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    Former President Jimmy Carter, who jus turned 95 last week, took a tumble his home that required 14 stitches above his eye, but it has not kept him from being in Nashville for the 21-home build of Habitat for Humanity this week: https://www.tennessean.com/story/news/2019/10/06/president-jimmy-carter-habitat-humanity-nashville-opening/2432759001/ Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter with Garth Brooks at The Ryman last evening:
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    Happy first day of fall y’all! Sorry I’ve been AWOL. Things have been crazy lately. Please excuse the rhyming. Must be the spirit of the season! From this morning...
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    I just stumbled across these renderings while surfing the web. 21 or 22 story structure on top of the existing 12 story parking garage at 350 Deaderick St. (NW corner of Deaderick and 3rd Ave. North, directly west across the street from City Hall, and just north of UBS Tower). Not sure if it is office, residential or hotel. Stoltz Real Estate out of Philadelphia bought the garage (1,069 spaces) for $54 million in early September of 2018. The design has the additional tower slightly offset on an angle towards the NW above the garage. Also appears to be reworking of the east side of the garage (facing Public Square) with glassed-in units, as well as ground level and perhaps even 2nd level retail. Stoltz also owns the 20 story office tower at 4th Ave. North & Church, as well as the Stahlman Apts. Building (12 stories) at 2nd Ave. North & Union. More info on the garage purchase by Stoltz a year ago here: https://www.tennessean.com/story/money/2018/09/05/public-square-garage-sale/1206338002/
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    View of the Honeywell site and Legacy 2 tower. From the mega garage I can see at least 4 more large high rise towers on these 2 blocks given the footprints of the existing tower. One thing I noticed today and does anyone know about this why would they put a set of rails in the walkway between the mega garage and future towers maybe for one of those incline railways down the hill to the stadium or a cable car? I just thought that was interesting. From my walkabout today. Believe me that garage is solid not a prefab concrete snap together garage. Perhaps they should put a Helipad on the top floor. Rails at Legacy shot is 14th photo. (hey I will be out of pocket for the next 2 weeks that's why so many photos LOL)
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    tower crane from Legacy. This tower will look great on the skyline.
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    Office Tower up to 3rd level above West End, 4th level above 16th Ave. North. Parking garage beneath office tower complete at 6 levels. Parking garage beneath hotel/condo tower starting 3rd level and central elevator shaft/stairwell up to street level. Looking NW from intersection of West End and 16th Ave: Looking south from intersection of Hayes St. and 16th Ave. North: Looking SE from intersection of Hayes St. and 17th Ave. North: Looking south from intersection of Hayes St. and 17th Ave. North:
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    I think everyone is forgetting the number 1 improvement being made to I-440, and that is safety. Adding the center divider wall will prevent future head on collisions that have claimed many lives through the years
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    Random shots of uptown from various points today. and a couple from the Hola Charlotte festival on S Tryon.
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    I love this photo of Dimensional Funds. The reflection of the clouds were awesome. This morning. Tried out Flower Child it is good.
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    I’m back in the game with some pics from Sunday’s Hall of Honor Game:
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    I saw this on the preview of the new Nashville.gov: https://preview.nashville.gov/
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    The Draft EIS for Charlotte to Atlanta passenger rail has been released. Executive Summary: http://www.dot.ga.gov/InvestSmart/Rail/Documents/Atl-Char/02-Executive Summary.pdf Full Doc: http://www.dot.ga.gov/IS/Rail/AtlantatoCharlotte/EIS The numbers are really steering clear of the NS-Crescent route. Greenfield is cheaper than I had thought it would be. 6 million riders is about 24 full trains per day (12 each way). By way of comparison the Virgin route (which they have said they plan to build) from Victorville to Las Vegas is estimated to be $4 billion (and it ends more than 80 miles from Los Angeles) and Texas Central (Dallas to Houston true HSR) is about 20 miles longer is estimated to cost about $14 billion. If Texas Central gets off the ground and comes close to being in the black then we will see greenfield HSR between Charlotte and Atlanta shortly after that.
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    Today this morning. Break time or lunchtime. Smh. Update, 7 crawler cranes!!
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    The Hawk is indeed topped out and the first glass has appeared. Today. Does anyone know if this fast pre finished concrete panels high rise construction cheaper than a traditional tower of this size? I know tilt up big box warehouses are done this way all the time.
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    the somewhat musty smelling and flood prone old Realtors Association building is finally coming down. We need to start a tread called Demo Charlotte. from a Realtors post.
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    the new micro apartments are topped out behind the Railyard.
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    Believe it or not this was my first visit today. Meant to stop by several times ran out of time etc. Optimist Mill is a HOME RUN 100% leased office space to Duke Energy and all these food hall tenants that are opening in rounds and sit down restaurants Seems extremely popular and what a great neighborhood amenity for all those new apartments nearby and the new townhomes and for entire city. Historical preservation can be a win win for everyone involved and create a sense of place immediately. all angles today inside and out. Lots of photos but hey my first visit.
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    This LU building got a lot of trashing on this forum while it was being built. I never understood why. It's one of my favorite buildings there. I think it looks glorious in the nighttime skyline.
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    Basement level formed up can't wait to see this one go vertical And again thanks to Childress Klein for taking care of my parking hut which will be the base of my new company Me Works, the first mobile coworking company. We deliver the space to you complete with a Mr Coffee. Despite WeWork's IPO woes, we still fully expect to do our IPO soon and the Bank of KJ has underwritten the offering. Min. investment $1 or 2 tacos. Today.
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    from city council meeting tonight and from a Biz Journal tweets about the city and CRVA buying the old Duke Energy site which is in current use at MLK and College. @CBJspanberg Another interesting tidbit on the Duke Energy land eyed by city and CRVA: city manager says city hadn’t discussed property with Duke in a year. That land will be needed if city plans on convention hotel/ballroom as pushed by CRVA in 2017-18 Erik Spanberg Much debate/discussion tonight about council previously endorsing $30 million from convention tax fund for purchase of Duke Energy-owned land next to convention center for possible 1,000-room hotel — council/manager say that remains a priority
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    Shakespeare in the Park finished a successful debut run at OneC1TY's park this weekend:
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    Charlotte could use a lot more micro apartments. Single millennials moving here for work don't need a huge, expensive place.
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    I spot a crane base at the Lowes Tech tower site today. Was in the area for lunch.
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    something is afoot as I see what looks like some demo work at the building currently on the Portman tower site. Photo from yesterday,. as @lancer22 indicated this should be starting soon. Do they have some tenants or is it completely spec?
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    They're spec. Speaking of which, Portman is about to start.
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    the apartments behind the Railyard and wrapping the deck. I hope this retail space is less expensive and attracts more small businesses.
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    I think there's a significant misunderstanding about what CATS can do versus what they want to do. There are 46 individual light rail vehicles. Many of them are now 12 years old with over 600,000 miles of service. At any given time, several are out of service for routine maintenance, and some may be out for unplanned maintenance. Then they have to have a reserve that can go into service if one on the line has a malfunction, someone gets sick in it, or it is otherwise incapacitated. Once you back all of that out and then double up vehicles into two-car trains, you have maxed out CATS capacity for light rail vehicles. If you see a single car train at rush hour, the simple answer is because CATS - for whatever reason - had to take a vehicle out of service that put them under-capacity. CATS would be delighted to run double car trains at smaller headways all day long, but the money simply isn't available to a) buy more of these $5 million vehicles and b) pay for the extra conductors & maintenance staffing. Case in point, they are currently making a $33 million ask of MTC to help advance the "Envision my Ride" goals to reduce bus headways across the system. Take note of how many additional busses all of these strategies require. I'm far from arguing that CATS can be held harmless for everything (the BLE travel time is a particular sticking point), but it drives me crazy when complaints about headways, etc, should really be directed at our government representatives that give CATS the budget it has to work with. They can't spend money they don't have.
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    Just a lovely building. Great scale. Excellent infill. Bold choices in not providing parking and doing a unique structural system. Bravo!
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    I've always hoped that Vanderbilt would start integrating itself more into the community and urban fabric surrounding it rather than being the somewhat insular fenced off campus it has been in years past, so I'm actually happy to see this development. I'm not saying I want them to take over Midtown or anything, but it is nice to see them participating in the urban revolution taking place in Nashville. It's also true that this development is not what anyone would call exciting architecture by any means. However, I fail to see what is "suburban" or "low quality" about it myself. Perhaps I'm missing something because to me it appears to check most of the boxes I'm looking for? Personally, it reminds me of some of the newer developments in Cambridge, Mass which is a very high quality urban environment. It provides much needed green space, residential density and ample retail space while being built up to the street and massively improving the surrounding infrastructure. I can understand if this isn't the preferred usage of this land for some folks, but I don't see how it won't be a net positive development for that immediate area, which by the way, really needs cleaning up at street level.
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    Was in GR for a brief moment earlier today and decided to snap a few photos of the building myself. Seeing just these few floors erected in person was a lot more impressive than I thought it would be. This building will definitely add a completely different feel to this side of town once it’s complete. And I can also see it being a big “photo spot” too. Downtown GR in general almost feels like a different city in some areas compared to even just a few years ago when I first began to visit.
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    Here's the scoop, as I reached out to Hinman: The first 3 floors are made with a special sand mix concrete to simulate limestone. Floors 4 - 13 are made with standard concrete. Next summer, before the project is complete we will put on a high performance coating that will closely match the limestone look of the first 3 floors. So, I guess it will be "painted." Not sure what coating they will use, but here is something that I would suspect is probable. http://usscproducts.com/specialty-coatings/concrete-protective-coatings/lithium-concrete-coating-cosi-/p/287/416
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    TBT: Looking eastward from above Midtown, 1935.
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    The Tennessean with a sneek peak of 1200 Broadway: https://www.tennessean.com/videos/money/real-estate/2019/09/25/tour-new-apartments-1200-broadway/2434122001/ https://www.tennessean.com/story/money/2019/09/25/first-look-1200-broadway-downtown-nashville-whole-foods/2419002001/ Some new exterior and interior construction shots: Some new renderings:
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    A new incentive is being sponsored for Metro legislation that would create an Historic Property Review Board to grant property-tax abatements for developers aiming to improve and restore historic properties. https://www.nashville.gov/Metro-Clerk/Legislative/Ordinances/Details/d13dbdeb-e07e-4ed9-b10e-970050deee1c/2019-2023/BL2019-3.aspx More behind the NBJ paywall here: https://www.bizjournals.com/nashville/news/2019/09/26/bill-aims-to-incentivize-nashville-developers-to.html?iana=hpmvp_nsh_news_headline
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    From Metro PD twitter of the interstates work done over the weekend:
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    And folks that is how level headed, sane thinking folks should handle their disagreements on the board. Like the gentleman they are and a Mod never has to get involved.
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    And don't forget, ParkAve is absolutely gorgeous.
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    this is rising so fast. Today Spectrum's VantageSouthEnd new home of LendingTree Parts of the building up to 6th floor. Charlotte Rising!
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    Six Flags offered $4 billion, Cedar Fair declined and stated they have zero interest in being sold.
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    We had 11 in attendance for our Dave Luna Monthly Meet-Up. Lots of great discussion about major league baseball in Nashville, a cool new public arts-oriented event coming soon, and some more mystery towers that can't be discussed online. Our next Meet-Up will be Saturday, Nov. 2nd at Luna Lena Taqueria (300 James Robertson Parkway at NW corner of JRP and 3rd Ave. North). Hope you can join us! : )
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    I am really liking how this is turning out. this hotel will do well. Today from the "pretty" side.

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