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  1. Neo

    Ads network errors

    Definitely shouldn't be taking anywhere near 1-5 minutes to load obviously. I don't have anyone with a similar issue at the moment so I'm not entirely sure what is going on. Would you mind loading Safari without any plugins to see if the issue goes away? You can also try using a different browser to see if you obtain differently results (ex. Google Chrome in incognito mode so that no extensions are loaded).
  2. Neo

    Charlotte Off Topic

    I'm happy to hear that everyone enjoys it here! I'm not sure I moderate much...we have a great group here! Users and moderators seem to keep everyone else in check which is a bit unique. I started the site back in 2005...back then it was shortly ran under the name SkyScraperAmerica I believe. I should probably know that with 100% certainty but the older I get the more I have to pick and choose the information that I choose to hold on to. I am local to the Charlotte area...born and raised (I did spend a small stent in Chicago after graduating high school). About Charlotte being the most active...this is true but we also have a few other active cities here. It isn't that I don't want other areas to grow in traffic, but I honestly just don't have the time with my day job and other duties and hobbies to make it work. In some ways I almost want to keep this site a secret just so things are kept civil...but even with the current size (I would wager that we're the largest Charlotte forum on the web...or at least the one with the highest quality content), everyone has (mostly) remained very civil throughout our growth. I really never expected this site to take off like it did. I mainly just wanted a place that didn't have all of the hoopla that you see on other sites and I'm extremely proud that we have that here. It isn't by my doing but by the cumulative effort of everyone here to not put up with junk. Everyone give the person next to you a round of applause!
  3. Neo

    Contributors We Miss

    I'm done with this...problem is now solved. I've banned I am Reality from the site so hopefully everyone can get back to enjoying the community here.
  4. Neo

    Contributors We Miss

    Please send me an email with links to those posts as I don't recall ever getting an email from you that specific or with links that called you those things. Again, I've asked for BOTH sides to ignore each other, you keep reading that incorrectly it seems. If you do not like others' opinions on this site, you are absolutely welcome to go elsewhere. It is obvious that you are not having a good time here. If it is something that I can fix then please spell it out for me with actual examples and not just here say. I did a quick search and all I could find were posts by you that referenced the name calling but I couldn't find an instance of someone calling you that (douche bag).
  5. Neo

    Contributors We Miss

    Actually, I didn't say that the personal attacks were getting old because I'm actually having somewhat of a difficult time seeing what the personal attacks are at times. You can only cry wolf so many times before I start ignoring to a degree. This is a free and public site...if you don't want to be here then you don't have to be here, it is that simple. No one makes anyone stay, no one makes anyone post. Anyone is free to leave at any point in time. This is a public Internet site where we do have rules, but we also open our doors to free speech and unless it is a blatant attack on someone then I feel I'm a bit obligated to let it stand. Read that how you would like. I assure you that hate, personal attacks, etc aren't allowed on this site, but I can't recall one time where you have explicitly given me an example of an attack. You have quoted posts and say it is an attack, but I'm not going to read through pages of material just to figure out if someone is sort of out-of-sight attacking another user. That's what the ignore feature is for. And for the record on the ignore feature, it goes BOTH WAYS. You cannot expect someone else to ignore you, but you can absolutely block someone else. I'm tired of receiving reports about someone not blocking them when instead the user doing the reporting is the one that should be blocking the offending user. Again, I'm having a really hard time finding anything truly offending but it is quite possibly I'm missing it. If I am missing it, I'm just asking that someone give me a few examples...and not just quote an entire post and call it an attack when there isn't anything obvious to go on.
  6. Neo

    Contributors We Miss

    Tell you what guys...everyone reports everyone on this it seems and I'm getting really tired of it. I want everyone who has an opinion about what needs to be done to send me an email ([email protected]) and I will make a decision based on the responses that I get...assuming one can be obviously distinguished from others.
  7. Neo

    Comparing Orlando... a reminder, we have an ignore function...please use it.
  8. Neo

    Charlotte Off Topic

    I don't mind at all, but obviously the content is owned by the paper that published them so I'm passing the buck to them for re-use rights.
  9. Neo

    Charlotte Off Topic

    I was sent a collection of archived newspaper articles a while back and I just got around to scanning them in this morning to share with everyone. I've placed them in a public Google Drive location here: Lots of interesting images and articles in the collection!
  10. Neo

    Trump is a danger to America

    Nothing good can come of this thread. I'll be glad when we can all go back to a time when America wasn't as divided or at least a time when the majority decided to keep it to themselves.
  11. Neo

    Just Wow

    I'm not taking your bait, but I will say this. I can only act on what I see. I see a post in response to someone else, not you or you dad and no reference to it anywhere. You are making an assumption, a far reaching assumption IMO which is your opinion and your right. It is also their right to not respond to you and it is quite possible that they have you on their ignore list meaning that they never did and never will see the response that you made.
  12. Neo

    Just Wow

    I did not delete your post and made a comment to the report you filed. I'm pretty dang sure that the 'wow' post you're referring to was in response to this post: I absolutely do not 'condone' hate and I'm not 'complicit.' Please read through things before jumping to conclusions. If I'm incorrect about any of the above then I will take appropriate action. As it stands right now I absolutely do not believe that any post was directed at you or your dad.
  13. Neo

    Hourglass District

    If you want to know and it wasn't made clear in the warning then here are a couple of examples of why you received a warning. Again, you received a warning, you did not receive a suspension which is a totally different thing. At the end of the day I do not have time to read through every single post. I'm receiving a ton of reports from several of those participating in this thread, even after I've publicly mentioned the ability for every single one of you to use the forum's ignore feature so you all aren't compelled to keeping digging holes. Opinions are awesome, that's why we're all here and hopefully we end up with a better place because of it. What isn't cool is stooping to levels of calling someone pathological or making some joking about someone. Look, I get it. I had to quit Facebook because I absolutely could not contend with those supporting one side of the political arena and acting as if everything around them was fake news. We all get a little excited about proving someone wrong or showing them how crazy something sounds. Sometimes you just have to let it go and move on. If no one feeds the troll then the troll will leave. This site has been around since 2003 and trust me, we've had our fair share of trolls. It isn't a new thing and it is hard to deal with. Just because someone doesn't like an opinion doesn't mean that I can suspend or ban. I would say 90% of the reports that I received from those in this thread were for nothing more than "I can't believe this person disagreed with me." That isn't enough for me to take action so I honestly had to wait for it to get to the point where you guys are flinging crap at one another with name calling and the like. Don't take a warning personal, but do take it as an opportunity to take a step back and ask yourself if you are any better than the person you're countering. Again, don't feel the troll (you are not the troll).
  14. Neo

    Hourglass District

    You honestly have no idea what conversations I have with users behind the scenes or what I've done to mitigate the issue. Again, you have been involved with this as well and have the tools at your disposal to block other users. I did suspend and warn today, so if things continue to be an issue then some folks will find themselves without access to the site. Please allow time. Again, you can BLOCK users at any time.
  15. Neo

    Hourglass District

    I'm not sure what information you want me to give you as I run this site. It is my call who stays and who goes. You've been reported as many times as everyone else. I'm tired of several folks in this thread and I'm currently issuing warnings and suspensions for abusive behavior in this thread. I reserve the right to follow-up with a user regarding any report that they make. For the most part, the reports that have been made have been petty. This is a public forum where disagreements are going to happen. You likely knew that when you signed up for an account. We offer a very easy to use ignore feature that I've mentioned yet it appears that those in this thread like the attacks as they keep happening which means the ignore feature isn't being utilized. You can't report something but still enjoy seeing the types of stuff that you report. I absolutely will not suspend or ban based on opinions. I will (and have) warned and suspended temporarily based on personal attacks. Most of the reports I've received are just because someone doesn't agree with an opinion which is the definition of a forum.