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  1. Is this just temporary during construction?
  2. Possible downside of this stems from the fact that parking cost money. Left to their own, developers might opt out of providing parking all together, leaving the city to deal with all the street parking. Just a thought.
  3. Totally with Hank and Spenser here. I fear that survival of the initial wave will instill a false sense of invincibility in too many, and a reluctance to invoke necessary measures.
  4. Don,t see it as a reason to stay inside,; quite the reverse. Wear a mask.
  5. My daughter was impressed also, once the pepper spray stopped stinging.
  6. It looks like it attracts ninja. Who knew!?
  7. Ruined a perfectly good surface parking lot. Bah. I mean, who are you angry at? The lot owners who weren't willing to wait just a few more decades for another offer? The purchasers who worked out that the most profitable option given the cost of the land and the money they had to invest was an 11-story apartment?
  8. There are three types of people in this world: those that can count and those that can't.
  9. You have to start somewhere. When Sky House was built, the neighbors along Rosalind/Magnolia were: to the south another parking garage, to the north the backside of the courthouse (which all together is an attractive building); to the east a concrete slab fronting a parking garage, and to the north east a rundown roach trap (Travel Lodge). So at the time it made sense for Sky House to put its backside to the street. Now let's hope someone follows Radius' lead and builds something nice on the block to the south.
  10. It also seems like a great time to take out a low interest loan, if you can get one.
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