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    Pride weekend in Charlotte. Saturday evening: Colors in the sky.
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    So here's a new view of Uptown from Ally.... pretty cool!
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    Clear Sky has new aerials of Ally Center. Link Hello density.
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    Excellent photo from @midtenn1 from skyscraperpage
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    Bunch of new photos from Clear Sky. Link Beautiful city.
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    Tony Giarratana is proposing an overhaul to Anne Dallas Dudley Blvd. into a green space concept known as a "woonerf" originally implemented in The Netherlands. Even though the RFP regarding the land of the Church Street Pocket Park and his proposed Paramount Tower are on hold due to the Mayoral election in early September, Giarratana has decided to reveal his vision for the adjoining street. Participants have been Nashville-based Barge Design Solutions (for design); Agora Partners, which has offices in Los Angeles and New York and devised the park’s activation plan; and Fletcher Ridge, If Anne Dallas Dudley Park materializes as Giarratana envisions, it would offer one acre of green space. In contrast, Church Street Park covers 0.27 acres, according to Metro records. As planned, the future Anne Dallas Dudley Park could be closed for events. The street itself would function much like the segment of Fifth Avenue South between Korean Veterans Boulevard and Demonbreun Street, which has no curbs and sees pedestrians and motorists interacting in a relatively safe and distinctive manner. The park could offer, among others, movies, live music, free wi-fi, so-called technology smart benches, puppet shows, yoga and food carts. You can see a proposal video here: Giarratana said he is flexible as to the various scenarios that could unfold, including via a possible RFP. For example, Metro could undertake the complete street project and fund it itself (Giarratana said he is open to offering the city the plans with terms to be negotiated). Or the effort could be a public-private partnership, with Giarratana LLC — were it to be awarded the RFP — overseeing, paying the full cost and completing in one year. Under that scenario, and via the RFP, the company would be likely to then have the pocket park site for a skyscraper (either Paramount or a tower with a different design). The proposed park website: http://annedallasdudleypark.com/#home More at NBJ here: https://www.bizjournals.com/nashville/news/2019/08/15/tony-giarratana-pitches-new-vision-for-church.html?iana=hpmvp_nsh_news_headline And behind the Nashville Post paywall here: https://www.nashvillepost.com/business/development/article/21082607/giarratana-offers-plan-to-reinvent-downtown-street
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    The parking hut has always been part of the plan.
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    Happy Thursday from Southend. Notice the burgeoning Southend skyline.
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    In this apparent violation of the hands free law, we can see they are ready to start the office floors.
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    SoBro as seen from the fifth floor at City Lights this morning.
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    No particular order, some shots from the new LU deck, surprised nobody has posted from there yet. Honestly the floor plate size doesn’t seem as big when you’re on it, but it’s 14 floors from the basement to rooftop. I stopped on level five to snag a few shots from the sky bridge (with a glass floor, cool touch) and was promptly asked to leave by a rent a cop. Oh well.
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    Somera Road, a development firm out of NYC, is finalizing details on the purchase of 2.6 acres along 8th Ave. South by year's end that includes the Voorhees Building and the onetime home of the Downtown Antique Mall. The plan will be to keep and upgrade those two structures and upgrading them with new lobbies, windows, elevators, etc. to become Class A office space. Most likely the remaining 3 other nondescript/non-historical buildings on the site would be razed. In their place could go new structures that might rise as high as 11 stories that would weave between those remaining two. Mixed-use of retail, office, hotel, and parking is envisioned. Manuel Zeitlan Architects and ESa have been enlisted for design and architectural efforts. They are open to selling some of the parcels or co-developing. More behind the Nashville Post paywall here: https://www.nashvillepost.com/business/development/article/21083109/plans-released-for-two-key-gulch-buildings The former Downtown Antique Mall structure will be saved and refurbished into Class A office space: The Voorhees Building will also be saved and refurbished for Class A office space:
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    from the westside coming down Wilkinson and perfect straight on view of Ally Center uptown. On my way to a new upscale BBQ place on Freedom. Last one was a little blurry may have been in motion.
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    Noticed more site activity this morning than I'd seen so far. And the parking hut still survives!
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    Southend skyline notice the Hawk rising up well like a hawk. The Holiday Inn Express is going to fill up and stay filled until more hotels open. They better crank up production of those signature cinnamon rolls. And this skyline is only getting taller too with the Lowes tower.
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    Afternoon thunderstorm via WSOC
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    Nashville was voted one of the top 50 friendliest cities in the world. Coming in at 8th, it's the highest-ranked city in the US on the list. The top 10: Vancouver Kuala Lumpur Bruges Taipei Hamburg Dublin Christchurch Nashville São Paulo Glasgow https://bigseventravel.com/2019/08/the-50-friendliest-cities-in-the-world/
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    Mark...I love how every morning, I know you'll have several posts on here ready to view. It's something I look forward to every morning.
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    Glass on top of glass! Looking great this afternoon!
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    the site of the new Lendingtree HQ today drive by and from above.
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    Some random cell phone pics from Sunday, 18 August 2019 Sorry for the low quality pictures from my truck. I should have cleaned my windshield and windows. Click on the pictures for the best resolution ... Sorry bout the powerlines.
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    Agreed. Once the Tower 1 core gets going a bit more, this thing is going to go up quick. Steel goes up pretty fast. And office is inherently faster because there are fewer interior walls and there aren't hundreds of bathrooms and kitchens to rough in like there are in hotel/residential. This may not catch up and top out before the Grand Hyatt, but I expect they will open a lot closer to each other than most would expect. Here is the core this morning. Working on 2nd floor.
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    One of my many friends took this today and she did a good job capturing the skyline.
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    ^ I like how the DEC "bookend" effect is gone. The skyline now tapers off. Looks better and denser now.
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    This project transforms the view and the feel at Fifth and Broad, so aptly named.
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    I don't see Tony as the one creating the drama here and he's going to face opposition in some form or another almost anywhere he wants to build. The people organizing the opposition know that it's a pretense, but 'more green space downtown' and 'save our parks' sounds better than the truth - which for the organizers is closer to 'Hinder my competition or NIMBY' and for the followers it's 'No more growth/tourists/people/change'. It's no different than the law firm opposing 2nd ave partners because of traffic ingress/egress instead of just saying they didn't want to lose their views, or that 'grassroots' group claiming opposition to 5th and Broadway because the Ryman deserves a courtyard plaza, or the fairgrounds crew complaining about facilities despite getting better facilities in the proposal they opposed. To be fair, we shouldn't just be giving away parks to developers, but Tony came up with some creative ways to better utilize city property that could work out to both his and the city's benefit. Instead of rewarding him and us for his initiative and the money he spent trying to put all this together behind the scenes, now we're going to throw that effort/expense away - which will certainly discourage others from trying to come up with creative mutually beneficial public/private partnerships in the future. No one was drawing up proposals to improve the pocket park before Tony came along with his scheme - sort of reminds me how we only see new ideas from Stop AMP/Transit groups whenever there's a pro-transit proposal on the table that they want to rally opposition against - then it's back to silence. The good news is - Tony did such a good job with his new alternative park/greenway that he should be able to peel off some of the opposition who are genuinely interested in maximizing downtown park space. But as others have also concluded, I won't be surprised when the percentage of those who drop their opposition in light of the new park proposal is a depressingly small fraction.
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    Shorter part of the hotel building at street level now, should start going up more quickly now.
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    Thanks. : ) Just trying to keep a flow of posts so we can all appreciate how much is happening on a daily basis.
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    A new rendering of the administration building/garage complex currently u.c. (with hotel included---still no word on the brand or when that portion will begin). I'm presuming those are solar panels on top of the garage. If so, I really like that.
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    Saw these on Instagram! So The building is officially open? Also I love the huge video wall...!!
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    On a side note, I used to work in 401 S Tryon many moons back. If you’d have told me this is what it would have looked like in ten years, I wouldn’t have believed you! It’s truly hard to believe how transformative the development South of Trade and Tryon is! If I weren’t a “UPer”and you showed me this picture I would have never have said this is Charlotte! How do I spell Awesome!? D-E-N-S-I-T-Y (Damn! excuse my French)
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    Gov. Lee told 800 attendees at Friday's Nashville Business Breakfast that he may support changing a law to allow Nashville more flexibility to tackle its growing transit and traffic issues. Lee hired Clay Bright, a former longtime Nashville construction executive, to lead the Tennessee Department of Transportation. "We have a huge responsibility to be proactive and think ahead about infrastructure. Clay and I talk a lot about our responsibility to think ahead about how it is that we provide the kind of infrastructure that will allow our state to grow and prosper," Lee said. "We want to take a major role at the state in helping invest in that." Lee said he's tapping into a transportation subcommittee at the National Governors Association, which he said is "looking at how states with rapidly growing cities are solving their infrastructure challenges." "There are proactive ways to pursue that, and I intend to be very proactive about that," Lee said. More behind the NBJ paywall here: https://www.bizjournals.com/nashville/news/2019/08/16/nashvilles-traffic-is-on-gov-lees-radar.html?iana=hpmvp_nsh_news_headline

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