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    Sorry for the bad quality.
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    http://www.architen.com/articles/etfe-the-new-fabric-roof/ This is the material. Ethylene Tetra Fluoro Ethylene. Which means you could conceivably have a pretty cool lighting scheme.
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    I hear that it’s a myth that you can see the Great Wall of China from space, but that you can see this garage.
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    There should be a separate LU “hate” thread. Scrolling through this thread for updates, pictures etc gets old when you see the same people making the same complaints over and over. We get it, you hate it. Move on. It and the horrible deck will be mostly covered in a few years anyway. It doesn’t ruin the skyline. Charlotte has more than enough iconic towers for that to happen. Every city has their dud. Get over it.
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    I think that Nashville could potentially be a city that punches well above its weight in support of pro teams, but I am apprehensive about this too. Charlotte has been laying the groundwork for the next MLB expansion spot for a little bit now and I personally feel they might be a better fit for it. Personally, I have always had the unrealistic pipe dream of getting an NBA team as we already have a great arena for it and the rivalry with Memphis could be fantastic. Plus, I think that basketball, soccer, and hockey are the sports of the future whereas baseball seems like its losing relevance.
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    I had an early appointment this morning and came back that way and saw what you have a photo of. To me it means the project is about to start as they are closing the side walk and extending the barriers into the street. That is going to be another traffic nightmare through there for another couple of years but worth it.
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    Thought y'all might like to see my little comparison shot of uptown from the same vantage point, 1986-2019
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    This is the struggle. Street parking provides a valuable service to the biking and pedestrian experience. It forces cars to drive more cautiously (which is what we all want in the first place, right?), and then, honestly, street parking spots are proven to have a higher/quicker turnover rate than off-street parking. So it's not only good for businesses, but, if street parking became viewed as the only parking available to people, then folks would view it as the limited resource that it should be, instead of assuming the many decks will have "enough" spaces. This is why it boggles my mind how many blocks in Uptown and around do not set aside ROW for street parking. I know it's policy to include it, but it still doesn't happen, a lot. One street that comes to mind that NEEDS street parking to make it safer is this stretch of N Davidson St: And then all these new blocks on Stonewall... how many street spots are created? Not one, aside from the Whole Foods spots. What gives?:
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    Obviously we all hoped for more height in this development, but I think it definitely makes up for that with all of the high quality unique urban public spaces it will create. I live for those interesting nooks and crannies in a city that really give it that sense of place, and it seems this development will offer that in droves.
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    Posted from my phone. Looks way cooler in real life that in those pictures. Wow.
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    Goodbye childhood
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    I 100% agree though in no way do I think it is dud. That huge garage on the Church St blocked will be blocked all on sides except 277 side by other buildings and ground floor retail on the Church street side. Plus Legacy 2 the Deloitte tower will be rising soon.
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    Here are a few different views of the MB from the past couple weeks.
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    Buildings are só secretive in Charlotte. Meanwhile you have those 3 developers in Raleigh, Nashville, and Greensboro announcing 1000 footers yearly. Giratina, Kane and the other GSO developer. Lol
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    nope, but I really think it'll be taller than Legacy Union.
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    I feel the need to censor this image for some reason.
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    I drove by this site this morning, and I noticed that the orange barriers had been placed along the backside of the lot(had previously been open), as well as in the parking entrance on Demonbreun.
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