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  1. This side (front left) in the image faces Palmetto. The right back faces Magnolia and the Lymmo line.
  2. I know the garages being built attached to the eye sore in Altamonte and free standing garages to the East of eyesore have been discussed,; however, I haven't i haven't seen anything regarding the large garage being constructed South of the eye sore, close to I-4 and the condos to the south. I can't tell if it is part of apartments or what. There are now vertical columns going up south of the garage. Anything on this?
  3. While I'm 100% would like to see it as a train station,; however, I don't think the developer who bought it thinks its a good ROI. Why didn't SunRail buy it? I don't think taxpayers would have any part of that.
  4. In some very small communities there are no local grocers. in most of these communities the nearest grocers are miles away and just the gas for these often poor communities is a burden. to these folks, the dollar store is a godsend.
  5. Drove by around 1:00 today. There were two trucks on the lot with several workers in safety vests.
  6. Hilton Garden is on Lee Rd. (as you described). Springhill Suites is on 17-92 just south of U-Haul. Yes; both in Ravaudage. Both have coming soon signs ... one on Lee and one on 17-92.
  7. The tilt construction is about 5-story storage rentals. There is site work due East of that. ??? The building West of tilt wall is an assisted-living facility. Looks like they started site work on a Springhill Suites by Marriott east of the original 7-story apartments.
  8. Well, about 2 years ago they renewed everyone's lease for 5 years, so there is time. The phase runs from Alden a good ways East, with a cutout so the Hideaway can live up to its name. Hideaway is about midway between the East and West ends
  9. All along I've been thinking that the Yard was being built in two phases. Phase one is what we see now well out of the ground, and phase two was the North end (north of the garage). Went by there to day and see significant foundation work going on in the North end. Most of it several feet lower below grade than previous work. Anyone know specifics? Also looking good is the red brick work on the restaurant (or food hall) south of the tanks.
  10. Difference in project scale. Charlotte is $650 mil, I-4 is $2.1 Billion. Charlotte is a few miles longer.
  11. Parcel U is directly across the the central mall from Parcel M (once referred to as Prism). Parcel U is being developed by Mill Creek, the same developers who did Modera. Mill Creek the Parcel U developer says they want to develop 2 more projects in the downtown area. Parcel M developer says they want to develop 2 more in the CV area. Are there any renderings of a completed Parcel U project?
  12. Are there any renderings of this Mill Creek project?
  13. Sometimes reading an Orlando Weekly article is like listening to the guy complaining about X-Orlando because that's where his dog pees.
  14. Just had a pop-up add for VMC on another website. It said coming to downtown Orlando, opening in 2023. The add just had a picture of a 90-year old lady. The building is nice but the concept as I understand it is scary. People go in at 55 and come out as Soylent Green.
  15. Part of me says, pie in the sky; put it out there and see who spits at it (plenty). But another part says, these peeps are moving along, they got initial city approval. Then they submitted an application to the FAA, and, got that approval. They are taking real steps and getting approvals as they go. If in fact tenants have shown interest, a fully approved plan is easier to sell than a pipe dream.
  16. That makes me wonder about VMC. I'm not at all against it being 400'+ but why that height. if they found double the land at a lower cost, would they lower the height. It's my understanding that building cost go up as height goes up. Is it a bragging rights thing or a PR thing. I guess they couldn't call it VMC if it were a 10 story campus.
  17. Didn't that site have subsurface pollution issues? Was it a brownfield site? I could be wrong.
  18. I'm an urban fabric activity myself, but to address the previous post about uptown; what am I missing. I thought we were discussing VMC, which in all the renderings is filling the gap between mid-town (court house) and downtown.
  19. Sounds about right. Also there were statements about this time it being for real,
  20. The Poinciana Disney preserve is definitely wetland mitigation. It's been there for over 10 years so much of it has already been allocated to compensate for existing development, not necessarily some big future development.
  21. This doesn't belong on this message board. You have no idea what anybody is praying for.
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