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  1. cwetteland

    The Yard at Ivanhoe | Mixed-Use [Proposed]

    Didn't this thread start out being about Virginia, Ivanhoe, .... Yard. How'd it get moved DT. All my posts referred to the former.
  2. cwetteland

    The Yard at Ivanhoe | Mixed-Use [Proposed]

    Agree college drunks seem to be too prevalent in the orange church wall st area, but Ivanhoe/Virginia not so much. That's a more bohemian local mix. Bring more food but also keep the food trucks. More places like White Wolf would be good. Santiago's Bodega is a nice example too. I've done Luma and Bosporus and they're great but not a fit on Virginia.
  3. cwetteland

    The Yard at Ivanhoe | Mixed-Use [Proposed]

    I'm all for more food, and pick your poison. Just saying, there is a great vibe in the area so don't turn it into a copy of something else.
  4. cwetteland

    The Yard at Ivanhoe | Mixed-Use [Proposed]

    Like the infill eastward bit, looking forward to the phase II[III] Yard south of Virginia. But want to keep the beer and tacos. Love that the Hideaway is appropriately staying tucked in to the development. Let Park Ave be Park Ave, and let Virginia/Ivanhoe be Virginia/Ivanhoe. The developer of the Yard chose the location because of the Ivanhoe Village culture that he didn't want to change. That's one of the reasons this is my fave. From Ten10 to Lucky Lure .... keep the good stuff.
  5. I never cared for the renderings. I did like the old renderings that blended nicely with the CNL buildings and City Hall (which I like). This is another I-4 eyesore. Reminds me of the old Barnett building on Park Ave in Winter Park. Cold and out of place.
  6. Yes, SMOG west of I-4 near current Concord Apartments and Angels Diner. Sweet Mother of God! No rendering though.
  7. cwetteland

    Metro Orlando Headlines

    Actually, as of opening this morning {including mail-in ballots received} we're at 4.8 mil.
  8. I know I'll be criticized, but that definition of the word "needs" drives me nuts. Why would anyone need to open a Western club, or any other club. I can imagine someone "wanting" to do that, but can't imagine anyone needing to do that.
  9. cwetteland

    Downtown Orlando Project Discussion

    So what you're is that in the UK you're meant to put the period outside the quote; but in the US you're supposed to put it inside the quote. I often say gray is a color, but grey is a colour. Two peoples separated by a common language.
  10. cwetteland

    MLS Soccer Stadium

    There is only one OFFICIAL source for this information. The NCAA Record Book .... checking .... checking ..... there it is, National Champions: UCF .... can't argue with that.
  11. cwetteland

    Other Metro Area Projects

    I agree that it's totally suburban, but look where it is. It's nowhere near the urban center. I was miffed at two of the five new Mainland projects being suburban, so Sand Lake Road, meh.
  12. cwetteland

    Downtown Orlando Project Discussion

    Sentinel Project is a long range plan of what to do with the Sentinel blocks as they move out. The printing has already gone off site. A year or so ago there was a massing model that showed it all covered with about 4-5-story apartments. The Bell South building remodel near the Firestone has several plans, one that includes a new garage that will benefit both the Bell South and the Firestone. Or something like that.
  13. cwetteland

    Parcel M at CV | Creative Village | 14 Stories

    As of August they said October groundbreaking.
  14. cwetteland

    Creative Village

    SIAP: According to the OBJ, Miami developer The Allen Morris Company who teamed with Ustler on parcel M (aka Prism) says he wants to put two more complexes in the CV. Couldn't read time frame (paywall).
  15. cwetteland

    Downtown Orlando Tallest Buildings (Meters/Feet)

    I'm not too concerned about Maitland. The Wynn Dixie and its parking lot had been vacant for years; and 5-6 floors isn't too tall for that. Maitland Station was a lumberyard. However, I'm in total agreement regarding Lake Nona. There you're replacing trees. People or companies own the vacant lots downtown. If someone is offering a million or two to build 9-floors, I'm sure they don't give a rat's ... what it's "designated" for. Are they supposed to sit on the lot a few more decades, pay taxes and pass it down to the grand kids?