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    Sorry I’m late. Please forgive me. Double click on images for larger and better quality.
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    I got some pictures of dimensional fund today!
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    Quick trip to Charlotte yesterday. Grabbed this quick shot showing the new Legacy building in comparison to existing structures.
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    in case people wanted to know what this building looked like at scale. I put this together in Sketchup.
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    And, since it's going to be a North Carolina tower in Charlotte:
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    Lifeless to alive in just a couple of years.
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    Pretty sweet view from Trade St. It is almost a shame going to loose it.
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    Been following Urban Planet for awhile now but this is my first time ever diving in an actually posting. My wife and I just moved into SkyHouse and I snapped this photo from the amenities deck on floor 25 this morning of construction on the Virgin Hotel across the street. Great vantage point up here- I’ll try and continue to take some shots as the hotel rises. It also looks like this will be a great vantage point to watch them build the current Endeavor project and the upcoming one on the old DejaVu site, Kenect, the Graduate hotel and Broadwest (if that project ever actually gets out of the ground)!
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    This is how these buildings will look from this angle.
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    For anyone curious what's going on topside with this project. The shape is really starting to come together! I'm going to try to get some straight down pictures tomorrow when there's no workers in the area
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    The weather was too nice today. I parked the car and walked around Fourth Ward, and a little bit of uptown.
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    Some spring photos from around uptown I took
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    Saw the platform was open so walked up and took some shots.
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    It appears that all the moving parts for Tony Giarratana's magnum opus seem to be falling into place. His long-held dream for Nashville's definitive tall boy will come to fruition on the lot currently held by the Church Street Park, directly north of the Downtown Library, and between 6th Ave. North and Capitol Blvd. It would also include the 3 story structure at 206 Capitol Blvd., as well as the surface lot at 208 Capitol Blvd that was once the home of Knickerbocker Theater. Portions of the story from Nashville Post: Giarratana said he is not ready to discuss details of the skyscraper that would rise from what was Metro’s first pocket parkHowever, he has said in the past he would like to develop a tower of at least 650 feet, and insiders feel the skyscraper, if it materializes, could reach 750 feet tall. Giarratana and Metro officials are discussing a land deal that would see Giarratana Nashville LLC develop a tower of an undisclosed height at the city’s Church Street Park site between Sixth Avenue and Anne Dallas Dudley Boulevard (Capitol Blvd.) In exchange for that property, the company would develop an affordable housing apartment building and homeless services facility (anchored by the Metro Homeless Commission) of eight stories on a distinctively shaped property that Giarratana owns at 301 James Robertson Pkwy. Another thread has been started for that project. Giarratana unveiled the basics of the plan Monday night at a meeting of the Urban Residents Association. He stressed the effort remains in the very preliminary stages. “We’ve studied a number of solutions and opportunities and here is one we feel has merit,” Giarratana told the Post, adding the company will continue to discuss the plan with Metro officials and downtown business owners, property owners and residents. Erik Cole, Metro’s chief resilience officer, said Giarratana would devote $5 million to improve Anne Dallas Douglas Boulevard with green space to compensate for the loss of the pocket park. Cole said Metro Planning Commission will need to approve a rezoning of the park site and that the Metro Council will need to OK the land deal. It is unclear if Giarratana Nashville will acquire five adjacent parcels north of the pocket park. More behind the paywall at Nashville Post: https://www.nashvillepost.com/business/development/article/21002392/giarratana-targets-downtown-park-for-skyscraper Also more behind the paywall at NBJ: https://www.bizjournals.com/nashville/news/2018/04/25/giarratana-eyes-condo-skyscraper-in-proposed-land.html Looking NW at the lot from 30th floor of 505 CSt: Looking north at lot from above Downtown Library: Looking NW from intersection of 6th Ave. North and Church St: The lot is the turquoise square in the center of this screen shot from Smeagolsfree's excellent Development Map:
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    First post as a member! Been following this for years, I love this building and can’t wait to see it all finished!
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    Photo courtesy of Skytracker. Damn. looks like a real city. Once you get Even, Tryon Place, JW Marriott (still my guess), 600 South Tryon (I'm guessing 22 floors of office), Duke Energy Center #2 (somewhere between 36 and 65 floors), a 1000 room hotel (I'm guessing where Duke's Data Center is now), this is going to be a intensely urban photograph, if its not already.
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    Everyone's been talking about theoretical future routes. I've been working on this map for about a week and I finally think it's good enough to share, still have a bit of work to do on alignment and transfer stations and such but I think it's pretty solid.

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