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  1. Thanks richy! It must be like 8-10 years since my last post, totally forgot about this site but then recently stumbled upon it again and was "ahh! I remember this place". I didnt feel like going to the effort of making a new account, so I'm stuck with this dumb username i created back in high school (slightly embarrassing, but whatever, lol), but I am pleasantly surprised to see so many familiar usernames still posting and keeping this place active and updated about what's going on!
  2. i actually just drove by southland mall just yesterday for the first time in years while in houma and was shocked to see they had a H&M in that ghost mall and was thinking the exact same thing.
  3. Why do I get the feeling that the parking garage is going to be a nightmare trying to get a spot in? Oh well. More parking ftw!
  4. although dallas probaly does, i would have to go with seattle mainly because i have been there. the skyline is really amazing with mount ranier in the backround
  5. the picture they had of it in the times picayune was maroon, i didnt like it much
  6. ^^great news. trump finally added the new orleans tower ot his website of future developments. must be getting pretty close to the preselling
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