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  1. FWIW, while browsing through the newly released City of Concord 2030 Land Use Plan and found this on page 71: LUP Appendices - Draft.pdf?ver=2018-01-19-140804-893
  2. Charlotte Off Topic

    Love you all. Mean it!
  3. SouthEnd Midrise Projects

    I'm not typically a total fan of doing this vs just creating a new topic in short order after something spins off the wild end in a topic. Reason being...most of us tend to spat about all topics at hand which makes for a messy move if you try to dismember everything. I would just create the new topic and if something is obvious then we can move it over.
  4. Charlotte area "ring cities"

    Good job on getting banned from the site. I've only had to ban a handful of users from the site since I started it (outside of obvious spammers), yet you somehow managed to join such ranks. This site is welcoming to users of all races, religions, views, etc. This site does NOT put up with such racist remarks. Goodbye.
  5. Charlotte-Douglas Airport (CLT) Expansion

    The new control tower as of yesterday morning:
  6. The Bad News Report

    You may need to clear the cache in your browser. If it still doesn't work please PM me with the version of Android on your system and I'll continue to work on it. Thanks!
  7. The Bad News Report

    Done (or at least it should be working for you now...I don't have an Android device to test with).
  8. Yes, if you can't avoid showing white supremacy then I absolutely do not want you on this site. I've made myself pretty clear on that. You are entitled to whatever beliefs and views you deem appropriate for yourself, but that is not the environment I want promoted or discussed here on If you don't like that then yes, please do not post.
  9. Crescent Stonewall Station

    You were warned and temporarily suspended for promoting hate in another thread. While this isn't promoting hate, we all see your true colors. Please keep political and racial jabs out of the conversation. This type of behavior is absolutely unwelcome here.
  10. The Bad News Report

    There are some substantial 'under the hood' improvements like the ability for members to create 'clubs' (which are like mini-forums that you get to be in charge of) within the site. I decided to go with a more modern look. I know it isn't for everyone. Everytime I do an upgrade to the site and change the look I always get some that find it absolutely appalling. Most usually get used to the changes and I hope they are for the better of the site and its members.
  11. You have been warned for the final time. See you in a week. If you continue then you can find somewhere else to promote hate.
  12. A second commercial airport for Charlotte?

    Unfortunately I don't have any more information at this time. I don't dispute that Charlotte can do without a second airport, BUT I've heard some major kudos from travelers going through Concord that they can be in their car on the way home before they would be out of the restroom at CLT. The lines created at CLT waiting for a runway for take off can get quite long at times...a situation that is completely avoided at Concord. Given the cheap fares of Allegiant and the hassle of all the additional fees they impose on customers, I feel it would be worse for the company to add any delays to flights.
  13. I think you are reading too much into this...if you support the KKK, Nazi's, and other white supremacist groups then I absolutely do not want you on this site. Having said that, it appears by your replies that this does apply to you unless you state otherwise. Are you saying that you are supporting and defending this? If so, then yes, I do want you off this site and any posts that back those groups will be removed. We absolutely do not promote that kind of hate on this site and I will not give you any vehicle to voice such hate. I don't care if you are jewish, a Trump supporter, or a Bernie supporter...if you come to this site to spew a white supremacist agenda then you are wasting your time as I will remove it.
  14. You did not misread my comments and there is no double standard. Being pro Trump (for example) is most definitely not the same as defending the KKK, Nazi's, white supremacy, etc. I quite literally and frankly mean what I said...if you support those ideals then you can get the hell off of this site as you are not welcome by me or other members of this diverse board.