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    So Nashville added another resident last night... Turner Wallace Chinetti 9 pounds 6 ounces. 20 inches. Mom and baby are doing great! He’s ready to argue about scooters, height restrictions in the inner core, and how the MDHA needs to go!
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    I almost forgot what this thread was about... Here's a reminder for those who have forgotten.
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    Sorry I’m late. Traffic was a mess. All of those damn protestors from Atlanta and Winston-Salem that are upset.
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    Hey guys, I've been on this job off and on since it started this summer and we love seeing the aerial pictures. Someone stumbled upon this forum and some of us check it often but are usually too busy to reply. The I beam contraption in the south west corner is for testing the strength of the piles that the tower crane will sit on. Things are starting to shape up. Last I heard the beloved guard shack is being saved for the gate guard to use once it starts to get cold out here!
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    hot off the presses! From the company website!
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    I don't usually start a new thread...but I just think we could all give a round of applause to markhollin for posting so many great photos every single morning. Around 4am or so...I start looking for his posts, knowing he's going to have more goodies to show us. This board wouldn't be half the board it is without his input. Thanks so much!
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    Got a picture of possible the most gorgeous sunrise yesterday morning!
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    Loving my new job. Pix4D is processing orthomosaic of the area now, and 3d update to Google Maps coming soon. Should have some cool video together as well! Still learning lightroom so forgive me for the giant file sizes, when I resized smaller they looked horrible haha. Sneak Peak
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    Are you the key master? I am the gate keeper.
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    Sorry I’m late. Please forgive me. Double click on images for larger and better quality.
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    I meant to post this picture last week from our Bday trip to NYC. The picture came out pretty cool, but it was absolutely amazing from inside the plane. The sun beams shining through the clouds onto the city.
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    Full moon over Charlotte, I wish the weather had been just a bit more clear....
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    Did some urban exploring last night, amazing projection on the low hanging clouds.
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    Was nervous about posting a pic since all of the other posts look so professional, but here goes... This is from a few nights ago. Also, isn't it amazing how dense the skyline looks when all the towers are the same height.
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    I’ve been slacking on posting any pictures here, but one member on here said that I should post. So incoming image dump from what I’ve taken over the past few weeks!
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    Gorgeous video. Looks like a video game. Source
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    A couple pictures from my flyover over uptown last night, the canyon effect is definitely real on Tryon!
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    Foggy days make the best pictures.
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    I had a one-hour meeting with Joe Cain, the Director of Urban Development for MDHA yesterday afternoon. We covered several topics related to downtown and East Nashville. In relation to this thread, we spoke for about 20 minutes on the Trolley Barns sites, and how the final decision for the Hensler/Eakin proposal came about. Here are some general take-aways: 1) The design board was very concerned that the feel and history of the Trolley Barns themselves would not be literally overshadowed by 15-30 story structures immediately to the north and west. They wanted a sense of scale so that the neighborhood that has been established there would still feel inviting and walkable. 2) They didn’t want a wall of taller structures blocking-off Rolling Mill Hill from downtown. They felt that a less dense air-space would create a better flow working up the hillside. 3) He made clear that the renderings from Eakin and Hensler were just initial concepts to get a sense of mass, but there would be much more design processing before final ideas are approved. 4) Joe felt that the Eakin office building facing Hermitage Avenue would have a lot of street activation with restaurant and retail. He thinks there will be a grocery store as part of the structure. He believes it will still stay in the 5-8 story range. 5) The buildings that will border directly on the existing Trolley Barn properties will be 2-4 stories, and will echo the same dark brown brick feel, with wide sidewalks and greenery, etc. This will add a very livable quality as well as welcoming space for tourists, diners, etc. to the shops and restaurants that will proliferate there. 6) He wasn’t so sure that the “Drive-In Theater Screen” look of the Hensler residential building would look that way in it’s final design. He thinks it will be more visually stimulating than that. He agreed that the large 4-story opening looking through the center of that building was very eye-catching, and the committee very much liked that. It will most likely remain in the 20-25 story range. 7) All of the buildings will have a parking element (garages either below grade and/or above) to them to not only take care of the new tenants, but also to replace the large surface lots currently on the land. If above grade, they want very tasteful treatments, and definite first floor street activation. 8) He believes that the back corner of the lot that is currently just south of the parking lot that borders on Hermitage Ave. and includes a retention/drainage pond, will be developed with a 4-6 story structure eventually, which will also include it’s own parking. 9) He also thinks the small lot that is on the SE corner behind the Trolley barns (that butts-up against the ridge leading up to the former Rolling Mill Hill Hospital) could very well have a 4-6 story garage built there, with first floor activation. 10) As far as the highly important/extremely valuable final lot on the SE corner of KVB and Hermitage, Joe said it will not be developed until after the other Eakin/Hensler projects are completed. Primarily this is due to the fact that it will have to temporarily be a parking lot to help replace some of the surface spots being redeveloped. Once those projects and their adjoining garages are ready, then they can “get to work” on that prime corner lot. He fully expects that it will receive many bids, and thinks it will be a 30-story structure that will become a high-profile, landmark piece. 11) He also shared that there was a tremendous amount of sewer work that had to be built for the Rolling Mill Hill development (there never used to be proper drainage when the hospital and earlier mills used to be up there, and it created tremendous run-off problems for Hermitage Avenue). They will be extending much of that work under these Trolley Barn sites as they grading and foundational work get underway. 12) Joe shared that there were incredible environment issues up on Rolling Mill Hill because nothing had ever been properly monitored or enforced from the 1800’s until the 1990s when it was all abandoned. He said a lot of waste from the hospital and old mills had seeped into the ground before it could flow down into the river (ughh!). Also tremendous clean-up work had to be done on the Trolley Barns due to all the fuel spillage, old tanks, etc. from when they were the maintenance buildings for all the city busses. 13) There have been many discussions with NES to bury the power lines that run along the west side the river, but the cost would be astronomical. NES is fearful that if they put all the work into doing that, then every other neighborhood in town that has power lines will want the same, and it will become a massive headache. They at least convinced NES to bury cables along the eastern edge of Rolling Mill Hill, where two power towers used to be located. Personally, he would love to see them all gone in the downtown area in the future, along with telephone poles.
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    I'll call these "uptown randos," all taken yesterday along Tryon. I wanted to capture detail on some of the smaller architectural features. BTW, the car is a McLaren 720S Spider – could run you a cool $400K. As always, click on the photo for ultra high-res...may take a few seconds to load.
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    RECENTLY COMPLETED LARGE PROJECTS THIS WILL INCLUDE PROJECTS FROM THE LAST SIX YEARS OR SO AS THIS IS PART OF THE STILL ONGOING CONSTRUCTION BOOM IN NASHVILLE. I thought I would put the list together just to show the impact of the current construction boom. I consider the start of the boom loosely as just after the flood OF 2010, but the full impact did not become evident until 2013. IMO, the real catalyst for change was the start of the Music City Center / convention center in 2010 and the opening in 2013. NASHVILLE STARTED AT A DISADVANTAGE TO OUR “SO CALLED” PEER CITIES, BUT HAVE MADE HUGE STRIDES PLAYING CATCH UP TO ROLL PAST MANY OTHER CITIES THAT WERE CONSIDERED PEER AS WELL. But, have we really rolled past them? Maybe in some areas, but not all. Nashville has many shortcomings such as no viable mass transit system or even a plan at this time and going with that is horrible traffic. I believe every city has strong points and weak points and to compare one city to another is a bit of a misnomer, we all, however do it when traveling. Charlotte is not NYC as Nashville is not Atlanta. To compare any southern city with a northern city with the exception of New Orleans will always get you into trouble. Different times for different cities. Several other areas in which Nashville falls short are homelessness, affordable housing, a living wage, lack of sidewalks on many urban streets, lack of major art museums(with permanent exhibits) and attractions, no amusement park, lack of a grid can be considered as well, and probably the biggest of all is a substandard public school system. YEAR LISTED IS THE COMPLETION YEAR, TO THE BEST OF MY KNOWLEDGE. CRITERIA FOR THE LIST ARE BUILDINGS OF 50 UNITS OR MORE, 5 STORIES OR MORE, SIGNIFICANT CULTURAL BUILDINGS OR OTHER STRUCTURES OF SIGNIFICANT VALUE OR SIGNIFICANCE TO THE BUILT ENVIRONMENT OF NASHVILLE. As for the names of all of the apartments and condo buildings in Nashville, I for one, call for an end to all of the cliche ish names, which IMO is becoming tiresome. Note 16, Opus, Alto, Contralto, Octave, Cadence ...Please, Stop The Madness!!! Yes we have a brand, but let's not run it into the ground. DOWNTOWN/SOBRO/THE GULCH MUSIC CITY CENTER (2013) Project type: CONVENTION CENTER Status: COMPLETE Size: 1.2 MILLION SQ FT Price: 623 MILLION OMNI HOTEL (2013) Project type: HOTEL Status: COMPLETE Size: 21 STORIES 800 ROOMS Price: 250 MILLION CMHoF ADDIITON (2014) Project type: MUSEUM EXPANSION Status: COMPLETE Size: 210,000 SQ FT Price: 100 MILLION GERMANTOWN VISTA (2013) ELEVEN NORTH 2012 (THE START OF THE BOOM) RYMAN LOFTS (2013) ELLISTON 23 (2013) PARK CENTRAL (2013) 2300 BERRY HILL (2014) EVERGREEN GERMANTOWN (2013) PINE STREET FLATS (2013) HYATT PLACE (2013) 12 SOUTH FLATS (2013) HOME 2 SUITES MIDTOWN (2013) VILLAGE ROW @ 17TH (2013) NOTE 16 (2013) HOMEWOOD SUITES WEST END (2013) 1212 (2014) 80 MILLION RESIDENCE INN & SPRINGHILL SUITES WEST END (2014) RENASANT BANK WEST END (2014) FORD ICE CENTER (2014) ASCEND AMPHITHEATER (2015) HILTON GARDEN INN SOBRO(2015) FAIRFIELD INN GULCH (2015) GULCH CROSSINGS (2015) 78 MILLION ARTISAN ON 18TH MUSIC ROW (2014) LIFE POINT HOSP. HQ BRENTWOOD AIG BRENTWOOD FIRST TENNESSEE PARK NORTH CAPITAL (2015) 75 MILLION SOUNDS PARKING GARAGE NORTH CAPITAL (2015) 20 MILLION THE EDGE MIDTOWN (2015) 1505 DEMONBREUN DEMONBREUN HILL (2014) 1812 BELCOURT -HILLSBORO VILLAGE HILL CENTER- HILLSBORO VILLAGE (ACKLEN FLATS) ACKLEN (2015) WEST END THE TURNIP TRUCK (2015) WOODLAND STREET AMPLIFY ON MAIN (2014) EAST NASHVILLE 715 WOODLAND (2014) EAST NASHVILLE THE FLATS @ TAYLOR PLACE (2014) THE MELROSE (2014) LENTZ HEALTH CENTER (2014) OPUS 29 & OPUS 31, NOW CALLED DUET (2015) CITY VIEW APARTMENTS (2015) COURTYARD MARRIOTT GREEN HILLS 8 CITY BLVD. (ONE CITY) (2016) TERRA HOUSE (2016) ASPIRE MIDTOWN (2016) SESAC OFFICE BUILDING (2016) THE DALLAS ON ELLISTON (2015) ELEMENT MUSIC ROW (2016) ONE METRO CENTER APARTMENTS (2016) WESTIN (2016) 46 WEST APARTMENTS (2016) HCA PARALLON (2016) (Part of the Capitol View Project) HILL CENTER SYLVAN HEIGHTS (2016) HILL CENTER BRENTWOOD 2700 CHARLOTTE (2016) THE JAMES (2016) 1201 DEMONBREUN (2016) THE CARILLON (2016) 909 FLATS (2016) BROADSTONE GERMANTOWN (2016) MDHA PARKING GARAGE (2016) ELITE HEALTH BUILDING (2016) 1818 CHURCH (2016) THE CADENCE (2016) THE SOBRO (2017) HAYES STREET PARKING GARAGE (2017) INFINITY (FORMALLY CRESCENT MUSIC ROW) (2017) SKY HOUSE (2017) STACKS ON MAIN (2017) PEYTON STAKES (2017) THE THOMPSON HOTEL (2017) THE DINER (2017) KIMPTON HOTEL (2017) AERTSON RESIDENCES (2017) THE MORRIS THE BRIDGESTONE HQ 2017 Size: 30 STORIES/500,000 SQ FT Price: 232.6 MILLION 505 CHURCH PROJECT TYPE: APARTMENTS Size: 45 STORIES/ 550 UNITS/ 543' Price: 155,000,000 222 2ND AVE SOUTH Size: 25 stories/305'/ 391,000 SQ.FT. Price: 100 MILLION + CAMBRIA SUITES HOTEL Project type: HOTEL Size: 19 STORIES/255 ROOMS Price: 50 MILLION THE GOSSET Price: 80 MILLION RIVER HOUSE Price: 36 MILLION THE OLMSTED Price: 48 MILLION THE DUKE THE MONROE EASTSIDE HEIGHTS THE CLEO THE EASTLAND 8TH SOUTH CONDOS IMT 8TH SOUTH BERRY HILL TOP GOLF BWSC SOLIS GULCH CAPITOL VIEW HAMPTON INN ADDITION JW MARRIOTT 2018 TRI BRAND MARRIOTT 2018 VILLAGE 21 LC GERMANTOWN VERTIS 2400 CRESTMOOR TENNESSEE STATE MUSEUM MILLENIUM MUSIC ROW NOEL HOTEL-4TH AVE NORTH (A MIX OF REHAB AND NEW CONSTRUCTION) THE BOBBY HOTEL-4TH AVE NORTH (A MIX OF REHAB AND NEW CONSTRUCTION) https://i.imgur.com/Jvx0NKa.jpg[/img] DREAM HOTEL-4TH AVE NORTH (A MIX OF REHAB AND NEW CONSTRUCTION) (HISTORIC REPLICA) ALLOY ON TECH HILL FAIRGROUNDS EXPO CENTER HCA OFFICE EXPANSION BROADSTONE GULCH VANDERBILT CHILDREN'S HOSPITAL EXPANSION THE EDISON FAMILY JUSTICE CENTER AND METRO POLICE HQ LIFEWAY OFFICE BUILDING CAPITOL VIEW CAPITOL VIEW CITY LIGHTS 2019 HOLIDAY INN (4TH & PEABODY) DUAL BRAND HILTON (HILTON TRU & HOMEWOOD SUITES) THE MOXY 3RD AVE REHAB & NEW CONSTRUCTION THE FLATS AT SILO BEND THE MOXY HILLSBORO VILLAGE FIELDHOUSE JONES CENTENNIAL HOSP. ADDITION HYATT HOUSE HOTEL 21ST AVE OPRYLAND WATER PARK BELLS BLUFF APARTMENTS 18TH & CHET THE WABASH ONE MUSIC CIRCLE SOUTH THE VIBE 38 HAMMER MILL STORAGE FACILITIES (PRIOR TO THIS GROWTH PERIOD, NASHVILLE HAD “0” MULTI LEVEL STORAGE FACILITIES. THE REGION RANKED AMONG THE TOP GROWTH AREAS OF THE COUNTRY FOR STORAGE FACILITIES DURING THIS CURRENT BOOM AND WE HAVE 8 MULTI-LEVEL FACILITIES CLOSE TO THE CORE.) BERRY HILL STORAGE FESSLERS LANE STORAGE (CITADEL) 5TH AVE. SOUTH STORAGE 3RD AVE.SOUTH STORAGE 6 STORY CHARLOTTE AVE. STORAGE (CUBESMART) 3RD AVE. NORTH STORAGE , GERMANTOWN (NEARING COMPLETION) PREMIER SELF STORAGE 2ND AVE NORTH SPACE BOX WEST STORAGE (NEARING COMPLETION) COLLEGE & UNIVERSITIES NASHVILLE HAS NO LESS THAN 7 4 YEAR COLLEGE AND UNIVERSITY CAMPUSES, INCLUDING VANDERBILT, BELMONT, TREVECCA, AQUINAS, LIPSCOMB, TSU, FISK, WITH A NUMBER OF OTHER 2 YEARS SCHOOLS INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO MEHARRY, & LINCOLN COLLEGE WATKINS COLLEGE OF ART, AMERICAN BAPTIST COLLEGE. WE HAVE LOST THE WELCH CAMPUS THE NASHVILLE, STATE & TECH CAMPUSES AT SEVERAL LOCATIONS AROUND TOWN. BELMONT UNIVERSITY, IS BY ITSELF AS FAR AS CONSTRUCTION SINCE 2000, AND HAS NEARLY DOUBLED ITS ENROLLMENTS, SO HERE IS A RUNDOWN OF ALL PROJECTS ON THE CAMPUS AND THE APPROX. YEAR COMPLETED SINCE 2000. ENROLLMENT NUMBERS TO THE RIGHT BELMONT 8,481 “Belmont University’s student enrollment totalled 8,481 for the 2019 fall semester, making it the 19th consecutive year of record enrollment. This is a 57 percent increase since 2009, when enrollment was 5,393 students.” BEAMAN STUDENT LIFE CENTER & CURB EVENT CENTER 2003 KENNEDY HALL 2003 BELMONT UNIVERSITY GORDEN INMAN CENTER 2006 POTTER/MAPLE HALL 2008 PATTON HALL & BEAR HOUSE 2010 MCWHORTER HALL 2010 RANDALL & SADIE BASKIN CENTER 2012 TWO OAKS HALL 2014 WEDGEWOOD ACADEMIC CENTER 2014 HORRELL HALL & DICKENS HALL JOHNSON CENTER (2015) BRUIN HILLS DORM AKA TALL HALL 2018 FISK/MEHARRY 855/831 MEHARRY DORMS MEHARRY COLLEGE (2014) TURNER CENTER (2014) TSU 6,503 TSU TRAINING FACILITY TREVECCA 3,620 TREVECCA SCHOOL OF MUSIC THE FLATS AT WALDEN GROVE VANDERBILT 12,592 Vanderbilt is currently building a 500 million dollar campus along West End Ave that includes the Barnard campus as well as the new dorms to replace the 4 Carmicheal towers. KISSAM HALL DORMS (2014) 115 MILLION VANDERBILT TRAINING FACILITY VANDERBILT SCHOOL OF ENGINEERING (2016) VANDERBILT SCHOOL OF DIVINITY EXPANSION (section to the right) VANDERBILT SCHOOL OF NURSING BARNARD CAMPUS LIPSCOMB 4,642 THE JAMES D HUGHES CENTER NURSING & HEALTH SCIENCES SIMULATION CENTER. 2013 MCFARLAND SCIENCE BUILDING 2016 THE VILLAGE II (BISON HALL) 2017 FIELDS ENGINEERING CENTER 2017 KEY REHAB/REUSE PROJECTS TROLLY BARNS ROLLING MILL HILL (2013) CITY WINERY (2015) ONE OF THE FIRST PROJECT SOUTH OF LAFAYETTE THE SHEDS ON CHARLOTTE LOFTS AT THE RESERVE THE BELL TOWER HOSTESS BUILDING CHARLOTTE AVE. THE FIRST OF A NUMBER OF REHAB PROJECT AND NEW CONSTRUCTION ALONG CHARLOTTE AVE. 21 C MUSEUM HOTEL (2017) HOLSTON HOUSE (JAMES ROBERTSON REHAB) THE FAIRLANE HOTEL-4TH AVE NORTH ( THE FACTORY MARKETPLACE (2019) STOCKING 51 PHASE I & II COMPLETE, PHASE III UNDER WAY PHASE I & II UNDER CONSTRUCTION URBAN GROCERY STORES (IN 2000 WE HAD ZERO URBAN GROCERS IN NASHVILLE) SINCE THEN FIVE COMPLETED, HG HILL MARKET (VIRIDIAN),THE TURNIP TRUCK (GULCH),KROGER (21ST AVE SOUTH), PUBLIX BELLE MEADE & WHOLE FOODS (GREEN HILLS). NOW UNDER CONSTRUCTION THERE ARE FOUR, A WHOLE FOODS IN THE 1212 BROADWAY PROJECT, A PUBLIX IN THE CAPITOL VIEW PROJECT, A PUBLIX ON 8TH AVE. SOUTH, & A TURNIP TRUCK ON CHARLOTTE AVE IN WEST NASHVILLE. PUBLIX 8TH SOUTH FOUR SEASONS HOTEL AND RESIDENCES 40 STORY 350 MILLION THE JOSEPH HOTEL 21 STORY HYATT CENTRIC HOTEL 20 STORY FIFTH + BROAD OFFICE 24 STORY FIFTH + BROAD RESIDENTIAL 34 STORY DRURY PLAZA HOTEL 21 STORY AMAZON TOWER ONE & TWO NASHVILLE YARDS GRAND HYATT / NASHVILLE YARDS 23 STORY 2012 WEST END 25 STORY 1222 DEMONBREUN OFFICE PORTION OF GULCH UNION (ENDEAVOR) ONE CITY (ON GOING) FURTHER CONSTRUCTION OF OFFICE BLDGS STALLED THE VIRGIN HOTEL 15 STORY ENDEAVOR MIXED USE TOWER 1200 BROADWAY 908 DIVISION 16 STORY LAQUINTA HOTEL 11 STORY MARGARITAVILLE HOTEL 12 STORY BROADWEST RESIDENTIAL 34 STORY BROADWEST OFFICE 21 STORY SIXTH AVE S APARTMENTS (10 stories) ASURION HQ THE GULCH EMBASSY SUITES ONE HOTEL KENECT NASHVILLE FEDERAL COURTHOUSE THE GRADUATE HOTEL VANDERBILT RESIDENTIAL CAMPUS & 20 STORY TOWER The growth of BNA cannot go unnoticed as one of the fastest growing airports in the nation over the past decade. 8.96 million passengers FY ending June 2010 17,171,821 million passengers FY ending June 2019 BNA EXPANSION 1.2 BILLION IN UPGRADES Interim International Arrivals Building Project Complete Terminal Garage Project Complete Terminal Apron and Taxilane Expansion Phase 1: To be completed Summer 2019 Currently in Progress Phase 2: To be completed in 2023 Expanding Concourse D and Building a Central Utility Plant To be completed Summer 2020 Currently in Progress Expanding the Ticketing Lobby and Baggage Claim To be completed Summer 2020 Currently in Progress Additional Terminal Garage, Pedestrian Plaza and Airport Administrative Office Building Garage to be Completed early 2020 Airport Administrative Office and Pedestrian Plaza to be completed Early 2021 Currently in Progress On-Site Hotel and Additional Terminal Garage Opening 2023 Currently in Programming and Design Permanent International Arrivals Facility (IAF) Opening 2023 Currently in Design Terminal Lobby Renovation To be completed in Late 2023 Currently in Design Donelson Pike Relocation and Terminal Access Roadway Improvements To be completed in 2023 Currently in Design AIRPORT CONSTRUCTION PEABODY PLAZA OFFICE 9 STORY LIFESTYLE COMMUNITIES 3RD & ASH SILO BEND STOCKING 51 SILOS (REHAB/REUSE, NEW CONSTRUCTION) ILLUME KNOX METRO CENTER 300 UNITS CRIMINAL JUSTICE CENTER 1710 BELCOURT BELMONT UNIVERSITY PERFORMANCE HALL BELMONT UNIVERSITY GARAGE AND TENNIS FACILITY HEALTH SCIENCES BUILDING (TSU) TOWNPLACE SUITES GAY STREET DOWNTOWN LUDLOW FLATS CUMBERLAND BEHAVIORAL HEALTH 17TH & GRAND NEUHOFF PROJECT/ DEMO STARTED ON THIS MULTI-PHASE APPROX. 20 ACRE MIXED USE PROJECT BY NEW CITY LLC. NEW CONSTRUCTION AND REHAB/REUSE OF OLD MEAT PACKING PLANT AND FORMER WAREHOUSE SITE. CENTURY FARMS CENTENNIAL TRISTAR GARAGE BENTO BOX MAY HOSIERY MILL (REHAB/REUSE) TO INCLUDE UPSCALE LONDON BASED SOHO HOTEL, RESTAURANTS, OFFICE SPACE, RETAIL. STATE LIBRARY AND ARCHIVES HYATT HOUSE HOTEL 5TH AND LEA STAYBRIDGE SUITES CHARLOTTE AVE. ENVISION CAYCE 500 MILLION DOLLAR PROJECT OVER 10 YEARS TWELFTH & WEDGEWOOD VANDERBILT DORMS WEST END CAMPUS LIPSCOMB GARAGE HOTEL AIR B & B LKQ 12TH & DEMONBREUN OFFICE BROADSTONE STOCKYARD FLATS 83 FREIGHT (PROJECT MADE OUT OF OLD SHIPPING CONTAINERS) THE MANNING ACCENT METRO CENTER (282 UNITS 4 BUILDINGS) MBA WELLNESS CENTER 50 MILLION (NUMEROUS BUILDINGS HAVE BEEN ADDED TO THIS PRIVATE HIGHSCHOOL CAMPUS OVER THE PAST DECADE, THIS BEING THE LATEST ADDITION) W HOTEL & RESIDENCES THREE THIRTY THREE GULCH 805 LEA FAIRFIELD INN AND SUITES TOWNEPLACE SUITES CHARLOTTE AVE - 11 STORY SYLVAN SUPPLY ON CHARLOTTE HAMPTON INN & SUITES 10 STORY CAPITOL VIEW DONELSON STATION APARTMENTS REDEVELOPMENT OF DONELSON PLAZA THE SHINE CENTER LIPSCOMB ENVISION CAYCE HILL CENTER GREENWOOD NO RENDERING AT PRESENT CURRENT AND PAST OFFICE MARKET NUMBERS* * NUMBERS BASED ON COLLIERS INTERNATIONAL OFFICE MARKET REPORT NASHVILLE OFFICE MARKET: ANNUAL COMPARISONS AND TOTALS THE NUMBERS ARE TELLING: YEAR # BLGS INVENT. VACANT-S/F VAC% U/C SF RATE 2019* 643 56,260,556 3,951,259 7.60% 3,859,404 $28.05 2013 553 44,801,776 3,778,235 8.40% 1,135,471 $19.75 2012 552 44,763,776 3,931,937 8.80% 203,000 $19.50 2011 548 44,356,220 4,249,844 9.60% 250,000 $18.67 2010 544 44,153,710 4,249,844 10.70% 144,000 $18.99 *2019 2nd quarter numbers From 2010, the Nashville Market has has grown by 99 office buildings, increased square footage space by 12,106,846 SQ. FT with another 3,859,404 currently under construction. The overall occupancy rate is 7.6 % compared to the 2010 numbers of 10.70%, plus the overall sq. ft. rental rate is $9.06 higher. Keep in mind that this is the entire Middle TN market and all classes of office space. Over the past 9 years, Nashville has filled 7,852,548 SQ FT of office space for a total 52,007,258 SQ.FT. A large amount of the under construction space is already leased, leaving the door open for more office construction. Approximate amount of proposed office space proposed ?????????????????? PROPOSED PARAMOUNT AT THIS POINT TOWER LOOKS TO BE IN JEOPARDY DUE TO LAND ISSUE WITH METRO) ONE KVB /PROJECT IN DOUBT & ON HOLD 127 ROSA PARKS/ 24 STORY SWERDLING HOTEL (FAIRMONT?) 36 STORY & 16 STORY COMPANION HOTEL NASHVILLE YARDS MASTER PLAN (3 BUILDINGS UNDER CONSTRUCTION) NASHVILLE YARDS 40 STORY OFFICE NASHVILLE YARDS 15 STORY OFFICE NASHVILLE YARDS RESIDENTIAL BUILDING 18 STORY MGM HOTEL-ENTERTAINMENT COMPLEX /AEG NASHVILLE YARDS SEPT 2019 START 3415 MURPHY ROAD 14 STORY / APPROVED 15 MUSIC SQUARE WEST ONE22ONE BROADWAY 29 STORY OFFICE TOWER STATION DISTRICT TOWER 1 32 STORY/ LATE 2019 START STATION DISTRICT TOWER 2 32 STORY STATION DISTRICT TOWER 3 34 STORY STATION DISTRICT TOWER 4 34 STORY THE MOORE OFFICE TOWER (16 STORY & WILL INCREASE IN HEIGHT AS RECENTLY ADDED sq ft) HENSLER RESIDENTIAL TOWER 32 STORY ROLLING MILL HILL 1810 BROADWAY GREYSTAR 26 STORY & 16 STORY APPROVED 12TH & DEMONBREUN GULCH UNION HOTEL 16 STORY 12TH & DEMONBREUN GULCH UNION RESIDENTIAL 28 STORY ONE KVB CIRCLE/ MAINLAND OFFICE TOWER BROADWAY HOTEL 21 STORY BUCKINGHAM GULCH (PROJECT ON LIFE SUPPORT) THE LANDINGS AT RIVER NORTH PHASE I 2020 START RIVER NORTH FUTURE PHASE HOTEL INDIGO EXPANSION 13 STORY ADDITION 8TH & BASS MIXED USE PROJECT AT THE SOUTHERN EDGE OF DOWNTOWN SOCCER STADIUM/MIXED USE SOUNDS APARTMENTS (THE DERBY) LC SOBRO PHASE II HAMPTON INN/HILTON TRU GULCH HAVEN IN THE GULCH GULCH PEDESTRIAN BRIDGE (OLD IMAGE) LIFESTYLE COMMUNITIES THE NATIONS FINERY WEHO NEXT PHASE TAPESTRY HOTEL GATEWAY GERMANTOWN (PROJECT SEEMS TO HAVE STALLED) CHEATHAM PLACE MDHA APARTMENTS ROSA PARKS SOMERA ROAD PROJECT (8TH AVE. SOUTH) (REHAB/REUSE/NEW CONSTRUCTION) NASHVILLE WAREHOUSE COMPANY LINDSEY'S CORNER MARRIOTT EDITION HOTEL GULCH 16 STORY STANZA HOTEL (POD HOTEL) ALTO (215 15TH AVE N) CONTRALTO (MCMILLAN & CHURCH) NOVEL AT EDGEHILL WATER TOWER CONDOS 5 CITY PLACE 7 CITY PLACE-ONEC1TY SWH PROJECT (THE HAMILTON & HUME HOUSE) VANDERBILT GRADUATE HOUSING CAMPUS (DUE TO START LATE 2019) THE BRIAN PAUL HOTEL 320 MILLION 11TH HOUSE HOTEL (ON HOLD) HEAVENS DOOR DISTILLERY COURTYARD & FAIRFIELD INN EAST BANK & RESIDENTIAL PANATTONI MUSIC ROW -1030 MUSIC ROW ACKLEN PARK RESIDENTIAL 5800 CENTENNIAL 405 40TH LIPSCOMB COLLEGE OF BUSINESS PRICE DEVELOPMENT GROUP PROJECT (OLD SALT BARN LOCATION CHARLOTTE AVE) NO RENDERING AT PRESENT ALLIANCE COMMUNITIES THE NATIONS NO RENDERING AT PRESENT CANOPY BY HILTON THE GULCH (11 STORY) NO RENDERING AT PRESENT 805 DIVISION DINERSTEIN VANTAGE (11 STORY) NO RENDERING AT PRESENT THE TENNESSEAN SITE (DEMO IN PROGRESS) RUMORED TO BE 2 20-30 STORY BUILDINGS NO RENDERING AT PRESENT NORTH POINT HOSPITALITY HOTEL (18TH & CHURCH) 2 HOTELS TOTAL OF 350 ROOMS NO RENDERING AT PRESENT WOODFIELD DEVELOPMENT PROJECT (16TH & STATE) 292 UNITS NO RENDERING AT PRESENT 8TH & DIVISION (SE VENTURE PROJECT) NO RENDERING AT PRESENT UT HEALTH SCIENCE CENTER (STALLED) (VERY LONG RANGE) NO RENDERING AT PRESENT SKYLINE EAST/ 15 ACRE, MULTI BUILDING MIXED USE PROJECT BETWEEN I-24 & ELLINGTON PARKWAY ON THE EAST SIDE. 4 TO 15 STORY BUILDINGS. NO RENDERING AT PRESENT MULTI ACRE PROJECTS IN ADDITION TO CAPITOL VIEW (18 ACRES), NASHVILLE YARDS (15 ACRES), ONECITY (18 ACRES) THE FOLLOWING THREE ARE LONG RANGE PROJECTS ON THE NORTH AND EAST SIDE. THE FIRST WILL HAVE A FIRST PHASE UNDERWAY AT THE START OF 2020 WITH METRO KICKING IN 20 MILLION IN INFRASTRUCTURE WORK. THE LAST TWO HAVE A LOW CHANCE GETTING DONE ANYTIME SOON. THIS IS IN ADDITION TO THE MANY MULTI-ACRE PROJECTS UNDERWAY OR PLANNED IN THE NEARBY COUNTIES, ESPECIALLY WILLIAMSON WHERE THERE ARE MULTIPLE PROJECTS UNDER CONSTRUCTION. ALL OF THE BELOW PROJECTS ARE FOCUSED ON THE NORTH SIDE OF TOWN AND ALONG THE CUMBERLAND RIVER. THE LANDINGS AT RIVER NORTH (20 TO 40 MID-RISE & HIGH-RISE BUILDINGS) RIVER PARK ON THE CUMBERLAND WEST TRINITY TSU PLAN (LONG RANGE PLAN FOR EXPANSION OF TSU CAMPUS) THE FUTURE BNA FUTURE EXPANSION/ ANOTHER 2.8 BILLION IN EXPANSION BY 2033 MUSIC CITY CENTER EXPANSION PLANS Just three years after opening a 20 million dollar expansion took place and now after six years, the center is looking toward another major expansion due to the growth of the market here. Currently RFP’s were supposed to have been issued and a new master plan will take around 18 months to complete. METRO URBAN RENEWAL PROJECTS “LONG RANGE” 15-20 YEAR BUILD OUT. BOTH OF THESE ARE CONCEPTUAL AT THIS MOMENT, BUT THEY WILL FOLLOW THE MODEL OF ENVISION CAYCE BEING MIXED USE AND MIXED INCOME NEIGHBORHOODS, DEMOLISHING THE OLD BARRACKS STYLE, LOW INCOME HOUSING. THIS WILL ALSO ALLOW CRIME TO BE LOWERED AND ENCOURAGE DEVELOPMENT ALONG THE 12 SOUTH AND THE LAFAYETTE/MURFREESBORO ROAD CORRIDORS. ENVISION EDGEFIELD ENVISION SUDEKUM NAPIER TRANSIT Currently there is no plan in place. The last two plans have been defeated by either public opinion or by a Metro vote. The first not being ambitious enough and the second probably too ambitious and too expensive to start with. Metro seems to have studied this issue to death and the members of the Urban Planet group could probably offer just as good of a solution as the plans Metro has come up with in the past, with zero cost. The next mayor will have to tackle this issue one way or the other and the governor has stated that the state law probably needs to change in order for the state to be involved in financing any plan, before growth is stalled. There will have to be an integrated regional plan, that works from the inside out. It does look as if the Airport Authority and the Nashville Visitors Corporation in conjunction with the Music City Center will probably end up financing its own rail line at some point from the airport to the SoBro area, as money is in the budget on both ends of the line for infrastructure work. It remains to be seen what will be done and who will build this line. To say that the regional RTA has a plan is a misconceived notion at this point in time as well. Metro along with the mayors of the surrounding counties are part of the RTA that in effect have done very little other than to study. The last RTA plan and study was done in 2016 and now is three years old. The RTA plan can be seen here. The Improve act passed by the state gives local governments the power to pass referendums to pass a transit plan, the first of which was defeated in Nashville. At this point in time I have not seen a lot of improvements from the improve act other than the long awaited fix of I 440 that was 20 years overdue. The state has the power to build toll roads but are too afraid to do it and the State of Tennessee is a pay as you go State so no money can be borrowed for roads or improvements. POPULATION THE MSA POPULATION HAS GROWN BY 341,027 PEOPLE OVER THE LAST 9 YEARS. If the numbers below are correct, the Nashville MSA is already ahead of the 2025 population projections from the GNRC as of July 1, 2018. Geographic Area July 1, 2018[1] 2010 Census 2000 Census 1990 Census 1980 Census 1970 Census 1960 Census 1950 Census Nashville-Davidson–Murfreesboro–Franklin* 1,930,961 1,589,934 1,311,789 985,026 850,505 541,108 399,743 321,758 *Wiki Population & Employment Forecast for the Nashville Area MPO* * Greater Nashville Regional Council Year MPO Davidson Maury Robertson Rutherford Sumner Williamson Wilson People 2006 1,394,928 613,856 77,550 61,708 230,980 148,534 159,094 103,206 2015 1,637,000 654,879 89,371 73,949 288,734 172,232 229,052 128,783 2025 1,904,300 702,871 101,595 87,563 349,083 197,500 308,328 157,360 2035 2,174,914 752,326 114,005 101,324 409,986 223,124 387,970 186,179 FROM NASHVILLE NEXT NUMBERS These numbers are from two different sources, one being consevative and the other not. I think the true numbers will lie somewhere in the middle of the highlighted numbers below. Again, just my opinion, but Nashville needs to break the 2% growth mark every year for the MSA. In 2018 the MSA did break that number at 2.24% to come in at the 7th fastest growing MSA in the nation. Some of the ring counties are hitting numbers in the 3% and above range, but Davidson has only hit over 2 % in 2012 and for the last 3 years being under a 1% growth rate. Total Population 2010 census Woods & Poole Woods & Poole UT CBER UT CBER DIFFERENCE Numbers 2040 Change Numbers 2040 Change Cheatham 39,105 64,380 25,275 41,236 2,131 23,144 Davidson 626,681 813,297 186,616 777,037 150,356 36,260 Dickson 49,666 80,209 30,543 53,543 3,877 26,666 Maury 80,956 116,509 35,553 123,773 42,817 -7,264 Montgomery 172,331 308,759 136,428 254,284 81,953 54,475 Robertson 66,283 113,350 47,067 87,164 20,881 26,186 Rutherford 262,604 592,812 330,208 531,193 268,589 61,619 Sumner 160,645 238,950 78,305 232,586 71,941 6,364 Williamson 183,182 536,434 353,252 334,781 151,599 201,653 Wilson 113,993 231,902 117,909 172,285 58,292 59,617 Sum 1,755,446 3,096,602 1,341,156 2,607,882 852,436 488,720 Just a few of the larger county 2018 numbers are listed below. Montgomery County 2019 population numbers 200,015 The 2040 numbers here may be accurate. Rutherford county 2019 population numbers 316,677 Williamson 2018 231,729 Wilson 2018 140,625 Sumner 2018 187,149 DAVISON COUNTY GROWTH RATES FROM 2011 TO 2018 DISMAL NUMBERS FOR THE LAST THREE YEARS AND YES WE ARE BEHIND OUR PEERS! We will know a lot more once the 2020 census is done. I am unsure as to why the numbers are so low , but I can speculate. 1)cost of housing increase. 2) available housing. 3) most of the units built in the core were STR’s or STR conversions. I wanted to give the numbers for the cities Nashville is compared to the most and I use the County numbers since Nashville is a Metro form of Gov. and the county numbers give a closer picture of what is really happening. 2018 692,587 3,581 0.52% 2017 689,006 1,576 0.23% 2016 687,430 6,546 0.96% 2015 680,884 10,704 1.60% 2014 670,180 9,724 1.47% 2013 660,456 11,054 1.70% 2012 649,402 13,575 2.14% 2011 635,827 8,074 1.29% *World Population Review Compared to Travis County Texas 2018 1,248,743 20,972 1.71% 2017 1,227,771 21,388 1.77% 2016 1,206,383 26,210 2.22% 2015 1,180,173 27,415 2.38% 2014 1,152,758 30,173 2.69% 2013 1,122,585 25,513 2.33% 2012 1,097,072 35,353 3.33% 2011 1,061,719 31,180 3.03% Mecklenburg County 2018 1,093,901 16,590 1.54% 2017 1,077,311 20,646 1.95% 2016 1,056,665 23,383 2.26% 2015 1,033,282 22,870 2.26% 2014 1,010,412 19,627 1.98% 2013 990,785 23,702 2.45% 2012 967,083 23,333 2.47% 2011 943,750 20,492 2.22% Wake County NC (Raleigh)Wake 2018 1,092,305 20,419 1.90% 2017 1,071,886 23,505 2.24% 2016 1,048,381 25,950 2.54% 2015 1,022,431 24,642 2.47% 2014 997,789 23,782 2.44% 2013 974,007 22,113 2.32% 2012 951,894 23,165 2.49% 2011 928,729 21,847 2.41% CONTINUED BUSINESS RECRUITMENT According to many sources the trend will continue for the foreseeable future of business relocation and expansion to Middle TN. Business leaders that have relocated from NY and California companies have indicated that this is just the beginning. For this to continue the issues of affordable and available housing, transit, homelessness, and public education are going to have to be key areas that Nashville will have to make major improvements to. The bright side is that the State may be starting to come around after hearing that transit is going to be a sticking point for new business relocation, so the state will have to take an active role. The state is doing more with higher education as far as free 2 year tech schools and making this available to all Tenneseans. Metro is making some headway with affordable housing and hopefully that will continue if the administration changes. Transit is going to have to be dealt with at some point by Metro, the MD TN region and the State, otherwise things will grind to a halt. I do think the next two years things are going to start to happen. (Just a guess and my opinion). The state is already a very business friendly state tax wise and that will continue to draw business here from around the country, maybe not to the downtown, but at least to the Middle TN area. I do continue to see the central core to continue to grow and become its own viable group of neighborhoods in the future. NEIGHBORHOODS PAST, PRESENT & FUTURE The major changes we have seen in Nashville over the past decade is the rise of many of the urban neighborhoods to viable and now unaffordable areas of town. East Nashville and Sylvan Park led the way in the late 90s into the early 2000s and was followed by Gemantown, Salemtown, then the 12 South area, The Nations, Historic Buena Vista and now WEHO. Many of these areas were working class or minority neighborhoods that have since been gentrified and some are priced out of reach by many Nashvillians. Some of these areas are still experiencing lots of property crime as they are on the fringe of other neighborhoods that are not as well off as these areas. Problems such as too many AirBnBs are in some of the neighborhoods meaning there are many transient residents and non permanent residents thus no neighborhood. Many of the areas are having tall and skinnies built which just are not as appealing to as many people as traditional housing. At some point this will hopefully take care of itself, but many folks are priced out of these once traditional neighborhoods. This may explain the slow population growth over the last three years as Nashville's growth is eclipsed by our peer cities county growth by any where from 1 to 2 percentage points given the year looked at above. One area that is not activated right now is the Midtown area north of West End and once the BroadWest project is complete I do think there will be a host of other projects in that area and that will become its own district. My takeaway, is that maybe we are becoming a victim of our own success in some of these areas, but of course this is always up for debate on the board. Everyone can disagree with me on the speculation here as this is speculation on my part, but I do welcome comments on the reasons why Nashville is not doing well population wise. I just don't know for sure! I can go on with a dissertation but I am sure everyone isat information overload at this point in time. HOPE YOU HAVE ENJOYED If the link did not auto show , just click the link and it will get you to the rendering.
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    ClearSky has new pics of SouthEnd. https://photos.clearskyimages.com/2019-05-1812-s-blvd-charlotte-nc-hli
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    *Note: I copied the text from a post I made on another forum. Most of the commentary is not for y'all. Some of this is construction progress. Some is just miscellaneous. I wish I was half as talented as some of you are with your camera thingys, but this will have to do.* A walk around downtown today. Some of these are updated favorites from years past. The skyline, as viewed through the lens of "Ghost Ballet." The SoBro skyline, with the new JW Marriott rising in the background. From the water's edge. More SoBro. Amazing that none of those towers existed before 2005-6, and only two of them were there before 2015. With "Ghost Ballet" in frame. The main skyline. It's such an interesting perspective being right down on the shore. It doesn't translate as well in pictures (perhaps more for SoBro), but the buildings seem a little more imposing, since you're looking at them from what might as well be 30' below "ground level"... The landing, and looking down the Cumberland River (flowing north, here). I am so glad the city has finally started to invest in the waterfront. There is still a lot of work to do, but it is such a great asset to have, and especially important since we are not a coastal city. This was difficult to frame....since I was using my phone. And it was bright, so I couldn't really see the display.:( A city rises from the jungle... Surprise visitor! The General Jackson. Notice the smokestacks are angled down so it can clear the bridges downtown. From the John Seigenthaler Pedestrian Bridge (formerly the Shelby Street Pedestrian Bridge). Back so soon?! Headed back towards Opryland, through the Korean Veterans Memorial Bridge. Rolling Mill Hill can be seen to the top right. L-R: 222 2nd Ave S (office), Hyatt Place (hotel), The SoBro (apartments), Encore (condos), Bridgestone North America (corporate HQ), Pinnacle (office). The 45-story, 523' 505 (apartments) is topped out and the exterior is nearly complete. It will not be the tallest building by actual height (Batman still holds that title), but it will have the tallest occupied floor by a considerable margin. The Schermerhorn Symphony Center (middle-left), the JW Marriott (the oval shaped building with the crane), Bridgestone Arena (middle -- also to note it is the 5th busiest concert venue in the US), and Cambria (hotel) rising above the arena (don't worry -- the blue isn't the final color. It will have cladding). Pinnacle. Florida Georgia Line is garbage. A hole in Bridgestone... Schermerhorn, with the JW Marriott in the background. Construction of the Moxy (hotel) at 3rd and Broad (former Trail West building). The Holy Temple of Hockey. Demolition of the old convention center to make way for the new 5th + Broad development (Residential, office, retail, museum). Musicians walking to their car after a gig. The historic Ryman Auditorium on your left, the famous Tootsie's Orchid lounge on your right. 505 Construction of the Dream Hotel on 4th (backs up to Printer's Alley), which will combine new construction with the rehab of some existing historic buildings. More of the Dream. The yellow brick building behind it is also being rehabbed to become a boutique hotel. The former Noel Place will become the Noelle (weird?), part of Starwood's Tribute Portfolio. Yes, that is a bus on top of a building. It is going to be a bar, on top of yet another hotel conversion in the area (this one is The Bobby). With all of the big name, towering hotels being built around the Music City Center, there is actually quite a bit of hotel activity in this little corner of downtown (more or less centered around Printer's Alley). It will become somewhat of a boutique hotel district. (I'm not particularly fond of the angles in this shot)...to the right of the Hotel Indigo, you can see yet another boutique hotel in the works (the building with the exposed sort of seafoam green area on its roof)...The Fairlane. The seat of the Metro Nashville government, in all of its Deco glory. Random. UBS....originally built as First American Bank. A re-hash of an old favorite. Deaderick St. Tennessee Tower (Snodgrass), the War Memorial Auditorium, and Legislative Plaza. Doubletree Hotel (left) and Bank of America (right). The plaza in-between. Walking up to Legislative Plaza. L-R: James K Polk, Fifth Third Bank, First Tennessee, 505, Hermitage Hotel. Who wants to climb that ladder? I love how the reflection of the cloud almost makes it appear as if the top of the building is invisible. It completes the shape of the cloud. Construction mess. Alley graffiti behind McKendree. 2nd Ave. Cumberland Park. I'd love to do this again with a real camera, at some point.
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    Random pics from my socially distanced walk, not time to sort them into the various pages haha
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    *Circle South having to cancel their plans for Nashville's new tallest altogether after seeing somebody on the Nashville UrbanPlanet shared their sewage permits*
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    June 2001 vs. May 2019 Source
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    I'd be like Ant Man and pee my pants if I was these guys:
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    Caught some early morning light testing at LU1 via oxblue
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