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  1. Neo, it appears that Piedmont is at war against me. Today he responded on the "Good News" thread about my article on school pay raises. It was uncalled for. I broke no rules and did not deserve his hostile response. I praised the Senate for presenting such a much needed bill raising the pay for teachers now and for the next two years more than it has been raised in ages. I mentioned how bad the situation was previously when I moved here and wanted to continue my teaching career but there were no jobs.


     Please tell Piedmont to ignore me or to not respond to my messages. I will abide by the rules of the board. He should be required to do the same. I am not a Republican as he obviously assumes and certainly not anti-LGBT even if we have different views on bathroom use. I am certain that I would be banned if I made a comment like his. Thanks for your attention.

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    2. caterpillar2


      Neo, I just went through and couldn't find the posting from Piedmont for which I was referring. It may have been deleted, but I will refrain from disagreeing with the "clique" I have been warned of. If it happens again, I will note time, date, etc.  I really do appreciate you're response. I will certainly attempt to not insult or offend anyone. I hope some day I can get the same. Later from some of them.



    3. Neo


      The Civil Rights thread has really brought out some harsh opinions from folks. Not many issues have such noticeable divisions. Hopefully the issue will be dealt with once and for all in the near future and we can all move on. :tw_grin:

    4. caterpillar2


      You are right. Some don't realize that I have no issues with the LGBT. I simply feel that things concerning bathroom use have been fine without issues. I don't believe in discrimination, and I haven't seen where there has been in that regard. Most of the people I know agree that they have no clue if a trans has been using he same restroom already. It they have, it has not been a problem. It is too bad we have struck such a blow nationally. Oh well, I guess I will leave the issue as is. Take care. I only wish that some would accept the fact that all people don't agree and that doesn't always mean "hate" or "intolerance."


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