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  1. Neo

    Hourglass District

    If you want to know and it wasn't made clear in the warning then here are a couple of examples of why you received a warning. Again, you received a warning, you did not receive a suspension which is a totally different thing. At the end of the day I do not have time to read through every single post. I'm receiving a ton of reports from several of those participating in this thread, even after I've publicly mentioned the ability for every single one of you to use the forum's ignore feature so you all aren't compelled to keeping digging holes. Opinions are awesome, that's why we're all here and hopefully we end up with a better place because of it. What isn't cool is stooping to levels of calling someone pathological or making some joking about someone. Look, I get it. I had to quit Facebook because I absolutely could not contend with those supporting one side of the political arena and acting as if everything around them was fake news. We all get a little excited about proving someone wrong or showing them how crazy something sounds. Sometimes you just have to let it go and move on. If no one feeds the troll then the troll will leave. This site has been around since 2003 and trust me, we've had our fair share of trolls. It isn't a new thing and it is hard to deal with. Just because someone doesn't like an opinion doesn't mean that I can suspend or ban. I would say 90% of the reports that I received from those in this thread were for nothing more than "I can't believe this person disagreed with me." That isn't enough for me to take action so I honestly had to wait for it to get to the point where you guys are flinging crap at one another with name calling and the like. Don't take a warning personal, but do take it as an opportunity to take a step back and ask yourself if you are any better than the person you're countering. Again, don't feel the troll (you are not the troll).
  2. Neo

    Hourglass District

    You honestly have no idea what conversations I have with users behind the scenes or what I've done to mitigate the issue. Again, you have been involved with this as well and have the tools at your disposal to block other users. I did suspend and warn today, so if things continue to be an issue then some folks will find themselves without access to the site. Please allow time. Again, you can BLOCK users at any time.
  3. Neo

    Hourglass District

    I'm not sure what information you want me to give you as I run this site. It is my call who stays and who goes. You've been reported as many times as everyone else. I'm tired of several folks in this thread and I'm currently issuing warnings and suspensions for abusive behavior in this thread. I reserve the right to follow-up with a user regarding any report that they make. For the most part, the reports that have been made have been petty. This is a public forum where disagreements are going to happen. You likely knew that when you signed up for an account. We offer a very easy to use ignore feature that I've mentioned yet it appears that those in this thread like the attacks as they keep happening which means the ignore feature isn't being utilized. You can't report something but still enjoy seeing the types of stuff that you report. I absolutely will not suspend or ban based on opinions. I will (and have) warned and suspended temporarily based on personal attacks. Most of the reports I've received are just because someone doesn't agree with an opinion which is the definition of a forum.
  4. Neo

    Hourglass District

    Here's the deal. I am being flooded with reports from every single one of you reporting one another. Either you guys need to get along, just add each other to your ignore list so those posts don't even show up, or I can suspend a small handful together. Let me know how you guys would like to proceed.
  5. Neo

    Amazon HQ2

    Enough with the politics. I think we can all discuss Amazon and a possible HQ2 in our great state without bringing it down with politics.
  6. Neo

    Downtown Orlando Project Discussion

    There are currently a couple of folks that are about to get suspended or banned. Act like adults. If you can't then find another site to post on.
  7. Neo

    Suggestion: Jackson MI Subforum (USA Midwest)

    If the amount of traffic and content for new places not represented in a dedicated forum warrants such a new section being created then I would be for it. Until then the topics need to be placed in the Michigan forum and can be moved over when that time comes.
  8. Neo

    The Bad News Report

    Yeah...yeah...I know...
  9. Neo

    The Bad News Report

    I absolutely hate Trump and all that he stands for, but let's leave politics out of conversations here as everyone has an opinion and it really doesn't help to add it in.
  10. Here is the last 30 days of traffic represented on a map of the US (we do have a bit of international traffic, but by in large... ~85% is domestic so I'm only showing that here which ends up representing about 75,000 unique visitors):
  11. Neo

    Charlotte Off Topic

    I'm pretty sure you just won the most off-topic post award for 2018.
  12. FWIW, while browsing through the newly released City of Concord 2030 Land Use Plan and found this on page 71: LUP Appendices - Draft.pdf?ver=2018-01-19-140804-893
  13. Neo

    Charlotte Off Topic

    Love you all. Mean it!
  14. Neo

    SouthEnd Midrise Projects

    I'm not typically a total fan of doing this vs just creating a new topic in short order after something spins off the wild end in a topic. Reason being...most of us tend to spat about all topics at hand which makes for a messy move if you try to dismember everything. I would just create the new topic and if something is obvious then we can move it over.
  15. Neo

    Charlotte area "ring cities"

    Good job on getting banned from the site. I've only had to ban a handful of users from the site since I started it (outside of obvious spammers), yet you somehow managed to join such ranks. This site is welcoming to users of all races, religions, views, etc. This site does NOT put up with such racist remarks. Goodbye.