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  1. actually, not necessarily mansard roofs, but gabled, gambreled, or hipped. I worked on the St. Luke University Parish building in Georgetown Township a couple years ago. Their zoning ordinance sets the height limit at 35'. For gabled roofs, that limit is the "mean height" of the roof form. The initial building design put the roof apex around 55', but because the spring point of the roof was around 18' it put the "mean height" above that 35' limit. We had to change the roof pitch to accommodate the ordinance. The funny thing is that if the spring point of the roof was at grade, we could technically have built a 70' tall building, which elsewhere in the community would have seemed quite out of scale.
  2. has the new tenant at 50 Louis not been formally announced? it's not going to be retail, but rather business use most of the time with occasional assembly use.
  3. amen brother! The canopies really trouble me, well, canopies in general for that matter. So often canopies are just stuck on as decoration without regard for what they should be designed for, that is protection from the elements, and end up being too high or sloping so they spill onto people. I love it when I'm walking down a street in the rain and there is a building canopy or awning that where I can seek shelter even for a moment. On Opera Center, they placed the front canopy over the planter bed and not the sidewalk... does that make any sense? One, you don't provide shelter for pedestrians, and two, you prevent the shrubs from getting any rain or light. Not only is that canopy a tremendous waste of building materials but it's addition also required larger structural members on the interior, more waste. For that money, they could have actually built the windows at the entrance wall to the original designed sizes. Oh, and I just can't wait until the finish cladding those currently plastic wrapped vertical elements with EIFS.
  4. The adjacent building in that rendering was purely speculative, based on the Gilmores' interest in developing that whole corner property. The plaza area where the Opera Center steps back from the street was envisioned to be used as outdoor seating for a small restaurant. I worked for BETA Design years ago and put together multiple schemes for Opera GR for multiple sites. I left BETA to go back to school just after the conceptual design phase for this project, and frankly am very disapointed with the way they took the design from there. Below are the original conceptual renderings I created. I figure we're far enough out that I can post these images just for the fun of it. view that was manipulated for the current published rendering original size view from across Fulton original size view from West on Fulton original size
  5. a thread with a poll for the top ten should be started (somebody who knows how to do that) to get the UP voice, I honestly don't know who I'm going to vote for, but 5 that I absolutely won't give my vote
  6. my thoughts exactly, I hate how words like "sustainable" get tossed around like that. I chastised my co-workers the other day for putting "sustainable" in a marketing piece. if he would have stuck it in the river and geared right, the slower flow could have gotten the wheel spinning at the right speed for the frames/second that it needed. that would have been something and you might be able to call it "sustainable"
  7. thanks for reminding me... soon I hope... its been an incredibly hectic summer, getting married and all... I still have a backlog of photos from the summer that I need to process and upload to flickr I do appreciate the interest in my work though
  8. "excuse me, coming through..." John, I must say, that's a really great photo, it says a lot very simply. Excellent capture.
  9. already open for business... http://andrewsoncherry.com/home.php
  10. Just saw a new one on Grandville, north of Hall, and there is another next to the Jimmy John's in Eastown.
  11. in the video, at 2:30 he says that the passerby just looked at him like he was a mugger, my first thought was 'he probably looked at you're walking around all crazy like and carrying a camera' then at 3:20 you see his reflection in the City Market window and dude is dressed like a bum with a couple filled trash bags strapped over his shoulder ooooh, undercover reporting!
  12. heard disappointing news today that Urban Mill will be closing on May 1
  13. does this have anything to do with it? http://www.artdowntowngr.com/
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