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    I believe it is a mobile concrete batch plant. I’ve seen some in medians for interstate construction jobs.
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    Maybe I’m too pessimistic, but I don’t think much happens in terms of development here until the next cycle. Would love to be proved wrong.
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    405 Charlotte Development Partners will present their plans for a 6 story mixed use building on 1.92 acres at 405 40th Ave. North, just north of Charlotte Ave. to Metro Council tonight. It will feature 152 residential units, as well as 5,400 sq. ft. of restaurant space, and 4,600 sq. ft. of retail, on ground level, plus parking. There will also be 9,000 sq. ft. of open space visible and open to the public. Updated renderings below. More at The Nashville Post here: https://www.nashvillepost.com/business/development/article/21083357/gfdsgs This screen shot from Smeagolfree's excellent development map shows the site highlighted in teal at the center of the frame. Lots going on along that strip of Charlotte Ave:
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    New mortgage company will grow it's headquarters in Wilmington https://www.starnewsonline.com/news/20190808/new-mortgage-company-to-be-based-in-wilmington
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    225 home development coming to the Iredell County town of Troutman https://www.mooresvilletribune.com/news/local/troutman-approves-rezoning-makes-way-for--home-development/article_a3e2e7be-1ffd-5330-976e-0e949c9e4d19.html Industrial warehouse expansion in the Town of Troutman too! https://www.mooresvilletribune.com/business/one-of-largest-spec-buildings-in-state-headed-for-troutman/article_7e3f5880-979b-11e9-9676-83934a27085a.html
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    The spirit of Elvis has not been at rest since his mural was defaced...
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    Miscellaneous uptown photos today. Photos 2 and 3 The Avenue condo tower shows you how to screen a parking garage (Hearst is another good example)
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    Now whatever it is named, it is still one of the best buildings ever built uptown The Truist Tower or Hearst Tower or whatever you want to call it today. If I was the 6th largest bank in the country I would want to own this trophy tower.
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    Somera Road, a development firm out of NYC, is finalizing details on the purchase of 2.6 acres along 8th Ave. South by year's end that includes the Voorhees Building and the onetime home of the Downtown Antique Mall. The plan will be to keep and upgrade those two structures and upgrading them with new lobbies, windows, elevators, etc. to become Class A office space. Most likely the remaining 3 other nondescript/non-historical buildings on the site would be razed. In their place could go new structures that might rise as high as 11 stories that would weave between those remaining two. Mixed-use of retail, office, hotel, and parking is envisioned. Manuel Zeitlan Architects and ESa have been enlisted for design and architectural efforts. They are open to selling some of the parcels or co-developing. More behind the Nashville Post paywall here: https://www.nashvillepost.com/business/development/article/21083109/plans-released-for-two-key-gulch-buildings The former Downtown Antique Mall structure will be saved and refurbished into Class A office space: The Voorhees Building will also be saved and refurbished for Class A office space:
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    On a side note, I used to work in 401 S Tryon many moons back. If you’d have told me this is what it would have looked like in ten years, I wouldn’t have believed you! It’s truly hard to believe how transformative the development South of Trade and Tryon is! If I weren’t a “UPer”and you showed me this picture I would have never have said this is Charlotte! How do I spell Awesome!? D-E-N-S-I-T-Y (Damn! excuse my French)
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    Unless phase 3 includes putting the Gold Line in its own ROW, there should not be any more talk of Gold Line expanding.
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    I just hope we don't have to sit through the rest of the LU sites completely fenced off before the new cycle starts back off. Just feels weird at the street level.
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    This was from April of this year, but Statesville company expands with job creation! https://www.statesville.com/business/new-jobs-test-kitchen-part-of-cheney-brothers-expansion-highlighted/article_4486c39e-32df-5b1f-aaea-c5adefe3889b.html
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    Many are aware that the streets east of Tryon are B-C-D, Brevard, Caldwell and Davidson. Between Tryon and Brevard there once was A Street. My guess is that it was to fit into the alphabetical range long after the historical names were applied. A street is visible on this map between Tryon and Brevard at Morehead from 1935. I recall A street before 277 when the American Cleaners company had a plant and shop at Morehead and A. That company is now at 1806 Graham and serving Charlotte for 98 years (so far). https://dc.lib.unc.edu/cdm/ref/collection/ncmaps/id/9432 American Cleaners history: https://americandrycleaners.net/about/
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    Andy was exactly right and this is what happened at latest ARB. They approved it with the Fitness Center being the "active use space" on the SE corner and only one small retail space, in this rendering a Starbucks, on the NE corner. The back/garage is still not fully screened or muralized. Not sure how they got away with that one. Updated renderings: East Elevation fronting Orange: Northeast perspective: Southeast perspective: Southwest perspective and backside/garage fronting State Ln:
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    BPR Properties: White Point & DART: Option 1 Option 2 I like White Point & DART’s Option 2 the best. I would honestly like to see buses disappear from there (at least for the most part). I think the blue line, silver line, and streetcars on Trade and Stonewall should be the primary mode of transit Uptown. Everywhere in Uptown would be within a reasonable walking distance of a light rail or streetcar station. Have the majority of the buses go to Gateway Station or somewhere outside of the 277 loop. I do support affordable housing, but I don’t know if this is the best place for it or if BPR’s proposal would be enough to make much impact on the problem.
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    "Can’t wait to see this puppy finally clad. It will interesting to see how it integrates with its surroundings." It will certainly be an improvement from three sides--but I'm just apprehensive that the tower's scale is going to be too much for the old building, when viewed from the east/front, and loom over it too much. From what I can remember the top floor(s) has a prominent feature that will draw the eye--and away from the classic/al structure. Personally, I think the fact they designed it to try to integrate with the original structure, stylistically, will exacerbate scale issues rather than reduce them, because the similarities in facade color will lead you to view them as one structure, rather than two. In general I'm a big proponent of contrast between new structures and (truly) old ones. I think the '80s/'90s trend of trying to blend new and old ended up making both look less arresting...IMO. But, again, I do think it will be cool from the N/S/W--I'm just worried about the east.
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    How much progress has been made on this project?
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    apartments at Craighead wonder if these will lease at a discount versa other apartments as they have surface parking and the location is more cut off from the NoDa. Will there be any pedestrian crossings at the old Craighead crossing? also any news on the Johnston Mill last I heard it was eat up with termites but any plans afoot to renovate it?
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    I do Believe I got a Beautiful B Tower photo.
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    It's on College Street. It's Building C in the site plan below
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    Asurion has committed to moving 100 high-paying product development jobs from San Mateo, CA to Nashville by the end of the year. They will still retain about 50 employees in California. “The driving force behind the move is our desire for stronger collaboration,” said John Leonard, Asurion's senior vice president of global product management, in a statement to the Business Journal. “We believe that consolidating specific teams in one location here in Nashville will add significant value, strengthen collaboration and tighten alignment among employees.” More behind the NBJ paywall here: https://www.bizjournals.com/nashville/news/2019/08/20/exclusive-giant-private-company-moving-nearly-100.html?iana=hpmvp_nsh_news_headline
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    Charlotte Rising albeit slowly but progress is still going on. I tried to take more photos but a bunch of contractors were coming out of the pit for lunch. Today.
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    I visited Optimist Hall for first time for lunch today, and it is one of the coolest spots in town. Stating the obvious there, but I loved the food and vibe. A little pricey, busy still a worthwhile experience.
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    I forget where we always talk about a cap but man if that circled section isn't just prime for it. The relatively small section (what is that, 0.5 mile?) would keep overall cost "reasonable" as well while providing a HUGE mobility boost and flow of foot/bike/scooter traffic between Uptown and SouthEnd/Wilmore. Activity is the lifeblood of a city, gotta keep it pumping and circulating.
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    I'm planning on renting out my house to some Breitbart grifter for way too much money and then getting the hell out of town for that week. I typically take the light rail to my office just inside the 277 loop, which will probably be the security checkpoint, and I don't want to deal with that every day. Also I don't feel like watching my city overtaken by racists, Nazis, and con men for a week. Gonna try to be far away from whatever nonsense these idiots get into. The DNC was fun a few years ago. This one is just going to be a bunch of Proud Boy babies and wannabe-KKKers.
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    Actually like how this is turning out but they will have to keep it cleaned regularly on the outside. Today. and some power washing at 129 W Trade (probably the first time in 20 or 30 years) It is a creamy white looks good in person the final product.
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    From my perch today Charlotte Rising on the Federal level. Hazy today not the clearest day.
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    I tend to agree. But then again, we do need to build that new roadway through your house.
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    Up to the 15th floor now on Broadway side. 17th level on CSX tracks side. Looking NW from intersection of Broadway and 10th Ave: Looking NE from Broadway Viaduct, 1/2 block west of 10th Ave: Looking south from Church Street Viaduct where it crosses over 10th Ave. North: Looking NE from intersection of Demonbreun and 12th Ave. South: Looking SE from Church St. Viaduct where it crosses over 11th Ave. North:
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    I know LA_TN has brought this up at a number of the meets concerning the proposed runway extension at BNA. The runway in question is now on the development map. I did a little research on parcel viewer and did a quick count of parcels within that footprint not owned by the airport authority and there were only around 18 small residential parcels in Airport Estates. I guess these are the hold outs. I knew I had been seeing the AA buying up properties over the past few months and figured I would check. To my surprise they had already bought the Johnston Murphey office building property back in 1970. They have been consistently buying up the property as it has come up for sale through the 70's, 80's, 90's,00, &10's.
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    It's be nice if they cracked down on late busses and trains!
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    Some random cell phone pics from Sunday, 18 August 2019 Sorry for the low quality pictures from my truck. I should have cleaned my windshield and windows. Click on the pictures for the best resolution ... Sorry bout the powerlines.
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    NC is the only state with two cities.
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    100% agree on closing Tryon. They could keep the cross streets open initially but aim to close off certain ones down the line.
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    In my dreams I envision Tryon our shopping district with apple, urbN out, hm, barnes n nob, etc. Rent this rent that...I mean I get it but I dont get it. Large cities- small cities, I've seen both kill our retail scene uptown. Many UPers dont like overstreet but if we're being real, that's the most shopping any one can do. Okay the ppl are inside and not outside wandering around, but why not make that into a decent shopping "mall". Stay open till 8 or 9. Entire stonewall strip has exited my hope of retail (food and beverage and nail salon this, hair that is what that corridor is turning into...blows my mind there are two nail salon esque businesses going into next to each other at Novel station retail), UP doesnt like the epicentre as a retail hub...queue the southend retail comments. Okay yes, that is going to have a lot of retail however if I'm a visitor to clt or any city, I want shopping close to my hotel downtown. Just my opinion. I dont want to take a train, lightrail ,metro etc. I want walking distance, not uber distance shopping. I don't buy the 277 isn't a barrier comments either to southend. I dont need the guccis, louis vs, mk, etc let southpark have that market. But by hey zeus, just want to buy some shi uptown other than asian fusion this, steak that, insert healthy food chain this. Okay rant over. Sincerely, crown royal.
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    Downtown Gastonia has a new restaurant in a 100 year old building and later this year the hotel rooms will open. I told you this is the downtown to watch. https://www.bizjournals.com/charlotte/news/2019/08/16/photos-restaurant-delivers-understated-elegance-in.html Plus they are getting their clock back from 1100 South Tryon
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    This building is visible from 15-501 in Chapel Hill near The I-40 overpass even though it’s about ten miles away.
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    Here's a little more high def rendering than what has been posted: Link
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    Drove by yesterday and the site was teeming with activity.
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