOTT WITH OFFICE TOWER https://i.imgur.com/zqmqJcp.png VIRGIN HOTEL FIRST RENDERING https://i.imgur.com/SLmtpAT.png 1922 BROADWAY (NOSHVILLE SITE) https://i.imgur.com/sy7aDwk.jpg MIDTOWN PROJECT https://i.imgur.com/3AUxoZf.png MARRIOTT 8TH & DEMONBREUN (TONY G) https://i.imgur.com/iSptNNa.jpg 1818 CHURCH https://i.imgur.com/vM2wS0Q.jpg CONVENTION CENTER PROPOSAL https://i.imgur.com/SzBLUum.jpg TRAMMEL CROW CONVENTION CENTER PROPOSAL https://i.imgur.com/GF6UQqp.jpg RUBICON CONVENTION CENTER PROPOSAL https://i.imgur.com/Pph1yxw.jpg REI CONVENTION CENTER PROPOSAL https://i.imgur.com/Slza9yh.jpg CHARTWELL CONVENTION CENTER PROPOSAL https://i.imgur.com/Dub9GRQ.png GSP NOT SURE WHERE THIS ONE WAS https://i.imgur.com/k47Hggk.jpg FIRST CC HOTEL ONMI PROPOSAL https://i.imgur.com/cQo1S62.jpg PEABODY HOTEL https://i.imgur.com/i8FHrab.jpg NASHVILLE CITY CENTER 2 596' 39-40 https://i.imgur.com/tIMOSHt.jpg MAYFAIR ONE BLOCK OFF OF WOODMONT AND HARDING RYMAN CENTER one 47 story building surrounded by five 27 story buildings. ECD 1989 BROADWAY CENTER 19 A 19 story tower built on top of the old post office. ECD 1988 T-PAC HOTEL LOCATION 45 A 45 story hotel currently where the TPAC building now sits. ECD 1980 4TH & CHURCH 19 The original Cumberland: A 19 story office tower where the Marriot Courtyard sits on 4th Avenue. ECD 1990 7TH & COMMERCE (PARKING LOT SITE) 45 A 48 story office tower on 7th and Commerce: Now a surface parking lot. ECD 1987 7TH & COMMERCE JAMES ROBERTSON HOTEL SITE 45 A 45 story office tower on 7th and Commerce where the James Robertson sits. ECD 1987 THE NASHVILLE TOWER 750' A 750 foot observation tower where riverfront park now sits. ECD 1975 PLAZA FOR THE ARTS 12 a 12 story tower on 12th and Demonbreun. ECD 2005 THE TOWERS AT LEBANON (NOT IN NASHVILLE) The Towers at Lebanon, TN. four 80 story towers and a 100,000 seat football stadium. ECD unknown A BONUS PHOTO OF OUR FAVORITE DEVELOPER
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    Chadborn Mill renovation looks great and those Camden apartments next door will look great too. Amelies is inching toward completion on 36th St.
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    The redevelopment of Kannapolis's downtown area continues on!! https://independenttribune.com/news/local/kannapolis-goal-for-seeking-private-investment-in-downtown-properties-is-progressing-successfully/article_6ecf808a-2e73-11eb-a47f-0f7406a18edc.html#tracking-source=home-the-latest
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    So far, no one with any “influence” will share the petition. No one will even touch it - they’re worried about the potential business ramifications. Too worried about ruffling feathers - this is the South after all. Or "it's just business." Let’s not poke the bear. When ad dollars, career, or business opportunities could potentially be impacted...There’s no such thing as a free "press." I get it. And I can’t blame them. We just need more eyes on this petition somehow. I was hoping its existence would be newsworthy in itself and get picked up. But everyone is worried about offending the company that chose Charlotte without incentives. Which is why this signage was approved. https://www.change.org/remove_truist_signs If we all go quietly into the night then the signs stay. It unfortunately has to become uncomfortable for Truist in order for any action to occur. We're already over 100 signatures and that's with zero publicity.
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    The library project is more tied to Seventh & Tryon, but Demo is still on track to start in 2021.
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    The first thing I noticed in that pic is that the Westin is completely out of view from that angle... thank Gawd! Come on Lincoln Development tower at the roundabout!!!! Come on Ritz Carlton!!! Surround that thing. But every city has their hideous relic from the 1980s, and Nashville has its Westin... only problem is it was built in 2015!!
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    Revance Therapeutics out of San Fran is relocating its HQ to Gulch Union Office Tower, where they will take 40,600 sq. ft. of top (20th) floor and 9th floor. Looks like there will eventually be about 110 employees in the space, and it is not clear how many will be new hires. This means that the tower is now 30% leased. More at NBJ here: https://www.bizjournals.com/nashville/news/2020/11/23/revance-therapeutics-rvnc-aesthetics-botox-neck.html?cx_testId=40&cx_testVariant=cx_34&cx_artPos=0#cxrecs_s
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    Now look what y'all did! https://www.tennessean.com/story/news/local/2020/11/23/nancy-amons-announces-retirement-wsmv-news-4-nashville/6393655002/
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    The Music City Grand Prix (Aug. 6-8, 2021) will feature several additional races beyond the NEE Indy Car Series; 1) Trans Am Series featuring muscle cars like Mustangs, Camaros, and Challengers on Friday and Sat.; 2) GT America sprint championship will join NTT IndyCar Series at the inaugural Music City Grand Prix race weekend in Nashville as well. The series, which will have two 40-minute races, features GT3, GT2, and GT4 homologated race cars from manufacturers including Acura, Aston Martin, Audi, BMW, Ferrari, Lamborghini, McLaren, Mercedes-AMG and Porsche. More at NBJ here: https://www.bizjournals.com/nashville/news/2020/11/23/indy-car-music-city-grand-prix-american-luxury-car.html?cx_testId=40&cx_testVariant=cx_34&cx_artPos=4#cxrecs_s
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    Love this photo of the skyline from Mt Mitchell 84 miles away. from twitter Evan Fisher @EFisherWX Waving at @wxbrad in Charlotte from 84 miles away on Mt. Mitchell this morning
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    Southend’s burgeoning skyline this evening.
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    drive by today and 2nd photo is the greatest uptown blemish by far.
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    CoStar has purchased Homesnap for $250 million. The bigger their international presence gets, the more I keep hoping their new tower will be impressive. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.wsj.com/amp/articles/costar-in-advanced-talks-to-buy-homesnap-for-250-million-11606068000 EDIT: Other acquisitions through the years according to Wikipedia. You'll probably recognize a few names. "In April 2012, CoStar Group acquired LoopNet for $860 million.[4][5] In April 2014, the company acquired Apartments.com for $585 million.[6] In April 2015, the company acquired Apartment Finder for $170 million.[7] In July 2015, the company acquired Belbex an online marketplace and information provider for commercial property based in Spain. In February 2017, the company acquired Westside Rentals.[8] In February 2018, the company acquired ForRent.com from Dominion Enterprises for $350 million in cash and $35 million in stock.[9] In October 2018, the company acquired Realla.co an online marketplace for commercial property based in the United Kingdom.[10] In November 2018, the company acquired Cozy Services for $68 million.[11] In February 2019, the company announced that Oxford Economics will provide the economic data and forecasts used in CoStar’s products.[12] In June 2019, it was announced that CoStar Group would acquire Off Campus Partners, LLC, the leading online marketplace for off campus student housing. In October 2019, it was announced that CoStar Group would acquire STR, Inc, a global leader in hospitality data analytics, for $450 million.[13] In February 2020, it was announced that CoStar would acquire RentPath for $588 million.[14] Prior names associated with RentPath are K-III and PriMedia Inc."
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    MORE new jobs this with a division of Clorox which owns Burts Bees in Durham. 158 jobs average salary 120K plus. Clorox to expand in Durham, create 160 jobs by relocating Better Health VMS unit - Triangle Business Journal (bizjournals.com)
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    I saw a land disturbance permit within last week or so for this site at 620 Chamberlayne and it reminded me of the item from a CAR meeting back in September where 4 attached townhomes were 'approved with conditions'. Here are renderings included with the plan submittals and summary of Staff Report. Good to see homeownership opportunities pushing north in the Ward.
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    Could we update the thread title to Fan\Museum District? I found something lurking in the permit site on main but didn't necessarily want to create another thread if you all think it would be appropriate to lump Fan & Museum together perhaps? These neighborhoods run together and the infill project discussion is similar...any how...ok, so check this out - A pair of Special Use Permits was applied for last week for the Stone Wall Jackson Professional Building (i miss you Baja Bean ) and a lot across the street owned by the same land lord. From the comments it is hard to interpret exactly what the program is spatially but it looks like the owner is requesting to forgo the parking requirements of that UB zoning district in order to allow for parcel subdivision and new construction. Take a look at the SUP comments I've attached below - hopefully we get more insight on this. I'm guessing the off site lot was used as parking to meet the UB zoning condition for the SJ building and the owner is trying to decouple that arrangement in order to build on one of the lots - or maybe both lots?
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    Linden Row (3 stories, 38 townhomes) update: Phase II foundation work getting underway; landscaping finished on Phase I. Looking south from Linden Ave., 1/2 block east of 21st Ave. South: Looking SW from Linden Ave., 1/2 block east of 21st Ave. South: Looking west from Linden Ave, 1/4 block east of 21st Ave. South: Looking south from intersection of Linden Ave. and 21st Ave. South: Looking east from intersection of Linden Ave. and 21st Ave. South:
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    Terra House (5 stories, 194 units) facade update moving along. Looking north from Hermitage Ave. at Academy Place: Looking north from Hermitage Ave., 1/2 block NW of Academy Place:
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    Franklin picked as #4 place to retire in the U.S. in 2021 according to Money Magazine. https://money.com/best-places-to-retire-2020/?utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter.com&utm_campaign=money_moneymagazine
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    This is the biggest news I'm taking from it.
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    Centennial Park renovation update. Grass growing nicely on great lawn. Plazas on either side continuing to take shape.
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