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  1. Maybe the new school that they were talking about at the Science Center.
  2. toog05

    Detroit Off Topic

    Yes it does need to be enlarged, also safety should be the city's main priority in a weak or strong economy.
  3. Thank Michi for the update!
  4. toog05

    Detroit Off Topic

    I'm guessing this forum is turning into Detroit's ComedyPlanet.
  5. toog05

    Detroit Off Topic

    The sidewalks are always crowded.
  6. Great update, thanks Michi!
  7. Wow thats looks great, one of the best that I've seen, alot of variety of colors
  8. Also I thought I was told that if they did move that they would built a parking garage on the site too, forcing them to build higher, unless I'm wrong, but I think that is what I was told.
  9. nice picture...great view
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