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  1. Can't see much from these shots, but is there a webcam showing the hotel going up next door. Drove by today and there was poured foundations with steel rebar sprouting. I know this isn't the correct thread, but it has the reference photos that you can kinda see over..
  2. huh? 10/11 .... Are you from the future?
  3. I assume the rendering is facing Amelia. Is that opposite parcel M (the Julian), or opposite parcel U (Mill Creek), or opposite the park?
  4. The garage and the rendering are on the south side, aka the backside. The north side has residences that go down to just above the ground level retail. As with the 420, the north side is the front.
  5. Can't see beyond the paywall, but just thinking: 46% larger but only 4 stories taller. That's a bit chubby, eh?
  6. I thought the apartments were always part of the plan.
  7. The owl pictured above looks like a great horned owl. They are pretty common around here. The much louder owl in the area is the barred owl. In addition to those, Florida has Barn Owls, Burrowing Owls, Long-eared owls and Screech Owls ... likely more. This is a very owly state.
  8. A little different. Every time there's been a recession, it was preceded by a yield inversion; but, every time there's been a yield inversion, there hasn't always been a recession.
  9. FAU is built on a Burrowing Owl Sanctuary Orlando has it's castle and it's kingdom ... why not Knights?
  10. So why would we want to compete with lowly Jax?
  11. Looks like a lot of real trees and other plants going in there. Also, along the fence there appears to be young vine plants. With see the chillers and other mechanical equipment behind the fence, I'd say this is a pretty good idea. Looks a bit like the tree background to the fence is just a way to expedite the greening while the vines are filling in. I'm all kinds of good with this.
  12. Raddison mixed-use projects haven't had much luck in DTO this year.
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