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    Here is a Throwback pic Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I'm getting really excited for this project. Think about how much different Tryon is going to feel when the retail at DFA, Railyard, and Vantage fill out, plus this. With the little strip of bars on the other side of Tryon, the transition from Camden down Tryon and into Uptown is going to feel much more natural.
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    I will probably still be referring to this as The Hearst Tower. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I felt like downtown JAX has so much potential with its river front location large office towers but unfortunately there were as many homeless as visitors walking around downtown especially north of the river. On the other hand went to downtown St Petersburg today and boy has it changed. It was not too lively last time I saw it 15 years or so ago. Now it was bustling Central is lined with bars, restaurants and shops and plenty of people walking around. They have their new tallest in St Pete the newly completed One St Petersburg 41 story condo tower. I posted a whole bunch of photos on the Tampa St Pete thread but not much activity there. Much more lively than downtown JAX next up downtown Tampa which I know is pretty vibrant. Lesson for Orlando big river views are nice but don't make a city center vibrant.
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    I’ve met a lot of the people on this forum, and can confirm quite a few are architects, engineers, civil engineers, construction people, professors of architecture and commercial real estate professionals. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    @Yo Diaz! When did you take these photos? It's mid-January now, but in the photos all the deciduous trees are green. They're lovely photos. Thanks for posting & welcome to UP!
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    Did you notice the downvotes are gone? Thanks, Neo!
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    It’s interesting to me how different cities thrive on different sites. The Orlando room in SSC is dead while the Tampa room is quite busy. It’s just the opposite here on UP. Ennis Davis or someone from Jax got into a spat with the SSC folks, took their marbles and went home. What they created, which is now The Jaxson in conjunction with the local PBS station, has not only lively discussion threads but awesome content about urban issues as well.
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    The change in St Pete has been remarkable. Like downtown Orlando in 1980, it was remarkably cheap and some urban pioneers took the ball and ran with it. It also helped that the city ditched the Grumpy Old Men at the time. Once it became the place to be in Tampa Bay thanks to organic growth, the developers couldn’t wait to get on board.
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    I will post some photos of downtown St Petersburg with their new tallest building 1 St. Petersburg condo tower. 41 stories and 456 feet tall. downtown St Pete today. Very lively street scene especially along Central much change since my last visit 15 years ago or so. this has to be the most changed downtown of any major city in Florida. Formerly nicknamed God's Waiting Room now is very youthful and hip!
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    That is crane for 11 story tower as the apartment tower has not started yet. It will be to far left on this shot.
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    Damn that sucks!! Pretty much have the same type of rural legislators in the NC General Assembly and they’ve hobbled funding for LightRail projects effectively killing the Durham-Orange LightRail Line (Duke Hospital helped kill it too) and leaving future LightRail funding for Charlotte on life support.
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    I think they held out thinking they had more leverage than they did, when the smaller lots actually allowed the developer to make a more striking and vertical building. I think having that parking lot as a buffer actually helps the parking garage empty out in the evening without unnecessarily backing up Cary Street traffic. Plus also very nice to leave the original cobblestone street in place.
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    I'm with @popsiclebrandon and agree with there being no point to bulldozing the 7-Eleven unless (at least) City Center comes with it to truly expand the park. If it's on the market, I'm not opposed to the city buying it with that in mind as a future use, but continuing to rent it out until such a time.
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    She's a crawler. I can't imagine this will stay there unless they move it out onto the street. Here's to hoping for another tower crane. Maybe the GVSU one is moving over here??
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    So Ballantyne is set to have two (2) Tower Cranes over its skies by late spring into early summer with this site (Apartment Tower) and the Panorama Office/Hotel Tower. Northwoods Office Tower at this site (11 Story) I believe will be constructed with only a Mobile Crane. Things are changing fast in this area. I’m hoping these towers have some type of exterior lighting to accent the night sky.
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    I just noticed downvotes went away. Sorry @Dandy Chiggens Yeah I think the point of an internet forum is to give opinions.
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    As much as I like MacArthur Center, and consider it the best mall in the aria, and as much as I agree that it saved downtown Norfolk from being like downtown Newport News, it is definitely nearing the end of its it's useful life. When MacArthur Center was built, Downtown Norfolk was lacking major retail. Granby street was run down, partly because the city killed it by closing it off to vehicle traffic. The mall brought the missing retail that the city needed. Fast forward to today, and downtown Norfolk is doing better than it has in a long time. The problem is downtown no longer needs all that retail. Also other malls like Pembroke, and Lynhaven, and the outlets are catching up quick, with there offerings for the suburban dwellers, and tourists, which make up most of MacArthurs cliantel, and dont even get me started with Amazon. Downtown Norfolk is currently saturated with more retail than it can handle. The city needs to act quickly, because while MacArthur is not dead yet(it will not die tha same death as Military Circle, because that mall had its own unique problems.), if it is allowed to die, it will begin to hurt downtown Norfolk. Imo, tear it down. Keep the parking garages. Restore the street grid, but keep it on a road diet to avoid creating barriers, and make it bike and pedestrian friendly. Rebuild what remains into a mixture of public squares,and connected buildings of at least 8 stories. Floors 1-3 should contain retail and restaurants like the type of restaurants that front Monticello ave. On the third floor, they can put in a network of pedestrian walkways simular to Short Pump, or the High Line in New York. Above that they can build apartments, hotels, and ofice space. They should also add a major attraction of some sort; either a small amusement park, water park, museum, or somthing creative. Throw in a couple skyscrapers just for fun, and you have the next generation of MacArthur center, and downtown.
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    In my estimation it’ll still be a couple months before this building rises above street level based on the recent Earthwork & Excavation photos. Erection of the first Tower Crane now could be a function of many things - Availability, costs, oversized truck permits, etc. - having one onsite and functional will help with the deployment of & moving materials around a tight site. Looks like a lot of foundation work is still required but with a Tower Crane active that’ll help speed things up. I’m still estimating late March to May timeframe before we see any real Vertical progress above street level.
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    Even the Texas governor has said that roads are a dead end and the state of Texas may be nearly done with building new ones. https://www.dmagazine.com/frontburner/2020/01/governor-says-texas-is-finished-building-highways/
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    Unexpected change, but glad it will solve the problem. I wish I could see the look at some people's faces as they realize the downvote button is no longer there. "Hey, where'd that button go!?" lol
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    The developers of Gateway Plaza couldn't get the owners to sell the piece of the lot closest to Cary Street...
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    There is one lot next to News 5 that the same company that is doing the Town Place has plans to do a mixed use building. One issue is that there is a height restriction in this area because of the State Capital. So when land prices are high and height restrictions are low, that limits what will happen in a certain area. The land prices will adjust to accommodate development at some point, but there are not a lot of lots to be developed on as the state owns a lot of the land here. It is slowly filling in between Jefferson Street and James Robertson, but the development will be mid-rise in nature as has been the case thus far.
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    HCA Building 3 remodel (2 stories) update. Exterior complete. Looking NE from Park Plaza, 1/4 block east of 31st Ave. North: Looking NW from Park Plaza, 1/2 block east of 31st Ave. North:
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    I think that is a correct assessment unless something drastic change.
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    I don't know if he was speaking in a broad sense or specifics. I asked on his page if he was talking about the convention center (tower) hotel and he didn't respond. Probably because he has media people in his FB network. It would probably be more like this, like the ones they just did at Fulton and Sheldon. Honestly some of the stuff they have in Chicago, I'm not a big fan of. Lake Shore Drive and Michigan Avenue both come to mind, that are really just highways in a downtown core. They need to be totally redesigned, IMHO. I like how they ramped the curbs, so that cars and trucks that cut the corner too sharp don't totally destroy the curbs. Unlike this new one at Michigan St and the Ottawa exit, that has been completely destroyed in one short year. Funny that google streetview even has truck tracks all over it.
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    Lincoln Financial os proposing a significant project the 1 acre site at 4012 Hillsboro Pike: - Appears to be 15 stories (maximum allowed in zoning for that area) - 300 residential units, 50 hotel rooms, 36,000 sq. ft. office space, restaurant space - Gresham Group and Catalyst Design are involved in design - There are 4 small retailers on the site at this time that will be moving. - This is immediately to the south of the 19 story Vertis Green Hills. - No renderings as of yet. More behind the NBJ paywall here: https://www.bizjournals.com/nashville/news/2020/01/16/dallas-developer-aims-for-new-tower-in-green-hills.html And behind the Nashville Post paywall here: https://www.nashvillepost.com/business/development/article/21109667/green-hills-site-seemingly-eyed-for-redevelopment
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    http://www.watermarklakenorman.com/ and they average $1 M a piece and they are large ones.
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    Nashville Hotels by James Palmer, on Flickr Downtown Nashville Titans in Pinnacle Building Before Super Bowl AFC by Brian Copeland, on Flickr Nashville, TN by Kaya, on Flickr
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    Ur typical depressing cloudy sky in Charlotte
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    The mall is more than 20 years old at this point. You can see how its design tried to shield visitors from the city outside. Now that downtown's a decent place, you wish it would do the opposite. For years I've wanted to see what downtown would look like if MacMall was demolished and the street grid restored. You could have some really great new development with ground floor retail/restaurant and office/residential/hotel/whatever above. Something like CityCenterDC but with a few taller buildings might work well.
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    It would be best with white highlights around the purple to accentuate it. Maybe a mixture of Hearst's old lights and the new Truist purple.
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    walk by and drive by photos today. Did not get a look at the top hat or curtain top. JW Marriott hotel rising. Still awaiting the plans for their mega garage.
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    Looks [email protected]_davis_fan_21 got his wish. He has been calling for this for a long time. Sent from my SM-G960U using Tapatalk
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    I could never fathom 1 second Charlotte being dangerous. It sounds almost silly. at the same hand, I think an alley or areas without a lot of people, or parking lots anywhere is generally scary.
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    Graphic designer here. I found this on another blog I visit. Offers some opinions in the comment section ... https://www.underconsideration.com/brandnew/archives/new_name_and_logo_for_truist_by_interbrand.php
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    I know I am coming in half-cocked and half-way into the above posts about immigrant/productivity comments, but it needs to be said how obscene it is that our society constantly ends up in a place of discourse where that relationship needs to be noted. People in any country anywhere have exactly the same needs and goals in life, and making the case for "productivity," a misplaced value in our flawed modern system, seeks to validate a human's existence by reducing it to an arbitrary, dehumanizing metric. The conversation that should be had with immigration involves asking what made the migration necessary in the first place, and how our society is complicit in those factors... Then figure out how to change that. But doing that would upend too much about how our system operates, so we end up needing to convince people these folks' lives have value by saying how good of a cog they can be in our machine, which is only set up in the first place to extract as much labor and life out of people as possible to increase the wealth of a few.
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    That is funny neighbors aren't happy about this since this fits in with what it over in that area. It actually looks nicer than any of the current towers along Shore Dr.
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    Kind of tired of all of these cheap looking 4-story apartments.
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    Looks like the crane base is up for the 16 story apartment building
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    Here is the book and artist I mentioned above Waffle House Vistas and a couple of these are in the Charlotte area. Update this guy lives in Charlotte! His work is great. https://www.micahcash.com/waffle-house-vistas
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    Not sure why the 2nd building over at AvidXchange is not underway yet but will contact an exec I know there. And those Cadence apartments are growing on me.
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    RailTrail on Atherton side still not open but it is looking good. Today from the other side. sorry for getting some people in my photos just too many walkers joggers on the Rail Trail today.
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    from the Mint today. Thank you Bank of America for free museum days. from KJ your Tex Mex and doughnut eating, photo taking tourist in my own home town. That Studio Drift exhibit is really neat yall need to see it. I need to get this book called Waffle House Vistas in an exhibit on Southern artists. the first few photos is from an interactive art piece. Looks like leaves or trash in a box that blows around while you are in there on the 5th floor. https://mintmuseum.org/immersed-in-light-studio-drift-at-the-mint/ and yes that is really sand in the corner not a cat's litter box.

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