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  1. Salt Lake City and County Building.
  2. I'm gonna clump all the projects into one thread, to make it easier to see what is goin on in downtown SLC. Zions Bank Building 18 Floors - 300ish feet Start Date _____ 2004 - finished by end of 2004-05 Mixed Use Tower #1 Floors and height unknown. Looks to be at least 20 Start Date ____2004-05 - finished by end of 2004/start of 2005 What We Know: From the renderings it LOOKS as if the tower will be about as tall as the Zions Bank Building/University Club Building; which will probably put it at 25 floors and about 300 + feet tall. Mixed Use Tower #2 Floors and height unknown - at least 15 floors, maybe 20 Start Date _____2004-05 - finished by end of 2004/start of 2005 What We Know: From the renderings the tower is smaller than the Gateway West Tower (335 f) but larger than the Marriott Hotel. It looks like it'll fall in the range of 250 feet, maybe a bit smaller or taller. That could put it at around 15-20 stories, maybe a bit more. Hamilton Partners Tower Height unknown 22+ floors Start Date unknown (aiming for 2004). What We Know: This tower WILL get built, it's just a matter of when, not if. The building is proposed on Main Street, right across from the Wells Fargo Center and One Utah Center. The building's height is being debated - the range is from 325 f to around 450 f. The 325 f range would be if the tower did not add the 8 condo stories to the top, the 450 range would be if they did add the condos at the top. Last known word was that the city was pushing for the condos. IF the tower is built as it was proposed (29 stories) it would be Salt Lake City's tallest building. Beating out both the Wells Fargo Center and LDS Church Office Building. ZCMI Center and Crossroads Malls Start Date Unknown City Centre Condos Start Date Unknown Library Square Condominiums Under Construction NOW Rio Grande Hilton 7 stories, located in Rio Grande neighborhood Fuller Building revamp for Bid D HQ Parc at the Gateway Under Construction Salt Lake City International Airport No target date set SLC TRAX/Amtrak/Greyhound Intermodal Hub - 2006 U.S. Federal Courthouse Start Date Unknown Building with 180' glass tower Pioneer Park redesign Emigration Court Apartments, Phase I: A 208-unit mixed income multifamily housing project with underground parking, the project will consist of a mix of one, two and three-bedroom apartments. Approximately 65 percent of the units are low income housing units, renting for people at or below 60 percent of area median income. The top two floors will be market-rate housing. More coming soon!
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