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  1. Is this the same strip that has MX Tacos at the other end?
  2. This rendering and the one from the front on OBJ show 11 floors. I'm OK. It fills the block. More Ace Cafe walk-in customers. If I'm walking down Orange it hurts my neck to look higher then 11 floors. If I'm on I-4, I need to keep my eyes on the road.
  3. I've been on a few in Florida. They work fine.
  4. Would the Jax route be from MCO, or branch off near Cocoa?
  5. That's what's planned for Sandlake under i-4. Woohoo!
  6. You guys do realize you are talking about 1-4 Ultimate. This is the "Beyond the Ultimate" thread. A whole different project.
  7. I believe there is at least one place that they are dropping the ball on this. The Conroy exit off WB I-4 goes up to a traffic light that is always backed up. No change except maybe a wider exit to accommodate the backed up traffic.
  8. cwetteland


    I would think that if they were to build a BRT down colonial, the lights would be linked to give the BRT right of way through intersections, and there won't be anyone in their lane to slow them down. I don't see them as getting stuck in traffic. at all.
  9. I'm on Team UGLY. All the other big glass buildings (WP Barnett, I-4 Eyesore, Copper whatsit ...) have been deemed ugly by most. This one is in good company..
  10. Squatty is the least of it's issues. I'll take squatty over that facade.
  11. You do realize that this thread is about Creative Village and NOT the Modera on Rosalind Ave which has its own thread.
  12. In a way that's a good sign. Self-storage (Ravaudage, Magnolia-50, SoDo) all mean there are residents nearby .... or soon to be nearby. You can't have one without the other.
  13. I'm still counting 40 floors ... so stubby, maybe, but short? Really? Each of those white squares looks to be about 3 floors each and there are 12 of them. So that's 36. And by that scale there's another estimated 4 floors down by the lobby. Total, about 40.
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