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    Can we stop complaining about the screening, or the deck, or the design. It seems like every day it's the same posts on the same projects about the same issues. And yes, it's important to hold designers accountable for their buildings, but this is getting ridiculous. Exercise some patience. Be hopeful for the street presence. Be excited for the retail possibilities. Be thankful it wasn't worse. Hope for better at other projects. But, every day posting how much you hate this building's screening, or the Intercontinental, or LU, or parking podiums or irregular apartment building shapes, or etc...just stop. It has gotten so bad lately.
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    Meanwhile, at Radnor Lake... This is a red-tailed hawk who patrols the hills north of the lake. I wish he would eat all the moles. These shots were from yesterday.
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    My friend took these with his drone of the rubble of the Colony. My very first apartment was across the street and that building was bulldozed too. follow on Instagram geocatchlight These are fantastic! Great shot of AC by Marriott hotel too.
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    It's crazy that less than 15 years ago pretty much everything in this pic didn't exist. You wouldn't have been able to guess this was Charlotte back then if shown this pic.
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    This view from the Sheraton parking garage looking south. 9, maybe 10 cranes, in a narrow little corridor, wow.
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    Queen city photo editing I guess... happy presidents day
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    It's never been about Soccer, this fight has always been a microcosm for way bigger stuff than Soccer. As Nashville continues growing into a true cosmopolitan city, they're feeling left behind by all of the changes. They see new construction and new residents as foreign things encroaching on their community, and this entitlement is driving them to extremes like the perpetual funding of a crappy lawsuit. When you think about their perspective, is there any better representation of this conflict than the Old Fairgrounds vs. the "Globalized Yuppie" Sport that is Soccer? They're going to keep drudging through this thing, kicking and screaming all the way, until it's built.
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    went to Ballantyne this afternoon on business then saw the cranes and rolled by the major construction sites of the 3 new high rises. This is biggest development boom ever in Charlotte now I hope you youngsters realize this. Booming in Ballantyne, Southpark, Southend, Uptown, FreeMore, LoSo, University City, NoDa, etc etc. Crane at the Panorama Tower in Ballantyne Village (did not drive by right by the site no time today) Cranes and steel up on the new 11 story office building with next door crane for the apartment tower and parking garage. Hmm what happened to 5 days without rain and close to 60 today??? Brad Panovich where we at with that?
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    Huge Amazon warehouse at I-485 and 85 and the Lake Wylie City of Charlotte fire department and Lake Wylie fire boat station.
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    They are losing their past. 104.5 interviewed Shane Smiley. He was all over the place with a lot of his comments. He brought up a lot of the same talking points we've heard over and over. "I'm not against soccer. Right team, wrong location" (or something to that effect). "Why can't they play at Nissan Stadium?" "There's no signed contract." "The Metro Charter does not allow for mixed use on this property," etc. But when questioned if the Fairgrounds property is being underutilized/not up to its potential and what his grand vision of it would be, it's quite obvious that he had put all of his efforts into fighting this development, and not an ounce of thought into what the property *could* be. Even when addressing the new buildings, he complained that there were fewer vendor spaces (didn't mention whether or not they were actually losing money because of less capacity, though...). The SoF people want nothing to change. Maybe improve existing buildings, but no alterations to the current site. They act like it is their Fairgrounds. Yes, they represent a group of "Old Nashville" (the Nostalgics) that have invested a lot of time, money, energy, and memories in the Fairgrounds site -- but I think they fail to acknowledge that most people in Davidson County avoid that area because of what it is. A sh*thole. Maybe more people visit the Flea Market if it isn't held at a sh*thole with sh*thole buildings. Maybe more people attend expos there if it isn't a sh*thole. Maybe NASCAR returns if the track isn't a dilapidated sh*thole. Hosting a Fair that isn't even in the top 10 in Tennessee isn't going to help improve things. The site needs some new investment. It needs a new draw. Now one concern I can understand is parking availability. I do think that Metro, as well as Nashville SC, need to help spell out a plan that allows for ample parking availability for the Flea Market and other expo events. The bottom line for me is that I think that the Soccer Stadium and mixed use development will be a catalyst for massive change on that site. With the new deal in place, it isn't going to cost the city anything, and it will generate revenue and development that was not previously there. I think it will be a *huge* net positive for the city as a whole. And I also think it does make the Speedway expansion more viable now. This could really be a one-of-a-kind sports, entertainment, and expo complex. And anyone that wants to get in the way of that vision for their own selfish reasons can go sit on a broomstick.
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    For the third time, the metal screens have been removed from the parking garage of the office tower. The picture below, posted by markhollin yesterday shows the dark brown ones attached to the lower floors. Today, as shown by the second photo taken today on Commerce Street, the panels are gone. If anyone knows what is really going on, let us know. I suspect they may have decided these things are not worthy to be affixed to such a prominent building. Another anomaly is this picture of the west side showing that the brackets used to attach the panels along Commerce are absent from the end of the building. This may mean nothing but it shows they have not yet installed the brackets for the panels that keep appearing and disappearing. But, on Presidents Day, the Nashville City Center looks good from Sixth Avenue.
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    The only thing that’ll slow down Charlotte (except another major nationwide recession) is bad planning and lack of transit funding. These things as well as out of control violence really hurts livability and causes people and eventually jobs to leave. If we as a region can invest in expanding transit, keep areas beautiful/livable this region will thrive. Many many people are coming here from other major cities mostly due to cost of living as well as employment opportunities. Cost of living brought me and my family down from NY.
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    I will be on a remote island next week so please take photos unless you want to see coconut palm lined beaches.
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    Restoration Hardware definitely nearing completion:
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    I don't ride the train regularly, so I don't have any first-hand knowledge of the delays and haven't experienced the associated frustration/rage that I'm sure accompanies those delays. I also understand that it's hard to give more money to an agency that doesn't appear to be a very good steward of that money. But, if the Big Bang or something else comes up for a vote in November, don't we have to vote in favor? The alternative would be to reject the funding requests until competent management is installed, which results in a delay in already long-term construction projects. In other words, isn't a vote in favor of funding for capital long-term projects more than just a referendum on satisfaction with current management?
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    I guess I can post this: a top Fortune 50 company sent representatives to Nashville and was scheduled to tour the Century Farms development in Antioch for potential office space, up to 15 stories. However, after meeting with representatives from the mayor, the tour was canceled. That was around December, from what I know
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    Floors 1-9 are parking, both in the tower portion and the parking-only portion. Then the office starts above floor 9 in the tower.
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    I thought it was financial too but staff explained it was bc it was found through surveys that ppl though it promoted a “bro” environment and a woman was assaulted by a drunk employee at a location. They aren’t getting rid of taps at the location, but switching the taps from beer to a variety of cold brew coffee, Kampuchea , and nitro tea. Awesome, anyone interested put a comment here by Thursday and I’ll get some sort of group chat together where we can coordinate a time
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    Couple photos from the west and south sides today.
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    Disney has carefully recreated power lines in the Nairobi area of Animal Kingdom. Thought everyone would appreciate the attention to detail.
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    Office Tower up to 12th floor. Looking SE from intersection of Hayes St. and 17th Ave. North: Looking west from intersection of Hayes St. and 16th Ave. North: Looking south from intersection of Hayes St. and 16th Ave. North: Looking west from Broadway, 1/4 block east of 16th Ave: Looking NW from intersection of Broadway and 16th Ave: Looking north from Broadway, 1/2 block west of 16th Ave. South: Looking west from intersection of Broadway and 16th Ave: Looking east from intersection of West End Ave. and 17th Ave: Looking north from intersection of West End Ave. and 17th Ave:
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    That is a super intriguing question, maybe? But I have to think the possibility of that is pretty small.
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    That’s true. Most cities aren’t building anything and would be elated if LU or Ally were built there.
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    and all the free Coffee while it lasts LOL there are limits on the taps now due to financial concerns.
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    https://metricmaps.org/2020/02/01/solar-and-hydroelectric-power-plants-with-sunlight-and-rivers/ North Carolina has most solar except for California. California has larger installations which provides more energy per location.
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    The screening looks horrible! Ugh maybe if it was darker or made of another material but this just isn’t it! It looks like they wrapped fence poles in a roll of white trash bags.
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    It's not just Charlotte. This is my backyard 2500 miles away.
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    From 2018 to 2019 Nashville's commercial and multi-family housing construction nearly doubled, putting it among the hottest in the country. https://www.construction.com/news/Commercial-Multifamily-Construction-Starts-Accelerated-Top-Metro-2019
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    The sign for the French bakery is now up.
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    For those, such as I, who are unfamiliar with construction techniques and vocabulary: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Prestressed_concrete There are variations not mentioned in the wiki but the ideas are similar.
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    New tenant to the market. Announcement coming mid March I think.
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    The rate at which they’re building this currently it will top out by the end of this year. Parking Deck will be complete by May or June. Assuming they’re able to complete at least two (2) floors per month (average is 2 or 3 per month with Reinforced concrete PT construction) this will be topped out by November or December this year. I wouldn’t expect Honeywell would be able to occupy this Tower until June/July of next year (2021) at the earliest.
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    I didn't get it either and I fly a couple of times a year. I usually fly Southwest and check in early and then run to a window seat with my camera.
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    One positive thing, it appears there might be a linear park along the parking deck side on College St.
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    Nice humble-brag there KJ.
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    Depends on timing of course, but I'm interested.
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    Progress update: Currently working on the 5th floor .
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    I went to an event here yesterday morning (maybe saw some of you and didn't know it!). But man is the expansion huge. This is one end of the new entrance. It's bigger than it looks in the picture.

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