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    So Nashville added another resident last night... Turner Wallace Chinetti 9 pounds 6 ounces. 20 inches. Mom and baby are doing great! He’s ready to argue about scooters, height restrictions in the inner core, and how the MDHA needs to go!
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    I almost forgot what this thread was about... Here's a reminder for those who have forgotten.
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    Sorry I’m late. Traffic was a mess. All of those damn protestors from Atlanta and Winston-Salem that are upset.
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    Since my day has finally calmed down at work a little heres a photoshop
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    Are you the key master? I am the gate keeper.
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    hot off the presses! From the company website!
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    Was nervous about posting a pic since all of the other posts look so professional, but here goes... This is from a few nights ago. Also, isn't it amazing how dense the skyline looks when all the towers are the same height.
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    Did some urban exploring last night, amazing projection on the low hanging clouds.
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    Here you guys go. Best I could do in a half hour.
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    Gorgeous video. Looks like a video game. Source
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    Heard from a reliable source this grew to 42 floors, and might now be just slightly taller than Hearst. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    ClearSky has new pics of SouthEnd. https://photos.clearskyimages.com/2019-05-1812-s-blvd-charlotte-nc-hli
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    Same view two years apart.
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    I'd be like Ant Man and pee my pants if I was these guys:
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    Caught some early morning light testing at LU1 via oxblue
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    Hello Chicag...Charlotte.
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    Long-time lurker (as in probably a decade plus), first-time poster. Two pics of Tryon Place - construction on the tower itself and the JW Marriott site.
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    From snow to this. Good evenin’.
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    Miscellaneous views featuring all of the currently announced developments and massings of what is rumored at Legacy Union and Spirit Square (per RDF).
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    Today, from the juror perch at the courthouse....
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    *cracks knuckles* here's my takeaways from the MTC meeting tonight: Red Line: The staff recommendation is to keep commuter rail on the O-line as the preferred option. What this largely boils down to is a problem of geography: I77 and the O line are really the only corridors heading north that could handle a rapid transit ROW. They acknowledged that not only has Norfolk Southerns stance not changed, but they reiterated their requirements in a February '18 letter. Several passages from that letter were thrown up on the screen. Since the preferred option isn't possible until NS wants to play ball (note that they haven't used track north of Cornelius in going on 8 months), staff recommended a series of projects that would result in a robust express bus system. This included new limited access ramps into the express lanes, additional park & rides, and redone existing interchanges. An important note: they pitch new park and rides as being incorporated into TOD-like projects, as opposed to stand alone surface parking lots. It appeared to me that quite a bit of energy had been put into the upgrade recommendations. Silver Line: First up: they are officially calling the "airport line" part of the silver line. Yes, the proposal runs the Matthews portion through uptown, continuing all the way to Belmont past CLT. The staff recommended alignment follows Wilkinson, as opposed to the one that ran up Tuckaseegee. And yes, they show the last proposed station in Belmont across the river. NCDOT is in the middle of planning the US74 bridge replacement, and CATS is working with them to ensure the replacement bridge does not cause problems for the alignment. Crossing Uptown: Staff described this as the most time-critical decision, given the growth in Uptown they've already lost a Stonewall option. So their recommended route follows Independence onto Brookshire, parallels 11th street, intersecting the Blue Line, makes a turn along Graham toward Gateway Station, then breaks off along Morehead to Wilkinson. This is effectively the "North End Connection" scheme. This wasn't my preferred, but they sold the concept much better in the meeting than I had considered previously. The other schemes were decided against for not-surprising reasons. The tunnel has too much cost and risk. Interlining with the Blue Line or Gold Line, or other surface options, limits capacity in the future. Future Planning: Staff recommended two specific items for future planning consideration: one is a continuation of the Silver Line past Belmont to Gastonia. The other has been much discussed on this board: another Blue Line extension through Pineville continuing to Ballantyne. They also want to look at options to leverage 485 express lanes for bus interconnection to the Blue Line. Other Business: It sounds like they may finally roll out proper app technology in 2019, like full mobile app payment options and real-time bus tracking. The latter has had delays from tech problems with accurate bus locating in Uptown and integrating with some very strict county IT security requirements (imposed after the ransomware hack a couple of years ago). I'll believe it when I see it, but they called it out specifically. We may finally catch up to what other systems have had for years. Logistic note: There were no action items tonight, this was just a presentation of staff recommendations. Nothing has been officially adopted.
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    FYI - I hope you guys like. Attending this cost me a parking ticket.... Sorry for the bad resolution. His represents Portman's Total Build-Out Capacity for the lot. Around 16/17 Stories tall, 240', several outdoor areas atop of a Step-Up Building design with one or more of the courtyards available to the public. Tremendous retail fronting the RailTrail - I think they said around 20 or 24K.
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    Zach Liff's DZL Management along with partner developer Draper & Kramer have unveiled ambitious plans for the Cummins Station area properties that cover 13 acres, most of which are surface lots surrounding the iconic massive office space converted from a railroad warehouse. Eventually, it could end up being as many as 8 towers. The initial foray will be a series of 31-34 story towers along the east side of the CSX tracks in the Gulch, bordered by Demonbreun St. on the north and Cannery Row on the south. Smith Gee Studios and Solomon/Cordwell/Buenz will be the architects. A Set. 2019 groundbreaking is planned for Tower 1. No price tag has been put on the project. More behind the Nashville Post paywall here: https://www.nashvillepost.com/business/development/article/21045564/huge-project-could-complement-cummins-station And behind theNBJ paywall here: https://www.salsarestaurantnashville.com/ This is the Phase 1 Tower, which will be just to the southeast of Cummins Station, hugging the CSX tracks to the west, and just to the northeast of the proposed Gulch Pedestrian Bridge on the west side of the intersection of 10th Ave. South and Lea Ave. It will be 31 stories/369' tall, with 333 residential units, 10,200 sq. ft. of ground level retail, and a 360 capacity parking in a garage within a 7 story pedestal. Tower 2 will be nearly a twin of Tower 1, just to the south, with its southern border the Cannery Row area. It will also be residential in focus at 31 stories with a 360 capacity garage. Towers 3 & 4 will each be 34 stories. #3 will feature a hotel as well as residential, and #4 will be residential. Each will feature garages that will hold a minimum of 420 cars. Future phases will include at least 2 towers of undetermined size on the Union Station Railroad Shed site (currently surface parking), at least one tower on the surface lot at SE corner of Demonbruen and 10th Ave. South, and a tower at the apex of Lea Ave. and Palmer Place, immediately to the NW of the 30 story 805 Lea residential tower about to get underway by another developer. In total, the plan is for at least 8 towers, as well as a few shorter structures. This is a massing render of Tower 3 (hotel/residential) looking east along Demonbruen Street Viaduct: Massing render of Towers 1-4 looking east: Diagram of full Station District on the 13 acre Cummins Station campus:
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    Just a little fan art using the photos of @davidkopti who I believe is a poster here, can't remember his user.
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    After seeing the execution of the angle, vs what I had perceived, I liked the architects version better. Heres two other versions I did. I really wasn't that far off. haha.
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    Am I missing anything?
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    Goettsch Partners posted the rendering on Instagram 2 days ago. I screenshotted it just in case they delete. It confirms the height as 65 floors and 750FT. You can see more details in the design tan what was shown on the billboard. Definitely some zig-zagging façade effects going on here along with LED Lights on the crown. There also appears to be an observation deck/ballroom on the top floor. A very high quality render (must click on to see) of the tower was posted on Facebook as well. Link (Instagram): https://www.instagram.com/p/BsgtubzHcok/ Link (Facebook): https://www.facebook.com/goettschpartners/photos/rpp.346585715441773/1741283095972021/?type=3&theater

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