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  1. Let's leave politics out of common threads please. We have a place for political discussions if you are so inclined. Thanks!
  2. Let's keep it civil folks, c'mon! We're all (I think?) adults here!
  3. Merging is non-reversible, but you could always split it again.
  4. Specific posts can't be pinned to the top, only topics/threads can be pinned in the thread listing.
  5. This was changed. Reactions are now anonymous.
  6. It is the intended layout, yes.
  7. I took out the problematic non-existent profile image so let me know if you have any further issues. Thanks!
  8. I tried to reproduce the issue but couldn't. Wanting to make sure you tried clearing your browser's cache? What browser do you use BTW?
  9. @ThunderOne I have modified so the sidebar info instead displays under the first post in the topic. Thanks
  10. Sorry about the issues guys...I bit off my than I could chew myself with this upgrade. All servers and software were upgraded in a major way including everything from server OS's, hardware, database, etc. Doing it all at once was probably not my brightest idea but it's over with now so whew!
  11. Yep...it's been a nightmare just returning things to a stable condition. I won't go into the technical details, but absolutely everything was upgraded...including all of the server infrastructure including operating systems and all software. Colors are the last thing on my mind but should be next on my list!!
  12. Much appreciated! The army belongs to you fine folks, not me!
  13. I guess you'll need to stop buying stuff from Amazon.com then as they use Stripe to process payments.
  14. I'm pretty certain that Biden has been saying all along hasn't changed. He has always backed masks and there is overwhelming scientific evidence that backs that up. Please do not continue the spread of misinformation. Even if you don't believe masks work to prevent the spread of COVID-19, masks cause no harm to you or to anyone else.
  15. Not just the S3 buckets...it's the database mirroring, Redis server for searches, web server for the page generations, software licenses, taxes, corporation filing fees, etc. We're far beyond running the site on a $5 digital ocean instance. I get that most don't see that though...or care to see it, they just see a bunch of ads so I do try to be mindful of that.
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