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  1. Much appreciated! The army belongs to you fine folks, not me!
  2. I guess you'll need to stop buying stuff from Amazon.com then as they use Stripe to process payments.
  3. I'm pretty certain that Biden has been saying all along hasn't changed. He has always backed masks and there is overwhelming scientific evidence that backs that up. Please do not continue the spread of misinformation. Even if you don't believe masks work to prevent the spread of COVID-19, masks cause no harm to you or to anyone else.
  4. Not just the S3 buckets...it's the database mirroring, Redis server for searches, web server for the page generations, software licenses, taxes, corporation filing fees, etc. We're far beyond running the site on a $5 digital ocean instance. I get that most don't see that though...or care to see it, they just see a bunch of ads so I do try to be mindful of that.
  5. I appreciate the support! I've been in IT for well over 20 years so the tech side isn't usually a problem...the issue is always that Amazon wants to send me an invoice each month for hosting images on AWS...and they expect me to pay up! The nerve! I know ads are annoying, but it's a pretty small price to pay given the alternative I guess. $20/mo likely doesn't cover the lost ad revenue if someone is a very active user, but in the end it probably weighs out. Before there were ad blockers this site was able to survive just fine on VERY few ads (I think I had 2-3 on each page max and 1 on mobile). Once folks started using ad blockers the ad revenue went to nearly nothing so in order to stay afloat one must adapt...thus more ads. Nothing is free...nothing.
  6. Thanks for being honest! Some early subscribers never got renewals or moved back to regular members when the expiration date rolled around. I thought I found them all but apparently not. BTW, I made subscribing a little easier. There is now a link in the menu to subscribe. Thanks!
  7. There was a bug in the ads that sometimes would not allow you to close. Devs at the agency we use for ads are looking into it and have temporarily disabled interstitials until the cause can be found and fixed. We do offer a supporting membership plan at $20 a year which removes ALL ads and offers a few extra benefits. Ad revenue has gone downhill considerably over the last few years and especially over the last few months with the pandemic weighing heavily on the financials of many previous advertisers. This site costs hundreds of dollars each month to maintain in hardware, software, etc costs. No one takes a paycheck from the site. I know ads are frustrating, but I figure everyone would rather have a site to go to than not. If I could get folks to not use ad blockers on this site then we would end up with a LOT less ads, but instead those not using ad blockers must pick up the lost ad dollars from those that use them. https://www.urbanplanet.org/forums/store/category/3-membership-subscription/
  8. Thanks! I will investigate.
  9. I cannot recreate this issue. I just double checked and the code is not loading for your group type (Supporting Member). Please submit a ticket or shoot me an email ([email protected]) with a screenshot showing today's date, a timestamp, your being logged into the site, and the ad being displayed and I'll check it out.
  10. Yes, $20 is roughly equal to the lost revenue for a fairly active user on UP. It costs several hundred dollars to keep this site running each month. We have licensing fees, hosting fees, corporation filing fees, taxes, (sometimes) legal fees, etc. $20 per year ends up being a little over $1.50 per month. It's been a few years since I analyzed and set the $20 annual rate to remove ads, so inflation and rising costs have probably made that number lower than what ad revenue would have brought in.
  11. There is an X in the upper right-hand corner of the ad.
  12. BTW, we have offered an ad free supporting membership for years:
  13. It's one ad that is displayed while the content is loading and only one ad is displayed per hour/session. Ad revenue has been decreasing over time as folks use ad blockers and the economy has ravaged the advertising industry, particularly for sites like this. I do try to be as tasteful as possible with the ads, but at some point the incoming bills need to get paid and this site is almost fully funded from advertising revenue.
  14. @TCLT You just sent me a PM stating that I and other moderators on this site are cowards and that rules aren't enforced as we care more about allowing the free speech of conspiracy theorists and racists than not. Your exact words were: "Your site guidelines disallow hate speech and inappropriate material as much as it disallows antagonizing. Be better." Now let me ask you, should I truly enforce those same rules against this post?
  15. The number of mods hasn't changed, I just display the mods on the site now to make it easier as it was difficult to find before. Note that two of the four mods listed for Orlando are global mods. @sunshine and @bic are still your Orlando mods.
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