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  1. I-196 Grand River bridge replacement (Lake Michigan Dr to Market) https://www.mlive.com/news/grand-rapids/2022/05/100-million-bridge-replacement-project-to-close-part-of-i-196-for-nearly-2-years.html https://content.govdelivery.com/accounts/MIDOT/bulletins/316a6f2 If I am understanding correct. Eastbound 196 will be closed completely during the first phase.
  2. I think this is significant as far as what is decided here. If it is just an outdoor arena that has only ticket access...I am less than thrilled with it. If it can be a green space that is usually open to the public that could be very cool. I am excited about expanding the riverfront though. I think it could be very cool if someday much of the riverfront was open ...connecting the Kent Trails through Riverside Park right through the city.
  3. Not to mention during those 7.5months a year...it will likely only be used a few times a week for a few hours.
  4. I think Fifth Third is kind of backing its significance out of GR compared to the post Old Kent days. In just the past year or two - they sold their building downtown, they stopped sponsoring the River Bank Run, and now this. I don't think 5/3 has much left in GR that makes it anymore significant than any other bank in the area except for a few extra locations in the metro area.
  5. Anybody know anything about a potential development just south of Walker and Leonard (960 Bristol Ave)? I heard rumors about a potential development, but can't find any details.
  6. Looks like the owners are still the same...Cherry Street Capital and references to 1600 Monroe LLC (Cheney Place).
  7. I believe there is a difference between the neighborhoods of the old Greek Group and the Bazzani Building with the east-west boundary being Alpine. The neighborhoods between 131 and Alpine have been a little bit on the sketchier side when compared to the west side of Alpine when talking about potential crime, etc. I live close to the Geek Group and I like the neighborhood, but that is my personal preference. West side is the Best Side There is also 38 units coming next to Mieras as mentioned earlier.
  8. According to the map, it looks like 196/96/beltline should be opening up for the season this next weekend, with the offramp opening Monday afternoon. And all of the major highway projects being completed no later than Nov 13 for the season. As GRDad said, it looks like they will be closing the eastbound 196 bridge over the highway next year :(. They will also be working on the pavement between Fuller and the Beltline. https://www.fox17online.com/news/local-news/kent/road-construction-2021-part-of-i-196-gets-a-rebuild-part-of-it-will-be-closed Some day this section of highway will not have construction over the summer....maybe?
  9. ....Expand the distance a little bit futher down the road and you have both El Granjero and Tacos El Cunado
  10. I didnt see the PC notice. But the addresses listed for this development are the properties adjacent and directly west of MIeras Shoes. They are remodeling the brick building on the site and building on what is currently parking lots that extend from Leonard to Courtney. Not sure if there are other projects planned for Arnies? Also separately looks like Bazzanni Builders is planning on buying the property on the corner of McReynolds and Leonard and redeveloping the ground floor for a restaurant and/or coffee shop on the ground floor.
  11. 38 unit apartment complex between Leonard and Courtney by Mieras Shoes https://mibiz.com/sections/real-estate-development/38-unit-affordable-housing-apartment-complex-planned-on-gr-s-west-side
  12. No more than 5 years ago, Bridge street wasn't any better than West Leonard. There is a lot of potential beyond Bridge St on the west-side for future investment opportunities. I am potentially concerned with Branns ability or eye for design. Just remembering a couple years ago the exterior of Leonard Branns was miffed up with awkward metal panels. before it was redone again.
  13. So here you guys were saying this was owned by Terri Lynn Lands company. The article states that is family owned by Minciotti family. (Tax records also state owned by "Minciotti Albert A Trust") Is there a connection between the two or does this have nothing to with Terri Lynn Lands company?
  14. I am surprised, though, that wind turbines would not be considered for the water filtration plant site (being on the lake and all). But I suppose there would by NIMBYism to that and it probably doesn't fit the "SolSmart" designation.
  15. Here is the output of the solar panels on Bridge St. (Note, I don't think the solar panels were running full time before the new year) https://www.consumersenergy.com/residential/renewable-energy/circuit-west The solar panels, for practical purposes, have limited usefulness in the winter. However, they are helpful with dealing with the higher peak loads in the summer dealing with AC units turning on. Michigan may not get much sun, but Grand Rapids gets even less wind (comparing wind to solar)
  16. Looks like Ionia to WB 196 should open Fri. afternoon (9/6)
  17. According the link below, it shows Oct 25 it will reopen for the winter. But I think construction will resume next spring and finish Oct 2020. https://mdotjboss.state.mi.us/MiDrive/map#
  18. I think thats the first time I saw all the solar panels on the roofs. Nice vid I heard the new Frank's will open in December or thats the goal atleast.
  19. How many stories is this classified as?? Is this still 1.5? Maybe its 3.14159 stories?
  20. There was an info-graphic that ~7k students commute per day from Allendale to downtown. Lots of students spend time on both campuses or more time downtown as they become upperclassmen. Its speculation, maybe a few thousand more than 7k?
  21. Four story, 50 unit apartment complex ... https://www.grbj.com/articles/91077-firm-buys-land-for-affordable-housing-on-west-side I have never seen any renderings around for it though.
  22. Either way, its the darkest area in the city. Other areas of GR with matched income and population densities are not as dark. I was just adding it because I thought it was interesting and relevant. And I would probably argue further that the demographic of low income Hispanics are not going to bike very much and if they do ...they aren't going to use bike trails like the one on Century either.
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