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    Am I missing anything?
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    Wow, this thing has really come along. Shot of the pyramid finishing up from today. #CharlotteRising
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    Yea just imagine all the pink completed. Nashville & Austin cannot compete with that, and guess what, we aren't done with announcements boys and girls.
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    okay, I was able to get some extra insight. Basically these represent the two options cmett was talking about. Excuse the poor drawings, just wanted to give a clear idea without showing anything confidential. Not sure what Option 3 would look like EDIT: Sexied up the first version a bit to match the tower better
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    Pyramid panels were being installed today.
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    My relative who works at Duke is on the way out and is in full IDGAF mode. Apparently, plans for the 28 story parking deck were scrapped after I spilled the beans yesterday, so the design has been completed in an entirely different style,at great expense, at the last minute. Behold: Wi nøt trei a høliday in Sweden this yër?
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    "Cities in mirror are bigger than they appear"
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    The pyramid reminds me a little of the old convention center.
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    Steel is going in today. Sent from my Pixel 3 using Tapatalk
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    Crepuscular rays over uptown this afternoon (via WSOC tower cam)
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    Hey Guys, John, who all of you that have been posting on here for a long time, and come to the meets and know and love wanted me to post this. This is the seventh anniversary of the passing of Dave Luna or as some of us remember his as "Uncle Dave" or "Its Just Dave". I cant say it any better than what John says here. Dave; It's been 7 years now, and we still miss you terribly. As you may know, Hank Bracken (Hankster) passed in 2014. He is missed as well. A lot has been going on. You have missed quite a lot. This week, I was watching the movie A Thing Called Love with Samantha Mathis, and the late River Phoenix. The scenes of Nashville in 1991-1993 were quite different, but I know you loved that movie because of all the neighborhood scenes, and the skyline views! Lifeway Headquarters has moved to the once abandoned North Gulch, and Nashville Yards has taken it's place. A development of no less than 12 buildings! The South Gulch has matured, and Demonbreun Street is now the "It" street in Nashville. The Predators have gone to the Stanley Cup Finals, and the Titans have had three 9-7 seasons in a row with one of those ending up at 10-8 due to a playoff win. West End Summit is finally underway! Alex Palmer is out of the picture, but the twin tower development is going to redefine the West End split. I could go on and on, but I think you know anyway. Your presence is still felt at the meeting. I love you like my older brother I lost too soon. I remember your wisdom, and your passion for the small things in life. We all miss you, and we named the forum meet The Dave Luna Forum Meet in your honor. Well, I guess that is all for now. Take care my friend. We will see each other again at some point. All the Best, It's Just John M The Doorman Poet
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    The Metro Council voted 31 to 3 on second reading to approve $15 million for site improvements in Nashville Yards for the two Amazon Towers. Per the TENNESSEAN.. The local contribution is to be voted on later... The 31 to 3 vote was encouraging, nevertheless. The Nashville Yards web site has a video with an updated rendering...
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    TBT: Looking east from top floor of then Stouffer Hotel (now Renaissance) in 1988. Some dramatic changes since then.
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    That's fantastic! The framing, sunset, angle, everything!
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