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  1. How many stories is this classified as?? Is this still 1.5? Maybe its 3.14159 stories?
  2. There was an info-graphic that ~7k students commute per day from Allendale to downtown. Lots of students spend time on both campuses or more time downtown as they become upperclassmen. Its speculation, maybe a few thousand more than 7k?
  3. Four story, 50 unit apartment complex ... https://www.grbj.com/articles/91077-firm-buys-land-for-affordable-housing-on-west-side I have never seen any renderings around for it though.
  4. Either way, its the darkest area in the city. Other areas of GR with matched income and population densities are not as dark. I was just adding it because I thought it was interesting and relevant. And I would probably argue further that the demographic of low income Hispanics are not going to bike very much and if they do ...they aren't going to use bike trails like the one on Century either.
  5. I was looking at one of the photos above. The Backforty and Bdubs is going to start looking pretty tiny in their single and two story buildings.
  6. I was looking at a heat map for biking the other day (by Strava) and noticed for whatever reason the heat map is relatively dark on much of the SW side. https://www.strava.com/heatmap#13.12/-85.68638/42.93998/hot/all Kinda interesting map either way.
  7. Thats just currently an empty narrow parcel owned by the city along this 'proposed' path connection. I'm guessing its the consideration that this land could eventually be built on? I dug into the document and it certainly is mix of sources. Part of the section on Belknap lookout is quite old (2006) and the part about the Crescent Park mentioned above is from the study on Michigan Ave in 2015, but this also mentions the trail on Hastings. I reverse searched for some of the original sources and found them below...if interested Belknap Lookout Plan (2006) - https://www.belknaplookout.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/08/MOBL-NOBL-Charratte-Aug-2006.pdf Michigan Street Corridor Plan (2015) - https://www.grandrapidsmi.gov/files/assets/public/departments/planning-department/files/master-plan/neighborhood-plans-and-projects/area-specific-plans/michigan-street-corridor-plan.pdf
  8. https://secure1.state.mi.us/mirgs/_Upload/69791-2GRHastingsProjectLocationMap.pdf Above is a proposal I found that has information regarding the proposed trail on Hastings. EDIT: I havent been over in that area lately, but from the proposal it looks like they are extending part of the path to Fairview Ave during the 196 construction
  9. https://cumulis.epa.gov/supercpad/SiteProfiles/index.cfm?fuseaction=second.schedule&id=0502576 According to the above link, the "site is ready for re-use and redevelopment" as of 2014. This was about when the solar project was being considered. I dont know what re-use and redevelopment allows for specifically. EDIT: Going to the redevelopment tab on the EPA site, it looks like the only development that was discussed with the EPA was in regards very specifically to the solar project.
  10. Bump. Just out of curiousity, does anybody know if there has been anything about the future of this site? (It seems like this has been off the radar for a long while now?)
  11. Change of topic slightly. While I was looking up ridership, I saw the Rapid ridership has been suffering since 2013/2014 with 25% lower ridership since. This seems pretty substantial. https://www.ridetherapid.org/about-the-rapid/performance/rides#monthly-ridership I could only think, is this because of lower gas prices and/or raising property values?
  12. The infographic mentions that those are stats based on the fall of 2016. I am guessing daily ridership is lower in the summer...and lower on weekends.
  13. Denhems on it. With that, it shows during peak times, 14 buses are spaced only 4 miles apart on a 56 mile loop. The project goal, I am sure was to increase volume first (articulating buses with standing room). Calling this a BRT I am sure helped the $57 million FTA grant.
  14. I was trying to look up ridership data. The latest I could find, was in 2009, GV bus ridership hit 2,000,000. That might have been about 5,000 commuters/day during the school year. The estimates from a recent Mlive article, estimate going forward 10,000 to 13,000 daily riders. If this is the case, this is significant for a road that has 40,000 cars per day.
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