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    I'd be like Ant Man and pee my pants if I was these guys:
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    Hello Chicag...Charlotte.
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    Pride weekend in Charlotte. Saturday evening: Colors in the sky.
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    Photos from AIA Charlotte Building Tour with Architect Turan Duda. No interior photos were permitted, but no penny was spared. It boasts an impressive lobby, beautiful series of auditoriums, curated artwork throughout, and top notch office space. Superb addition to South End.
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    So here's a new view of Uptown from Ally.... pretty cool!
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    Denver-based Bob Swerdling has submitted plans to Metro regarding two hotels he has envisioned for 1st Ave and Korean Veterans Blvd. One hotel would rise 36 stories with 491 rooms and potentially 450', while the one just to the south, would rise 14 stories and have 200 rooms. Swerdling and his team, alongside ESa Architects and engineering firm Ragan Smith will go before MDHA tomorrow, August 6th, to seek concept plan approval. As the site sits in MDHA's Rutledge Hill redevelopment district, committee approval is required.
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    Dusk from a busy Romare Bearden Park.
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    Clear Sky has new aerials of Ally Center. Link Hello density.
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    Myers Park today: Charlotte is one of my favorite major cities- and a lot of it has to do with the trees.
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    oh also, the hotel's footprint, is the smallest floor, Above that it cantilevers over the sidewalk by 20 feet for the first few floors, and then 10 feet above those floors.
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    Can we just go ahead and declare this thing to be a crime against humanity. The mill is one of the city's few historic gems, but now it sits beside this g0ddamned car prison. It could actually be one of the 10 ugliest things ever built by humans. At a minimum someone needs to hold this photo up at every rezoning Crescent is involved in until the end of time. #FirstWorldProblemsButGezzusItsUgly (its is a great photo -- thanks gman!)
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    Good glimpse of the hotel being wedged onto the Ally site, they've got the cores going up pretty quickly. Watching them do the foundation was crazy, it's a mat foundation and must have been 8-10' deep. Rebar cage big enough for workers to be walking around inside it, plus the huge steel supports... and then they poured the whole thing over a weekend. Ally parking deck is pretty much done too. And a little glimpse of the site work on the new Duke tower.
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    I don't see a rail yard anywhere.
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    Excellent photo from @midtenn1 from skyscraperpage
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    I have now changed this one to under construction as site is being fenced off today.
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    **If image does not load simply click on where it's supposed to be and the full image will open up in a new tab.** Not sure why it's not working properly.
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    View from Bryant Park on a clear and hot afternoon.
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    Bunch of new photos from Clear Sky. Link Beautiful city.
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    Tony Giarratana is proposing an overhaul to Anne Dallas Dudley Blvd. into a green space concept known as a "woonerf" originally implemented in The Netherlands. Even though the RFP regarding the land of the Church Street Pocket Park and his proposed Paramount Tower are on hold due to the Mayoral election in early September, Giarratana has decided to reveal his vision for the adjoining street. Participants have been Nashville-based Barge Design Solutions (for design); Agora Partners, which has offices in Los Angeles and New York and devised the park’s activation plan; and Fletcher Ridge, If Anne Dallas Dudley Park materializes as Giarratana envisions, it would offer one acre of green space. In contrast, Church Street Park covers 0.27 acres, according to Metro records. As planned, the future Anne Dallas Dudley Park could be closed for events. The street itself would function much like the segment of Fifth Avenue South between Korean Veterans Boulevard and Demonbreun Street, which has no curbs and sees pedestrians and motorists interacting in a relatively safe and distinctive manner. The park could offer, among others, movies, live music, free wi-fi, so-called technology smart benches, puppet shows, yoga and food carts. You can see a proposal video here: Giarratana said he is flexible as to the various scenarios that could unfold, including via a possible RFP. For example, Metro could undertake the complete street project and fund it itself (Giarratana said he is open to offering the city the plans with terms to be negotiated). Or the effort could be a public-private partnership, with Giarratana LLC — were it to be awarded the RFP — overseeing, paying the full cost and completing in one year. Under that scenario, and via the RFP, the company would be likely to then have the pocket park site for a skyscraper (either Paramount or a tower with a different design). The proposed park website: http://annedallasdudleypark.com/#home More at NBJ here: https://www.bizjournals.com/nashville/news/2019/08/15/tony-giarratana-pitches-new-vision-for-church.html?iana=hpmvp_nsh_news_headline And behind the Nashville Post paywall here: https://www.nashvillepost.com/business/development/article/21082607/giarratana-offers-plan-to-reinvent-downtown-street
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    here fine, this is rendering with screening, that I shouldn't be sharing. This is not what it will look like though, but please just chill about the screening.
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    Airplane photos aren't really my cup of tea either, but may I humbly request we tone down the dramaticism a touch? This is simply a case of a kind, sincere man who wants to share his photography with us. Does the airplane content probably belong in it's own coffee house thread if we're being technical? Sure. But the guy doesn't deserve to be beaten over the head for it. And in the mean time, here's a pro tip: if you aren't into the content of a photo, scroll past it. It takes literally a fraction of a second. We take a breath, we move on. Really not that big of a deal in my estimation, particularly when @Sean blackdog is also routinely sharing photos he took of other projects both on and off airport grounds. Just my two cents.
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    Quite possibly the only tower crane in Charlotte that isn't blue:
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    Needs a tower crane...actually two of them. Oh and I spot a parking hut.
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    CharLIT at fan fest. Best $5 I’ve spent in a while tbh.
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    North Carolina is first in South to ban state funding for conversion therapy Gov. Roy Cooper signed an executive order calling the contentious practice "clinically and ethically inappropriate." https://www.nbcnews.com/feature/nbc-out/n-carolina-first-south-ban-state-funding-conversion-therapy-n1038846?fbclid=IwAR1ETWzxFIPcYftMoNxePD6c9HpfF808jCzs0xK34_TS4dQYiEA9_M1Y15w
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    Well it's not Nashville but close enough haha. Had lunch at Loveless Cafe and decided to go out on the trace. Natchez Trace and Highway 96 Williamson County
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    Hot as h today but needed to get out for a walk. I’m most excited for whatever is going to be built on that corner lot!
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    A heads up that all has been approved as far as height and design. Story to go live soon, but I figured the folks here would like to hear it first.
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    FOUND IT!! I thought I located it, then I zoomed in...sure enough!
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    I have said it before and I will say it again. Downtown is the engine that drives middle TN and Nashville in particular. If you have a strong core and it is growing then it benefits the entire area. If it is in decay and not doing well the entire area suffers. The suburban areas around Nashville owe their growth in large part to what has been happening in downtown over the last 20 years. If we had stayed stagnant and left what was down there, we would not have the job growth we have today which is I think the strongest in country right now. We need to invest more in downtown and midtown as far as infrastructure, parks, services, etc., as more and more people will be living in this are in the coming years. It cant be ignored. The river front needs to have a flood wall to protect that investment and a very nice park can be built as a result of said floodwall. Lots of free space to do this. My word to a lot of the old timers that do not want change is that you either mover or embrace it. When you move, make sure you pick a place that does not have the amenities you enjoy now such as the Titan, Preds, Symphony or many of the new restaurants you enjoy. You can always move to Birmingham or Louisville which may end up being the next darling cities and you will experience the same thing we are now, but you can also move to Cleveland. I hear the homes on the east side are really cheap and the winters are something you really need to experience. I am not a real big sports fan, however I do realize the significance of having 3 major sports franchises in or close to the core. As much as I hate the Peddle Taverns and all the other tourist related ventures downtown, I realize that it brings in a ton of tax dollars to the city as does the sports teams. If it were not for those two things, taxes would have jumped a long time ago and we would not have anything to show for it. Yes, we need to ensure that the school system is a great school system, but I think that lies in leadership, which MNPS has not had in some time and that pretty much goes for all the backbiting and backstabbing on the school board too. Fund it, cut most of the middle management, and get a Super that is not a self serving person that is afraid to do the work. That will mean higher taxes. The same goes to fill the 200 first responder positions that are open. Higher taxes. Of the cities in TN Nashville's tax rate is lower than all of the other larger cities in TN and lower than a lot of the smaller cities. The tax rate is more than double in Memphis than in Nashville. It is the heart of the city and if you have a healthy heart the rest of the city will do well, but the reverse is true. Now there are exceptions to the rule and we need look no further than the south side of Chicago, but that entire city has major financial problems, but they are investing in parks downtown along the river.

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