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  1. I think you are reading too much into this...if you support the KKK, Nazi's, and other white supremacist groups then I absolutely do not want you on this site. Having said that, it appears by your replies that this does apply to you unless you state otherwise. Are you saying that you are supporting and defending this? If so, then yes, I do want you off this site and any posts that back those groups will be removed. We absolutely do not promote that kind of hate on this site and I will not give you any vehicle to voice such hate. I don't care if you are jewish, a Trump supporter, or a Bernie supporter...if you come to this site to spew a white supremacist agenda then you are wasting your time as I will remove it.
  2. You did not misread my comments and there is no double standard. Being pro Trump (for example) is most definitely not the same as defending the KKK, Nazi's, white supremacy, etc. I quite literally and frankly mean what I said...if you support those ideals then you can get the hell off of this site as you are not welcome by me or other members of this diverse board.
  3. This is an open thread that is obviously optional to participate in. Having said that though, for anyone defending the KKK, Nazi's, white supremacy, etc you can get the hell out of here as I do not want you on this site. You be the judge if this applies to you or not, but to clarify, UP stands for diversity and equality for everyone...opposing those core values means that you need to find somewhere else to post.
  4. Let's stop with the insults, regardless of how light hearted they may be. This is a downward spiral that does not promote a positive environment for anyone.
  5. C'mon time I have to visit this page posts are going to go missing and some folks are going to find themselves warned or worse. Let's all act like the adults that we are.
  6. Let's avoid politics never ends well. I speak from personal experience.
  7. I believe that you would need to change the permissions for the map to be public on the web in order to embed it.
  8. Sorry, gotta pays the bills.
  9. Sorry about that! I upgraded a few things on the back-end last week and apparently this value reset. Max upload is now 200MB.
  10. We use a combination of five different advertising platforms to generate revenue for the site. I do not allow pop-up/pop-under ads or ads with audio on ANY platform. I hate ads but unfortunately they are necessary to sustain the site financially. Unfortunately it is next to impossible to figure out which platform is allowing the pop-up ads or the ads with audio. I can take a wild guess though, which I just did. I've paused the ads from the newest partner so PLEASE send me a private message if you continue to have pop-up ads or ads with audio. I do not and never will allow them on this site and I sincerely apologize for their appearance as of late, it was never my intention. Sorry @UTgrad09, I thought I replied to the post about this in the mod forum.
  11. I switched our photo/video storage system over to Amazon S3 overnight and it looks like the max upload size was changed to a really low value. I just fixed it so you should be okay now. Shoot me a PM if it still doesn't let you upload what you need. Thanks!
  12. I am, but the reality is that you can only download as fast as the other end can upload, and that is almost always throttled. A 1 gbit connection doesn't get you much for home outside of notoriety and seriously not having any issues whatsoever in being able to stream your favorite content in whatever quality you want to for however many people you can fit in your house. The latency though, that is something else! With that you have an edge against your online opponent in a game and have absolute confidence in your home VoIP system. The latency is far more impressive to me than the speed. We pay several thousand at work for our gbit connection and still can't get a latency that low.
  13. ^ That latency! Wowsers! I had Windstream install a 1 gbit fiber line at my day job a couple of years ago and with the overhead we get about what you're getting, but our latency is ~5 ms. I'm amazed at the latency you posted.
  14. Trying to avoid any suspension acts listen up. I've read through this page and I see no statements from scgrubers that would indicate a blatant racist view as mallguy has reported. As a result, let's back off of placing words in the mouths of others. This is a high tension time, particularly with the election tomorrow. Many are reading words that aren't there and hearing things being said where words were never uttered. This isn't just the case for this particular thread (and the handful of posts above), but for our nation as a whole. Having said that, this site does not allow for racism and other acts of hate. I have yet to read a post where this happened however. If one can be provided that goes beyond personal assumptions and interpretations then we'll talk. Otherwise please stick to the topic and have a civil discussion. Mallguy, you are welcome to remove yourself from the thread and even add another user to your ignore list so that his or her posts never show up on the site for you.