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  1. I've lost track on the changes. Is there a future phase that will add a third tower?
  2. Believe the affordable housing is behind Julian where tennis courts are now.
  3. cwetteland


    Speaking of: Drove by Mills Park today and saw them putting up construction fencing around the empty Upshot lot.
  4. Vertical is great, but this is certainly a two+ crane project.
  5. Also in the news, SpaceX Starship has beat out the competition to be the next vehicle to land humans on the moon. I don't think it will be SN15.
  6. Just curious: How do you have them do something? This applies to them buying what you want, and building what you want. Isn't it kind of up to Lincoln what they buy and what they build?
  7. But, but but , where's the fun in that? WRT preplanning signs, I-4 Ultimate had a sign plans published before the first shovel of dirt was turned.
  8. Every time I see this I think it's a 1960s vision of the future.
  9. For now express lanes are from just north of 434 Longwood to the Universal Volcano. Expansion to the St Johns bridge is next with some prep work being done (probably won't officially get going until the 429/417/I4 interchange is completed. That's what I think.
  10. cwetteland


    I only recall McNamara on W Colonial and OBT ... but Spenser is probably right about it previously being nearer to Sentinel. I do recall an American Motors dealership in the NQ. Ramblers, Gremlins Javelins Eagles and Jeeps.
  11. but with so many to choose from, there's likely to be a few worth reading.
  12. Looks like every other parking garage in town. They all look like prisons, especially from the back. But then again, who'd want an apartment facing the massive chillers. Lets see how the apartment units look from the front when they're finished, with color, windows, balcony rails, etc.. I wasn't so impressed with lake house early on, but now with all the trim and color, I'm alright with it.
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