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    Thank you for giving us these amazing photos on every thread every now and then. You really capture them in the best way that we all love to see and it also helps us see all the areas that need to be developed around the subject of each photo. Hopefully the North area can see growth that would match the south side of Uptown. Thank you!
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    I really thought you guys would get a kick out of this. Besides its a fun way to have fun with Lee Beaman too. My best guess estimate on cost of this would be around 5 billion. The name of this project would be MIDTOWN VILLAGE. This would sit on the Beaman property and would incorporate a number of Tony's old projects. Starting from the left in pink would be the 505 tower (the rendering will be in order) Next in purple a new tower of Tony's design. tower 2 Next the 750' version of signature without the parking. tower 3 Next in purple a new tower of Tony's design. tower 4 Next in pink would be 505CST with a commanding presence over the interstate. tower 5 All the way back to the left in pink would be Sheet Music. tower 6 Next in purple another new tower of Tony's design. tower 7 Next in pink the second design of the 505 tower. tower 8 In the middle in purple is an elevated pedestrian promenade with retail, bars, restaurants on either side. Under that would be a new improved wider McGavock Pick designed with a new interchange on I 40 to allow access to either direction of I 40. All parking for the complex would be underground with access points in many differing locations. And Lastly to the rear is the 1047' version of Signature tower commanding the center of attention of the entire project. The order is off a little but I assume you know which one 505 CST is. Enjoy this fun little exercise.. took me about 45 minutes to pull off!
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    The fact that this parking garage looks like a decent office building is worth giving a round of applause to this developer. I mean with so many of them looking like jail houses, this one is a breathe of fresh air.
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    Let’s toast to this now being 1/5 of the way up to the last floor. I know it’s not a major achievement but with this being so massive, we should celebrate it in chunks.
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    I'm a pretty fast walker! It was 15 minutes from the plane to the curb (walk on tarmac to covered walkway, covered walkway to terminal building, gate E35 to D/E Connector, D/E Connector to Terminal curbside). I flew out yesterday back to DC and the airport was much busier. Centurion Lounge was relatively busy as well. My flight to DCA departed from gate D2 and D1/D2/D3 are all looking pretty rough IMO. I forgot how confusing the layout of those gates are. D1/D2 essentially share the same gate area and boarding door. The boarding door leads to a two separate jet bridges (D1/D2) and then the roped off walkway down to the tunnel to FIS. Numerous announcements were made to not go past the rope and instead go through the open door (the jet bridge) which made me think there are frequent incidents of people wandering to FIS. I was able to find the names of the artists that will be commissioning work for the landslide terminal renovation. This artist has quite a few never-before-seen renderings of the terminal: http://www.danielleroney.com/portfolio/meridian/ While we can't see their work for the project yet, this artists work will be on the FIS area wall and seems nice and fitting with the rest of the art that has been put up in C/B: https://www.dixiefriendgay.com/publiccommissions Not a fan of this artist's work though (http://vigilism.com/filter/Drawings/). Looking around his website, they remind me of the utopian-style art that was present in subway systems/public works projects in the 1970s/1980s that don't age well.
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    Awesome!Awesome!Awesome!!!!! PhofKC can you please make one of your great cards for all of us can drool?
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    When will the buildings apart of this development, whatever they are start construction? And are there any recent renderings because it’s been like 2 years since last update.
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    What we’ve seen so far is a decent start. Imagine how much more walkable, transit oriented development we’ll see when SunRail shifts to daily operations with an airport connection.
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    Taking a moment to mention that I'm still peeved they didn't follow the curve of Mint Street.
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    Southend's midrises are a breath of dense air among sparse southern neighbourhoods. I'm so proud of Charlotte, it's built some truly urban fabric in the 33 years I've existed.
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    There's just not that many big businesses looking at Murfreesboro that would need a tower. There is still quite a bit of space left in the Medical Center area too. Once land prices get really high, you'll probably start to see some vertical growth. Also, like titanhog pointed out, Nashville and Cool Springs gets that business right now.
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    I found a 2019 email from the Civic Design Center about this. The links in the email dont work anymore, but I took some screen shots.
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    I like how in the first pic you can see Metro Tower poking above the museum in between the hotel and ally building Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    There is a height restriction in the areas to the west, north, & east surrounding the Tennessee State Capitol Building to protect the views. That is specified in the downtown code (see screenshot below). I think I recall there being a restriction on new residential construction in the area immediately surrounding the Capitol as well, although I cannot find documentation of that recollection. I did come across one document online that noted the long term goal to acquire the Capitol Towers residential building for the return of that corner of the Capitol to a part of the state government campus after its demolition.
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    It’s west of Dillard. I think 2 blocks west.
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    I wish Florida did beverage bottle recycling return/refund. It would incentivize people to recycle their beverage containers. So much so that people would actually have an incentive to pick them up off the ground because they can get a cash refund. I remember growing up in Connecticut and we would save our soda bottles and cans and set them aside until we had a whole bunch of them. As a kid I was so excited to hear the cans and bottles crunch in the machine and see the amount of money go up on the little screen every time I put a bottle in. Me and my brothers would split the refund after we redeemed it at the customer service counter, and we'd each get a couple bucks spending cash. Ah, the simpler days.
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    Mixed-use development proposed for Winter Garden, and better looking than most proposals for Orlando lately: https://www.growthspotter.com/news/residential-property-developments/multi-family/gs-news-smith-street-luxury-studio-winter-garden-20201125-5i4hevj2tnc4dhtzld2pp2qjra-story.html Although I don’t think that med revival is complementary to the WG aesthetic.
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    The "certificate of need" process is insane and, as far as I can tell, is only in place to protect existing institutions. I have seen zero data to show that it in any way is beneficial to consumers.
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    Pictures of a Carvana tower are a bonus? Thanks for the others shots, though.
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    Well to shed a little humor on the subject, here is one from a few years ago...... I am still going through renderings and still finding crazy stuff!
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    Considering that over 500 people will be living on a block that was only occupied for a while by a Squatter (D Furman) and a derelict building that was surrounded by scaffolding because it was crumbling, and that the interior didn't lend itself to reconfiguration to create housing of some sort, I think this project turned out pretty good.
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    Lindseys Corner (3 & 4 stories, office and retail space, underground garage) update: Up to 3rd level on south structure, 4th level on north structure. Looking NW from Charlotte Ave., 1/2 block east of 42nd Ave. North: Looking NE from intersection of Charlotte Ave. and 42nd Ave. North: Looking east from 42nd Ave. North, 1/2 block north of Charlotte Ave: Looking SE from 42nd Ave. North at intersection with Alabama Ave:
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    Doing the “5 page bump” for live cam links. Let me know if you guys know of any I've missed. Hoping to find some new cameras eventually because some of these are nearing their end. ONE22ONE https://app.oxblue.com/open/brasfieldgorrie/one22one Davidson County Sheriff's Office - East Nashville (great shot of downtown) http://webcampub.multivista.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=aPublicWebcam.page&WebcamPublicPageUID=2C1B3697-A20C-4D1D-8817-9F1F897A209C http://webcampub.multivista.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=aPublicWebcam.page&WebcamPublicPageUID=38889E6F-69F3-4919-BA29-FC260B7A447D Vanderbilt construction from Commons Area http://webcams.vanderbilt.edu/fromkirkland/ Skyhouse Camera facing DT (shows a little of BroadWest office tower...may have to refresh to get camera to show up) https://nashvillesevereweather.com/camera-feeds/ Asurion Campus https://app.oxblue.com/open/brasfieldgorrie/asurioncampus Nashville Yards https://app.oxblue.com/open/clarkconstruction/underconstruction One C1ty https://oxblue.com/open/Cambridge/onec1tynashville EarthCam https://www.earthcam.com/usa/tennessee/nashville/?cam=nashville Fox 17 (many DT cameras) https://fox17.com/news/local/fox-17-news-nashview-city-cam-network? WKRN (2 DT cameras) https://www.wkrn.com/weather/current-conditions/live-cameras
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    On Monday, City Council voted unanimously to approve second reading of the rezoning and development agreement for the apartments at the former Mary H Wright Elementary. The $11 million renovation would be the largest investment in the Southside in well over a decade. In addition to a $50,000 contribution toward a trail connection to the MHW Greenway, the developer (John Montgomery) has also pledged his best efforts to ensure that a minimum of 20 percent of the redevelopment work will go to minority contractors, with five percent of those living on the Southside. I'm glad this is moving forward, and I hope this will help bring some much-needed businesses, amenities, and opportunities to the Southside. Also, it was mentioned at the Planning Commission meeting that there's a potential Phase 2, depending on the success of Phase 1. It would be 76 additional units in new buildings, with the same 80% market-rate / 20% workforce breakdown. This would be probably 5+ years away. Here was the concept from the meeting:
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    The Tampa stop, much less potential development, is a LONG ways away and has a pretty strong possibility of being scrapped entirely, never mind urban development. Also, let’s see what happens with Sunrail and its urban growth.
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    When I flew for PSA, if a plane was terminating for the night it almost always parked at the E35/36/38 etc gates. Either way I tend to agree with the usage of those gates, at least they are finally building that terminal extension to fix that issue. As far as the walk goes, it normally took me about 10 minutes from those gates to the curb. You must be a slow walker (JK). I never understood why the small extension by E14 was the priority over the larger and more important extension. At least most gates will have jet bridges now.
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    I sure hope meetings, conventions and trade shows come back as our convention center will be great after this work is complete. Really great facility.
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    Deck for the Crescent office/retail building in Elizabeth is flying up. Also really impressed with the new CPCC building. That little quad in there can give most 4 year universities a run for the money. Wish they had some sort of cafe in there to activate that area on weekends.
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    State Farm is closing their operations campus on the north side of Murfreesboro. However, employees are NOT being laid off but will permanently work from home. This will likely be a running theme for the coming time period for a lot of businesses. https://www.dnj.com/story/news/2020/11/10/state-farm-murfreesboro-tn-close-doors-coronavirus/6242171002/
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    I think at this point with the Coronavirus, if they announce anything for LU, it will be a residential building next. It’s the safest bet, if they want to continue building more along with this development without any breaks.
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    Actually when I found out last month that it was shorted I looked and it and it did say on there that it was shortened. Now it is saying it is back to the normal height. I don’t think those little briefs are actually updated as far as when something on the page was edited.
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    The possibilities!! Looks very office space friendly. Sadly this is where a lot of homeless people roam.
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    I can understand not one solid color but these are just blah. The outside just looks bland and faded. Color theory and basic sense would help. A lot,
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    the hotel design is slightly better but yes the deck design is no better than the News and Record building across the street. I suggest the city hire an artist to dress that deck up. Turn it into a larger wall mural using a mesh material that would still allow air to get inside to prevent carbon monoxide issues. That's how they can make lemonade out of a lemon. Maybe even have a lighting effect at night. Some examples basically a screening system . Something like these are actually better than a better designed parking deck. It turns the deck into an a grand art piece. I sent city council members this suggestion.

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