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    I don't usually start a new thread...but I just think we could all give a round of applause to markhollin for posting so many great photos every single morning. Around 4am or so...I start looking for his posts, knowing he's going to have more goodies to show us. This board wouldn't be half the board it is without his input. Thanks so much!
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    As far as the prison goes, they should do their best to save the main entrance building that looks like a castle. That actual prison cell areas can probably be done away with (they're spooky as hell, anyway. Went and saw the place close up about 8-9 years ago...including Ol' Smoky's death chamber room...and eek). This building would make some kind of cool museum or something. You can't demolish such great architecture.
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    Sooooo.... uhhh... THIS happened... NASHVILLE FC WINS ITS FIRST PLAYOFF GAME!!!
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    Nice progress on Assembly Food Hall and roof of Apple Store (Courtesy of Aerial Innovations):
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    You can be grateful for the the headquarters and disagree with their signage. The tower they occupied is basically Charlotte’s Chrysler building, and should have been respected a little more. I’ve been very pro Truist, and I’m pro their lighting scheme, but this diminishes the architecture of one of Charlotte’s classiest buildings.
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    Restaurant/Retail signage going up. From 5th Ave: From Broadway near the intersection with 6th Ave:
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    I was inspired by Alley to get away from the CBD and take pictures of the skyline. These views are from 33rd and Nevada Avenue today.
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    Love this photo of the skyline from Mt Mitchell 84 miles away. from twitter Evan Fisher @EFisherWX Waving at @wxbrad in Charlotte from 84 miles away on Mt. Mitchell this morning
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    From 33rd and Nevada yesterday I was able to get this shot of the rooftop mechanical area, surrounding structures (even 805 Lea) and a plethora of wires.
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    The Incredible Christmas Place and Mt Juliet Vintage Station North
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    Update. NASCAR's return to the Nashville Superspeedway in 2021 will not only feature a Cup series race, as previously announced, but also Xfinity series and Camping World Truck series races. The tripleheader is set for Father's Day weekend; >Camping World Truck race on Friday June 18, >Xfinity race on Saturday June 19 and >NASCAR Cup series race on Sunday June 20.
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    this Southend skyline shot rivals most cities in NC and SC. Looks as big as Columbia's for instance. And we have our signature building the Lowes Tech tower.
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    Noticing tonight, on my drive in from the west side, Deloitte also will have and LED light scheme. This skyline is LIT.
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    Mass grading permit applied for 801 Church. https://epermits.nashville.gov/#/permit/3896337?initial=1&searchType=permit&orderBy=fullAddress%20ASC,permitNumber%20ASC&searchText=&page=18&searchCode=ADDR 345 WSAVAIL 2020069893 - WS Water/Sewer Availability Review 813 CHURCH ST 801 CHURCH 11-17-2020 11-17-2020 Completed 346 WSAVAIL 2020069893 - WS Water/Sewer Availability Review 817 CHURCH ST 801 CHURCH 11-17-2020 11-17-2020 Completed
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    Up to 2nd level along 13th Ave. South; parking garage up to ground level across rest of site. Looking north from 13th Ave. South at McGavock St: Looking east from Broadway overpass of I-65/40 inner belt: Looking north from alley between Broadway and McGavock St., 1/2 block east of 13th Ave. South: Looking west from alley between Broadway and McGavock St., 1/2 block east of 13th Ave. South:
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    Today 2:35 p.m. - ally sign up on S. Tryon side
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    Take a look at the comment section of the petition
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    Hello Southend from uptown, meet your new rival.
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    You nailed it -- at least drop it 40' so it's aligned with the horizontial elements of the building. Problem is -- it will intefer with the view of the executive on the top floors. The whole thing needs to be abandoned. Imagine someone putting a sign on the Empire State or Chrysler Building. Imagining Georgians ruining the rest of the world
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    If this isn’t the original design for the roof, then I’m not sure what is going on here. It’s definetely not the newest flat roofed rendering. It’s not a v either, from several angles it almost looks rounded downward towards the center. If that’s the case, the building will turn out better than both renderings in my opinion.
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    I can see that truist sign from here
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    Centennial Park renovation update. Grass growing nicely on great lawn. Plazas on either side continuing to take shape.
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    I cannot believe this happened to one of my favorite towers. I have a deep feeling of outrage, which doesn’t happen too often. Tact and taste is what is missing here. Not a good look Truist. Please re-evaluate this decision as it’s not going to go over well with the public.
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    Looking north from Division Street Connector where it crosses over Ewing Ave: Looking NE from Lafayette St., 1/2 block east of 7th Ave. South:
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    Belmont Univ. Performing Arts Center (1,700 seats) update: Copper domes set on two front entrance turrets. Looking SE from Belmont Blvd., 1/2 block north of Compton Ave: Looking NE from intersection of Belmont Blvd. and Compton Ave:
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    As Andy20 stated, the crane bases are being set on the east and west sides of the site. Excavation for underground garage nearing completion as well. Looking NW from Murphy Ct., 1/2 block south of Murphy Rd: Looking west from Murphy Ct., 1/2 block south of Murphy Rd: Close-up of western crane base being set: Looking SW at eastern crane base from Murphy Ct., 1/2 block south of Murphy Rd:
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    out the window off the exit shot. Today.
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    My guess as to the name of Comers alley is that it has to do with the founders of the Washington Mfg. Companies. They had numerous facilities throughout the S.E. U.S. and the founders last name was Comer. They had two factories downtown, one on 2nd and one on 5th at Church. This is just a guess, but they were a prominent family here. The grandson died in 2012 and he oversaw a company called R.W. Comer & Sons Trust after serving as president of Washington Manufacturing Company, founded by his grandfather, Robert Wickliffe Comer in 1914, he managed 20,000 employees at 26 separate manufacturing sites in the southeastern United States. source TN. https://obits.tennessean.com/obituaries/tennessean/obituary.aspx?pid=161496252 and the Post https://www.nashvillepost.com/home/article/20446290/guy-comer-and-his-nashvillebased-empire
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    Thanks for the kind words, T-Hog. 'Tis a fun hobby to be able to share with others. : ) Sure appreciate the kudos, everyone. I just realized yesterday that last weekend was the 5th anniversary of me discovering this Urban Planet Nashville community. Love the info we share, the Meet-Ups where we commiserate together, and all the friendships that have sprung forth. : )
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    TBT: SoBo in 2016. Completed or topped out since this was taken: Olmstead (5 & 6 stories), Marriott TriBrand (21 stories), The Joseph Hotel (21 stories), Holiday Inn SoBro (14 stories), Hilton Tru/Homewood Suites (10 stories), Margaritaville Hotel (12 stories), Hampton Inn addition (5 stories), Sixth South (11 and 12 stories), Hyatt House (7 stories). ...And plenty more to come. : )
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    Is it just me, or did they go with the angle from the original rendering?
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    1 Hotel up to 16th floor; glass starting to climb on west and south sides. Looking SE from McGavock St., 1/2 block west of 8th Ave. South: Looking NE from Demonbreun, 1/4 block west of 8th Ave. South: Looking north from 8th Ave. South at Clark Place: Looking north from intersection of 8th Ave. South and Demonbreun:
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    Found this on “Charlotte through the Years”. It’s amazing how much focus has been put on Charlotte’s central urban core in the past 25 years. This skyline went from a Slightly Larger Greensboro type skyline to a major city skyline in that short of a time period.
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    Miscellaneous skyline shots mainly from the westside. Today. Charlotte from Wilkinson reminds me of rolling into downtown Dallas.

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