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    Was nervous about posting a pic since all of the other posts look so professional, but here goes... This is from a few nights ago. Also, isn't it amazing how dense the skyline looks when all the towers are the same height.
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    FYI - I hope you guys like. Attending this cost me a parking ticket.... Sorry for the bad resolution. His represents Portman's Total Build-Out Capacity for the lot. Around 16/17 Stories tall, 240', several outdoor areas atop of a Step-Up Building design with one or more of the courtyards available to the public. Tremendous retail fronting the RailTrail - I think they said around 20 or 24K.
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    Had to work in the Duke Energy Center today. So I had an opportunity to take this from very high up !
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    I'm tired of Stock illustration options for Charlotte's skyline, so I started working on one to use/sell, and I have to say I have an new admiration for Interstate Tower, it'd be easily the best tower in tons of places. Heres the progress so far.
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    From June 2009. Not the same city. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    LEDs activated last night. With little touches like this soon we’ll be “Myrtle Beach cool!”
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    Topping out seems to be happening right now....
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    Lets look closer ENHANCE ENHANCE FURTHER ENHANCE EVEN FURTHER Oh yep, the man is holding Krispy Kreme, it must be @KJHburg
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    The hotel is now partially open (1 floor of rooms). Asst. GM Haley Slater was kind enough to give me a tour of some areas on the main floor. Some more pics coming tomorrow. The lobby area. This is temporary furniture as they await their customized units to arrive: The elevator hallway: The coffee shop that faces 4th Ave. North (which is now open): Main entrance on 4th Ave. North: Mosaic florring in entranceway:
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    Uptown looking strong after sunset via the WSOC livestream
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    Happy New years!!! Source
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    No traffic because of Christmas.
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    This is my latest "Legacy Union Buildout Prediction that is probably wrong"
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    One thing I just noticed that I hadn't noticed before, and I can't decide if its the renderings or actually how they plan it, but it looks like the polycarbonate sheeting that will go inside the grid of the pyramid might be a little bit translucent.
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    Just walked by here and there is legitimate earth being moved now. Several big machines digging and breaking up stuff. There is also now more robust fencing up around the whole site. I’d say this is officially underway at this point.
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    New renderings of 805 Lea released. Now at 30 stories. First quarter '19 groundbreaking still in motion. More behind the Nashville Post paywall here: https://www.nashvillepost.com/business/development/article/21038382/new-images-released-for-planned-sobro-tower
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    Nashville's Schermerhorn Symphony Hall ranked as one of the 21 most spectacular 'theaters/concert/opera house' in the US by 'Curbed Magazine'... Picture from the website...

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